Neelu’s idea of home videos

We note that on 1 November, Neelu posted a short video of herself being arrested…oh, sorry, we mean ‘kidnapped without warrant or evidence or witnesses or what have you’. It puzzled us.

We know she does have a court date coming up on 2 December, but what could this new arrest be about?

On her Facebook page, she wrote:

Neelu Berry in handcuffs after break-in and looting by Hampstead Police without warrant! issues a commercial lien of £5 million and removes fake Police actor Alistair Phillips & PC Jennifer Black from public service FOR THE SECOND TIME! FALSE PROSECUTION by CPS manager at Blackfriars Crown Court, “Krupal” continues without ANY EVIDENCE or WITNESSES despite several judges DJ McPhee, DJ Miller, DDJ Jacobs

It turns out we needn’t have worried.

The video appears to date back to last spring, when she was being arrested…er, kidnapped practically every second day. In this post regarding Neelu’s rejection, denial, repudiation and so forth of an invitation to attend bail, you can see that she’s wearing the same red shirt; and the long-suffering policewoman is in the background. (Do have a look at today’s video, by the way: the policewoman is absolutely priceless.)

So we can only assume that Neelu posted this video on 1 November as a fond remembrance of times past. We can just imagine her family sitting round the laptop of an evening, eating popcorn and watching her extensive collection of arrests:

“Ooh, look, there’s that man impersonating a police officer again! He was lovely, wasn’t he?”

“Yeah, I think he had a bit of a crush on Mum….”

“Oh, look, she’s blushing!”

Well, everyone’s got to have a hobby, we suppose.


16 thoughts on “Neelu’s idea of home videos

  1. Everyone has personal vendettas against poor Neelu because she removes them from Public Office and they just carry on regardless. I’m with Neelu on this as I actually got a parking ticket the other day just as I arrived back to the car and I never thought to remove the parking cop from public office. I will in the future though.

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  2. I wonder what Neelu’s son thinks of his Mum’s carry ons? It must be very embarrassing for him, what with kids getting embarrassed for far less.

    Neelu seems to have a 100% no success record with these commercial liens.

    Don’t know how long she has been doing all this nonsense, but there seems to be no stopping her.

    She’s a bit like Belinda and Sabine, no success in their schemes in actually helping people.

    Their latest stunt is to include a video of a woman in their latest petition who does not endorse them.

    She has asked them to take down her video, whether they have or not i’m not sure at the moment as i haven’t checked.

    They really do have some front. Grrr…

    Their arrogance knows no bounds.

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  3. What Neelu fails to realise is that rules and laws have no power unless there is ability to enforce them, and I have yet to see an army under the command of Neelu Berry strong enough to defeat the various agents and institutions of the UK to enforce her rulings.

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  4. There is a one way mission to Mars I hear, surely Neelu would want to volunteer for that, she would be closer to Lord Ashtar

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