Abe and Ella’s lie and how it grew

It’s truly amazing how a lie can grow, isn’t it?

When Abe and Ella started the lie that would turn into Hoaxtead, it was fairly simple: Ella’s ex-partner had sexually abused his children.

If they had stopped there, chances are that they would have won. More often than not, when claims of sexual abuse are made against a parent, that parent will, in fact, lose access to their children.

Fortunately for Ricky Dearman’s children, though, Ella and Abe got caught up in their own fantasy. They added to the original lie, ‘brainstorming’ to make it more colourful and exciting.

Then they realised that they could kill far more than one bird with that particular stone: not only could they ensure that Ricky never saw his children again, but they could take revenge on people they disliked, if they claimed that the sexual abuse had been by a group of people, with Ricky taking the lead.

Abe had a rocky relationship with staff at Christchurch School: at least once, he flew into a rage when he found that the kids had eaten ‘off-limits’ food. He accused the school of “poisoning” the children, which didn’t endear him to the school staff.

In a previous post here on Hoaxtead Research, we wrote:

My source told me, “The children were already very much on the radar as being at risk. They openly discussed their fear of Abe. They also were constantly hungry and took other people’s food. All their classmates knew they hated Abe.” Apparently the school notified social services that the children were hungry and fearful of their mother’s boyfriend. “That’s why the headmistress and deputy were targeted so personally after they reported him.”

And while they were at it, why not target the parents at the school too? After all, some of them might have looked down their noses at Abe, perhaps thinking he wasn’t good enough to associate with them. And hey, why not add the priest at the church?

Abe was fascinated by the occultist Aleister Crowley, so he was able to toss in loads of Crowley-esque details: hooded robes, chanting, dancing, skulls…the lie grew and grew, its tentacles spreading.

By the time Abe, Ella, and the children returned from Morocco, they’d found ways to insert dozens of people into their lie, which had now assumed gargantuan proportions. From an accusation of sexual abuse against one person, it had turned into abuse by ‘a cult’.

Of course, it didn’t quite work the way Abe and Ella planned. The police knew a cooked-up story when they heard it, and of course the children were unable to produce any evidence. The lie backfired rather spectacularly, as we know.

But that hasn’t stopped Abe from continuing to add to it. It’s become a scab he can’t stop picking at. It’s gone from a Satanist cult, to a Masonic cult, to a Babylonian Talmudic cult…and most recently, an MK Ultra Mind Control cult.

Abe on YouTube-MK Ultra mind control

How it could be all these things simultaneously escapes us, but we’re sure it makes sense in what passes for Abe’s and Ella’s brains these days.

The problem is that it doesn’t makes sense to anyone else. And really, isn’t the point of a lie that it should be believable? Aleister_Crowley_1902_K2.jpg



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  1. It’s interesting that none of the so-called ‘journalists’ who interview Abe and Ella ever ask them any hard questions about what happened. The story fits their preconceived notions and cognitive biases and they go for it without challenging or checking the details. I hold these incompetent pseudo journalists responsible for much of the rubbish that has been spread on the internet. It’s worth noting that some of them also continue to ignore a Court Order which prohibits identification of the children. I was glad to find out that the police are now cracking down on this and taking action.

    Perhaps Deborah Mahmoudieh could remind these ‘journalists’, radio presenters and video makers that under the UN Convention on the Rights of the Child children have a right to privacy.

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    • Fully agree.

      It’s pretty symptomatic of the over indulgence in pot that thoughts progress to fantasies and then become the reality.

      Note Ella’s bizarre justification for the Hamstead Satanic Tulmadic etc etc Cult that it must be true because it so fantastical and if she just wanted to get rid of the father she would have kept it simple.


      • That actually made me laugh, Sam–‘This story must be true, because it’s completely insane!’ Best justification I’ve heard in a long time.


    • I have a sneaky suspicion that these YouTube “journalists” simply know it’ll keep their viewing figures up, they have no interest what-so-ever in the truth.

      It’s ironic that when you see a YouTube user/channel with “truth” in the name, you know that objectivity and facts aren’t going to be used in their search for the “truth”.

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      • I’ve noticed that. ‘The truth about….’ usually isn’t. My personal favourite is ‘What they won’t tell you about….’


