What part of ‘done & dusted’ does Drifloud not get?

Over the past several days we’ve been posting snippets of the response to Abe and Ella’s IPCC appeal, which have been appearing in heavily redacted form on Drifloud’s Twitter page.

Drippy seems reluctant to release the entire document on his friends’ behalf, for obvious reasons: the results are hardly encouraging for the Hoaxtead mob. It’s clearly irking Drippy greatly to have to release the report, even accompanied with the best sarcasm he can muster. (Advice to Drippy: leave it to the pros, old man. You’re really not cut out for it.)

To review: in the first piece that Drippy leaked, we learn that DCI John Foulkes agrees  with his officers’ decision to remove RD’s children from Ella’s care, as she was failing to protect them from Abe’s abuse, and her mental health was in question.

In the second piece, DCI Foulkes tries to explain the concept of ‘correct police procedure’, which  zooms about a mile over Drippy’s head. However, people of normal intelligence would understand that if a person withdraws the allegations they’ve made, the police are no longer able to progress the investigation. Not a difficult concept…for most of us.

And in the hilariously awful third piece, Drippy tries to prove that the police were lying when they claimed that the Yaohirou recording was locked up in a police storage facility in Chingford at the time the crime was reported to them. He winds up proving the opposite, in a nicely executed own goal.

Apparently Drippy’s friends haven’t even noticed his brilliant attempts to ‘expose’ the IPCC report, though, as one bright spark asks him whether the report is even out yet.

Let’s eavesdrop:

Drifloud-IPCC on Twitter 2016-05-27

TornadoNewsLink really needs to keep up—does he think Drippy spends all his time hammering out unreadable tweets for the fun of it? Yes, of course the damn IPCC report is out. Do pay attention.

Drippy reveals that Abe and Ella are attempting to draft yet another appeal, which sounds like it’ll be almost as much fun as a heart attack; we really can’t wait.

And then the kicker: Drippy says he’s already written to Sir Bernard Hogan-Howe, head of the MET, and he hasn’t responded for the usual reason: “he’s INVOLVED – the MET POLICE are rotten from top down”.

At this point we nearly snorted our tea out our noses, as we had a vision of Sir H-H opening his email and discovering one of Drippy’s interminable diatribes, signed by ‘a conscious living being’.

Ah, to have been a fly on the wall at that moment. Bernard-Hogan-Howe-007

23 thoughts on “What part of ‘done & dusted’ does Drifloud not get?

  1. They really are tragic aren’t they? Why contact Sir Bernard Hogan-Howe when the IPCC is ..duhhhh..independent of the police?. That’s the idea of it- independent. More evidence these nutcases live is some basement (their Grandmother’s ?) as I’m not sure they can even negotiate getting onto a bus or tube train.

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    • The IPCC reports are published on their website but I think because this involves child abuse victims ( victims of the career criminal and convicted child abuser Abraham Cristie) this one is probably kept confidential.

      Which means of course Abrella have published it far & wide as victim anonymity is not something they understand. Yet another charge they would face if they ever return to the UK.

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    • One could ask.


      Click to access How%20to%20request%20recorded%20information%20held%20by%20the%20IPCC.pdf

      The final results of investigations are here


      Some are redacted.

      I think the info Drifloud is releasing in dribs and drabs is the investigation in to the complaint done by the police as a result of what the IPCC said last time. I suppose time will tell if the IPCC takes things any further.

      If anyone’s interested, a certain crystal burier and court staff botherer posted the full letter of complaint, which was actually done via their solicicitor (IRCC Hanson Young?) and included mentions of Drifloud and the whole porn found on RDs computer nonsense.

      I suppose, although the IPCC say this:

      “The IPCC does not have any control over the police handling of a criminal matter; it cannot review the results or instruct the police to reinvestigate a criminal allegation.”

      In reality maybe the police would in some circumstances reinvestigate an allegation.

      This is where people need to realise that things are not necessarily over.

      What Abraham Christie and Ella Draper hope to achieve is beyond me. They must have twigged by now that if they get their way somehow, and people are strip searched, the lack of genital tattoos is going to sort of mess their tawdry tale up. There is no way back from what they have done, unless they are big enough to admit they messed up, really really messed up and hurt two little children who deserve so much better.

