Hoaxtead pushers fail to grasp the concept

Yesterday we discussed the impact that false allegations can have on people’s lives. As so often happens in our comments section, a lively conversation ensued, with several viewpoints represented—and that’s the way things roll, here at Hoaxtead Research.

Meanwhile, though, back in TrooferLand, people like Maria ‘Let’s Kidnap the Kids!’ MacMahon were fuming at our effrontery (it’s okay, Maria, we’ll wait while you go look that one up) in discussing the plight of the falsely accused.

Maria MacMahon 2016-03-18

After all, she claimed,

People named as abusers not being investigated or even spoken to really destroys lives. Funny that H’stead (that’s us!) never speak about concern for the children isn’t it? It’s just a snarl fest of speech without boundaries or decency at that site isn’t it? I think H’stead are switching people on to the fact this is a cover up with their malice. I hope H’stead keep blogging, the beauty of freedom of speech is that it disgusts most people.

Oh dear. Where to begin?

Perhaps it would be easiest if we were to use Maria herself as an example.

Let’s say, perhaps, that we noticed her discussing kidnapping children on her Facebook page. Oh, right! That actually happened!

At the time, we reported on it here, and let the police know about it. As far as we’re aware, the police investigation didn’t go very far, and Maria and her friends were never interviewed, under caution or otherwise.

But what if Hoaxtead Research, rather than simply reporting on what we saw, had decided to pursue vigilante justice, just as the Hoaxtead pushers have done with the parents, children, teachers, clergy, and business owners of Hampstead?

How would Maria feel, we wonder, if we were to look up the people in her life—her children, her parents, her friends, people in her workplace—and write to them to let them know what their mother, daughter, friend, or colleague had been up to? How might Maria feel, knowing that her children couldn’t go to school in safety, or that her ageing parents were receiving a constant barrage of hate-mail about their daughter?

What if we’d decided to publish Maria’s address (which is pretty easy to find, by the way) and urged our followers to send her (just for example) dolls painted in red nail lacquer? Or perhaps pay her a visit in person, to discuss the finer points of child kidnapping with her?

What if we’d decided to publish her phone number or her email address, and suggested people call or email her to tell what they thought of her?

Why this won’t happen

These are all extremely hypothetical questions, and none of these things will ever happen, because as we’ve made clear since we began this blog, we don’t believe in vigilantism.

But if we were as unethical and downright evil as Maria and her fellow Hoaxteaders think, we’d have done all of this, and more. We’d venture to guess that if this had happened, Maria would be a very unhappy bunny by now, and might begin to feel some of the sense of panic and constant anxiety that has been the lot of the accused in Hampstead.

Saying that because they weren’t interviewed or arrested, they have no cause to feel distress is either completely disingenuous or unutterably stupid. Given some of what we’ve seen Maria and her friends say over the past several months, it’s hard to tell which is the case.

And while we’re at it…

As to the other statements Maria makes in her post above, if she thinks we “never speak about concern for the children”, she just hasn’t been paying attention. Since early last May, when this blog was started, we’ve been shouting from the rooftops that RD’s children were abused by their mother and her disgusting toad of a boyfriend.

We’ve ranted endlessly about the damage that the Hoaxtead pushers continue to inflict upon them by violating their right to privacy. And we’ve expressed our horror at the damage done to the other children named by the Hoaxtead pushers, who have shown absolutely no regard for their safety or well-being.

If there’s any malice in this case, we know which side it’s coming from. And it’s also pretty clear who’s running the cover-up: those who promote the Hampstead hoax are desperate to hide the fact that all of their insane allegations amount to nothing more than the feverish delirium of a lot of conspiracy pushers.


20 thoughts on “Hoaxtead pushers fail to grasp the concept

  1. Brilliantly worded post, EC!

    And if it’s any consolation, even Kris (of the ‘DaCosta’s Mum Does Hamsters’ blog or whatever the f*ck it’s called) and Tina (of ‘Eating Liver Matters’) have realised what a psychotic bitch Maria is (despite being psycho bitches themselves, lol) and have fallen out with the creepy skank big-time stylee!

