BREAKING: Neelu facing serious charges

At last, an explanation for Neelu Berry’s recent radio silence: we’ve heard from reliable sources that her visit to Holborn police station on Tuesday resulted in charges further to those she already faces.

This time, though, she’s been charged with witness intimidation and perverting the course of justice, a very serious charge that carries a penalty up to life imprisonment.

Perverting the course of justice is a charge that’s intended to uphold the rule of law, by ensuring that people don’t interfere with legal cases by (just for example) posting the names and details of witnesses online. While the life tariff is rarely used except in extreme cases, people charged with perverting the course frequently face prison time if they’re found guilty, even for first offences.

While we have no further details at present, we’ll update this story as it unfolds.Neelu Berry

p.s. Meanwhile, back on Facebook….Neelu-FB post-2015-09-03


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  1. Talking about mentally ill:

    Any guesses on who Nemesis Green in the comments is? At first I thought Neelu might have been ranting after release but the wording sounds more like spoonman.

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      • I’m convinced that the person posting with Ella’s account is Abraham also. He’s too narcissistic not to be posting all over this with his deluded drivel, yet too much of a coward to post using his own name/profile. He’s basically hidng behind his girlfriends skirts, boc boc boc boc.

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        • I think this comment from “Nemesis Green” can only be Abraham Christie.

          I cannot think who else would be talking about the children’s drawings like that. Ella maybe.

          A very sick man is Abraham Christie.

          “Dickhead Queerman , The drawing [A] did of your idiotic headress with willies sticking out on the top IS hilarious . PLease deny, as it will be sooo hilarious when it’s released.
          When the sodomite nonces and trolls are unable to respond , they remove the “offending comments”. Aaaaah didums.”

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          • They are both Abraham.

            Coment from Ella:

            Ella Draper 15 hours ago
            How long before someone is compelled to expose the TATTOO on one of these Hampstead beasts ?
            Once the critical mass is reached these indelible marks will seal their fate.
            This is one reason for the attempted obfuscation regarding the TATTOOS.
            Show Abraham your TATTOO Tricky. Don’t be shy. You showed the children.

            Comments from Nemesis Green:

            Nemesis Green 2 hours ago
            Show us your TATTOO and we’ll promise to stop taking the piss out of you and your bumchums . Not really.

            Nemesis Green 2 hours ago
            Your secret bumchums Will Draper & Social Worker Richie Densy. Where’s you silly hat with the willy’s stuck on top ? Picture doing the rounds drawn by Alisa is a laugh. Oh you’re NOT laughing . Show us your TATTOO Dickhead Queerman . That’s where DICKHEAD came from . The drawing YOUR daughter did of YOUR idiotic Headress. PLEASE deny, as it will be sooo much funnier when it’s released.

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          • You’d think Ella would know whether or not the man she had two children with was tattooed. And claiming he got tattooed later after their breakup doesn’t make much sense in the context of claims he’s a lifelong cult member with cult parents.

            They can’t lie consistently for toffee.

            They are now posting stuff about tattoo removal, as if to preempt the lack of tattoos by blaming tattoo removal procedures.

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          • Only Abe could find something “hilarious” in evidence that’s purported to be about the most horrendous sexual abuse. He can’t seem to help giving himself away, can he?


          • LOL! Abraham always gives himself away! It’s definitely him who is “Nemesis Green”..

            We’ve arrived at the end of a 26,000 yera Sun spot cycle. 13,000 years of Babylonian Sodomite Death Cult is over.
            Show us your TATTOO Dickhead Queerman.”

            I’ve always laughed at him mentioning Babylonian Sodomite Death Cults in every interview he and Ella have given from exile…

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      • I notice he’s going on about “Pubenda” again. I wonder if someone should let him know it’s actually Pudendum with the plural being pudenda.

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          • He’s a completely mentalist freaking loon. He actually thinks those pictures help his case. Why they weren’t handed to the police if they were “evidence” I don’t know.

