Charlotte Ward re-publishes her banned blog

Oh, that Charlotte…she’s just unable to stop incriminating herself, it seems.

Today she announced that she’s re-uploaded all the defamatory, harassing, ugly, and downright illegal material from the original Hampstead Research blog—yes, the one that WordPress banned.

Not content with already having committing multiple crimes under the 1997 Protection from Harassment Act, as well as violating the injunction against publishing slanderous material against Ricky Dearman, not to mention the injunction against publishing photos or other online representations of P and Q…she’s decided to do it all over again!

By the way, lest any would-be legal eagle should think of pointing out that the aforementioned injunctions apply only to Ella, Sabine, or Belinda, they might wish to read the fine print: Injunction-warning

Okay, maybe it’s not “fine print”.

In any case, we’re certain that various law agencies will be fascinated to hear of Charlotte’s latest attempt to ruin the lives of hundreds of innocent people.

And now if you’ll excuse me, I need to go make a phone call. Handcuffed_hands_(line_drawing)


37 thoughts on “Charlotte Ward re-publishes her banned blog

      • The individual running the Hampstead Cover Up blog seems on the verge of burn out, with this latest rant:

        “…n the messages to my Fb Group below, you can see I become more and more FRUSTRATED as the REAL EYES-a-tion dawned that NOBODY is DOING ANYTHING !!! They are, and YOU ARE … ALL here just reading my posts !!! NOT GOOD ENOUGH !!

        Do YOU have any idea how ANNOYING this is ????…”

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  1. Comment from over there from the paranoid “David Jones”..

    “Keep up the good work at Hampstead Research there are many more working in the shadows on this case and are getting in amongst them up close and personal in the Hampstead area. The locksmith that was named has some strange wings on his invoices. I noted on the article California Cover-up that the Hoax tactic was used as it was in the Holly Gregg case and also the Hampstead case. Amongst those on YouTube doing the same there are two imbecile’s going by the names Pookster78 and Sam Spade who may be Police officer’s who were connected to this case.”


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        • But I’m sure, although I can’t find it now (or have the energy to) that one of these nutter’s blogs said Ella sent her 2 kinds to Tavistock for psychiatric help.
          A quick glance and I see she has swept up just about every person & institution in Hampstead into the cult.
          Way to go ! Increase your the base of enemies by including everyone.
          And this increased use of “alleged” at different times yet endless claims that it’s all been proved. Do they think if they shove in alleged every now & then it absolves them?
          I also note on another weirdo’s website they are urging people to write to everyone they can with claims of the Satanic cult but always put “without prejudice” at the top of the letters. Such ignorance- this term does not absolve you of legal responsibility fro what you write although many think it does.

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          • Charlotte’s motto: If a hoax is worth doing, it’s worth doing up BIG.

            As for “without prejudice” and “alleged” getting them off the hook…well, maybe it works in Freeman La-La Land. Not out here, though.


    • There is of course the possibility of sock accounts, but people get blocked left right and centre for just disagreeing. There are quite a few dissenting people with active long standing accounts. That’s obvious. And I check just like the hoaxteaders. Their main supporters are variously flat earthers, very strange evangelical Christians, far rightwingers and conspiracy believers who believe every conspiracy video on YT even when they contradict each other. They’re getting some political Islam following I’ve noticed too. And then there’s the “Moorish” separatists and sovereign citizens and FMOTL people. There’s not a person with mainstream beliefs there very often. That says something even if it is just where the videos come up as suggestions on people’s searches.


  2. Deborah Mahmoudieh has done another of her screaming videos. I could listen to only seconds. I did hear her mention that UN report again because I scrolled forward to see if she got any better (no is the answer(, which actually doesn’t mean what she thinks it does. The UN is happy with the way the UK legislates in regard to the offences P & Q initially alleged.

    “29 (a) Ensure that, in the rebuttable presumption of the Sexual Offences Act 2003, it includes a provision that for child victims, the burden of proof would be reversed”

    But the UN is referring to legislation about defendants saying they had a reasonable belief that a person was not a child. Not something that’ll come in to play here because the children are both under 13.

    I don’t know why it bugs me when people spread misleading stuff, but it does. The problem is people repeat things without knowing or understanding what they are repeating. I know things get spread about and take on a life of their own to be used as facts for nefarious purposes.

    I could give an example. I’ve frequently read that the term “Brit” was used only in a derogatory manner by Irish republicans until a certain date, when in fact it was also used tabloid style to describe people in the entertainment industry, but became more common over time. Not surprising that the word Brit would exist when the contraction Brit. was everywhere. Another, the rooms to let sign “No Blacks, No Irish, No dogs” not actually existing apart from one picture. I actually found a survey spoken about in historical Hansard that found thousands of variations in one part of London, including one that included “No Welsh”.

    This case will be used forever I think. I don’t know what can be done?

    The Bailii reported determination needs to be higher up on search engine results. First page.

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    • You’re not alone in being angered when people spread lies and half-truths. In fact, I daresay it’s a primary motivation driving a lot of us who are opposed to this hoax.


      • It’s one of my biggest dislikes too! It’s so difficult to control the spread of complete and utter tosh, as the gullible troofers are always happy to spread the BS.


