Angie victim of alleged poison pen campaign

One of our readers drew our attention to this Very Angry Post on Angela Fag-Ash Disney’s Facebook page today.

According to her, someone from Hoaxtead Research has sent letters to various people, slamming her for…we’re not really sure what, but apparently she’s Very Very Upset.

Angela Power Disney-smear campaign?

First, we’d like to emphasize up-front that we had nothing to do with any such letters, if indeed they do exist. (Pardon us for sounding doubtful, but Angie has a rather troubled relationship with the truth, so it’s hard for us to judge the veracity of her claim.)

Now, to be fair, we’d likely be pretty upset if people were to start sending out nasty letters smearing and defaming and harassing innocent people, telling their friends, neighbours, and employers that they were evil people…upsetting their children, and…oh.

Wait. Hang on just a moment.

That’s been done, hasn’t it?

Wasn’t Angie acting as right-hand witch-finder to Charlotte Ward Alton during her foul poison-pen heyday at Hamster Research? In fact, we seem to remember that she was quite proud of this association. Practically had business cards printed up.

And oh, look what we found, from back in September!

Sept 29-2015-harassment.png

Yep, just another poison-pen letter from Charlotte, simperingly sweet as she accuses some innocent couple of belonging to a cult, abusing their own children and others, and refers the recipient—a work colleague—to Hamster Research’s disgusting videos for more of the gory details.

Of course, as far as we know, whoever has targetted Angie hasn’t printed the letter on a blog for the entire world to see for the rest of time, but we’re sure that was just an oversight.

Now, we would never rejoice in the pain of another, but we have to say that it’s just a tad ironic that Angie should be the victim of the sort of campaign she used to help run, and probably still would, had Charlotte not called it quits.

Except, you know, without all the accusations of baby-killing and child-raping and murdering. At least, so we assume.

Still, it’s somewhat reassuring to know that there’s such a thing as karma, isn’t it?

Karma's a bitch

81 thoughts on “Angie victim of alleged poison pen campaign

  1. How can she possibly spread so much libel and slander, then complain if something similar happens to her? Sorry, but I just don’t have any sympathy for her. Karma indeed.

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    • The gall, the absolute arrogance for these spiteful vindictive loonies after their vile campaign against innocent people, to complain because some nutter targets them.

      Note how this goose who claims to work for ‘gratis’- as if she might be paid for her false accusations. uses the word ‘álleged’ but then goes onto claim it’s all true.

      What annoys me about these lowlifes is they debase so muhc- even the word ‘whistleblower”has been seconded by this lynch mob to describe what are just a bunch of nasty filthy minded scum buckets spreading gossip. (there that feels so much better)

      Has she raised her million quid yet on ‘fund me”?..she can use that to sue.

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  2. She doesn’t have funds for legal redress, so whatever the letter said, it must be true if she’s not suing for libel. Remind me, is that the way it works?

    I don’t agree with poison pen stuff, and I haven’t seen any four page missive on here. She must be saying it’s from here based on some sort of evidence surely?

    And to Angela, don’t tell your youngest child about it yourself, and if they find out about it from other sources, don’t freak, but explain calmly, like the child focussed person you are.

    And just think, it could be worse, someone could ring your home, or loiter outside it, and say foul abuse directly to your child. That’s a thing apparently, from someone you admire. That is not a suggestion in any way that it would be OK to do that in case anyone was wondering.

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    • Agree- I think poison pen letters are atrocious and I’ve been the victim of them as were a bunch of people I was involved with. But in reality most sane people do not take them seriously and ignore them and the author soon gets bored when no-one bites.

      And yes it could be worse : you could be on your way to church one day in a charming London suburb and suddenly find a lynch mob outside the gates screeching and fulminating & abusing you -that you ‘rape and murder babies”…you could find your name and address and your children’s names published on the web for the hate mob.

      The sheer hypocrisy is amazing.

      And yes according to the ghastly David Icke if they don;t sue for libel it must be true( although he has been sued and lost)

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      • I hear Icke has stopped making that claim, since some Canadian lawyer took him on and won, LOL.

        I’ll be very interested to see whether Angie does, in fact, publish the letter or letters, as she claimed she would. Let’s hope, for her sake, that no one has been accusing her of raping, murdering, and eating babies and children. And that no one gets the idea that they should follow her around screaming such accusations at her.