            “Nemesis Green 16 minutes ago
            Please confirm or deny . Do you Dickhead Queerman admit to wearing a ridiculous headress with penis shaped appendages protruding from the top during child sodomy and sacrifice ceremonies at Christ Church school Hampstead ? Lie, cry or deny, we shall release the drawing that YOUR daughter drew of you , [L] ( spotty Dick) [H] and Head Teacher , [K] (portwine stained pubenda) [F] all naked apart from these strange headresses and some wierd plastic wilies. Pkease deny ,as it will be so much more fun when we release the drawing . Show us your TATTOO Dickhead. What else do you expect to be named once that drawing is released ?”

            I’ve edited the names out.

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  2. I think there’s room for people like her in society. There’s plenty like her to be honest. She can have her excesses curbed by the criminal justice system.

    I’ve found out about her niece and in no way was her niece “murdered”. It is the case that in modern society people don’t have much experience of death and dying, and even less experience of what an autopsy or storage of human remains actually entails. The little kindness of putting cotton wool in the eye sockets post autopsy to fill out the features is misunderstood by Neelu. A swollen belly would be caused by the internal organs being bagged up and put back in the body cavity prior to the incisions being sewn up. The organs won’t go back the same. I feel sorry for her. If she really believes there was foul play in her niece’s death she must be tormented and made unhappy by that belief.

    The same goes for the whole papa kills babies gang. They’re so detached from reality that they think baby skulls can be just put in a drawer like that. They’d need to be boiled for many hours, up to a day, and dried first. Other defleshing techniques take longer. And even bones prepared as specimens have a certain distinctive smell. The same goes for human remains. Rotting flesh smells. Long dead flesh smells like a pet food shop in my experience. Personal observation here folks about the smell of dead people. All this is supposed to be happening in a church, school and McDonalds FGS.

    And yes, something I know about first hand having worked in a lab many years ago and also having interesting friends such as undertakers.

    It is actually true that undertakers will not charge for their services if the deceased is a child. The family would have to pay for a coffin and extras as usual, but if they’re that skint there are long established charities that can help. Amazing what you can learn if you don’t hang out with a bunch of morons.

    I am honestly getting fed up with this. I think people who are propagating this false cult story are getting a thrill out of it, not necessarily sexual, but that possibility has crossed my mind.

    What reason could there be for taking the side of a convicted child abuser over his victims? I’m at a loss to understand it. Many of these people claim to be advocates for victims. I think they just say that and it isn’t true.

    How can so few people cause so much havoc?

    I don’t think I have any responses to the questions I asked.

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    • I also saw Neelu saying in an interview on YT that there was (in her mind) a “smell of semen” in the mouth of her deceased niece, thus (in her mind) proving she had been sexually abused. I think the death of her niece definitely affected her mental state, unless anybody knows of anything prior to that.

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      • Neelu didn’t mention that in any of her complaints about her neice’s death that she has submitted over the space of almost a decade. It seems to be a later embellishment.

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    • You’ve asked some really good questions, though.

      Those who propogate this do seem to get some kind of charge out of doing so, and yet seem strangely detached from the reality of what they’re asserting. If you watched the videos outside the church in March/April, the group that gathered didn’t look sombre, or terrified, or enraged, or any of the things one might expect from a group that had gathered to stop children being sexually tormented and killed. They looked as though they were excited to be going on a group outing, and greeted one another with smiles and laughter.

      As for there being room for people like Neelu, I’d say “yes, but….” Unfortunately, while she’s been legally sanctioned by the criminal justice system, it hasn’t seemed to curb her much; she’s quiet for a while, and then seems to start up again, with little to no understanding of the consequences of her actions. I think the ideal outcome for her now might be a stint in hospital, proper medication, and ongoing supportive psychiatric treatment. Whether that’ll happen is anyone’s guess.


      • I doubt a psychiatrist would fare any better than this detective inspector in 2008.