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  2. ‘Boundaries of decency’!!! Doesn’t know the meaning of the words. If she did she’d be trying to get all the videos and photos of the kids taken down.

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  3. Excellent post.
    I, too, would not have let that comment of hers go by unmentioned here. To suggest we never speak about concern for the children is a ridiculous claim. She’s a nasty piece of work and should take a look in the mirror.

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    • Like most of the Hoaxteaders, she has an agenda, and she’s determined to push it. Oh, and need I say, the agenda has nothing whatsoever to do with the welfare of children.


  4. It does demonstrate an amazing blinkered view that these truthers have failed to notice that much of this website repeatedly expresses concerns for the children involved and for the other children whose parents have been falsely accused.

    For them to take the high moral ground after repeatedly publicizing the images of the 2 kids concerned without a scintilla of thought for their safety and future well being is beyond the pale.

    The non policed internet has given these false accusers & defamers freedom to spread falsehoods and they do it in almost gleeful fashion.

    Maria MacMahon should contemplate that the wild west of the internet now means she will be forever described as someone who decided to hatch a plot with co-conspirators to kidnap 2 children, an act if it had happened in the USA would see her hauled in by the FBI and on serious charges. The fact is she only freaked out because she thought a newspaper had taken notice. She could have course show contrition by publicly stating on Facebook that is was foolish talk and a plan that was never going to be put into action. As she has not we have the right to assume her and her co-conspirators have simply gone underground with their illegal plot.

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    • Very true, Sam. I think Maria and her friends should be very glad that we don’t espouse the same approach that they do. They could find their lives suddenly much less comfortable.


  5. I am glad Hoaxtead is around to oppose the cancerous Satan Hunter, because it is one of the few things that stands in defence of the innocent against those money scamming parasites.

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  6. Its interesting that Sabine was on “standby” to go to the Pedro’s rescue – when they were arrested for abduction

    No doubt Belinda learnt how to hide things away from the authorities from a person trained by MI5 – Shayler, her ex lodger.

    Forensic computer science is very good and I doubt that things Sabine has deleted in years past from her computer will go unfound by the police, who seized her computer earlier this year. I have no doubt that her (and Belinda’s) involvement in the various nefarious dealings will not be investigated.

    Personally I think its only a matter of time before before Belinda and MacMahon receive similar early morning visits by the police and eventually the links between them and the truth behind their plotting will come out.

    Its very hard to hide evidence when it was first generated digitally.

    Sabine and Belinda must now be very worried and sleeping with one eye open.

    MacMahon is too stupid to realise her past will come to haunt her

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    • We do know that the reason the police seize computers and phones is that they are able to ‘read’ material (even that which has been deleted) that’s been posted from those devices, and therefore inextricably link that material to what has appeared online.

      As I understand it, the mere fact that something appears online doesn’t prove that the person who owns the account was the author; the link must be drawn between that person’s own electronic device and the online material for the evidence to stand up in court.

      This strikes me as very fair, but it does mean that the Hoaxtead pushers have lost a ridiculous number of computers/phones to police raids. They always seem to have extras on standby, though, which makes me wonder whether they write off ‘computer seizure’ as a cost of doing business.


  7. “Freedom of speech” spake she? – One of the biggest current threats to freedom of speech comes from those who who use that as an excuse to abuse other rights and freedoms.

    “Decency” – As was raised yesterday; people like Malcolm Konrad Ogilvy, Chris Wittwer and a few others seem to enjoy wading in ‘fear porn’. For them such things are a means of enjoying the lurid details of sexual abuse while deflecting attention away from their own perversions. It’s all about serving their own interests and seeking aggrandisement as they bang their heads off the walls of the septic tank that is their world. I can think of not one of them that isn’t in some way a seriously damaged individual and/or a seasoned criminal.

