Neelu Watch: Terminally confused

While we’re on the subject of court cases, here’s Neelu’s uniquely colourful take on her tangle with the justice system this past week.

Accompanied by her trusty selfie stick and her friend John Banks, Neelu offers her usual garbled interpretation of events:

Here’s her written version:

Neelu is threatened with prison for non-attendance at a hearing she knows nothing about and for which she has not been served with any papers, in a story written by Paul Wright, Ham & High 24 September 2015. The double standards of the CPS means serious crimes against babies and children by public servants are routinely ignored (In the Blackfriars Crown Court, not Southwark Crown Court as wrongly stated). Ham & High on 24 September 2015 quoted HHJ Blacksell as saying that he would issue a warrant for Neelu’s arrest if she failed to attend on 02 December 2015, but when Judge was shown the article, he did not remember the case or the quote and would look into it.


Her explanation in the video isn’t exactly enlightening, either.

If we’re hearing her correctly, she says she went to drop her bundle off to Justice Peter Clark, but it turned out he was in another courtroom, so she gave the material to the court clerk, “and then I went to make sure I’m not going to get kidnapped for not appearing December 2”, a rather wise precaution given Neelu’s extraordinary history of ‘illegal kidnappings’ by ‘fake police’.

Apparently the naughty court clerk tried to tell Neelu that her listing had been changed to 8 January, but Neelu saw right through this clever ruse: “She tried to get me to contract with her, but I said no, it was meant to be on Friday!…They’ve issued fake papers, there’s no evidence against me….They’re carrying on as if I’m the criminal!”

Heaven forfend. After all, what’s a few charges of witness intimidation among friends?

The clerk then told Neelu to use the proper channels, and tried to fob her off on the police, but Neelu wasn’t having any.

“The police also rape babies, they kill them and eat them,” she declared, noting, “and we can’t have babies being cannibalised by public servants!”

Well, it’s hard to argue with that.

She then muses about the possibility of using Blackfriars Crown Court as the location for her freeman of the land fantasy grand juries, where everyone in authority will be put on trial for treason, and hanged if guilty, which they probably all are. Because they murder and eat babies, see above.

However, Neelu cautioned against wholesale slaughter: “We obviously can’t hang everybody,” she said. “It’s going to be a case of doing the guys at the top first, and then see who is behind them, who’s still backing them”.

Oh, well then. Carry on.



43 thoughts on “Neelu Watch: Terminally confused

    • Didn’t you see that tree in the background at the beginning? They’ve already planted crystals there and they must be working as the court clerk began “shaking like a leaf”at the mention of Satanism.

      Neelu is pretty good a self filming though. You have to hand her that,

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      • She’s had enough practice at it, she’d better be! And I love how “they didn’t deny it”, so they’re obviously guilty. Not “they thought I was crackers”.


  1. I wonder if Neelu and her friends know that crystal burying is a pagan/witchcraft thing to do? I googled it. Very interesting.

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  2. You know, this is the first time I’ve really heard her speak. It’s one thing to read about the case (including on this excellent blog) but to actually hear someone who sounds relatively well educated just come out with ‘the police are eating babies’ just made me laugh out loud. It’s almost beyond belief.

    But to show how important it is that you guys keep up the good work, I was walking around Hampstead today and I had to stop myself thinking about how I’d react if someone went mental in the street. That’s not cool at all. I only went out to buy some cheddar.

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    • Yes, you haven’t lived until you’ve heard Neelu in full throttle. She’s quite something.

      We know people in Hampstead are still worried; that’s one reason we keep working on this thing. Glad you find it useful!


  3. Her last words are:
    “Which way are we going John? I’m going to stop this. That sums it up really. ”
    That was the only part that made sense.

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  4. Ham and high. Well let’s see you bastards are so guilty my posts get deleted well our club is stronger than yours. See you x


  5. LOL there is some really good stuff there, including screenshots from the old meetup group on Ella and Abe hiding out in Belindas house if you search under #whistleblowerkids

    And then there is this little gem:

    Re: UK – Neelu Berry opens my eyes
    Postby PeanutGallery » Fri Apr 10, 2015 6:08 pm

    My word, all credit to the officer for remaining polite, civil and not whacking him over the head. Whoever he is, and I don’t immediately recognise the voice, he’s fallen for all the woo and wibble that’s been bandied about the entire UK Sovrunverse.

    There’s nothing there I haven’t heard before, at least nothing original from the Sov. He’s quite deeply stuck in that rabbit hole. I’ve a feeling that about 10-20 years ago these frothing Freetards would have been the lunatic fringe of the Communist party, given how much hatred they have for banks and financial institutions and generally anything needed to run a capitalist society. Could it be that the collapse of communism left these idiots forlorn rebels without a cause or a clue. I apologise in advance if this is skirting too close to the political embargo on these forums.


    • My experience is that most mentally stable people are inhabit a very broad political centre ground. Then there the others who switch very rapidly from far left to far right or visa versa.

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    • The direction conspiracy theorists lean in terms of politics is always interesting.

      I was watching a video entitled ‘Cathi Morgan interview – ‘MK ULTRA and the UK’. Cathi is interviewed by a man I assume is American – You Tube channel called ‘Gnostic Media’.

      Part way through Cathi reads out a list of nasty things MK Ultra have done (might be true, what do I know) and the last one is “Substances that will alter the personality structure in order to make a person more dependent on other people.”

      Gnostic Media says “Yeah, they’re always promoting the socialist ideology. They’re really pushing it heavily in the United States lately. Canada’s getting hit incredibly hard by this socialist ideology ….they’re basically trying to turn the West into Soviet Russia. And we see the Russians becoming more and more free. (Lots of head nodding from Cathi.) Always an interesting turn of events you know.”

      Cathi says “Absolutely. Absolutely. I can see it here in England too.”

      That’s Cathi kicked out of the lunatic fringe of the Communist Party then.

      Rochdale must be very different from the rest of the UK? I’ve been told it’s strange….

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  6. I wonder what she’d do if someone decided to arrest her and issue a million pound lien?


  7. My favourite Neelu video is the one where she tells 2 plain clothes officers she has arrested them and ia imposing million pound liens that their children will have to pay.

    The officer nods gravely and gets in his car and drives off. I’m sure they had to stop around the corner when they doubled up with uncontrollable laughter.

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