Earth calling space cadet: Belinda and the ‘Starchild skull’

Following up on yesterday’s post about Belinda’s early (one might almost say ‘preliminary’) involvement in the Hampstead SRA hoax, one of our readers kindly forwarded us some very interesting information which dates back to 2004.

It seems an American former novelist and scriptwriter named Lloyd Pye was already hard at work publicising a misshapen 900-year-old skull that had somehow come into his possession in the late 1990s.

starchild skull

As Frank Johnson points out in his excellent blog post, “A Bone to Pick with the Starchild Skull“,

At first glance, the enlarged skull does look similar to what one would expect an alien, or at least some sort of alien hybrid (or maybe nephilim) skull to look like. It would be a an excellent piece of evidence should it prove to be authentic. Especially for those who think aliens have visited, or that there is a modern alien breeding plan to create hybrids/nephilim.

“Should it prove to be authentic”: aye, there’s the rub.

In fact, though Pye and his many adoring fans tried their best to flog the thing as evidence of human-alien interbreeding, the skull turned out to be boringly human. But that didn’t stop Pye. Despite DNA tests showing that the skull was that of a male with hydrocephalus, Pye kept flogging what he named the ‘Starchild’ skull. Here’s one of his early fundraising pleas:

Hello to all 1500 of you:

First, I want to wish all Americans, Happy Thanksgiving! To the rest of you, we all have something to be thankful for this year. As you know if you’ve been to the new website ( to see the slide show there, we have discovered two unknown, previously unimagined aspects of the Starchild’s bone: (1) what seems to be highly durable fibers threaded throughout; and (2) what seems to be desiccated marrow, or some other reddish residue, in the cancellous holes that contained marrow when it was alive. These are both certain to be historic finds, regardless of whether they do or don’t mean the Starchild is at least partially of alien origin.

Thus, after six long years of frustrating struggle, we stand on the verge of making world-class history at some point during the next few months. Unfortunately, the closer we’ve drawn to scientifically proving our supposition about possible alien involvement, the less we are being helped to achieve that monumental goal. This is a baffling contradiction, one I simply don’t understand. I work for all of you, in the stead of everyone whom I assume would do what I do if you had the opportunity. I would expect you all to help even more as we drew closer to the final goal. Yet exactly the opposite has taken place. The closer we get, the more help has dried up, to the point where we are near blowing away. I’m being painfully serious when I say that.

It’s all about numbers, which is why I opened with how many of you are on the Starchild mailing list–1500. A few months ago, when I last sent out a plea for help, we received $1500 in contributions. You can all see the average. One person gave $1000, four others gave the other $500. 5 out of 1500. You can see that average, too. But the bottom line, the most crucial number, is this: we are perilously near to 0 (zero) in the Starchild bank account, and if we don’t get a serious infusion of help by the end of the year, we will be forced to close up shop for an indeterminate time, if not permanently. For sure the momentum and goodwill we’ve established with some of the research community in England will be lost. This would be a tragedy I hope all 1500 of you will consider helping us to avoid.

Again look at some numbers. If all 1500 of you gave $10, we’d have $15,000–nearly halfway to our total requirement of $40,000 dollars. (For a detailed breakdown of our needs, provided by those willing to do the work, see the list below this letter.) If all of you gave $20, we would have $30,000–3/4 of the way to the $40,000 we need. And if you all gave $30, we’d have $45,000–the $40,000 we need with $5,000 left over for contingencies. $30 from each of you would solve all the problems and allow us to move ahead with full steam.

Naturally, not ALL of you are going to contribute even a dollar, much less $30. Let’s face it, when only 5 out of 1500 respond to a well-justified plea for help, we obviously have a motivation problem. That is just as obviously my fault. I simply have never quite figured out how to motivate each of you to contribute to the cause. But now it’s down to do-or-die for all of us. Many of you have been in this from the start, and many of you have contributed along the way, many of you for substantially more than $30. If not, I wouldn’t be here writing you from London; I would not have made it this far.