    Christies and Draper’s hoax seems to have been based on elements of the Hollie Greig scam. – The convicted drug (cannabis) abuser Malcolm Konrad Ogilvy tried an almost-identical stunt to lash out at his own former partner and her father; he having himself failed in the role of ‘husband’ and father so very spectacularly. The result was that he then became deemed such a danger to his own offspring’s emotional wellbeing that he was barrerd from contact with the child. – Of course this tale is relatively obscure. It took place on a sink estate in Aberdeen and was generally absorbed only by a few. – Ringmistress McKenzie for one; who must have been plotting her next big scam even as her last ‘mark’ Robert Green was being dragged off to an aberdeen prison.

    Who was up for the next gig? – Perhaps someone a little less hapless than Green. A pukka crook! – Ogillvy himself, an unemployable shambling waster from nowhere? Naaah! To suit Mistress McKenzie’s great scam it had to someone handier for Highgate and a bit more reliable. After all, this could be another big money scam. Enter Abe Christie – another convicted criminal with a long history of violence and substance abuse – he took that element of Ogilvy’s slightly obscure scam and tried (probably with McKenzie’s guidance) to manufacture his own ‘great trick’ from it. His partner in CRIME, Ella Draper , also sought to project her own personal failings as a parent and home-maker onto her ex-partner. – Together they fabricated one of the most sickening – and infantile – pieces of ‘fear porn’ we have seen in the past few years.

    Again, as is typical of this type of person, they seek to attack anyone who is making an honest living and in particular those who might be doing well. We are expected to believe that the humble trades of shoemaking or burger flipping are embroiled in the most bizarre (and physically impossible) service of this ‘cult’. We are expected to believe that the well-heeled and content can only have become so through some mystical influence – as opposed to the more prosaic explanation of making their coin by being in the right place at the right time doing the right things.

    We are expected to think it “decent” to fill young children’s heads full of filth that could only have been generated by the most depraved adult minds. We are expected to think it “decent” that however this pans out, those children will be forever psychologically scarred by what they have been exposed to. And that they will never live it down – because there are a host of idiots who are happy to have them as poster children in validation of their own sick twisted fantasies.

    There are laws designed to protect freedom of speech. There are laws designed to protect people from the fallout of being an victim – or alleged victim – of a sex crime. – Is it “decent” that ALL of the children who have been touched by this are now left more vulnerable and ‘attractive’ to paedophiles? Is it “decent” that at least one innocent has been brought to the point of breakdown because of this nonsense? – Another life ruined! Is it “decent” that things have had to be broached with young innocent children that their parents had planned to leave till they were older?

    Is it decent that part of their childhood has been stolen for your sick entertainment Ms MacMahon; and make no mistake, that’s all you are about… A ghoul. Wallowing in sick, sad, twisted fantasies. – Was Fifty Shades of Grey too prosaic for you?

    And there’s the problem. Freedom of Speech will be lost because of uneducated self-serving morons like Maria MacMahon wallowing in these infantilised tales. My advice to her is to stick to the space aliens, healing crystals and baying at the moon. The Hampstead SRA tale is essentially a form of pornography; nothing more, nothing less. It’s there to titilate the imagination of deviants. – And feed the collection tins of the pornographers. The difference between these people and those who manufacture and sell more ‘conventional’ extreme pornography is merely ‘technical’.

    There is nothing “decent”, ‘free’ or ‘beautiful’ about any of this.

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    • Possibly backing up your post is the fact most police working on abuse cases can become quite distressed over time and they are often shifted to new posts to mute the influence of dealing with so much horror.

      ## my nephew was a fireman and eventually had a breakdown after dealing with one too many horrific car accidents. Police will often say they are never really prepared for some of the horrors they face and it affects them deeply.

