Ella Draper: Not exactly mother of the year

We’ve discussed Ella’s legendary parenting skills here before, but an alert reader spotted a comment on the recent Alfred Lambremont Webre panel discussion (the one where Abe distinguished himself), and we thought it worth sharing.

Following Abe’s impressive plea to have the children returned to them, Ella posts about her own desperate longing to hold her kids once more. We have to say, we were moved to tears by this one:

Ella-recipe-1 2016-03-12

Okay. No we weren’t.

This is just more of Abe’s pseudo-scientific gibberish (like his claim that it’s somehow possible to ‘manually stimulate the pineal gland’, despite the fact that said gland is inside the actual brain and cannot be reached physically). (Sorry. That one still annoys us.)

But hark! What’s that we see? A link to a ’10-second teaser to upcoming FREE seminars’? Well, who could resist that?

Kids, shmids. Let’s go find out how to ‘heal and delete the damage’ caused by imaginary ‘RSA/TBMC’!

Ella-2 2016-03-12

Oh, right, how could we have forgotten?

Back in January, Abrella made their real agenda clear: their plan is to sell themselves as nutritional/health experts, in the same vein as David ‘Chocolate lines up planetarily with the sun‘ Wolfe.

Their goal: sell people on the idea that they suffer from ‘Essential Nutrient Deficiency, the biggest killer on Earth today’. Because, as they say, ‘Nobody wants to get sick, old or die’.

We assume this means that their magic hemp formula, in addition to healing and deleting the damage of imaginary ‘RSA/TBMC’, will also give us eternal youth, health, and life.

Where do we sign up?

We were curious about the shortened URL in the lower left-hand corner, so we unshortened it:

Ella-Paypal link-3 2016-03-12

Lo and behold, it’s a PayPal account.

So, to review: Ella is so desperate to see her children again that she has decided to offer online hemp recipes, promote her and Abe’s nutritional seminars, and collect money from gullible dupes willing to fork over their cash for the privilege of hearing about ‘Essential Nutrient Deficiency’.

Yeah, makes sense. Carry on.


15 thoughts on “Ella Draper: Not exactly mother of the year

  1. I recall Ella Draper and Abraham Christie also claimed that their hemp products could also replace the blood used in blood transfusions, the Jehovah Witnesses will be happy.

    They claim like most snake oil salespeople, mountebanks and scammers a lot of solutions and miracle cures for their products. The anti-aging claims seem to fail when you look at the granny posse of people like Belinda McKenzie and Sabine McNeill.

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  2. Guidance, at last. Now let us have a listen on dem tapes dem of yer ex kumpel Abe, do an Angie, put it out there so we can all decide what the truth is about them. You know you want to. It’s the ethical thing to do. Jesus will love you for it. And while you’re at it: You promised to release the one of Sabine kicking the police at her fake arrest. Gissa larf. Pleeeeeeze.


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