        I do feel sorry for her, perhaps because I think she’s “mad” rather than “bad”.

        I wouldn’t wish medication on her either, some of the treatments are life limiting or have very unpleasant side effects.

        That’s just me, a bit of a softy sometimes.

        I think she’ll be like this the rest of her life. She’s likely to be listed as a vexatious litigant in the future if she carries on. She’s also lost her job, her profession. She could even end up in prison in the future. I also think people could be taking advantage of her problems by feeding the her the commercial lien/UCC/freeman on the land stuff.

        The professionals she’s made accusations against in the past at least have their employer’s legal department to back them up, and professional bodies to examine her allegations.

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        • I agree that she’s been taken advantage of by her so-called “friends”–they’ve encouraged her to accuse innocent people, and I’m not seeing a single one of them coming forward to help her now, other than to urge others to “support” her in front of the court house (which of course will only result in further problems for her).


  3. @YdychyncachuTracey – I think I can help, not with answers but with clues to an answer. I have observed and documented, over & over through several decades, the bizarre phenomenon of persons who claim to be advocates for CSA victims publicly defending CONVICTED child sex abusers! I’ve shared some of this info, here.

    This seems most likely to happen when both parties are involved in false “whistleblower” conceit. In other words, they both falsely claim to be anti-government, anti- spy agency or anti- police agency whistleblowers. Their “solidarity” takes priority over anything else they claim to believe in, so they will excuse their fellow whistleblower’s documented child abuse as “a government frame-up”. I think this has to do with dissipating any doubts that people might have about their own validity.

    Something similar can be observed with false alien abduction claimants defending other such claimants, even when they are clearly lunatics, documented con-artists or criminals.

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    • I find it ironic that the same lot are advocates for Julian Assange but never mention that he is possibly the most famous man in the world today as a victim of alleged false accusations of rape.

      I blame unemployment and the welfare system : I’m a great supporter of the Welfare State but it’s given a certain section – these nutters- the opportunity to pursue their agendas. It’s like a club they can belong that combines drama and camaraderie. And it doesn’t need intelligence just a vivid imagination.

      No-one with a decent job these days is going to get involved in this insanity for obvious reasons.

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      • In general I agree: I think people who consider themselves disenfranchised in one way or another are more susceptible to this sort of thing.

        Still, to be honest, I’ve found troofers in some very odd places–including a couple in a very respectable company where I used to work!


  4. What normal person would want to be associated with a paedophile in any way at all, especially if they are supposed to be childrens champions.

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  5. The Hoaxsteaders have been demanding that the police do their job properly; it looks like they are, now. I wonder if she will try to arrest the judge at her trial?

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  6. Regarding the possible psychiatric assessment of Neely, I wonder what diagnosis Abraham would be given if he underwent a full psychiatric assessment, preferably as an inpatient, under section, so he could be properly observed over time. Of course both Abe and Ella would avoid a psychiatric assessment like the plague, lest it expose the sickness of their minds and the reality of the situation.

    I suggest the police prepare appropriate agencies for the possible re-appearance of Ella and Abe on UK soil so that, in the event, given the risk they pose to others, they do not get another chance to wreak havoc on other innocent people.

    Perhaps Abe already has a diagnosis, but keeps it under wraps. We already know he is a criminal I have no doubt he meets the criteria for both personality disorder and psychosis. He is a predator and takes advantage of others using charm, deceit, and violence – the classic tendencies associated with psychopaths.

    It would be negligent, given Abraham’s history, and what has happened in this case, for authorities not to not take steps to safeguard vulnerable children from him in the future.

    If Abraham were assessed and his mental condition verified, it might convince others that he is (not just bad) but very mad.

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    • I vote for “personality disorder” for Abraham; of course, this doesn’t rule out delusional disorder.

      As for the police, our understanding is that there’s an outstanding warrant for Abe’s and Ella’s arrests.


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