    • I contacted the police at Hampstead, Scotland Yard and my local upon downloading, watching, then removing the videos, because i was aware, that even by watching them, i had committed a crime, quite a few old contacts, got in touch asking me, whether i had made my mind up, on the hampstead case, as they didn’t even want to download them at all, but as one friend said, ‘i knew that you would look at this thoroughly, and i trust your judgement, thanks for saving me the bother’,
      Hence, my ability, to withstand, being called a bully, or telling people what to think, etc, gov shill ? and paedo supporter, don’t wash too easily, so hence, that i can, make statements, categorically, and expect them to be believed.
      I agree with everything you have said, Big Earl.
      I am glad, that at last, the Police are cracking down.
      I have not been impressed by their attitude, they could have done more sooner, in my opinion. I also explained that Sabine McNeil was giving an illusion of being involved in the CSAinquiry, and that Belinda Mckenzie had even been to an event around the planning of the panel etc and had mentioned the Hampstead Case, and that i was greatly concerned that victims of CSA, newly coming forward, could be sucked into their web, mislead, and used, misused and then abused. This got little interest, i also notified IICSA. I had expected them, to want to warn people.
      I have to wonder, whether some of the cracks between CSAsurvivors on twitter were widened by some, that i consider saboteurs.
      Though there will always be divides, in opinions, I hope that we can remember that we may have different ways of fighting for change, have different solutions to offer, we have to bear in mind that innocent victims of false allegations, are part of the picture too.
      I would go further, I think Belinda, especially had some input in the early planning, and with Sabine, would have been looking for ‘what sells’, in terms of SRA.
      With her Victims Unite web, there were links, i warned some people about years ago, to sites, set up, with a help/support presentation, on the first page, i found around 30, and was deeply concerned, there was nothing behind them.
      There have too, in the past been sites, offering space to ‘Tell your story’, which warnings have gone out on, because they were either abusers, looking for people to bully, laugh at, mock, or just get some sick pleasure from, and also to glean details, for those that want to use this subject for fame or fortune based reasons.

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    • That’s an excellent point, Earl. Any ‘mainstream’ journo worth their salt would ask hard question like ‘is this story really logistically possible?’ (and that’s just for starters). For all that the MSM has problems (and it does!), at least there’s some semblance of credibility when you know questions have been asked.

      This is why I think journalists like Christopher Booker are so dangerous: they accept without question the stories they’re told by one party, and don’t bother trying to find out the other side. I don’t harbour any delusions that journalism is ‘neutral’, but it should at least be ‘fair and balanced’. At least, that’s the way I learned it back in the Stone Ages.


  2. It’s like Abe is using all the words from popular internet conspiracy stories in the hope this story gets picked up when people use search engines.

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    • Yes, I think he has exhausted the SRA crowd now and is reaching for the Illuminati lot for support. He’ll be in good company with those tin-foil wearing nut-jobs.

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    • That is Sabine’s trick too, well, one of them. One reason, i have used their tags, was to break through the matrix….. But still Sabine is fighting back, still pages of her sites, on google, more recently she is promoting a blog mentioning an Australian Case, because the Royal Commission, is creating a great deal more interest, but i can promise you all….from 2009, i was posting about every level of CSA to be found, and all the various events, articles, as those fighting to get the Commission going, and demanding it was more thorough, gaining an apology, over years, i have posted videos of their events, as of Canada, US, and all groups UK, Europe, Mattys Road to Change EU 10,000 mile walk, with great achievements, by the way, and not a single one of these has been shared, by these people who pretend to spearhead CSA Survivors UK, or Stop Child Abuse,
      Belinda asked me at the Bilderberg Festival, what i was so upset about, i replied that apart from the fact that hollie was a proven hoax, that she had ensured that one case was promoted above all others, was in my view, disgusting, detrimental to thousands of people, at the next ‘Screaming to be Heard’, conference, she brought my name up, sneering that i just wanted to trot out my 30yr old cases, ad nauseum, and ignore the most important case, …..hollie’s. The video was never shared, but again, enough people would know i am not making this up. So not long after, they began for the first time, to mention older cases, as if they were interested, but having lost the hoardes of those who googled hollie, they were now spam commenting, on the newer blogs, that were pushing for the inquiry.
      I’ve not watched or criticised them overly, just kept tabs, or noticed or been alerted to things by friends.
      One campaigner who met with John Hemming some years ago, told me that John had said that paedophillia was the key, now. I was surprised to hear that. I had been taken to his Birmingham office 2009,10 and brought up both in the meeting and with John, when he popped in for lunch, that i was concerned at how many CSAsurvivors were amongst parents, losing their children, and that this was key, to helping them, though many were only telling me in confidence, i could tell, it was effecting them, their case, but was unable to find solutions, unless we found ways to address it…………..he brushed me aside, i found him quite rude.

