Curses, foiled again: Hoaxtead troll can’t win

In our department of “Too Bad, So Sad”, we find the following missive from dedicated Hoaxtead/Hollie Greig troll Scott Pattinson, AKA “Superearther”, AKA “MULEY MULESTER WITH THE BROKEN CAPS LOCK KEY”.
Apparently the good folks at the Child Exploitation and Online Protection Centre told him to run off home and take his marbles with him, but Scott failed to take the hint.
Scott has never been numbered amongst the intellectual giants of our time, but the poor recipient of this latest magnum opus deserves danger pay for having to decipher this magnum opus:
Dear sir/madam,
this is a follow up letter from the one which i was sent in your most recent email.
There are a number of facts that i wish to be considered due to their inacuracy.
These comments are as follows
-The claim that i used TOR
-My accusations not being met with a factual nature
-Claiming there are other investigations pending with no proof
-Claims of a investigation against mr dearman
-the afforementioned children in this case are infact in care of the state
-Accusations of sharing or possesing indecent images of children
-Accusations of illegally obtaining these images
-Accusations of trying to entrap people
These comments have to be retracted as i am not guilty of any of the above. I here by remove your right to slander my character in this fashion. If you had taken time and looked at my factual evidence then you could CLEARY see my screenshots are via tablet using the software (which i did buy from google play) called IP info Detective PRO. In making unfounded accusations in the way i used this software you also bring into disprepute Google and also the company which has made this software. This must stop now.
The screenshots that i have provided are software based and 100% factual. Stating anything else as i have previously stated puts the companies involved in disrepute. It has been stated in the high court in london that the case against mr dearman was never taken seriously or investigated by barnet police or the met. He was additionally portrayed as a victim of one big hoax. So no investigation has ever taken place until i obtained this evidence.
The two children at the heart of this case have been taken into care and thus the government has complete control of the situation. Are you thus implying they are not
capable of undertaking the safety of these children? The software i have used does not in any way take pictures as you have claimed. A simple fact finding mission before making these wild and untrue accusations would of stated that. Furthermore i find your unsigned threats outrageous and completely uncomfirmed. Having no signature on these threats shows me that your claims have absolutely no merit behind them. If this letter i was sent
was produced in a court of law it would be thrown out.
Your actions as law enforcement officers completely ashame myself and put your very actions into disrepute. How can a supposed law enforcement agency behave in a slanderous
manner towards myself as i am a vulnerable adult, with autism and also with physical disabilities. In my opinion you should be ashamed of your actions. As for reporting to my nearest police station (which is 8 miles away) I point black refuse to do so due to the pain
i go through whilst being mobile, as i suffer from arthritis. In saying this CS Sam salmond
apologized on my behalf when in a previous call to the met in london i was told to travel to my nearest station only to be met by two unhappy officers who stated “we have no jurisdiction to help you” Realistically i could of been charged with wasting police time and now find myself in this situation having to explain myself again. You have not taken my wellbeing into consideration.
I hereby give you 14 days to reply and for the second time of asking i still need a signed copy
of the letter i was sent
Scott Pattinson
He might be thick as two short planks, but he’s definitely a persistent little so-and-so, isn’t he? Muley Mulester

12 thoughts on “Curses, foiled again: Hoaxtead troll can’t win

  1. Well it was obvious that software that shows the IP address of a visitor to a website isn’t proof they are hosting or possess illegal images, particularly when you know it isn’t even the user’s network or actual personal IP address. My understanding of technology is very limited. It seems that is what was claimed.

    I did wonder what would happen if the hoaxteaders put their own IP address in.

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    • I wonder, too, whether Derpy Mulester was the alleged “tech expert” who helped Charlotte become a connoisseur of commercial child sex abuse images, back when she was claiming that Ricky, Scarlet, and anyone else she didn’t like was doing it?

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  2. He is just another wannabee detective with very limited knowledge.

    A bandwagon jumper…and a follower of belinda….so say no more…We all by now know her followers lack intelligence. .logic and common sense.

    But….He is perfect to take the place of Neelu.

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  3. Charlotte has uploaded a link to her previous blog with all its libelous contents.

    She is currently trying to smear as many people, with only the most tenuous connections to Hampstead, as possible by naming them on her site – including John Betjeman, who at least is safely dead.

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  4. What a plonker. He is quite happy to accuse folk of doing all sorts but no one is allowed to stand up to him as he is a ‘vunerable adult’. Tough titties Scott, you get what you give in this life

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