Assuming not everyone will contribute $30, that some of you will have to take up slack from others who, for whatever reason, simply cannot send even a minimal amount, if you can, PLEASE send more, whether $50 or $75 or even $100 (or more if you can). I don’t know how else to say it. I don’t know how to grovel any more abjectly than this. I have put six long, grinding, often humiliating years into this work, into getting this thing scientifically evaluated, and now I have it on the verge of success. I can’t imagine what it will be like to have to pull back and accept a defeat of this magnitude, all for lack of an ability to motivate the 1500 of you on my mailing list.

I can do no more. It’s up to you, each and every one of you, and those you might forward this to. You all have to decide if you want this to end knowing you DIDN’T help at the modest level I’m asking all of you to contribute. You will notice, I hope, that I’ve never asked you all to contribute a small amount before. I’ve always felt that would be more like begging than asking for your heartfelt contributions. But desperate times call for desperate measures. This is as desperate as times are going to get for the Starchild. I don’t know how else to make you understand this.

If you are willing to help, PLEASE send checks or bank drafts to Belinda McKenzie, NOT ME, at the address below. (The PayPal account on the website is usable as well.) Belinda is the paymaster now, handling all the money from her Cognoscence account. I’m just an employee and glad to be that to avoid the taint of managing the money. See the list below for where your money will be spent, and why, and know that not a penny will be wasted or spent frivolously. All of us involved in this are seekers of truth, that and nothing more. If you feel the same, now is the time to put at least a little money toward justifying those feelings. Send what you can to:

Belinda McKenzie (
83 Priory Gardens
Highgate, London
U.K. N6 5QU (that’s 5 Queen Under)

That’s right. All monies to be sent to Belinda, via something called Cognoscence.

What’s that, you ask? This:

Unsurprisingly, ‘the windfall that generated our momentum is now depleted’. Well fancy that! Couldn’t have seen that coming at all.

It’s the old plea: we need money to help us carry on with the critically important work of proving that a misshapen skull is actually proof that aliens mated with humans, because…because pseudoscience! Obviously.

Four months later, Pye announced that their funding target had been met, courtesy of a couple of gullible…that is, generous people in Liverpool.

Phew. The suspense was killing us.

But really, $15,000 is a decent sum to raise in such a short time.

Belinda seems to have stuck with the Starchild project for the better part of a decade. In March 2013 we find her picture on their website (now cached):

Belinda-Starchild Project 2016-03-10

In 2012, in fact, Belinda was in charge of Lloyd Pye’s UK tour, which featured a lecture with Mr Starchild himself, at her home:

We’ve heard first-hand reports from another of Pye’s UK lectures that year, indicating that he’d achieved something akin to star status: women were lining up to have their photos taken with him, and his books (of course there were books!) were practically flying off the tables, where willing volunteers took the cash while Pye stood around having his picture taken.

Ultimately, this cash cow came to a sad end, as Pye was diagnosed with cancer, and died in December 2013.

Arguably, the Starchild skull episode was nowhere near Hoaxtead in terms of either scope or damage done: in the end, who really cares if gullible people are willing to be parted from their money to prove that aliens once walked…and more…among us?

But it’s only one of the many pies into which Belinda seems to have stuck her thumb, and it looks as though it was a rich one.

