BREAKING: Neelu & Sabine to appear in court next week

This just in, from regular Hoaxtead Research commenter JW:

A little breaking news –
Sabine McNeil and Neelu Berry are to appear at Blackfriars Crown Court on Wednesday 4th May for “Mention – regarding non compliance”
The hearing was requested late Friday 29th April (today). The Court has no free time to list it on Tuesday and the 4th is the earliest possible date that it can be listed.
It is of course a public hearing, and its suspected that a number of interested persons will be in the public gallery.
Again anything written in the media (including the Internet) must be only factual reporting is – any speculation may give cause to possible Contempt of Court.

Many thanks to JW for keeping us informed on this matter. As suggested, we would request that any comments be limited to factual reporting; speculation should be avoided.

Blackfriars Crown Court

18 thoughts on “BREAKING: Neelu & Sabine to appear in court next week

  1. its been a long time since i was in trouble, but breaching bail used to mean remand in custody till the court case or when a magistrate was free. I never had a crown court case though


    • I don’t know that much detail, K9–it does sound reasonable to me that they’d be in remand, as that seems to be standard, but I don’t know for certain.


  2. Non-compliance usually means non-compliance with directions, not breach of bail conditions which first goes to the relevant magistrates’ court in any event. Usually an argument about disclosure.

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  3. Only Neelu is listed and the hearing regards non-disclosure not non-compliance. What this means is anyone’s guess. Could even mean Neelu was not given information she was entitled to.


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