Team Neelu does it again!

For your mid-week entertainment and delight, we bring you the latest from Neelu’s Care in Community and Crystal-Burying Society, who are performing a public service by sanitizing Clerkenwell and Shoreditch County and Family Court.

You’ll be relieved to know that they’ve done ‘that tree, and that tree, and that tree’, and apparently when a lens flare catches Barry, it turns him all cosmic!

You really won’t want to miss this one. Really, the only thing missing is Roger, the 8-foot-tall butterfly.

Actually, if this were all these lovable nutters were doing in their spare time, we’d probably enjoy their antics a great deal more. As it is, though, what with all the lies, libel, and harassment…well, it’s a little harder to remain sanguine.

Crazy people everywhere


19 thoughts on “Team Neelu does it again!

  1. I’m sure the residents of that block of council flats where they actually planted the crystals will appreciate their efforts.

    I sometimes get that camera flare when I film- never realised it was Cosmic Rays so you learn something every day.

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  2. I’ve just watched one of the other crystal videos and Cosmic Barry says: “I’ve spoken to Lord Ashtar..I actually call him Mr Motormouth as he talks so much.”


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  3. Here’s another one.. just listen to what Neelu and Barry say happens in UK Hospitals.
    Personally, due to family circumstances I have nothing but praise for our UK NHS.

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