Charlotte’s crack team of investigators are on the case









What we learnt from the “geniuses” above (spot the sarcasm):

  1. Gut feeling and intuition are proof of guilt. (Yep – that old chestnut again. Yawn.)
  2. It is cheap and easy to sue someone for libel (libel suits don’t really cost around £80,000 a pop), plus you can sue someone who’s hiding out abroad and working anonymously.
  3. Burden of proof in libel cases lies with the plaintiff and not the defendant, apparently. (Yep – another old chestnut.)
  4. No one celebrated the demise of Hampstead Research.  And Kris should know, as he’s been sitting on Mars with his head in a bucket for the last few days. Not that he’s afraid of the truth or anything – that’s just his way of keeping his finger on the pulse of current affairs 🙂
  5. Hampstead Research was shut down as part of a massive cover-up, apparently, and not because of the eye-watering amount of illegal posts and comments on there (including death threats, breaches of data protection, slander, child porn, breaches of court injunctions, harassment, affray, malicious communications and contempt of court). And WordPress doesn’t have rules that users sign up to when they open their accounts. I’m really learning stuff here!
  6. Driffloud and Sickened are epic knobheads. And they are really really pissed off that they haven’t managed to get our blog shut down. (No, those two points aren’t sarcasm, LOL.)



11 thoughts on “Charlotte’s crack team of investigators are on the case

  1. What sort of an idiot would spend their life savings trying to sue someone who doesn’t have any money? Doooh!
    I feel intuitively and my spidey senses tell me we’re not dealing with the sanest cards in the pack here! Take my word for it. I’m psychic.

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  2. When I’m feeling charitable, I can allow myself a small twinge of pity for those deluded souls. It must be terribly frightening and disorienting to live in a world like theirs. Then I remember that those of them who aren’t actually diagnosable are malicious, vindictive little people with a grudge against the world.

    As Hunter S. Thompson said, “When the going gets weird, the weird turn pro”.


    • You don’t have to feel sorry for them ORW. Their chronic lack of self-awareness and inability to turn the mirror on themselves means that they’ll never know just how pitiful they are. Ignorance is bliss.


    • Well said, Lorraine! A simple statement expressing a profound truth.
      “They all want it to be true…”, a fact that deserves serious and sustained contemplation. I hope people won’t just say “that sounds about right”, and then forget about this.

      I could bore you with 10,000 word essays on the implications and ramifications of this reality: “they all want it to be true”, and full-scale academic studies could be, (and probably should be), devoted to it. Today, however, I’ll simply suggest some lines of thought for those of a contemplative temperament;

      If a person claims to care about the wellbeing of children above all else, perhaps even calling themselves an advocate for abused children or a campaigner against child abuse, and that person clearly WANTS sacrificial baby-skin boot factories in the UK to be a reality rather than a fantasy, wouldn’t that make them a hypocrite? Shouldn’t persons who genuinely care about abused children, vulnerable children, trafficked children and murdered children REJOICE when analysis of some claim about fiendishly cruel, torturous, or muderous mistreatment of children reveals the claim to be false? Rather than denouncing anyone & everyone involved in the analysis as secret cover-up propagandists and probable co-abusers of the children allegedly victimized in that claim?

      When the torso of a young African boy was discovered in the Thames many years ago, the hypocritical cheering of SRA claimants and their advocates – who presumed that this child must be a victim of a satanic abuse cult sacrifice – was very thinly disguised. You could read their desire for “more, more, more dismembered children!” very clearly in their excited anticipation of vindication for their urban legends and conspiracy theories.


  3. In the final comment “KrisC” has the nerve to call Dearman delusional… pot, kettle, black springs to mind when it comes to these people 🙂


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