‘THAT’S ALL, FOLKS’ – Spivey quits in a huff

Another lying troofer psycho storms off into the sunset. slamming the door as he goes.

“You brought it on yourselves”, you know. I bet you’re gutted 😉


Thats all folks




16 thoughts on “‘THAT’S ALL, FOLKS’ – Spivey quits in a huff

  1. That it then. If the ‘spiv’ says we’re all fucked then I guess he must be right. Btw, have you read the comments? One poster says he/she is ‘sobbing’!!!


    • The comments are a hoot, aren’t they!

      By the way, when he and his fans feel the same pain as Lee Rigby’s family, then I’ll feel sorry for them.


  2. Must feel so humiliating when everyone couldnt give a fuck !!

    Never mind he can start walking old ladies over the zebra crossings….repent his sins.

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  4. This so called ‘journalist’ said that Lee Rigby didn’t exist but never actually went to Langley estate to find out. If he had done he would have met loads of people who knew Lee and his family. As a former resident of Langley estate I can only say I’m over the moon.

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  5. Kinda nasty “Goodbye” message to his followers, wouldn’t you say?
    Doesn’t even thank Wiggy for her support, she must be gutted. 🙂


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  7. “You really are all fucked now and you bought it on yourselves”.

    No Mr Spivey you really are fucked now and you bought it all on yourself. Goodbye sucka 🙂


  8. I wonder if Danielle Lavatory attended the court to support Chris Spivey as she thinks so much of him?


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