Drifloud’s on another spam rampage

Yep, everyone’s least favourite serial spammer is at it again.

Since he’s no longer welcome over on Hamster Research (apparently his love affair with Charlotte fizzled and died), and no one seems to pay much attention to his epic emailed rants any longer, he’s taken to picking likely victims on Twitter, and barraging them with his garbage.

This week’s lucky winner was none other than Jeremy Corbyn. Whatever you think of the man, surely his social media manager didn’t deserve to find this when they opened his Twitter account: Drifloud-Twitter-7 SeptOh, did I mention that his rants are chock-full of names and personal details of those he deems “cult” members, in violation of the Protection from Harassment Act, not to mention the injunctions prohibiting spreading the names of Ella’s children online? Yeah.

If you’re looking for something to do after work today, you could always report this nutter’s more egregious tweets to Twitter. They claim to have a stronger anti-harassment policy in place now, so why not give it a whirl?

Jeremy Corbyn’s social media person will thank you.

Because you can never have too much protection.

Because you can never have too much protection.


12 thoughts on “Drifloud’s on another spam rampage

  1. Twitter is often called a Tool of The Devil !. Poor thing only has 16 followers and most of them look demented. One of our favourites is a follower :
    Bronwyn Llewellyn
    Journalist. Blogger. Cynic. Musician. Activist. Winning the bar tab on Biddy Mulligan’s quiz nights rocks.
    Biddy Mulligans? Is this the pub where the Coppers keep arresting innocent dope smokers when they should be out pursuing pedos?

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    Note to Drippyflood: That’s because J Corbyn is aware like the majority of people now are..that it was a giant HOAX!

    Maybe Drifloud is Christine Sands? She would always scream HAMPSTEAD CHRIST CHURCH DAHT CAHM!!

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    • Inyriguing theory, JB. And I just *lurve* the Chicaaaahhhgo touch you added there. I’ve heard the woman ‘put on’ a dizzying array of American accents, but ‘trashy Chicaaahgoland’ somehow suits her best. I can *so* easily picture her screeching drunkenly in the crowd of a ‘White SAX’ game, drowning out every other voice within a five-mile radius (no small feat in Chi-town, global epicenter of obNAXious loudmouthery…)

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