Neelu flogs new online petition

Neelu’s friend Lee Cant has set up an online petition in Neelu’s name, with the goal of obtaining 100,000 signatures ‘To stop State crimes against babies & children’.

The petition, which originally looked like this…

Neelu-peition-original 2016-05-03

…has now morphed into something a bit more sedate-looking:

Neelu-petition now 2016-05-04

Interesting fact: the original version listed signatories by name; unsurprisingly, it was like a Who’s Who of Hoaxtead promoters. The revised version, however, only notes the number of signatories, not their names.

Neelu is promoting the petition on her Facebook page with the following:


Neelu-Facebook 2 2016-05-04

We debated amongst ourselves whether to post this, but in the end came down on the side of reporting the facts as they stand.

However, in view of the ongoing court case, and our wish to avoid creating any sort of prejudice, we would ask that our commenters refrain from speculating as to any effect this material might possibly have on the outcome for either of the defendants.

It should be noted that the proper authorities have been notified; we’ll leave it at that.

We will point out, however, that Neelu has also made an accompanying video in which she goes into further detail about the petition.


24 thoughts on “Neelu flogs new online petition

  1. I agree with her on one point : I want all my debts cancelled including my mortgage thank you very much. Oh hold on. several people owe money…

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  2. EC – sound advice not to speculate (in view of the active criminal proceedings against Berry and McNeill) upon the content of what Neelu has (allegedly) published. It is rather strange, especially in view of the links that are found in the post and the content of those links.

    I do hope that the CPS and the police are aware of the content and consider it carefully. especially If it was published by Neelu herself – which should be relatively easy for them (- CPS and Police) to trace the origins of the post and produce evidence to either prove or disprove the source

    The content in the links is distressing and (at face value) seems to break various orders by the Court (that is orders in the form of bail conditions and also High Court Injunctions) If the Police are aware of the content and do nothing about it, then that would seem to be a blatant disregard by them in their duty to protecting the public in general.

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  3. I am interested to see how many people do sign up as i think their target number of signatories may be just a little hopeful

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  4. Is the juxtaposition of Neelu’s video with the “Sign Here” graphic deliberate? They match quite well on my monitor.

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  5. Neelu has been quiet all day (at least since 3.13am yesterday). I do hope that she is reflecting on the error of her ways and has now developed skills in empathy with regards the feelings of others.

    Hopefully she will get the help and support, from professionals, that she seemingly needs.

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  6. Just to add to the above, the article says that “Mr Shayler has been advising Miss Kelly in her fight for custody of her children in care proceedings”. Hmmm.

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  7. This is their help form for the site:
    Click this: “For help with all PetitionSite issues, please click here.”
    I wish to be anonymous.
    This petition violates your terms of service:
    “upload, email, post, transmit or otherwise make available any Content that is unlawful, harmful, threatening, abusive, harassing, tortious, defamatory, vulgar, obscene, libelous, invasive of another’s privacy, hateful, or racially, ethnically or otherwise objectionable
    harm minors in any way.”
    Neelu Berry is facing charges of witness intimidation, perverting the course of justice, revealing the personal information of two minors and libel against the minor’s father.
    New stories:
    Court order:


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  9. [Also sent to other organisations via online contact forms]

    Sent: Monday, June 13, 2016 at 11:38 PM
    From: KDC

    Subject: Information Re. Illegal Phone Calls

    To whom it may concern

    I am writing to you because I am concerned about phone calls which have been made in recent weeks to members of your staff and uploaded to YouTube, contrary in some cases to the specific wishes of the staff members in question.

    Said videos have been uploaded to this YouTube channel:

    In these calls, a person calling herself “Lou” has made extremely serious allegations against your organisations and personally against the staff members contacted. The accusations have included child trafficking, cannibalism, kidnap and murder. There has been a distinct tone of harassment and bullying in Lou’s approach and some specific threats and ultimatums have been issued. When questioned, Lou has refused to give her name or contact details.

    I can inform you that “Lou” is Mrs. Neelu Berry (also known as “Ved Chaudhari”) and her address is:

    3 Peel Drive
    Greater London
    IG5 0JR

    She has also uploaded your telephone conversations to her Facebook page, which can be found at:

    Mrs. Berry is due in court on 11th July to answer to charges of witness intimidation. She has also recently been arrested and fined for harassment of a priest and had a restraining order placed on her to prevent her from harassing members of a church in Hampstead. She was also recently charged with perverting the course of justice:

    Mrs. Berry has also been under a lifetime restraining order for several years due to her harassment of the staff of Great Ormond Street Hospital, London; and as you will see from her YouTube channel, she has a history of filming herself harassing various officials and uploading the footage in order to humiiate her victims.

    I would strongly suggest that you report her recent harassment, slander, bullying and intimidation of your staff members to Barnet Police, who are very aware of Mrs. Berry’s antics.

    Thank you
    Kind regards


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