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      • Bronny too by the way, When i confronted her on her facebook wall, i had noticed her giving a heads up to her pupils 🙂 that the new tag should be CSRA,
        I understand the misgivings some would have, with me using the tags and labels, that they do, but it was with this purpose in mind, and i think it has had some effect.
        This is another red flag.
        Genuine Campaigners, just don’t act this way.
        Maybe a few bloggers do.
        I have never looked at google, nor tried for numbers.
        I was told by an internet wizard 2010, that Cross of Change, my group was consistently top on google, even above Enigma, hence why i have a link to Enigma’s official site on my about page….So i am not surprised to find that the recent sprogs picking at me in the Hampstead Group, on facebook, link back to a page called ‘The Official Enigma …..::’, that just dawned on me, so i’ll have to put something on my blog, i guess, sigh, these games,
        It is extraordinary how people like Bronny and Christine Sands are falling over each other, to spearhead this, but i guess it offers so much for the conspiritards, and lazy fame seeking ‘journals’.
        I think Belinda, cynically saw a gap and opportunity, and the gap is closing, or should do, with the Inquiry and Tribunal, and more serious investigating, media coverage, but unfortunately, not enough are uniting, on common ground, yet.
        There are some events, and promising signs though.
        Perhaps this case can serve as like a spring clean. Shining light on it and those involved, could serve to shake the rug and pull out the real skeletons, and dust off all those jumping on what should really not be used as a bandwagon or agenda, for any reason, other than, ultimately protect children from serious harm, support those who need it, and bring about effective solutions, changes, to prevent, protect, without it all becoming more messy, dramatic, than it already is.

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    • Fight fire with fire 🙂 when you do it with integrity it works better, and the effects last.
      There’s are gonna go pooft ! 🙂
      i waved my wand, Abe should have known better than to curse me 🙂


  3. The entrance of MKUltra into the cult ‘descriptors’ of Abe’s fantasy echo the earlier and similar introduction of ‘the freemasons’ into this story. Ella and Abe have done thier market research, they see ‘what sells’ to the kind of people they are targeting: What tickles them?

    The MK Ultra folklore offered in so many youtube truther videos supplies exciting entertainment to those who might lack the ‘reality check’ factor: Exposure to balanced people and situations. Even the name ‘MK Ultra’ has a kind of poetic magnetism. The horrific nature of the tales around ‘MK ULtra’ is as gripping as a good true crime murder drama. As humans, we are drawn to stories of the extreme aspects of our species. The trouble starts when fiction starts to replace and become reality in the minds of their consumers. Of course, it does not help that these reports are repeated ad nauseum and like chinese whispers, grow legs. Youtube videos don’t come with warnings.

    It would be interesting to put together a time-line of Abe’s changing descriptors of ‘the cult’.

    I think it started with cult>sodomite death cult>freemasonic sodomite death cult>fire-eating sodomite death cult>masodomite death cult>mossadomite death cult and, as we see, is now trying to become an ‘MK Ultra Trauma Based Mind controlled cult’. We now have ‘mind controlled sex slaves’ lol. RD is supposed to have gone to LA to study methods!! Abe is so caught up in the fantasy, and pandering to his audience! He is playing to the gallery, no less.

    But we can draw parallels from this evolution, the clear fantasy embroidering and embellishments of the story, and of the developing name of the ‘cult’ here. This illustrates Abe’s M.O: In the same way the name of the cult morphed, the story itself grew from nothing to something (of near epic proportion). Abe is a total fantasist and liar, in other words.

    It went far beyond ‘making a mountain out of a molehill’, as the molehill did not even exist in the first place.

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    • Ooops. I missed out the Babylonian Talmudic cult. I have inserted it here:

      >sodomite death cult
      >freemasonic sodomite death cult
      >fire-eating sodomite death cult
      >masodomite death cult
      >mossadomite death cult
      >Babylonian Talmudic cult.
      >MK Ultra Trauma Based Mind controlled cult.

      Feel free to add to the list as he generates new theories.

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      • It’s so funny seeing them listed like that, Emma! This latest addition that the children were under MK Ultra mind control just surfaced a week ago under one of Guidance/Code 2222’s videos. We can all see who he’s trying to appeal to now.. haha..
        He clearly doesn’t care about the children at all and for Ella to let him leave that comment speaks volumes about her!

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      • He added Rabbinical in there too. He read up on a couple of messianic Rabbis of the 17th century or so, I say read up, he’d obviously read something vile on a virulently anti-Semitic blog and not checked anything out so Abraham obviously believes these Rabbis raped and ate babies, and in it goes. I think the Babylonian bit was a actually a reference to the Talmud supposedly ordering Jews to rape children, and then this changes to Babylonian Talmudic bla-de-bla.