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  3. That woman just can’t open her gob without lies spewing out of it, can she? First, we had her bullshit earlier this week about how a film-making mate of hers who “tried to expose the Hampstead cover-up” had been “forced into hiding for his own safety” (yeah, right, LOL). And now she’s saying that her name is all over the newspapers? I must have missed that. I must have missed her corroborating links too. Just like I appear to have missed the screenshots/photos of these alleged letters to her friends, family, neighbours etc. Silly me. I’ve scoured her post but for some reason, I can’t find them. D’oh!

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    • To be honest, we’ve been wondering too. We did see the thing about the film-maker who’d been ‘forced into hiding etc.’–again, no idea what she was talking about, but somehow it got attributed back to us.


  4. It’s interesting that while Angie’s whining about an alleged smear campaign against her, she’s promoting Guidance 2222’s latest illegal smear campaign video on her own YT channel. No hypocrisy there, then.

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  5. It’s total crap isn’t it. Nobody who’s a regular on here would do that. In fact we pride ourselves on not stooping to their level. We may be sarcastic, we may take the pee, we may be rude at times, but we’re not going to do a ‘Robert Green’ and start writing to neighbours etc. We leave that kind of underhand bullshit to the other side.

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    • Angie’s been slinging a lot of crap lately, and I’m wondering whether she didn’t just invent a campaign. I’ll be watching the papers, though, just in case.


      • she is also laughingly calling herself a journalist (just as the industry is shrinking) and seriously asking people to fund her in her wailings.

        She does need to be a bit careful. The Daily Mail has young interns whose sole job is to scour the internet looking for filler stories. I wouldn’t be surprised if Ms Disneyland is trying to create her own publicity campaign.

        I doubt that would be interested in her tale of being kidnapped by Aliens and used by a Mind Control Nazi Pedo Ring ( Masons, Jews, Windsors etc) and hunted in a forest. But the tabloids may feel ther eis more meat on the Hampstead Cult hoax and Angie may find herself in the spotlight as a fellow traveler of The Lotus Princess and Sabine McNeil. Tabloids also take tips from local newspapers like the Ham & High.

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        • Good point. I wonder how she’d take to being front and centre in a tabloid story about cruel mothers who let their evil boyfriends torture their children? Nah, Angie would probably like it–being a victim is really her cup of tea, methinks.


  6. She’s not good at her bible lernin. She’s misread that chapter. Persecution GOOD. Perhaps she’s struggling and that’s why she can only cope with that particular version. It tries not to use difficult words. Lol

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    • Has she interpreted that IPCC letter properly? I read it and I thought it said that the investigating officer hadn’t explained himself properly or answered the complaint sufficiently. Am I right?

      I’ve never thought of Angie as a charity scammer. I’ll have to go and have a look now.

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      • I believe you interpretation to be the correct interpretation. The IPCC are just asking for the police to give further details to clarify the decision making process during the investigation, not saying that the investigation was not good enough. According to the first letters Abraham put on their blog, the IPCC was going by one police report given to them by Ella and Abe. They did not have all the info that the police, court and even we have.

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        • This doesn’t surprise me at all.

          I’ve found it a great source of amusement that Abrella and co. claim to detest any sort of ‘state authority’, but then latch onto any authority they can to claim that their story is true–they need to change their name to Cherry Pickers Anonymous.


    • and I think one of the most famous verses may apply here, broken repeatedly by all these cult hoaxers : “Thou shalt not bear false witness”
      ie : Speaking falsely in any matter, lying, equivocating, and any way devising and designing to deceive our neighbor. 2. Speaking unjustly against our neighbor, to the prejudice of his reputation

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  7. I don’t believe her claims of a poison pen campaign.
    She’s likely seeking attention to publicise her donations effort.

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    • Is Liv on drugs? No sober, rational person could possibly believe that her team doesn’t do abuse, slander and death threats. In fact, it’s exceptionally rare to find a comment from them that doesn’t contain all three.

      And only a drooling space-cake would claim in all seriousness that Angela is a reliable source of information.

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    • Is Liv reading the same Angie-generated trash that we are? Perhaps she lives in an alternate universe, along with Roger the 8′ Butterfly.


  8. I think it’s possible to get Christine Ann Sands in jail.

    We know she is plotting to overthrow the US government(probably illegal), released addresses of some poor Jews to her anti-semitic audience( and harassment of hampstead residents.

    A good Libel case(I think?) should be enough to land this lady in jail for a couple of years.

    Anyone here know US law?

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    • I don’t think you can send a person to jail for libel, but she could certainly be made to answer to accusations of harassment, which is a criminal offense. I’m afraid my knowledge of US law is limited to what I’ve seen on TV, so not much use.


