BREAKING: Charlotte didn’t jump, she was pushed!

During last week’s wailing and moaning and gnashing of teeth over the extremely timely demise of Charlotte Ward Alton’s filthy toilet of a blog, we wondered who had made the decision to pull the thing off the internet.

Here’s how the place looks today:

Screen Shot 2015-11-03

Until today, Charlotte kept insisting that the blog would remain up ‘as a resource’. So much for that plan. It looks very much as if she’s received an order (from her blog host? from the police?) to cease and desist forthwith.

We believe we have our answer.


10 thoughts on “BREAKING: Charlotte didn’t jump, she was pushed!

  1. Probably got a visit from the Surinamese visa dept staff telling her her visa would not be renewed if she kept harassing people. British consulate probably asked them to intervene, and what a good strategy that was, if so. Charlotte can’t come back home….and loves the wailing monkeys…and the free weed, so she probably decided to play nice. She has no alternative, I bet. But who keeps coming to check on this page to make it the most viewed today, is what I want to know…


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