        Someone could introduce him to the concept of primary sources, or not, now his blog has gone (for now at least).

        In other news, there’s been a pick up in posting the ABE interviews. More reporting needed.

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        • If you can point us to some sites, we’ll get them reported, thanks.

          As for the Rabbinical/Talmudic/Babylonian thing, it’d be nice if once–just once–these imbeciles would do a bit of primary research. They wouldn’t know Talmud if it jumped up and bit them.


          • And Tavistock, don’t forget Tavistock, he got that term in there, and as this goes all the way to Westminster according to him, he got that in there too.

            I can’t forget the time he called Judge Pauffley Israeli apropos of nothing at all based on no evidence whatsoever. As if it would be relevant anyway, well it wouldn’t to me, but what do I know.

            Check out what Biddy Baboon and Code/Guidance have been up to relating to videos.

            Sabine’s been tweeting links to interviews on YouTube too.

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            • You’d think that Sabine would be a tad more careful, given her impending court date.

              And yes, of course, how could we forget Tavistock? I wonder what Half-pint Abe would do if he were ever actually confronted by any of the people he maligns so casually? He wouldn’t know whether to shit, whistle, or wind his watch.


    • Yes, very well said, Emma. He’s definitely playing to his audience–and as he wants the audience to widen, he’s making the story bigger…and bigger…and bigger….


  4. One glaring obvious difference, had i had no morals, or kept confidence, i could have outed many, they know who they are, there are many, who will come across some of this, who know, i was in amongst alot of the family rights, family justice groups, for a few years. Many have found, their secrets safe with me, i take other’s lead, on whether to tell their story, i share, what they are, no more,
    And i’ve just forgiven myself a bit more, over a cry, that i broke down a few times, over these years.
    They have studied and they have known how to trigger survivors, and i accuse them of doing that, not just to me, either.

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  5. i’ve just done some reversing on google plus on cgi plains curses…. grief is that Abe or Matt ? anyhow, vile and nasty, yet Angie saves her spiritual slurs, as well as the other putdowns for those of us being honest, yet none of those heading the hoax, have asked their followers to desist with the emotional abuse, and even the descriptive language, is a no, no, in the good groups.

    ‘Blessed be, your downfall is occurring, Judgement from the heart, light from source, be upon you, and all who you have hurt, damaged, cursed.
    May the highest good be done, for all concerned, especially the children. Blessed Be. #cybercrime #eperts and #interpol are now alert Google, Youtube, Vimeo and all platforms, are now reviewing their actions, and how to protect innocent people falsly accused, at the same time protecting real #CSAvictims #CSAsurvivors from being linked to people who have taken us back to the #darkages it has taken immense efforts from thousands of people to bring as much #light to bear as is now, on #CSAinquiry #RoyalCommission yet you and #SabineKMcNeil with her matrix web of sites, sucking in victims, whilst encouraging cases that cause us to be yet again, labelled as #liars #fantasists #conspiritards on a #witchunt this will be raked out, so that the ground is clear for us to remain a #strongforce to be reckoned with, despite the fact, that #BelindaMckenzie #JoePublic #BillMaloney and others have embedded themselves in all of the recent events, and caused various divisions and cracks to widen, ime and imho. Blessed Be all.;

    The rantings, curses are disturbing, revealing, i shared it on my google plus, but don’t recommend reading, who wants that shite in their brains, others tho, at a quick glance will shed any doubts, as to the reason, this must all be removed, as far as possible, and those with the power too, must do whatever they can, to remove, firstly for the children’s sakes, for the hampstead community, but also for the many CSAsurvivors who are reeling, and looking for support, away from it all, which is causing even more pressure on services, already stretched, And also, abusers that cry false accusation, which most do, have also been gifted, to campaign even moreso about False Memory Syndrome, which reared massively, when we were first more strongly rallying 22yrs ago, This is why i suspect, that pulling the strings of some, may be sabotage, manipulated, and helped into being, and allowed to continue……. Whatever the whole truth of how, why, the effects must be dealt with, somehow.

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    • Scumbags, “Kathy” ?

      LOL! .. for noticing Abe has now (at this very late stage in his game) added MK ULTRA to the hoax? Funny how he never mentioned it at the start, eh?

      WE all know who the real scumbag is!..so jog on!!! 😀

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      • Oh, JB, you have no idea all the nasty things we get called in comments that don’t make it to the page! Scumbags is actually quite courteous by comparison. 🙂 And at least there were no death threats this time.


