Essien Popoola’s links to Hoaxtead, Part 2

Yesterday we revealed an interesting link between Olu Essien Popoola, a student of forensic linguistics at Aston University, and the Hoaxtead case.

The question arises: was Mr Popoola responsible for the original ‘forensic linguistic’ analyses published by Hampstead Research last spring? Our team has just begun digging, but at first glance it looks as though the relationship between Mr Popoola and Hoaxtead goes back at least to early April:

Popoola-Sabine-9 AprilBy mid-April, Popoola was volunteering his services to Sabine:

Popoola-forensic linguist-aangirfanWe don’t know how common ‘professional forensic linguists’ are, but it seems unlikely that more than one of them would have volunteered his services in this way.

Certainly by mid-May, the relationship was sufficiently established that Charlotte Ward and Jacco de Boer were able to put out a video on the topic:

This video, uploaded 20 May, was posted 2 May on Before It’s News. It follows on the heels of posts in which Charlotte insists that the police officer conducting the interview was using ‘secret Satanic signs’ to instruct the children as to what they ought to say.

So it would appear that Mr Popoola’s ‘academic paper’ originated as a volunteer gig with Hoaxtead; at some point, perhaps, he decided to make some academic hay from it, and submitted it to a conference.

(There’s an interesting parallel here: prior to her Hoaxtead career, Charlotte Ward co-authored an ‘academic paper’ on her then-pet topic, ‘conspirituality’, which she and Dr David Voas submitted to a conference on contemporary religion. It would appear that this experience whetted Charlotte’s appetite for academic fame, as she spent a couple of years hawking the paper around, and defending it against those who claimed it was crap. Which, by the way, it was. As if we needed to say it.)

Interestingly, the relationship between Sabine and Mr Popoola seems to have soured by early August, when we find this post on his HappenstanceRadio page:

Screen Shot 2015-10-03 at 9.34.57 PMWe’ll let you know as we keep investigating in this direction…

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35 thoughts on “Essien Popoola’s links to Hoaxtead, Part 2

  1. Popoola is just another Hoaxer who has used his limited knowledge as a student (that’s if he’s even that) to reach a preconceived conclusion and used a lot of mumbo jumbo to get there. If I was his teacher I’d boot him from the class if for no other reason that he has unethically reached those conclusions by using illicit videos which no genuine academic would do.
    As for Sabine, she seems ignorant off all procedure even by contacting a barrister who would bin her letter if she didn’t come through a solicitor and like a lot of these bloody truther nutcases – and I’ve been expecting this – probably thinks that because Fellows was found innocent of perverting the course of justice (an extremely difficult matter to prove) that this gives credence to all his nutty claims.
    It’s significant that Fellows has totally zipped his lip which is indeed a brilliant achievement of Richmond QC who must have convinced him that he was lucky this time.

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  2. The more I delve into the Popoola file the more my scam artist radar starts ringing loud & clear. Everything he writes (and this applies to the “Happenstance pop art” gallery as well) reeks of careful wording to imply much but says little. I shall be delving into this one closely. Any help is appreciated.

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  3. A good academic paper would have analysed the children’s earlier statements plus the retractions and compared the two. I find it strange that this wasn’t done. If it had been he may have come across little gems like the one in the video where the female child is being interviewed in the garden and is asked
    ‘Have you drunk blood?’ and she says ‘Yeah. Tastes like metal’.
    How many people have we heard say (in shock) ‘How would she know that?’.
    What they don’t listen to is afterwards when she says quietly ‘I do heard it tastes that’. The interviewer at the time ignores it and never asks. ‘Where did you hear it?’

    However, my main concern is about the ethics of using videos of this kind for research. Perhaps someone should ask him if he went through an ethics panel, did he obtain the parents’ permission etc.

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    • I agree about the importance of comparing the two sets of videos.

      However, as I understand it, the mother had no right to release the videos in the first place. She was given them after she’d fired her own legal team for the nth time; this should not have happened, and was quite illegal.


    • @ Big Earl

      ‘What they don’t listen to is afterwards when she says quietly ‘I do heard it tastes that’.

      Brilliant observation.

