When dot-joining goes horribly wrong

If you were paying attention to the news today, you’ll know that there have been further revelations in the £14 million Hatton Garden heist. Three further convictions have been obtained, bringing the total of those involved to nine; and it’s now been revealed that Brian Reader, the pensioner who led the gang, was a lieutenant of notorious criminal Kenneth Noye.

According to the Guardian,

The audacious heist and the fact three of the gang were pensioners captured the public’s imagination. Former Scotland Yard commander Peter Spindler, who oversaw the investigation told the Guardian: “It’s probably the last of its type.”

Fascinating though this is, we’ll bet you’re wondering what it has to do with the Hampstead hoax, right?

The answer, if you’re a dedicated Hoaxtead conspiranoid, is ‘PLENTY‘.

You see, according to those who like to see intricate patterns where none exist, there is a trail of dots pointing from the Hatton Garden burglary at none other than RD.

Of course there is.

In this video, our old friend Toothlessgetruthless does some industrial-grade dot-joining, and comes up with…well, see for yourself:

So basically, because RD changed his business mailbox from one located at the site of Britain’s largest burglary, he must have masterminded the entire thing. Because sure, that makes perfect sense.

Even career fruitloop Alan Wrightson had an opinion on the matter, though we’re not sure exactly what it is:

Wrightson on Hatton Garden 2016-01-14

Sure, Al, whatever you say.

In any case, this struck several of us as typical of the Hoaxtead pushers, who seem to find fodder for their deranged theories wherever they look, and draw spurious conclusions based on the flimsiest possible evidence.

We’re all for examining the evidence and looking for potential links, but it’s a long stretch from ‘moved his mailbox’ to ‘masterminded a burglary’.

Not all dots deserve to be joined. With that in mind, here’s an interesting piece we found the other day on how to identify a conspiracy theory. This 10-point checklist struck us as particularly useful:

Conspiracy test 2016-01-14

Now that we know that the Hatton Garden job was actually committed by a group of pensioners, trying to attach RD to it seems not just baseless, but silly. Definitely a caution against over-enthusiastic dot-joining.

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52 thoughts on “When dot-joining goes horribly wrong

  1. You see, what you got to understand, and as sad and pethetic as it is, truthers do this, they simply attach anything to this case or any other, and you probably gathered this along the way already, to get people looking at it.

    It is like them coming up with new terms/names from an SEO (most searched terms) stand point. A gimmick, a technique to get more eyes on the story.

    They are the most silly, stupid and childish like antics.

    We have a choice to create the most brilliant of lives, however they stoop so low.

    Sad really.

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    • yep they probably released this before when it was in the news, so it comes up in searches, nothing is beneath them, good trick if your spreading worthwhile actual TRUTH tho 🙂

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  2. I’m surprised they haven’t “joined the dots” and found Small Paul aka Paul Barbara wasn’t part of the gang.

    He does have previous form on similar activities.

    Then there is one of the old fruitcake perps that lives quite near the Hatton Garden location.

    And as this supposedly involved GOLD, perhaps Neelu could enlighten everyone on this heist as she does seem to be going on about GOLD rather a lot lately.

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  3. They also forget the simple solution by powerful dangerous types to whistleblowing conspiracy theorists – a shallow grave in a forest or a random accident, such as being pushed under a bus.

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  4. RD must be the mysterious ‘Basil’, then! The thief that got away. Connecting the dots, real and imaginary!

    Seriously though, I do hope that EG’s children are safe, well and happy. Despite their Mum and Mum’s boyfriend’s sickening efforts to abuse them.

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  5. No.5 on the sure fire way to spot a bogus conspiracy states that if it contains a plan for world domination it’s probably false. Would that include, historically, Hitler and the British Commonwealth . Does it also mean that ISIS is probably not what it seems ?



    • Haha, good point. I think #5 would have to be taken in concert with several of the other points; otherwise, as you say, some ‘legitimate’ world domination plots would be seen as mere conspiracy theories.


