A very Hoaxtenders Xmas!

If you’ve been hanging around this blog for any length of time, you might remember those lovable scamps, the Hoaxtenders.

We just dropped in on their Christmas get-together…isn’t it reassuring to know that some things just don’t change?

A very Hoaxtenders Xmas

So from all of us at Hoaxtead Research, to all of you out there, wherever you may be: we wish you a wonderful, peaceful Christmas, and a happy, healthy, and prosperous New Year.



18 thoughts on “A very Hoaxtenders Xmas!

  1. As usual very well done El Coyote!
    Imagine being at a Christmas party with those loons, especially if the booze was flowing!

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  2. Heres to lots more arrests and jail time to the witchfinder loons in 2016. The soap opera has been interesting, and a painful reminder of how far the human race has still to evolve above its position of base stupidity.

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  3. Love the cartoon. Angie’s had a meltdown about her mother actually and the ‘C’ word has been used, and I don’t mean ‘Christian’.

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    • On Facebook she’s ranting about her daughter (I think). It’s rather waffly but I think the gist is that the daughter’s having some problems and our Ange is basically saying she’s been wearing herself out trying to care and can’t be bothered to try any more. See if I’ve interpreted that correctly. Here it is in full:

      “Yup. Happy Christmas. I realised one of the reasons I find family gatherings difficult is because I seem to have little defence against soaking up other people’s emotions like disappointment anger etc….it’s like I want to take their pain but it doesn’t work and as they in this case my daughter today sense someone trying to help it might feel like invalidation so they act out worse. The best thing to do is have a good time or sad time or whatever MY emotions are ANYWAY like give MYSELF permission to feel MY authentic feelings and let other people process their own does that make sense??”

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