      Those who choose to deeply involve themselves in such distasteful subjects as a sort sort of hobby and seem to enjoy it and lap up the attention must surely be suspect just as the old time Queer Bashers were.

      You don’t need to be Freud to conclude there is something highly suspect about these vigilante types.

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      • An associate of mine is an ex-police (Traffic, I think) officer. Although he will be the first to tell you his own service was very short and very trivial and a very long time ago (by his own admission he didn’t carry on because he felt he was simply not up to the job emotionally) the experience has however provided him with an ‘in’ with the Police. – He occasionally produces training films for them for instance. And has ‘his contacts’ so to speak.

        Police policy (in Scotland at least) is to strictly limit the exposure officers have to such cases. And those who do work on such investigations are regularly rotated through various ‘sections (for want of a better word) of the relevant units. Dealing with actual evidence (pornography etc) is done in a highly controlled way. – PTSD is not an uncommon consequence of having to clean up this mess. Put in bland terms, it’s a serious health and safety issue for the Police. – I can’t imagine the English and Welsh forces are any different. Journalist and invstigators – real ones – also operate in a highly controlled and measured way . Most limit themselves to chasing the links between miscreants. There is NEVER a case for accessing illegal material. And I would suggest that 99% of the information gathered is passed directly to the police. Again – many get to a point where they become distressed and even become ill as the result of having to deal with these matters. But most people would rather see a crim banged up and lose the story rather than run something for the glory and risk letting one of these cnuts away with it! – Exactly the opposite of what happens on Conspiritainment Street!

        As my friend puts it…

        “It’s all very-well putting together jolly videos featuring blue-skinned ladies banging on abut how they were abducted by space monkeys; well not really because that’s exploitative enough! But this is beyond the darkness, it’s beyond being just a simple ripoff. This is just pure f***ing evil walking and talking.”

        I also note – and am inclined to accept – his opinion that many of these scams have the secondary purpose of drawing the heat away from real matters of criminality. i.e. Some of those whailing and gnashing their teeth the loudest are quite likely to be distributors of child pornography etc.

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    • Fear porn, yes. And how interesting that Malcolm ConMan Ogilvy tried the same stunt as Abe in an earlier iteration of a Belinda McKenzie Production.


  8. My main concern for the children is that people like Maria will never let them move on from this to lead a normal life. I am concerned about the rumour that someone took photos of them with their father. I am concerned that some nut will try kidnap them, just like Maria discussed. I am concerned that the abuse inflicted on them by Abraham Christie will have long term repercussion. I am concerned that Abraham may have done more than just physically abuse them. I am concerned for the other children from the school who have had their pictures plastered over the internet, and their parents tagged as paedophiles and murderers.

    The ‘accused’ are sitting on the run in a foreign country. The children didn’t just retract, they specifically told the police why they made false allegations, and who the real abuser is. Allegations which are proven by the injuries found all over the children’s bodies, which could not be the father. Is Maria concerned enough to demand that Ella and Abraham return and face the music?
    Is she concerned that the police found child sex abuse images on Abraham’s phone, or does she believe the life long criminal and fraudster when he claims the children stole the phone?

    Maria and her friends cross the “boundaries” when they ignore ‘innocent until proven guilty’ and stamp all over the children’s right to privacy. They cross the boundaries when chasing people down the road accusing them of being satanic paedophiles. When shouting “they fuck their children” at people as they walk by with their children. When they make phone calls and knock on peoples doors, making death threats. Just because there is ‘freedom of speech’, doesn’t mean that anything and everything should be said. If you are being an asshole, you may have the right to say it, but you are still an asshole.

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  9. How great it would be to see all the nasty evil things that people like Maria have said printed in a newspaper for all to see.
    Then she would know what the public think of her actions.

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    • Well, we’re a tiny droplet in the internet sea, but I like to hope that when people search for information about Hoaxtead, they’ll come across our posts in future, and realise what a load of shite it all was, and what disgusting people promoted it.


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