47 thoughts on “Earth calling space cadet: Belinda and the ‘Starchild skull’

  1. Thanks for this timely reminder of the Starchild thing, EC.

    For the uninitiated, here are some previous titbits:

    “The company called Cognoscence, Ltd of which Mckenzie had a directorship contributed financially and was involved in a filming project connected to the so-called Starchild Project, an attempt to convince the world that some discovered skeletal remains were those of a space alien.” [SatanicViews]

    “I think Sabine is also involved with the ‘Starchild’..The skull is almost certainly of a human child with a birth defect, it has been debunked by numerous people, but the website is trying to raise money for DNA testing (they must want to send it to the very slow Canadian lab).” [Fairly Sane]

    “After becoming involved in fundraising for the ‘Starchild Skull’ (another hoax that has been thoroughly scientifically debunked), she inserted herself into the notorious Hollie Greig hoax. Of course, each new hoax came with its own prominent ‘Donate Now!’ button.” [El Coyote]

    “The Starchild Skull…you will note from this link which is concerning the Lecture Tour March 2003 Belinda was thanked by Lloyd Pye for donating £10,000 to keep the research alive and kicking in its important stages.

    Cheques are to be made payable to Belinda and forward to her address.

    To book, phone 0870 750 9523, or send a cheque made out to Starchild UK, 83 Priory Gardens, London N6 5QU” [Charity Chav]

    See also:

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  2. Thanks–What really stopped me in my tracks was the hard sell in Pye’s group email. It reminded me of the account we published of the victim of Belinda’s reps with Iran Aid, albeit without the menacing undertone.

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  3. Speaking of space cadets, this urgent warning comes in from Planet Bronny. The Nibirus are drawing closer, apparently, and most of the human race is going to be wiped out. To increase your chance of survival, make sure you stock up on lentils, green solar lights and musical instruments. Don’t say you weren’t warned o_O

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  4. Interesting information from Companies House

    Shareholders Equity Figure
    Issued Share Capital


    Net Worth


    So what do the figures mean?

    What does negative stockholders’ equity mean?

    A negative balance may appear in the stockholders’ equity line item in the balance sheet. Such a balance implies that a company has incurred losses of such size that they completely offset the combined amount of any payments made to the company for its stock by investors, and any accumulated earnings from prior periods.

    Negative stockholders’ equity is a strong indicator of impending bankruptcy, and so is considered a major warning flag for a loan officer or credit analyst. However, it can also mean that a business is in the ramp-up stage, and has used a large amount of funds to create products and infrastructure that will later yield profits.

    Negative stockholders’ equity is particularly common in the following situations:

    Intangibles amortization. A company has acquired another entity, and then amortizes the intangible assets recorded as part of the acquisition. This amortization can be an extremely large amount that overwhelms the existing balance in stockholders’ equity.

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    DIVIDEND. A company’s board of directors has elected to issue a substantial part (or all) of its stockholders’ equity to investors as a dividend. This can be a preliminary step to the orderly liquidation of a business.

    Who are the other directors and shareholders?

    – Two directors (the same two who set the company up)

    Mr Grant Maurice Stapleton

    Ms Belinda Margaret McKenzie

    And the shareholders

    Grant Maurice Stapleton (50%)
    Ms Belinda Mckenzie & Andrew Johnson (50%)


    Ms Belinda Margaret Mckenzie holds 4 appointments at 4 active companies, has resigned from 1 companies and held 1 appointments at 1 dissolved companies. Belinda began their first appointment at the age of 51. Their longest current appointment spans 13 years, 0 months and 6 days at COGNOSCENCE LIMITED

    The combined cash at bank value for all businesses where Belinda holds a current appointment equals £449.9k, a combined total current assets value of £451.1k with a total current liabilities of £556.8k and a total current net worth of £-90.1k. Roles associated with Ms Belinda Margaret Mckenzie within the recorded businesses include: Director, Company Secretary

    Belinda – companies


    Grant Stapleton

    Bamboo Skies Limited Active Director 12/09/05
    Clarence Peak Limited Active Director 27/12/07 23/03/12
    Frontier Television Limited Dissolved Director 14/08/06
    Lucid Zoo Limited Dissolved Director 03/07/13
    Malloy Aeronautics Limited Active Director 16/03/12
    Pajamanation Limited Dissolved Director 12/09/05

