Court Update: Non-compliance hearing

As you might recall from last week’s post, Neelu and Sabine were due back at Blackfriars Crown Court today for a hearing related to their charge of witness intimidation. 

Many thanks to our team member who managed to get through to a clerk of the court, and obtained the following update:

A court clerk picked up the phone!!!! Hurrah. He confirmed that the case was heard under the name of Neelu Berry (actually in his court!). He said it was a straightforward non-event hearing. It was called at request of prosecution who queried if something had been disclosed. It was quickly ascertained that it had indeed already been disclosed and overlooked, but having ticked that box the case moves forward to trial.

The entire hearing took 4 minutes beginning to end, and the judge ordered that costs for today be reserved until the trial in July.



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