  9. The last action a victim of libel does is repost false allegations against them on the internet. Second, poison pen letters fall under harrassment laws, and it costs nothing to go to the police? Did the fantasist go to the police? No, I rest my case.

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    • So all I have to do is call US police and tell them the truth about Christine Ann Sands.

      Wait, according to Facebook, she currently lives in Amsterdam, Netherlands(so she moved countries). That’s in Europe.
      That’s easy.
      Collecting evidence: begin.
      Ok. I already got evidence that she revealed the addresses of some Jews, video evidence of her falsely accusing people(thanks youtube, falsely accusing RD(her own website:, falsely accusing the Catholic Church of baby-eating(wait, I thought she only attacked us, satanists for baby-eating? Again, her own website), plotting to overthrow the US government….(it’s all on her website)….

      This is ridiculous! It’s like she wants libel! She wants to be caught!

      Funny thing is that I can’t find her poison pen emails anyway on the internet.. except a single photo on this blog. So unfortunately using poison pen letters as evidence may be out of the question because the photo doesn’t contain Sands’ name.

      Any words you would like to add before I contact the Dutch police? Maybe the Dutch happens to have different harassment laws or something?


      • “Maybe the Dutch happens to have different harassment laws or something?” < Accident, not supposed to be there.


        • I see why she moved to the Netherlands now…

          “In the Netherlands, defamation is mostly dealt with by lodging a civil complaint at the District Court. Article 167 of book 6 of the Civil Code holds: “When someone is liable towards another person under this Section because of an incorrect or, by its incompleteness, misleading publication of information of factual nature, the court may, upon a right of action (legal claim) of this other person, order the tortfeasor to publish a correction in a way to be set by court.” If the court grants an injunction, the defendant is usually ordered to delete the publication or to publish a rectification statement.”(wikipedia)


          • I can’t find another source on Netherlands Harassment Laws; only wikipedia.

            Hold it…

            “Article 6:167 Defamation (slander)
            – 1. When someone is liable towards another person under this Section because of an incorrect or, by its incompleteness, misleading publication of information of factual nature, the court may, upon a right of action (legal claim) of this other person, order the tortfeasor to publish a correction in a way to be set by court.
            – 2. The same applies if liability is absent because the publication of the information cannot be attributed to him as a tortious act for the reason that he was not aware of the incorrectness or incompleteness.
            – 3. In the situation meant in paragraph 2, the court may, if it awards the legal claim, order as well that the plaintiff who filed the legal claim must bear the costs of the proceedings and the costs of the correction, either in full or in part. For the part of the costs of proceedings and the costs of correction that each of the parties has to bear according to the court’s judgment, each party may take recourse against all person who are liable for the damage arising from the incorrect or incomplete publication.”

            “Article 6:162 Definition of a ‘tortious act’
            – 1. A person who commits a tortious act (unlawful act) against another person that can be attributed to him, must repair the damage that this other person has suffered as a result thereof.
            – 2. As a tortious act is regarded a violation of someone else’s right (entitlement) and an act or omission in violation of a duty imposed by law or of what according to unwritten law has to be regarded as proper social conduct, always as far as there was no justification for this behaviour.
            – 3. A tortious act can be attributed to the tortfeasor [the person committing the tortious act] if it results from his fault or from a cause for which he is accountable by virtue of law or generally accepted principles (common opinion).”


            Smart… very smart…


    • Angie should go to the Police with her evidence. What she describes is harassment and if she has evidence she should make sure the authorities know.

      There is another explanation for what she says you know. I wonder if she knows something’s going to appear in the press about her and this is damage limitation. Just wondered.

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    • Yes, it’ll be very interesting to see how she handles this.

      I know that at one point last summer she decided that this blog was guilty of harassment towards her, and she claims she made a report against us at (if I recall correctly) the police station in Brixton. We never did hear anything about that, so whether the report was actually made I cannot say.

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  10. May be it was the guy she took a picture of in a restaurant with his child and then published on the Internet. Apparently, she knew he was up to no good and accused him of such.

    Just a random guy in a restaurant.

    Probably not though, more likely, if true, to be someone she knows well. How else would know who to contact on her list of recipients?

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  11. It made me laugh how Angie said she has been working on the case gratis, as if she normally gets paid for the crap she churns out.

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  12. While I don’t agree with sending venomous letters slandering people, I do look forward to reading it, and whether it is actually slander, or some home truths.

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  13. I’m curious about these poison pen letters. I want to see them before I give my thoughts about the situation. I’m not convinced things are as Disney says. She has every right to keep them to herself of course.

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