    • She’s right, though, you know. I don’t know how many people were bothering to read Abe’s blog before it got banned by his server, but hereabouts we get in the range of 1,000 views per day on average. For a small blog that’s a lot, but we’re always happy to have more.

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  7. I bet most of the views of Abe’s blog was from us checking out his latest tirade of trash. Without us his traffic was probably nearly non-existant.

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  8. Abe, Ella, us, dildohead, the police, crown prosecution service and occasional housekeeping check up by Bronny just about sums it up I think.

    Abe is similarly rejected on twitter where he is resigned to tweeting the back-up friend he dissed only last week by saying he was not ‘ex’ MI5.


  9. …And while we are on the subject of Drifloud, I found something for him from Frances:

    Frances Mulligan
    19 weeks ago
    It’s Frances Mail Bag Time Again

    Dear Frances Fans,

    It’s yet again time for Frances to open her mail bag, delve inside and choose one, totally at random, to read aloud to you, her fans, today.

    Here, as young people say, we go:

    Dear Frances,

    I’m tired. Tired of playing the game. I’m so tired.

    For quite some time NOW I have been WRITING to people who have offended ME, using caps and LOWER-CASE letters to make my point.

    I’ve enjoyed utilizing this method of WRITING BECAUSE I know it makes the reader work extra HARD to UNDERstand ME. And what I have to say, which is ALWAYS very IMPORTANT.

    In the past, I have utilised the long-winded technique, as developed by James JOYCE in ULYSSES. I copy from Dickens and MELville, because they seemed to dislike their sentences coming to a stop as well.

    You might well ask why I’M WRITING to YOU, a 7 foot tall satanist, today. It is because I am EXHAUSTED from writing as much as I DO. I’m EXHAUSTED, do you hear, exhausted! And my doctor tells me I’ve got some kind of repetitive STRAIN injury in MY WRIST from typing so much. He says it is from typing, but the way he wriggled his eyebrows at ME, and the wrist-action he made when he said it, leads ME to think he is ONE OF YOU, and a sataNIST Pervert as well.

    Still. My WRIST DOES HURT, no matter how it happened.

    Why DOES NO ONE like ME, FRANCES?? I write to thousandS of Satanist Devil WorshIPPERS, DEMANDING they stop their SATANIC play, but NO ONE answers me. Well, some DO ANSWER BUt only to say rude things like “gosh, I’d love to read more but I’m too busy eating my baby stew” or “Your name is Drifloud? Hahahahaha, that sounds like a sanitary napkin or incontinence knicker! Choose another name, Dri…best regards, WetFart”

    These comments ARE wounding. I, A CONSCIOUS, Living BEING, feel I’M not being taken SERIOUSLY.

    What should I DO, Frances? I know that Angie and Charlotte have come to you for GOOD,SOLID AdVICe and now it’s MY turn. I want to keep sabotaging and HURTING YOU GUYS but FEAR I”M not feeling the gusto anyMORE.

    Look AT ME, I CAN barely use the CAPS button anymore.

    Woe is me..
    A conscious, liVING BEING,
    but you can call ME XXXX


    Well. Frances is pleased to know her advice is so valued and sought after. Not surprised, mind you, just pleased.

    Mr Drifloud, Frances would suggest a change of name and tone. Announcing yourself as a Conscious Living Being all the time is so pretentious. As she used to chide her dear, dear friend Billy Joel, “Mr Billy, please stop telling everyone you ARE an Innocent Man. Trust Frances, we heard you the first time”.

    Also, writing harassing letters to members of the public is so, as young people say, 1692. As Frances recalls, there were Witch Trials occurring then, with many people writing poison pen letters about, and to, innocent people in the town of Salem, Massachusetts. Such an ugly time. Frances tried to convince her fellow jurors of the folly of their judgment, but they refused to listen. Not a pleasant memory for Frances to think back upon, sadly.

    Frances feels the need for a reviving cup of tea, to help cope with those memories. Please, give her a moment.


    Fully revived, Frances makes her return to the page.

    Mr Drifloud, do consider another name. Perhaps Mr Pansy Breath, or even Mr Wittle Bottom would be better choices. Frances is in agreement with the person who said your name has unfortunate connotations. Time for a change, Frances thinks.

    Finally, your over- and incorrect-usage of capital letters must stop immediately. Frances has been reliably informed that their usage betrays a certain, how shall Frances put it, immaturity on the part of the writer.

    If one wishes to be taken seriously, the meaningless capital letters must cease.

    Frances hopes she has helped you. She feels she has covered, as young baseball fans say, all the bases here.


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