Sabine and Neelu in court today?

A few days back Neelu posted on Facebook that she’d be in court today to have her case adjourned: she claims there is “no case made out”, and says “key witnesses failed to comply with court order to confirm in writing that they will attend”. She also names a key witness who she claims will not be attending.

Neelu-wants adjournmentWe cannot comment on the substance of her claims, but at the time of publication we have not been able to track down a court listing for the hearing.

As always, we’ll keep you informed as soon as we hear anything; stay tuned!


5 thoughts on “Sabine and Neelu in court today?

  1. Surely the video tapes in circulation are enough evidence, whether witnesses appear or not.

    Didn’t the other defendant try something similar a few weeks ago?


    • Unwise to speculate IMHO – there have indeed been a number of attempts in various places to ignite discussion/speculation over the case, which would be unlawful. What is/is not enough evidence is entirely a matter for the court.

      Speaking hypothetically and generally a situation can, in theory, be generated where individuals on trial may argue that they cannot get a fair trial because of media/public speculation. In practice this may be the longest of long shots. But there are those in the world demented and deluded enough to try this sort of thing. You might reasonably assume that those so inclined might well be keen on passing out red herrings.

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      • Very much agree. While this blog has a limited audience compared to a newspaper, I’m very determined that there should be no potential to endanger anyone’s right to a fair trial.


    • Video tapes and photographs always used to need to be backed up by a witness statement. Having hours of recordings would be no good unless someone could vouch for its authenticity. When a lot of the videos involve police men and women I would think that shouldn’t be such a problem.

      This site isn’t a national newspaper, so I can’t think it would be difficult to find a jury of twelve people who haven’t read it. I do think we should keep a bit quiet until after the 11th just in case.


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