      • I think a lot of people would think that the various conspiracy theories are just harmless nonsense and that in the name of “free speech” we should let the people who promote them get on with it whilst the sane world ignores them. However, Hampstead shows exactly what happens when such ridiculous ideas intersect with the lives of real people. Very few people actually believe the hoax, but those that do are a world wide army of nutters, usually with too much time on their hands.

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        • I think this is an important distinction to keep in mind. The flat-earthers are more or less harmless, but those that join the Hoaxteaders in harassing and terrifying the people of Hampstead…they need to be stopped.


    • I’m ploughing through the most comprehensive history of the Russian Revolution & Josef Stalin’s rule that took years to write after the author was given full access to archives in Russia. It’s the same thing : then endless claims that the revolution was a Jewish Rothschild plot when in fact it was the most ramshackle era with players from every ethnic group in Russia & from nearby countries, with extraordinary infighting and each group with differing ideals with the end result that Stalin ended up in charge almost by chance and with a lot of luck on his side.
      But as always, because some players were Jewish it was a Jewish plot. Not a Georgian plot because Georgian Stalin eventually succeeded.

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    • @YdychyncachuTracey – well, all the naming & shaming you’ve been doing here, these postings and the videos, these are all good and proper efforts.

      Here are some other lessons learned, over decades of past experience:
      1) Confront lies and liars wherever you encounter them. Online, it helps to have as big a posse as possible responding to outbreaks of BS.
      2) Identify the ego-stroke rewards of primary disseminators and target those for derision. Many Truther idiots revere “whistleblowers” and fancy themselves to be one. However, a whistleblower is an insider who belongs to or belonged to the entity whose beans they are spilling, and NONE of these idiots are that. They are merely rumor-mongers and should be confronted with that fact.
      3) Social shunning can be very effective – not just online but offline as well. When people around start talking about Illuminati or other irrational topics, cut them off with a curt declaration that you don’t want to hear that BS and you won’t tolerate their company if they insist on spewing it.
      4) Teach young children that rumor-mongering hurts people. Inoculate the up-coming potential crop of rumor-mongers by teaching them NOW how wrong & hurtful it is. Your own kids, younger siblings, neices, nephews, grandkids, etc.

      Not wishing to downplay the harm that the people of Hampstead have and probably will experience from this, but you’ve inadvertently been handed an opportunity to build a community of bullshit-busters that could benefit your entire nation. Network with other Hampsteaders, recruit as many as you can for participation in the above points. Together you can make a real difference.

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    • amazing how she builds up into a crescendo but this time I was prepared & made sure the cat was out of the room. She’s the one always complaining that the police harass dope smokers in pubs rather than arrest baby eaters so I think we know where her ‘passion’ comes from.

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      • Are you sure you aren’t exaggerating just a little? I inadvertently did 😦 Sorry. I had the link bookmarked.

        HC Deb 27 February 1962 vol 654 cc1189-281

        “Of course, there is prejudice. Always we have to meet prejudice, but I think it is the first time for many years that a British Government have tried to incorporate prejudice into a Bill. In my own constituency, of course, there is this difficulty. One finds discriminatory advertisements for lodgings. Out of 550 over a period of three months 104, or 18.9 per cent., said: “No coloureds” or “No West Indians”. In one case it said, “No coloureds. No Welsh.” I do not quite know the relevance of the Principality.”

        And later:

        “I rather thought that a summary of his speech could be in the words of the advertisement quoted by my hon. Friend the Member for Willesden, West (Mr. Pavitt), “No coloureds, no Welsh need apply,” but I should alter it to, “No Irish need apply.” The fact is that we are singularly free from race prejudice, at a distance. So long as people of different races and colours from ours are safely removed from our doorsteps, our streets and, perhaps, our factories, we can be tolerant towards them, but as soon as they come into areas where we are vitally affected in our daily life we find it a great deal more difficult.”

        I can’t find the examples of the use of Brit ATM. My bookmarks need sorting in to some sort of logical order.

        I purposely don’t have a big online presence. And certainly nothing in my name as far as I can help it.

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  3. Forgot two things:
    1) The real story is THEM and the corrupting effect of their irresponsible rumor-mongering on your society. It’s not about what Ella’s kids did or did not say, nor is it really about SRA – although it is important to continue educating others on that topic. Aaronovitch’s piece on SRA was good, but try to recruit more media people to do pieces on how “the Truth movement” is a load of crap, or how they’ve attempted to co-opt the cause of CSA for their own personal gain, or about loony/pathetic self-professed but false “whistleblowers” in general.
    2) Satire kills BS dead. I’ll never forget how successful the American comedian campaign against Anita Bryant was, in stopping her fear-mongering about homosexuals. Have you seen this video by Al Yankovich? Have you shared it with all your friends & relatives? Why not?

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  4. Did Intercourse the Penguin say she’s on the Child Protection Register? They don’t put you on the CPR when you have images of children. They might put you on the Sex Offenders Register.

    Actually I have some sympathy for her if this kind of thing is being said and it’s not true because basically I don’t like lies being spread about people, which is why I’m here!

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  5. It took me a while to figure out what’s going in the world of ‘child protection’. Here’s what happens.

    Social workers get it wrong in the cases of all the people who complain on the internet and stand outside the Royal Courts of Justice.

    While they’re busy removing (kidnapping) children from totally innocent people they’re not removing the children of the really guilty people who’ve been identified on the internet by random posters.


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