Araya implicates both herself and Ella in info’ leaks


This is from a thread that we have screenshot as evidence, in which Araya illegally published the names, addresses, telephone numbers, descriptions, itineraries etc. So she’s bang to rights on this and many other privacy breaches and hate crimes.

But what makes this thread even more interesting is that Araya openly “grasses” Ella Draper/Gareeva (the children’s mum) as the source of all that information. Ella, of course, has consistently denied having had anything to do with the leaks, These comments allegedly tell a different story:


So as I said, Araya has been caught red-handed here. But what of Ella? Who’s lying? Ella or Araya? You decide 🙂

More ‘leakage’ evidence:



11 thoughts on “Araya implicates both herself and Ella in info’ leaks

  1. When Araya’s not busy having her picture taken with neo Nazis she’s busy talking through her arse.
    You can’t rely on anything she writes.

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  2. For a woman who looks much older than she actually is you’d think she wouldn’t be so keen on taking photographs of herself.

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  3. hehe, you guys really are quite sad. Clearly together you still lack the intelligence to actually give your cause (of debunking the hampstead case) anything other than being abusive about people on the other side of the fence. Wow, you clever little souls :s

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