    Cognoscence Limited Active Director 05/03/03

    Anethos LTD. Active Director 01/09/98 01/11/99
    Myguides Limited Active Director 23/10/00 09/10/02
    Surf Bike Limited Dissolved Company Secretary 12/05/98
    Synergetix Limited Dissolved Director 05/07/96
    Versatel Limited Dissolved Director 03/09/96

    His Linkedin profile CV


    Director of Marketing and Sales
    March 2012 – Present (4 years 1 month)
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    Frontier Television Ltd
    2005 – December 2008 (3 years)
    An Internet Television channel dedicated to the future of business and social change. We promote the move from conventional business and charity towards a range of more sophisticated organisational models that operate in line with a “natural systems” approach. Examples are modesl such as the Triple Bottom Line, Blended Value proposition, Fourth Sector organisations, Long Tail, Wikinomics, and Conscious Business.

    Managing Director, an online portal for Treasury and Risk software for the banking industry
    2000 – 2004 (4 years)
    Helped to found the company and build it, expanding into international markets.


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  5. Michael Dowling
    in Liverpool, UK
    Posted: Wed Jun 04, 2008 | 08:15 AM

    If you read within the script from Pye concerning the joining (all by money giving. he says that anyone donating more than $250 will get full reimbursement after the positive results are returned. This is because of the further money generated from “the most important skull in the world”. So the idiot at home says ‘wow, I may as well donate $250, because I’ll get my money back’.. Err. No they wont because it isn’t an Alien Head. If there was a possibility of it being alien all the tests would have been done by this time and for zero cost to the owner. It would be that important to science. Can’t people understand this hucksterism?

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  6. “Starchild” did indeed go back well over a decade. The skull itself was actually debunked quite quickly by DNA boffins who established the mitochondrial line – which, apparently is what they mostly do with ancient bones. McKenzie & Pye then proceeded to whip up tales of ‘obvious hybridisation’ among the ignorant – who’s the daddy? You can’t really tell so he must be a spaceman. And beat the drum to raise money for ‘more advanced’ testing.

    I’m told by one who knows about these things that historically McKenzie seemed well impressed by the “legs” (his term) that “cheeky chappie” Ray Santilli’s alien autopsy wheeze had. My contact had been involved in the original debunking of the A.A. footage and had absolutely shredded Santilli’s film expert (a character called Bob Shell who himself has a back story that is quite shocking) in public. Consequently he had kept a watch on the story even after Santilli had more or less admitted the hoax. I’m told incidentally to stress that Santilli is more loveable chancer than out and out fraud and that he should NOT be confused with McKenzie’s actual ‘circle’. Anyhow – if you dig a little further into the dates you’ll find that “Starchild” surfaced around about the time the Ant and Dec film and its publicity pack were being planned or “in pre-production” as they say. – It’s thought McKenzie’s plan was to piggy-back off this. – i.e. She had hoped to ‘peak’ interest circa 2006 and get herself and/or Pye on TV off the publicity wave created for the film. – Of course the film was only a minor success and not quite the free ride she had hoped for. Paraphrasing my own contact here; carnival side-show creators are one thing – it’s a kind of con for sure. But then so is a Batman movie or an American wrestling show. – It’s altogether a darker and deeply perverse thing when ‘freak shows’ are created out of very very real human suffering and hurt. And that’s magnified a thousand times by the depths to which the likes of McKenzie will go simply to fabricate a story she can feed off.

    My attention was drawn to this – – which does seem to be an example of how blatantly dishonest/stupid/desperate/ridiculous those who promote these things can be. – Almost twenty years after the thing was soundly debunked, the ‘technical expert’ who endorsed it is serving life for murder ( that’s absorbed into the conspiricy too of course), the guy who made it admitted faking it over a decade ago, they made the story into a comedy film. – And the conspiritard community are claiming (quote)

    “This is a real alien autopsy that’s hiding in plain sight. People saying its fake are feeding into 100% government disinformation propaganda.”

    I have absolutely no idea how you deal with this sort of mentality.

