Update: More signs of victory

Last week we noted that several key illegal Hoaxtead videos had disappeared from the internet—a good sign overall, as it indicates that finally some of the larger platforms have begun to take notice of the court order we’ve been waving in front of their noses for the past year.

This week, the dominoes seem to be toppling ever faster.

Knight Foundation site is gone

For starters, Belinda’s Knight Foundation fake charity page seems to have vanished in a puff of smoke:

Knight Foundation site 2016-05-04

The domain is still hosted, but the pages have all gone.

Whether this is permanent or temporary remains to be seen, but it’s interesting to note that it occurred following at least two people reporting the non-charity Knight Foundation to the real, very well-respected American Knight Foundation.

‘Victims Unite!’ post disappears

Meanwhile, yesterday we received the following email notification from Sabine McNeill’s ‘Victims Unite!’ blog:

Sabine-Victims Unite notification 2016-05-03

It struck us that a post like this could be seen as treading on dangerous territory in relation to certain ongoing legal matters, so we were interested to have a look. However, when we attempted to click through, we got:

Sabine-Victims Unite-404 2016-05-03


‘NewsInsideOut’ hissy fit

And over on ‘NewsInsideOut’, they’re mourning the loss of an illegal video that’s been allowed to soil the internet for the past year:

News InsideOut-video gone 2016-05-04

Wow. We have no idea why these people are not better respected. After all, it’s not everyone who can detect secret ‘Satan is located on the Earth’ messages in audio clips.

As for the ‘censorship’ of their highly illuminating video…tough nuts. Every now and then the good guys win.

Hoaxtead-hoax slayers ahead

Image courtesy of James Hind




17 thoughts on “Update: More signs of victory

  1. Yes indeed, first this morning the Knight Foundation website is deleted, then a little later Belinda’s wordpress blog is also being edited

    Must be getting hot for her now, will she be able to afford the Gin in such great quantities that might be required at such a stormy time?

    There is of course an alternative for Belinda – She might find the following recipe helpful:

    Recipe #1: Classic Pruno (by Hank Soboski)

    This recipe is part of prison folklore to the extent it was described in detail in a famous poem called Recipe For Prison Pruno by prison poet Jarvis Masters. (See bottom of page.) Using nothing but the poem for reference, I proceeded.

    What You’ll Need:
    A Sealable Bag (Ziploc or a heavy-duty garbage bag with rubber bands)
    10 Peeled Oranges
    1 8oz Can of Fruit Cocktail
    50 Sugar Cubes
    6 Teaspoons of Ketchup
    Tap Water

    Day 1
    I combined the oranges and fruit cocktail in a large Ziploc bag, sealed it tightly, then spent fifteen minutes squeezing and mashing it lovingly until it was the consistency of a pulpy paste. I added 16 ounces of tap water and resealed the bag.

    I ran hot water over the bag for fifteen minutes, then wrapped it in three towels to insulate the heat and start the fermentation process. The bag ends up being the size, weight and temperature of a newborn infant and you may start having tender feelings for the cute little beast. This is normal. Especially when this realize when this baby grows up he’s going to get you drunk. I hid my baby in safe, dark place and let it sit undisturbed for forty-eight hours.

    Day 3
    I unwrapped the towels to discover my baby had ballooned up nicely. This, I surmised, was due to the gasses given off by the fermentation process. I opened the bag and it gave off a light scent of, well, rotting fruit. I added fifty cubes of sugar and six packets of Heinz Ketchup. After resealing the bag, I waited for the sugar cubes to dissolve, then kneaded the pulp a little to ensure a good mix. It struck me that I could have very well used uncubed sugar. I ran it under hot water for thirty minutes to make things pleasant for the bacteria, then rewrapped my baby in towels and put it back in a safe dark, place.

    Day 4 and Day 5
    I kept a close eye on my prodigy. The sugar accelerated the fermentation process and by Day Five it looked as if my baby was thinking about exploding into something I didn’t care to clean up. I opened a corner of the bag and let off a little gas.

    Day 6 through Day 8
    I reheated the bag in the sink for fifteen minutes every day, then rewrapped it in towels. I noticed a floating colony of mold that had taken up residence was growing very nicely. Was my baby sick? Was this normal? Was there no hotline I could call? I put it back in its safe place and hoped for the best.

    Day 9
    Gripped by a mixture of anticipation and dread, I unwrapped the bag and opened it. As a precaution, I had scented toilet paper stuffed up my nose, but the bouquet still came on like a rotten gauntlet across the snout. My baby had mutated into some form of Frankenstein creature with very bad personal hygiene. I quickly ladled out the large pieces of rotten fruit and the spectacularly successful mold colony, then strained the remainder through a tea strainer.

    The Taste Test
    I had to fight hundreds of thousands of years of human evolution and instinct to get down the first swallow. Even with my nose stuffed with toilet paper, my first instinct was to vomit out what my lizard brain told me was deadly poison.
    But I remembered that I reacted the same way to my first taste of whiskey and carried on. I fended off the idea of mixing it—with drain cleaner, gasoline, anything.

    I forced down a cup’s worth, expecting it to eventually get easier. It didn’t. Each new swallow was a fresh insult. I added ice in hopes it would mask the taste or at least kill some of the bacteria. Aside from tasting like moldy and rotted fruit, it tingled against my tongue as vast bacteria colonies rose up and counter-attacked.

    When I’d fought and gagged my way through half the first pint, my stomach started rebelling. I could imagine what it was thinking: “Great God, we’re being poisoned! And, get a load of this shit, the fucker keeps sending more down! Are we committing suicide? Did I miss a fucking meeting?”
    To put it bluntly, classic pruno tastes like a bottle of Thunderbird filtered through a dumpster full of rotted garbage. Also, a stray dog laps it up from the alley floor and vomits it into a dirty hubcap.

    Did it get me drunk? A pint of pruno earned me a mild buzz. Not a “snifter of brandy on the balcony” buzz. But rather a wretched, stomach-churning, sour-mouthed buzz. The equivalent of back alley sex with a toothless crack whore. It’s sex, yes, but you feel more horrified than satisfied.
    I’ve never felt a great deal of sympathy for our nation’s prisoners, but I do now.

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  2. The Christine Joanne Hart video – interview with Angie and Jake – has been taken down. Ms Hart has since subscribed to the McKenzies Devils channel.
    Note: always do your research first before agreeing to an interview otherwise you might end up with some seriously ridiculous rabbitting from people who don’t know the difference between Catholic and Protestant.

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    • I only listened to the first half earlier on. When I came back to it, it had gone. Angie said that Ray Savage had interviewed RD. Is that at all true? Angie said “It was not well done at all. It was ineffective and pandering…” So what happened to this tape eh? Apparently Ray Savage can’t be asked because he’s on retreat.

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    • The other thing I remember and meant to comment on – Angela said she’d been to Christ Church for a service and had TAKEN COMMUNION there. She has some brass neck I’ll tell you. Besides who in the world would go to a church where you believe they eat babies and actually ingest something!

      What is wrong with Jake? Why can’t he see through this???


      • I’m afraid Jake may have problems that stop him seeing through Angela; some innate, some brought on by his habits.

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  3. Jake Clarke has become more vocal with Angie Power Disney during the last 24 hours – does Jake not realise that she is using him?

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  4. What is wrong with Jake? Many people have noted that Jake is a wasted stoner as well as showing signs of being “mentally challenged”. It doesn’t surprise me in the least that he’s not bright enough to realise he’s being used.

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