      Abraham Christie hasn’t yet skulked off with his tail between his legs. He’s still doing his “Rickaaay” fuckwittery as of a few days ago on one of Code 22222222’s channels. Why he’s using a catch phrase from a long long time ago, from a soap set in East London, as a dick-swinging exercise against someone who he paranoiacally believes is. a northerner, I don’t know. The sad thing is, Abraham’s doing it against imaginary RDs. He has some serious cognitive problems.

      Abraham says,

      “Ella Draper3 days ago
      Porn..blah blah …more porn… INTERNET MARKETING … even more porn..blah blah… How’s your abysmal attempted cover up working out for you tRicky? Thank you sooo much for helping us expose the Trauma Based Mind Control programs infesting schools and other institutions worldwide, and we would NEVER have discovered DAVID CAMERON’s involvement in the money laundering scams that you were providing off shore banking services for without your bungling. Anymore BBC interviews planned ? Lay off the charlie.
      TICK TOCK. Show us your TATTOO. xxx
      but you may call me Nemesis.
      Your concern re our recent quiet phase is pleasing. Patience Deadman, who rush get crush.”

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      • Abe has resorted to recycling his old material–and it wasn’t very interesting the first time round. An appalling, self-important little homunculus. Funny that he’d notice that we’ve been commenting on their recent silence, and even funnier that he clings to the delusion that we’re RD.

        As you say, the IPCC’s mandate is not to review the results of an investigation, nor to conduct a re-investigation. Try telling that to the Hoaxteaders though–they just cannot seem to grasp it.


  2. The Met may well be “rotten from top down”, many organisations that are supposed to serve the public are.

    But what does the incoherent ranting, and deliberate disregard for the nuts and bolts of a situation (usually in the service of some ludicrous agenda/claim with which they are fixated) actually achieve? IF (and that is a big if) the Met, or any other organisation do have anything to hide, thanks to people like ‘Drif Loud’, that Soma woman, APD, McKenzie etc. it is now easier than ever for the corrupt to hide behind claims of their critics being nothing more than than the mad people of the world!

    Why is it that all these people seem to be so damaged? If they’re not walting as ex-MI5 or other ‘military intel’ they’re drug addicts, have had their own kids taken away for good reason, scammers, petty-crims, ageing strippers and worse! – just a bunch of general-weirdos and misfits of the worst possible kind! – If there’s a world-wide universal ‘conspiracy’ afoot 😉 that seems to be it…. To ensure that in this information age any deviation from the party line can be shovelled into the great big pile of stinking tommyrot generated by these various conspiritards!

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    • Joe you obviously don’t understand The Met like every British institution is run by the Illuminati Masonic Rothschild Satanic Cult. Keep up with the program !

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      • Oh…. I thought it was run by the Cardassians…. Who, it has to be admitted look a lot different now from when they were in Star Trek. But then that’s shape-shifting freak-show aliens for you….. And then there’s Anne Widdicombe. Definitely a Zogon from the planet Thrug!

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  3. I don’t know why they don’t just give up.

    It’s probably because they have a big empty void in their lives.

    But apart from the Sabine and Neelu case 11th July, this is done and dusted.

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  5. Drippy’s complaint appears to focus on things which he/she believes to be inaccuracies or conflicting differences between what the officers testified to in court, and the Met response. As we seen with the ‘own goal’, what may appear to be conflicting accounts, actually have reasonable explanations. Plus, each officer is working off their own perspective and the information they had, and trying to remember that accurately within the court room. Some inaccuracies should therefore be expected. Instead of accepting that a witness may misspeak or remember things differently, Drippy accuses them of deliberately lying. I imagine the IPCC will understand the difference, even if Drippy et al cannot. I also wonder how the IPCC will feel about Abe and Ella passing on the information and it being released online.

    Interestingly, none of this has been mentioned on Abe and Ella’s website. I guess with summer coming up they are too busy enjoying the Spanish weather.

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    • I hear it’s very nice in the south of Spain this time of year. And then there are all those smoothies to make. Cannabis to grow, things to do. You know how it is.

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  6. More wacky reasoning here. What a Weird Mob they are : claiming the cops etc are run by Devil Worshiping Masons but demanding the same lot investigate their claims. They really don’t know if they are coming or going.

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  7. Very amusing post, EC. Drippy and his followers will forever misinterpret and cherry-pick the IPCC Report…and if Abrella are going to launch another appeal, then I can’t wait for the lulz to begin!!

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