  6. Sorry to double post but the thought just occured to me that the purpose of an individual joining a masonic lodge is to attempt to perfect himself as a person; the purpose of freemasonry is to attempt to perfect society. Like Bacon’s New Atlantis.


    Given that freemasonry is, to all intents and purposes, global, then surely “they” are in fact attempting to “world domination” if their “perfect” society is realised ?


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    • I did watch a video by a guy explaining why it was formed, what it was about, and i got that, my uncle was one, and i worked for one, got some funny stories, there, he was a crook. lol, my boss, not my uncle.

      I don’t like the clowny ones, tho, and there are disturbing things, but some goes with alll people in terms of racism, sexism, i do know also that many really do work for good,

      But it is the perfect way for them to conspire to cover up sins, and especially child rape and abuse, that can create solutions, through using whatever your mate’s sphere of influence.

      Same with certain members of all religions, instutions, childrens anythings, they have been amongst it, and sabotaged and oppressed our voices, ever since,

      There are just simple universal laws, that just are and apply.

      We can use anything to abuse or aid.

      We need to have support to help us stay wise.

      Our influence is profound, if true, honest and reallly needed.

      Crumbs i dint’ mean to wax lyrical, but i’d like to come back on this subject, sometime.


  7. As usual i sort of threw this out, and my eyes, my bad 🙂 i think this is quite tidy for me, but the names probs need to include more, and also be easy linked to info, for ease of checking for busy people, and of course easier for either lazy, or dozy like me ones 🙂 or those who don’t know how to use this stuff, i clcked a couple more tools 🙂 Aby how i think this is quite a bombshell and have tweeted Opeaters who will be all over it, by now already so…..lets see what alot of light shedding can do then ….. https://crossofchangeorg.wordpress.com/2016/01/15/the-real-deal-csainquiry-ukcsapt-roadtochangeeu-royalcommissionaus-coverups/

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    • it’s edited and i know that there is more to add, to show the proof of the actions, i have written of, with nice Mr El….and Kathy wanted me to pass on her thanks, she doesn’t like to ever get involved with the spats, i don’t either, tho i did at times, have to face some down with others’ i mistakenly said kathy had been a part of that, it was more to show them that lurk, the strengths i can draw on if needed, but kathy messaged me and reminded me, that she never has…….. cos they might use that slip of mine to …………so i have the messages, always can back up my statements or trust that enough people trust me……… I know some of you were ahead of me, i only just made the connections, and as my horror and dealings with it unfolded, i kept El updated, so it can be added for clarity, background. etc.


    • You’re right that we need some sort of system to keep track of the names of those involved, Sheva. Will think on this one. If anyone else has suggestions on how to do this, please feel free to chip in!

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      • one thing i wanted to do, was form a comprehensive global online database,

        for all necessary aspects, and quick access to support, networks, latest important news, law changes, so a network could immediately share news, Dreamcatchers for Abused Children, is one such site, has loads of info, and large reach. Support groups, pages online. There are others, i will try and collate moreso

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  8. i have added the offensive broadcast where Fiona puts these really good people in the firing line, complete and utter lies, no provable deniability with these people, nor can the evidence of their work be denied, or covered up, now, john deserves alot of support, as do others.

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  9. I hope it does help, and likewise thankyou’s

    I’ve started one around Lucy Allen/Sabines latest trick, but i got serious issues on my lappy, after, fortunately upgrades and Avast sorted, but even my security was off, and i couldn’t restore, but i’m guessing that online security people are alert and seeing all this, and fixed me, or is it just something daft ? 🙂

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    • i had to use my tv which is too smart for me by far, but i was right in the middle of something important, and also didn’t want to panic Kathy, who is rightly cautious, now, we must find ways to protect people from this, and i hope i have alerted enough of the right people who know how to get things done.


