Hot off the press: ‘Another Satanic child abuse campaigner flees the country’


Another Satanic child abuse campaigner flees the country

The head of a company that was being investigated for posing as a charity helping abuse victims, has fled her home in Highgate.

Belinda McKenzie, 69, was a prominent figure in a case that saw two children make now-discredited allegations that a satanic paedophile ring was operating in Hampstead.

The claims, found to be a “fantasy” by a High Court judge in March, had seen the names and addresses of dozens of Hampstead residents leaked online, prompting death threats and abuse from those believing the claims.

Ms. McKenzie (pictured) refused to accept the High Court findings and has since publicly campaigned to spread the allegations.

In a video posted online on Monday, Ms. McKenzie describes how she was leaving the country, “possibly for good”.

She said she had been made a “scapegoat” for those Hampstead residents affected.

She added: “Whether or not this campaign has done any good in the long term whatsoever, I would rather fear it hasn’t. I have to weigh in there the 70 or 80 very upset people in Hampstead who have been battering at police to have me arrested. I deeply regret that.”

The Ham & High reported last month how Ms. McKenzie, who lives in Priory Gardens, was also being investigated by the Charity Commission for claims her company had posed as a charity.

It comes less than a week after her co-campaigner Sabine McNeill had returned to her Swiss Cottage home after fleeing the UK while being wanted by the police.

Paul Wright, Ham & High

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14 thoughts on “Hot off the press: ‘Another Satanic child abuse campaigner flees the country’

  1. How great is it to see this in print? If neighbours and friends of her were unaware of what Belinda is really like then they will surely be aware now. Champagne for everyone 🙂

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  2. I doubt she’ll be much lamented, except by the scroungers who’ve been able to use her notorious bunker as a safe haven from the law.

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  3. Teflon McKenzie escapes again! Or does she? I wonder if this time she will run out of luck, or money.


  4. Well she finally hit the headlines…….BUT not necessarily as she would have wished
    LOL LOL!!!!!!!!

    The poor Knight in Shining Armour is a bit tarnished now….HOORAY. About time that woman was exposed for the lying, scamming old woman she is.

    Wonder how many cups of tea will be spat out over the eggs and bacon in the morning when they open the newspaper and see their friendly kind nice neighbour making the headlines for opting exile instead of facing the music.

    hehehehe (snigger)

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  5. I heard somewhere 🙂 that if the loons on face yoga mothers side have said something negative, anything that is close to harrassment, libel etc, and what springs to mind is disney fag ash, where she states the father is xxxxxx, then injunctions will be handed to them.

    They are handing these injunctions out like free tickets to 1D concert.

    What is required, apparently is the following…

    The person (name), and what they said via text or video etc.

    Where they live, (address) would be great!

    UK only, for now 🙂


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