      Hampstead Forensic Linguistic Analysis 2.0

      I also noticed something like this the other day in the police video with the boy. It is a video in which the boy is saying that abraham has never hurt him, at the point where he is still saying papa kills babies etc, ie before the retraction. But this must be a lie, since Abraham Papa Hemp himself has admitted hurting him with and the evidence of the ear drum perforation. see at 9.10

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      • So the girl is trying to say that she’s not actually lying when she says blood tastes like metal–because she was told that it does. Poor little thing. She must have been so confused.


    • Also listen to the video where the girl mentions the “star” on the “baby skin shoes.”

      Abe asks her to draw the “star” and she can’t, so she asks him to do it.
      Then she holds it up to the camera and he says “Is it upside down?” to which she replies… “ehm oh yes, before turning it around.”

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  4. WHO CARES? You ppl are just as Skanky as Abe and Ella,Sabine and Belinda and the vile kids who ,CLEARLY, are already accomplished liars at a young age.The case is FINISHED and nobody gives a Flying Faerie about it .I do not know why both lots of you keep interfering with people you never even met,make online allegations and “report” people .In the case of myself and 3 other persons both lots of you FuckWits have made malicious allegations in the hope of causing some online problems for us ,REPORT TO FACEBOOK/UTUBE/VIMEO all you like because we use DISPOSABLE accounts .We know that both Hampstead gangs read each others stuff and “report” anybody leaving viable comments.If you don’t like the public to comment then go wash you stinky knickers in PRIVATE!!!


    • Those children aren’t vile. That’s a really horrible thing to say.

      I don’t think they are liars as such either. They are victims.

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    • Oh, is someone forcing you to read this? You might want to get help for that.

      And calling those children ‘vile’ and ‘liars’ is far beyond the pale. They have been victimised by their mother and her boyfriend, and don’t need more shit from you.


    • Hey, Pru, who shit in your cornflakes?

      If you don’t like what people say here, you could always, you know, leave.

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  5. Happenstance Radio has these articles:

    May 17th article

    “Is the necklace worn by Victoria Derbyshire in her interview with Ricky Dearman the same ‘wish bone’ as famously warn by Jimmy Savile? Does it mean anything if it is the same?”

    Answer, for fuck’s sake, it’s a fairly common symbol in jewellery and it’s not really wishbone looking anyway.

    August 3rd article

    “See for an excellent forensic authorship analysis.”

    Which is a funny site to link to for excellent forensic authorship analysis TBH. RD would have had to set up at least one account prior to the children going to Morocco.

    Where it appears Olu Essien Popoola has an alias for some of his work. Nicholas O’Demus. I don’t think that’s a problem, but then is it actually problematic if others use aliases?

    “Happenstance is a conceptual meta-network consisting of an online radio stream (you are a here), art and picture framing services ( and personal spiritual coaching ( It was originally conceived in 1999 by Nicholas O’Demus following a miraculous recovery from a car accident. The ideas and revelations communicated to O’Demus at the doors of the afterlife form the basis of the Happenstance philosophy of Accelerated Synchronicity.”

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    • Wow….so essentially, he’s been in it up to his elbows, and can’t tell the difference between ‘forensic linguistic analysis’ and that piece of garbage site ‘’, which proves that everyone in the known universe and beyond is actually Ricky Dearman.

      This casts even further doubt on his academic authenticity, if any were needed.


    • The picture is not the necklace Savile wore it’s just their desperate claim that it is. Savile wore a fake eye that he bought from Kensington Market & told people it was real and the media jumped on the claim.

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      • Well, you know how Hoaxteaders are: any evidence, no matter how contrived, can be used to prove any hypothesis, no matter how ridiculous.


  6. DID Mumby release any statements to the effect that Sabine McNeill has nothing to do with the case? Did he release ANYTHING at all relating to the case? He only got involved around the appeal time, I believe? If he did not, how did Popoola get this bit of information?


    • So Fake Witness #2 thinks Fake Witness #1 is perfectly fine and legit and should be heeded. Brilliant.

      Interesting–the dates keep getting pushed further and further back. I wonder how long Mr Popoola has known Charlotte and/or Jacco?


  7. I might be wrong, but, I think this guy has already presented his findings, research, paper or what ever it is. It was a while ago, but I think it was on the HR cesspit, it didn’t go down too well.

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  8. I am looking at Popoola’s ‘paper’ and find it lacking. This is my opinion for what it’s worth.