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  7. A toxic mixture of scammers, grifters, wannabes, and bottom feeders. I think the Starchild “legacy” has now passed on to Brien Foerster, a pseudo-archaeologist determined to prove that aliens mated with humans…. He was in the UK a few years back promoting his barmy ideas.

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  8. I read a little more into the story and found myself amused by this:

    “Scanning electron microscopy (SEM) indicates the presence of strange fibers of an unknown nature. These are not artefactual. There is also a mysterious, red residue that can be seen in the cancellous holes on SEM microscopic cross-sections of the bone.”


    The whole point of electron microscopy is to image items using electromagnetic radiation with wavelengths smaller than visible light. By this means structures that are smaller than can be resolved using visible light are revealed.

    ‘Red’ is a sensation experienced by humans caused by electromagnetic radiation of approximately 620–750 nm in length hitting cells on the retina. SEMs by their very nature do NOT produce images of any colour and do not resolve ‘colours’. Any object which is so small it can only be seen using an SEM is too small to be resolved by visible light and therefore ‘have’ any colour. – Let alone red which is actually quite a ‘big’ wavelength in the microworld. – How do I know all this? I sat three sciences at ‘O’ level around 40 years ago! And used to have a toy microscope as a child which I enjoyed greatly. In other words, T.J. Robinson, M.D., L.M.C.C., F.R.C.S.(C) seems to have a poorer grasp of basic physics than a 15-year-old secondary school child from almost half-a-century ago was expected to have achieved. I think this illustrates quite well just how stupid and uneducated the target audience for these scams is expected to be.

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  9. I found a very unusual bone in in my lamb chop recently. If you would like to send me some money, £50, £100, £1000, to have it analysed, just send cheques payable to “Nonsense”.

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  10. This could explain the rather disturbing dream I had the other night : I dreamed I had a lovely Bentley, not a new one but a very stylish one ( Continental) and I loved it I parked it in Central London and do you think I could find the bloody thing again before I woke up?.

    It’s the Nibiru Effect, People are misplacing Rollers & Bentleys all over the place.

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  11. I wouldn’t dismiss that out of hand. There are examples of creatures that surely no man had a hand in creating : BronnyNZ for one. A Galactic experiment gone wrong that no Alien species will own up to.

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  12. can anyone answer these questions. if ricky dearman is a satanic cult leader involving all the powerfull people, why is he a failed actor? why isnt he an oscar winner? why did he let his ex and her new fuck take his kids on a long holiday where they could reveal everything? why was ella not found dead from an od when she tried taking the kids? if this man killed babys by the busload why would he not kill some bird? why is christie not in prison? i know his type and i was a criminal for my teens twenties and thirties. i dealt with all types of scum but would have given christie a wide berth. ricky is sleazy to but not on the scale of christie. hampsteaders are well off, why dont you pay someone to kidnap christie and dump him outside a police station. you need to play by his rules, this man is putting your families in danger and the gloves should be off. can someone from this blog contact me? i would like a post removed in which i used a name traceable to me, i dont want these psychos ruining my life. i would much appreciate if you would do that, i will give you all the names i use.


  13. also if these fools think human meat is in fast food why dont they buy a burger and get it dna tested? i have connections at glaxo and may be able to have this done.

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  14. On a lighter note.

    Belinda has defo had a nose job, comparing the 2003 photo to her appearance today.


  15. Because that would be illegal, more importantly kidnapping is wrong. If you know where he is, the police would be interested if it’s in the UK.


  16. The key question here is who is the ‘debt’ owed to? Is it the directors? Or someone close to them? – I’ve seen this sort of thing done as a means of deferring tax. Usually the sums involved are much smaller though. Cognoscence Limited currently has a strike-off proposal flag and is probably about to fold. With 90K adrift ( on paper at least) that’s either a devastating loss or a nice little write-off for someone with something they’d otherwise have to declare.