    • we know this is recent and i know full well, how much i have inspired, and that is the only gift i can offer, is to inspire, others, this all is way too big, i heard a lovely saying… ‘ I hold out my hand to you, because together we can do, what i cannot do alone’, Alberta de Montana De Fabio, author of the ‘Wounded Warrior’, that used to be accessible, but i’ve not found it for a while, but somewhere in my tattered boxes, i still have my original copy, and my signed book, from another. And alot more.

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  10. It would be an interesting experiment to buy them an actual Dot to Dot book and see what they come up with after joining all the dots. Oh and by the way Arse Biscuits,hehe love it 🙂

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  11. The dot joining effort gets worse when you realise that most dots are like spinning plates, propped up by long canes and human muscle. We all know what those plates do when someone stops spinning them.

    The wrongly joined up dots are like the spinning plates. They are supported by muscle, efforts that try to substantiate a myth. The conspiracy ‘market’ (Abrella and co) is catered to by what in essence are entertainment providers. Youtube video makers are charlatans, really. Their audience is hooked. They are enthralled by their ‘research’ efforts. Charlotte Ward said: ‘You forget to feed the pets’. It seems to almost be like a drug to those that have had a taste, who want more, more, more. Further and further and further down the rabbit hole they go. Charlotte Ward: ‘The Hampstead Case is addictive’.

    The hoax is captivating and diverts attention away from other interests. It is supposed to be real, that gives it an edge over fiction which is an admission it’s all just made up, a story: The conspiracy theory is fiction presented as fact, and that makes it….’here and now’, running and intertwined with the viewer’s life. It is more real, vivid, felt and palpable, more engaging and entertaining than a mere piece of fiction could ever hope to be. The conspiracy theory is LIVED. It is a state of being. It’s a quality that, if it could be bottled and sold would make many people rich. It’s almost like a drug to those that have had a taste, and like it. THAT is what we are up against, folks. But at least the hoax does seem to have a limited shelf life. For the vast majority a hoax is chewed over and then spat out.


    • Yes, well said.

      I do wonder how many Hoaxtead pushers really do believe what they’re saying. They seem to recite the most ghastly tales, not with a sense of horror but with a sense of ghoulish fascination. For some, at least, I think it’s more about entertainment than anything else. Pretending that it’s real gives it life, as you say, and enables people to self-justify their own fascination with it.


        • Nah, I for one am not offended. It’s all in good fun and frankly, I’d be the first to admit that I’m no Stanley Kubrik 😀

          That MK Ultra 666 chappy, on the other hand – now there’s a real YouTube movie-making genius 🙂

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  12. You only have to look at the amount of stupid dot-joining the conspiraturds are doing on Bowie’s death to see how mad they all are… and Alan Rickman dying at the same age of the same type of Cancer days later seems to now be sending them into a conspiracy frenzy.
    They actually seem to believe people can’t die at 69 or of Liver Cancer.

    I saw a comment the other day which said: “I laughed at this Bowie video the other day but now Alan Rickman has died at the same age, I’m thinking there’s something in it.”

    WTF? What is WRONG with their brains??

    It doesn’t surprise me in the slightest that a Hampstead Hoaxter would think like that.

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    • Oh, yes, heaven forbid that two men in late middle age (or early old age, depending on your point of view) should have liver cancer (one of the most common types) and die within a week of one another. COINCIDENCES DON’T JUST HAPPEN, YOU KNOW.

      Oh, wait. Yes they do. All the time.

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  13. One of these days illl load up my recipes ‘Sheva’s Bomb’..was one of my first, 1996. I made my lover a birthday cake, with, fresh apricots, stewed in brandy, and layered in a bowl,lined with those finger biscuits, which escape me, sponge fingers, soaked in more brandy 🙂 and layers of dark choc, biscuits, almonds ground, and cream, and boom ! At the time i knew that if i could release it, iceland would probs make a fortune, but hey, my jaffa cake is evn better.

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