    Popoola starts with the Malloy study which found that the non offending caregiver was the significant factor. That if they were not supportive, the child maybe more likely to recant due to familial pressure. In this particular case we are led to believe that the non offending caregiver (Ella and Abe) were supportive. Which would mean the children should be less likely to recant due to familial pressure. The fact they did recant is therefore most likely due to other factors, or, Ella and Abe were the offending caregivers. Importantly, these children didn’t just recant an allegation, they made another allegation against Abraham. I wonder what Malloy would say about a case where a child changes the allegation to blame a known child abuser.

    Then Popoola makes a hypothesis based on criteria for what constitutes a bona fide retraction. However, I have looked through the ABE guidelines and cannot find any mention of that criteria. Which makes me wonder if he has made up his own criteria, which would obviously not be accepted throughout the scientific community, and be inappropriate for testing a hypothesis. Popoola follows that by claiming that RST has a set of “moves” which are validated across a genre of text. These ‘moves’ appear to be an account of how the language changes (elaborating, giving reasons…etc). Popoola does not discuss how these changes or ‘moves’ can be used to tell the veracity of a recantation.

    It appears he uses these ‘moves’ as a long winded way of saying that G did not instantaneously admit to having lied. Finishing that section by claiming that the questioning was not consistent with ABE interviews. I wonder how many ABE interviews he has watched or sat in on. The ABE guidelines suggest not using leading questions, but it does not say the police cannot challenge a person. It must also be remembered that the boys interview followed the girl, so it is fair for the police to inform him that they have had contradictory information.

    Popoola then states the criteria for a retraction to be given legal status (unequivocal, unambiguous..etc). Popoola does not cite a reference for that criteria. Popoola also mentions it must meet that criteria if the retraction is going to end an investigation. However, that completely ignores the other reasons the police had to end that part of the investigation, such as no secret room and evidence that Abraham had hurt the children. It Ignores also that the police always had two lines of enquiry, the second focussing on Abrahams influence.

    Popoolas next point relates to the contradiction between the boy and girls statement relating to their fathers relationship with the teacher. Given as reference is Picornell. Having looked at the paper, Picornell states in the introduction that there have been several studies trying to detect deception in spoken word. That there have been mixed and contradictory results. What Picornell decided to do was look at deception cues in “written witness statements”. Not only were they written witness statements, but there were no outer influences or questions. No interview. Picornell cannot be used to test a hypothesis of verbal questions and interview of young children.

    The only measure of who was being deceptive regarding the fathers relationship to the teacher, would be to actually find out his relationship to the teacher. To prove one way or another whether they are close friends and that the father lived with him for some time.

    The points Popoola made have been mentioned by hoax believers for some time now, It would appear that all he has done is put the text through some statistical packages to make it sound more ‘scientific’ and given his own subjective opinion on the results. Would have been as well using his tarot cards.

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    • Very good analysis and indeed, his paper is so flawed and clearly written – given all the evidence now appearing that Popoola has been involved with the Hampstead Hoaxers for some time – that he started out with an preconceived ending and then filled in the blanks. Shockingly un-scientific and riddled with bias and a terrible non-disclosure of his previous dealings in the case.
      Popoola has obviously jumped on the linguistic’s bandwagon, given the link provided to the Guardian article that police are now using real experts, in the hope of making money as a consultant as his Linked profile says he is for hire by lawyers etc.
      But this paper really condemns him and Hoaxted is doing extremely important work unmasking Popoola as a dangerous ‘expert’ who may just end up giving advice on a serious legal matter (stranger things have happened).
      These discoveries about Popoola are now on record for anyone foolish enough to contemplate hiring him.
      Still he always has tarot card & psychic readings to fall back on, numerology reports and even picture framing and I hear he teaches Morris Dancing as well.

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    • Well structured review. Knowing a little about these things I started with his statistical tests.

      I am very suspicious about how they have been used, indeed to the extent that the inputs look to have been modified to get desired test result: which means Garbage In, Garbage Out.

      If this was an internal term paper the supervisor would want full assumptions and might overlook the origin of source material.

      But a reputable university will not want damage from illegal source material with existing contempts: isn’t there is a phrase in the court order about “and any other person” which must now include the university, the supervisor and even the German Institute.

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