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  17. Yes, I was wondering this too: I’ve seen people do this as a tax deferral strategy, and it wouldn’t surprise me if that’s what’s happening at Cognescence. Sometimes a business liability can actually be not such a liability, if you know what I mean.


  18. Would that have involved the use of a tenon saw, some sandpaper and a tin of yacht varnish to compensate for excess horizontal expansion over the years?

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  19. Belinda has led quite a life it would appear. She is perfect as the face of a scam as who would suspect a little old and quite posh lady doing anything untoward.

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  20. I think this goes a long way toward explaining how she gets away with it. That vague ‘who, me?’ look, the slightly dithering speech, hide her shark-like qualities.


  21. I hope so too, SV–pretty sure it hasn’t played out for her nearly as well as she imagined. She’s like Christie in that respect: the next scam is always the Big One that’ll bring fortune, if not fame.

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  22. KN–good questions about why RD is simultaneously all-powerful and yet somehow a bit of a damp squib, unable to keep a bunch of keyboard warriors from tarnishing his good name.

    As for why people haven’t paid someone to kidnap him–well, there’s the obvious issue of morality, and the fact that kidnapping is illegal. Of course, if RD really were an all-powerful cult leader with the ability to pull strings wherever he pleased, you might think it would have already have been done.


  23. Because that would settle it once and for all, and prove that they were talking out their arses.

    You’ll notice that despite some of us offering to be examined for tattoos by a disinterested authority, no one has taken us up on the offer, either. Too risky, might prove once and for all that the whole thing is a hoax.


  24. I bet she never goes swimming in public view – The fin in the middle of her back and the super sticky fingers to make certain she never drops a penny of the money “donated” (to her) would give the game away.

    Her morals are that of a shark, the other (physical) features are quite well hidden

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  25. “Why don’t you pay someone to kidnap Christie and dump him outside a police station?”

    Because that is not the HR way, my child.

    Behold the lily. It does not kidnap greasy midgets. Yet still it grows.

    And hark the magpie. It does not abduct Jew-hating drug addicts. Yet still it shits on my windscreen.

    After your 30-year phase as a criminal, you’ve found your peace. Now let us find ours.


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  26. Does anyone know Belinda’s maiden name? Was it Boswell – married to Nigel in 1968? Married in 1968?

    GRO References Vol: 1553 Page: 158 Reg No: 0068

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  27. I think the two are associated, Mckenzie seems to pull the pin out of grenades and hands them to others to throw – by others I Include McNeill.

    The common factor is that she does it for her own gain.

    Is Sabine comfortable with Belinda stepping back when she was arrested? Was that the way of a true friend?

    I guess Sabine needs Mckenzie more than Mckenzie needs her? After all if Sabine ends in custody, where will Mckenzie be – its certainly not in a small dilapidated flat or possibly a prison cell,. worried where the next bit of money is coming from. Worried about how she might spend her £5 per week prison allowance as a pensioner. Perhaps a few minutes on the phone, a couple of stamps, some nice toothpaste, a bag of porridge to eak out the meagre food, a sachet of coffee? £5 buys very little

    Sabine is a good publicist, but not bright. She simply gets manipulated into a position by the very people she regards as friends

    How horrible for a woman approaching her seventies.

    Perhaps Sabine needs to consider her friends more carefully and to think more about the consequences of being their scapegoat?

    Perhaps a healthy dose of remorse (rather than self pity) will win Sabine a little respect and focus people towards the real instigator of her plight.

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  28. “Is Sabine comfortable with Belinda stepping back when she was arrested? Was that the way of a true friend?”



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  29. Not only is this blog supported by the vast majority of Hamsteadians but also by the hasbeen bloggers from over the Hoaxtead border. Even DaCosta Does Trolling knows where to come for the truth!

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  30. That’s a nice thought–Sabine becoming remorseful–but I hae me doots as to whether it’ll happen. However, I suppose redemption is always possible.


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