Neelu Watch: Witness intimidation charges still in play

Many thanks to regular reader Satanic Views for passing along news regarding Neelu’s application to have her witness intimidation charges dismissed earlier today.

According to the Blackfriars Crown Court website, the current status of her case is as follows:

Neelu-hearing 2016-02-26

Details are still to come, but at this point it looks as though the case has been listed for ‘Further Mention/PAD (Pleas and Directions)’ for 8 April.

So Neelu’s not off the hook yet. Since Sabine had been planning to make a similar application for dismissal in early March, we wonder how this has affected her plans?

We’ll keep watching, and let you know.

to be continued


15 thoughts on “Neelu Watch: Witness intimidation charges still in play

  1. Should Neelu Berry and Sabine McNeill decide that their cases on witness intimidation goes to trial, then I hope the cases run smoothly into jury and judge decisions, rather than fail on some technical bullshit. One thing is for certain that the witchfinders will be looking for any technical way to get off the hook, and unfortunately they appear to be talented at doing that.

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  2. They do indeed. This is why I find it so odd that they simultaneously scream about being suppressed, and gloat about avoiding the consequences of their actions. If the so-called ‘cult’ were so all-powerful, wouldn’t it just quash any dissent?

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  3. This has made my day: (HAM AND HIGH REPORT)

    “Berry appeared at Blackfriars Crown Court today, with several supporters sat in the public gallery.

    Berry waved a piece of paper at the judge and shouted that her case had been dismissed and that she did not have to go in the dock.

    She also denied having ever having seen her defence counsel before.”

    The secret witchfinder cunning plan went down well in court.

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  4. News just in from Belinda’s email list

    “Dear All


    As some may already have heard, we/Association of McKenzie Friends won our case against the Home Office/Treasury Solicitor, having been let off the £2000 charge for so-called ‘wasted costs’ in respect of our persistent litigation on behalf of Melissa Laird in 2014. The question was left hanging in the air though, as to whether we might have been using our ‘client’ or protégé as a vehicle for our own campaigning? For which reason, probably, we were not permitted to claim the costs of the excellent Public Law & Costs barrister, Simon Butler whom we had engaged to fight our corner for us.

    But as I told Simon, I had all along been fully prepared to pay his fee in the cause of defending our ‘brand’ and the continued right of lay legal advisers or ‘paralegals’ such as McKenzie Friends not to be arbitrarily or summarily (as it previously appeared to us) penalised for defending our ‘clients’/‘protégés’ interests to the best of our ability and within in the parameters of our traditional remit.

    Thanks to our very competent barrister and a benign judge, the outcome of these proceedings represents a civilised and somehow reassuringly ‘British’ compromise, the concerns of all sides having been fully advertised as well as satisfactorily met:

    a) a clear warning has been spelt out to McKenzie Friends not to try the patience of the court from henceforth;

    b) all litigants or participants ‘by proxy’ in litigation, whether lay people or professionals must operate under the same constraints, this is not just about McKenzie Friends;

    c) in this case, a clearer warning needed to have been delivered to us/McKenzie Friends in this case that we were ‘overstepping the mark’ and persuading us to desist; this not having been given when it could have been, we should not be made liable on this occasion;

    d) but, this judicial warning having now been delivered to McKenzie Friends (and others), the court might be less clement in future.

    Fair enough, and I who am footing the bill (Sabine after a lifetime of good public works and having since her ‘exile’ last summer been deprived of her UK state pension and DLA is destitute!) feel very relieved that we have survived this tussle with the State not too greatly out of pocket (our kind barrister assured us his bill will be modest) as I have to pay off the rest of my mortgage this spring or lose my house!!

    All in all, it feels like money well spent, to have achieved this particular outcome yesterday, and that the role of McKenzie Friends in the justice system has been simultaneously confirmed and clarified.

    So we can fight on for victims and justice and above all for the children, forever our overriding concern until all of them are properly protected from all harm in UK and throughout this planet.

    To all who expressed their support in so many kind messages and to those who joined us in court 64 RCJ yesterday, as I know many more would have done had you been able –THANK YOU! – your moral support is absolutely what counts in all these battles!


    In Neelu’s hearing this morning at Blackfriars Crown Court, the judge decided not to deal with the Application to Dismiss the case on this occasion but to join her and Sabine’s cases together, they being more or less identical. So Sabine’s Plea and Case Management Hearing on 7 March has been transmuted into a Plea & Pre-Trial Hearing for both her and Neelu, to be heard + the Application to Dismiss on Friday 8 April, again at Blackfriars Crown Court. This gives more time to both parties to coordinate their defence and gather the evidence needed to disprove the CPS case, that they intended to intimidate the witnesses or that there was any kind of conspiracy between them to do so.

    Have a great weekend and onwards we all go!

    Belinda x

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  5. You know what these people are like El Coyote they have an answer for every bloody thing. Granted they are stupid answers but answers all the same 🙂

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  6. Many thanks, CO! We suspected that would be their attempted defence strategy–claiming lack of intent. It’ll be interesting to see how this one plays out.


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  8. “So we can fight on for victims and justice and above all for the children, forever our overriding concern…” it is statements like this that is seriously pissing me off about the witchfinder.

    The example of an innocent father RD, who they try to separate from his children, and totally destroy. The untold damage they have done to children P & Q by releasing personal information about them, and orchestrating the constant reproduction of video, names, medical reports, faces and images of those children. Their support of convicted paedophiles and child abusers, and their determination to return abused children to their abusers. There are many more examples.

    Their dishonesty, hypocrisy and injustice inflicted upon innocent people, and their consistent rejection of a vast amount of evidence of the innocence of those they harass, accuse and intimidate, plus the adequate evidence they ignore undermining the Hampstead Satanic fantasy narrative pushes me beyond despair. For me, a Satanist, their painting a dishonest narrative against my religion against all my efforts to educate and inform them to the contrary is pushing my tolerance to its limit.

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