Angie feels the heat, says God will save her

The other day a few of our commenters noticed that Angela seemed to be having a very bad day: she claimed one of her neighbours in Oldcastle had posted something derogatory about her on Facebook. Angie’s response? Why, blackmail of course! 

Angie-blackmail 2016-05-18

We thought perhaps she was just missing Q*Bert and Jake that day, but a few days later, she did a repeat performance:

Angela-blackmail2 2016-05-20

This time, it was the town’s barber who done her dirty, talking trash about her to his customers (or so she alleges—we’ve learned from sad experience never to take Angie at her word). Her response: “Is that cos of the infidelity questions or the sex offender on the local team I discussed with you?”

Oh, zing!

We hope the barber and Angie’s neighbour don’t take her viper’s tongue too seriously. After all, she’s under a great deal of stress lately, what with the Gardai asking all sorts of uncomfortable questions and forcing her to account for her unorthodox bookkeeping practices and so on.

So we expect it’s all just a bit much to find that her own townspeople are saying unkind things about her.

After all, Angie would never in a million years dream of saying anything unfounded or untrue about another person…unless that person’s initials were RD, or they happened to live in Hampstead, that is.

Oh, and don’t forget about her father and mother and siblings, all of whom have come in for some very public Angie tongue-lashings.

Actually, perhaps it’s not terribly surprising that Angie’s not well-liked in her home town: she seems to waste no chance to bad-mouth anyone she pleases, and never misses an opportunity to explain out of one side of her mouth just how pious and holy she is, whilst spewing bitter venom out the other side.

But never mind. Angie is pretty sure God is on her side, and will be showing up at any minute to save her from all those mean-spirited people who don’t understand what a fine upstanding person she really is:

Angie-hypocrite 2016-05-20


33 thoughts on “Angie feels the heat, says God will save her

  1. Posting a “derogatory link based on gossip” sort of sums up Angie’s entire efforts in her alleged fight “ending #CHILDABUSE” which is about all she does apart from begging for the odd million quid from strangers. (can a link actually be derogatory??).
    So it’s not us strangers from all over the world who have got Angie’s number, the local community including most Upright Citizens ( that man who was visited in his hotel with the advice not to lend her money apparently fled and hasn’t been seen since).

    Wouldn’t it be easier for Ange to just post her ‘charity’ accounts in the web like every other registered charity does instead of drip-feeding tidbits?. And I’m not sure a dame who claims the town pedo impregnated her should really be anywhere near genuine child advocates.

    But I do love this new fight to end #CHILDABUSE as an excuse for all your other suspect deeds. Seems common among the internet scammers and fruit loops – think the convicted forger-on-the-run Andrea Davison and the old goat Christopher Fay who in the process of selling snippets of gossip and fantasy to tabloids to supplement his pension has cost taxpayers some £4M via the collapsed Operation Midland.

    The internet has become awash with con-merchants (the poor Nigerians have been left behind) and they regularly come up with an emotive subject to perpetuate their crimes. Child abuse is the latest.

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  2. Yes, seems like the #CHILDABUSE fighters mostly do it to indicate their moral purity, while they reach their grubby mitts into the pockets of their followers and extract what they can.

    Real child abuse fighters don’t need to bleat about it on Facebook. They get on with the hard work of helping families, advocating for legislative change, and working with the abused to help them heal.

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  3. Angie is obviously feeling the heat, her Facebook post of a document that she claimed showed a thank you for a donation she made to her local football club has disappeared.

    Just to be helpful, in case Angie has now “lost” the document – here is a copy of what she posted:

    Its not a surprise to discover that the person who is shown as having signed the document was NOT the club Chairman (or Chair “person”) at the shown date of the document…..

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  4. Angie – you forgot to delete a copy of the post you made on your own Facebook page, you copied the post to yet another of your pages, it still remains there:

    It seems blackmail (threats) are another of the tools used by Angie Power Disney, yet another of her posts:

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  5. LOL: ‘never misses an opportunity to explain out of one side of her mouth just how pious and holy she is, whilst spewing bitter venom out the other side.’. That about sums up the hypocrite that Angie is. Does the bible have anything to say on hypocrisy? Perhaps she should spout that out of her split slit.

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  6. Sorry but the post is still there. I took this screenshot just a few minutes ago:

    And this is a direct link (assuming Angie hasn’t blocked you):

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  7. The Bible does have a lot good guidance quotes including the Ten Commandments but they seem to breach all of them except maybe murder.
    There is even one that says : “Thou shalt not Lie with The Town Pedo and become With Child with said Pervert or You shalt be condemned to the Fires of Hell” (Gospels of Sam)

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  8. Yes, the Bible says a lot about hypocrits, people who blow their own trumpets to advertise how charitable they are; it calls them whitened sepulchres, hiding corruption within.
    The New Testament tells the story of Ananias and Sapphira who claimed to have given all their money to the poor, but they had actually kept some of it. Look it up APD, it didn’t end well for them.

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  9. Angela’s busy going through 7 years of paperwork according to her fb account.

    Someone in authority must be on her tail.

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  10. “Why didn’t they check for distinguishing marks and tattoos?”
    “Why didn’t they arrest and question any of the accused?”

    Those are examples of the type of questions asked over and over by people believing in a cult. Drif Loud has tweeted more parts of the police response to the IPCC complaint, which answers these questions.

    In the fact finding transcript the police told the court that they were waiting to conduct all the ABE interviews, before questioning the accused. That way, ensuring they had plenty of detail to ask them about. However, the children retracted their story on the day put aside for the 3rd ABE interview. We now learn from these snippets that after the retractions, the police would have no power, and it would be “potentially unlawful” to have questioned them.

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  11. At 5.30ish this morning the post was not appearing, No Angie has not blocked me. I agree it now appears, which is rather strange….

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  12. Very odd. I think sometimes she removes and then re-adds posts (have seen this a couple of times), but her rationale for that is anyone’s guess.


  13. Of course Angie doesn’t know anywhere near as much about the Bible as she pretends; she misquotes constantly. The Isaiah quote is actually addressed to God not to the individual and reads; No weapon formed against YOU shall prosper and every tongue which arises against YOU in judgement YOU shall condemn. So she typically shunts God out of the way and puts herself in his place. Hubris indeed!

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  14. No offence to anyone on either side of the religious divide but isn’t there a middle ground between ‘destroy him’ and ‘turn the other cheek’. Just sayin’. 🙂

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  15. Am bemused that money collected on behalf of a school in Kenya was redirected to a local sports team – surely not what those that donated intended and therefore very questionable!

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  16. have any of you heard of preston lacey? a writer for veterans today who claims the world is run by the khazarian mafia in league with space jews. its a new way to dehumanise the jews.

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  17. Hampstead hoax is slowly merging into the general folklore of the conspiracy industry, though most of those who mention Hampstead in this context are not actively persecuting the people of Hampstead, they are mere mindless parrots defecating fragments of folklore mixing NWO, aliens, Hampstead, the Queen, Jews, Christian and newage hocus pocus and political ideology all in one internet post.

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