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Last week we talked about Pastor David B. Chesoli, who runs the Kenyan orphanage and school that Angela is alleged to have been stealing from. We discussed the possibility of getting in touch with Mr Chesoli in order to donate to his charitable endeavours, and said we’d post back here when we heard from him. That day, we emailed Mr Chesoli:

Dear Mr Chesoli,

We recently learned that one of your donors, Angela Power-Disney, had stopped sending money to your orphanage and school, after our blog did a series of articles exposing her for stealing from the money she was raising on your charity’s behalf. We understand that she is now under investigation by the Irish police.

We were shocked to hear that she had stopped donating, and would like to help you make up the shortfall in funds. We feel very strongly that the children you serve should not suffer just because of one person’s dishonesty.

We have several readers who would like to help you in your very worthy work, and we have recommended to them that they get in touch with you via email to find out how to donate.
However, it would be even better if you could give us instructions, which we could then publish on the blog so that our readers could send money to your charity directly. As soon as you let us know how best to send donations, we’ll be happy to let our readers know how to help you.

I should say that we would strongly prefer that our donations be given anonymously. Many of us have been threatened by some of Angela’s friends, and having our names known could create problems for some of us and our families. We hope you understand.

We know that Mr Chesoli has very limited access to the internet, as he uses only a mobile phone to get online, so we assumed it might take some time for him to respond.

However, very late on Sunday night he posted in Hoaxtead Research‘s comments section:

David Chesoli 2016-08-22

We did resend the email, and here’s his response:

Thank you so much for resending this mail. It’s in the trash messages but I have received it.  Actually,stopped her support since May. All in all,am glad to note that when one door closes, God opens another one.

Thank you for leading by example. May God bless you more abundantly.

Well,I understand what you noted that readers to send support anonymously though I don’t know if my two preferred methods would be convenient.

Money could be wired directly in to bank account or send via money gram.

If I may ask,will I be writing you to let you know whenever money is send as well give thanks for what is received or which way? Who will be receiving my report on the progress?

David  B Chesoli

Jesus power center International
 Home of champions orphanage and academy
 Box 982, 30202
 East Africa

In a separate email, Mr Chesoli sent his banking information.

We’re reluctant to publish it here, as we’re not sure whether this would open him up to potential online scammers, but anyone who wishes to donate should let us know, and we’ll forward you the information. You can get in touch with us via our usual contact page.

In response to Mr Chesoli’s question about letting us know when money is sent, we’ve asked that he update us from time to time, and we’ll keep a running tally here on the blog. We’ll be sending our first donation this week, and we hope that many of our readers will follow suit.

Together, we can help ensure that Angie’s dishonesty doesn’t hurt the children in Mr Chesoli’s care!

Champions orphanage & academy Kenya 2

18 thoughts on “How to donate to Champions Orphanage

  1. Hey EC, the cynic in me is questioning how do we know this is all legitimate, real and verified? I’m struggling to find anything on Google about them other than a facebook page with the same photos as above published first in 2012 and hardly any posts?

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    • We were concerned about that at first too, Mehul; however, we have checked them out as well as we can, and believe that they are a genuine charitable organisation.

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      • This is a good question. Back in March when we first broke this story, one of our colleagues was in touch with Peter Wrigley, founder of the charity Aid2Africa. You can find that correspondence here:
        Mr Wrigley says he knows both Maurice and David Chesoli personally, and has spent time with them at Moi’s Bridge (where the orphanage is):
        “FIRST REPLY:

        “I have never heard of the person you mention (APD). I know both Maurice and David personally and have spent time with them in Moi’s Bridge, Western Kenya. I will email both of them to check if they have had or have any connection with the person named as Angie Power-Disney.
        I have just spoken to your husband at length.
        I will now email Maurice and David for more information and get back to you when I hear from them

        Peter Wrigley
        Founder Registered Charity 1119045”


        I am still waiting for direct communication with David but Maurice has spoken to him by phone.
        The woman named is nor has been involved with any work of our charity. Maurice has had no contact with or from her.
        However, he tells me that David knows the woman Angie Power Disney and that she contributes 50 euros a month to a feeding programme David runs.
        I am waiting for more information from David about the funding he has received from her. I will update you when I hear more.


  2. Good post EC – hopefully some of the wrong done by Angie will be undone.

    I am surprised that Angie did not offer to set up a free WordPress blog for the orphanage (to replace the website), She has a friend who is very experienced at doing such things – Sabine McNeill has over 50 of those blogs.

    But there again that would have meant Angie doing something that did not put money in her own pocket or promote her own ego….

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    • JW that is a great idea, I’d happily set it up for them.

      Although some of the blogs can sometimes be free to host like WordPress, then you have option to pay for premium hosting to have a custom DNS with monthly fees (avoid this as it would only take money away from Davids work). I know you can with WordPress but you could probably migrate David’s blog data content to a free blog service if the account can be somehow accessed and then grammar checked etc to sharpen it up.

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  3. A painful contradiction of Angela Power Disney begging for money to save children from abuse in Britain, whilst at the same time stealing money from hungry orphans in Africa to fund her lifestyle.

    Is it around two weeks now that Rupert Wilson Quaintance IV has been in Britain in his quest to save British children from paedophiles? What results can Quaintance so far offer for the $thousands dollars spent on his campaign? Quaintance inability to provide any video update of his campaign on any results so far achieved speaks volumes of his impotence and lack of progress.

    Will the dynamic duo of Angela Power Disney and Rupert Wilson Quaintance IV on the campaign trail in the UK produce anything beyond the moans and gruntings of their lovemaking in the bedroom?

    I predict this is the last hurrah of the Satan Hunter before their campaign against the Hampstead people slides down into deathly eternal slumber alike to the last hours of the Titanic.

    Have fun watching this whilst you wait for the dynamic duo (Angie and Rupert in Team Titanic) to deliver the epic blow of blows against their enemy (Hoaxtead in Team Iceberg.)

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  4. Perhaps another method of getting funds to the Orphanage would be if David was helped in setting up a Go Fundme account. To protect anonymity people could donate via that. To ensure that it goes over to David, then he would have passwords and no one else would have access (he could change passwords once the page was setup and given to him).

    Just an idea?

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    • Yes, I’ve just been talking to another commenter about that. I’ll look into setting up a site, and I prefer that funds go directly to David Chesoli.


      • My understanding is that a gofundme account passes the money collected directly onto the person who controls the site. They can draw the money as and when they want to. Hopefully by drawing one off larger sums that would minimise money lost due to currency exchange. David Chisoli should be the only person able to draw those funds.

        Even with the 5% charged by gofundme it should be more economical for the handling of small individual donations.

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