Charlotte Ward openly supports convicted criminal

…No surprise there, then.

Chris Spivey is a low-life who has been found guilty of harassing and slandering an innocent family who were grieving over their murdered son. In case you haven’t come across Spivey, he’s a widely derided troofer loon who’s declared that pretty much every major news event of the last 20 years was staged (and in true troofer style, has presented the flimsiest of “evidence” and been repeatedly proved wrong).


He’s also been investigated by Social Services, who were concerned for the welfare of his grandchild*. Oh and lest we forget, he was by his own admission caught red-handed with child porn on his computer. But in the eyes of Charlotte “Jacqui Farmer” Ward, he’s a hero; and she’s damned well going to defend him, as we can see on her Hampstead Research…ahem… “blog” (which Charlotte had categorically stated she would be “closing down on 31st July”):


Psst: don’t tell Charlotte that Spivey is a close friend and ally of her arch-enemy Danielle la Verité, or that Spivey is on record as stating that he does not believe or support Charlotte’s beloved Hampstead hoax. D’oh!

What Charlotte should be thinking here is, “Oh shit, someone just got convicted of harassing one family. What will happen to me for harassing dozens of them, especially now that the Police, Web Sheriff, an ever-growing internet hoax-busting group and half of Hampstead are working on bringing me down?”


To paraphrase her own expression, it’s 5 minutes to midnight for Charlotte 😉

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*Spivey smoking in the house, which he told Social Services he never does (for the sake of his grandchild’s health)


21 thoughts on “Charlotte Ward openly supports convicted criminal

  1. From the sounds of her post, she’ll be finding herself up in Court next if the Rigby family get wind of this posting of hers.

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    • It doesn’t matter whether the Rigby family get wind of it or not. The Police and public in Manchester are incredibly protective of the Rigby family and posts like Danielle’s will be reported by dozens of people and I’ll be one of them. If Danielle persists in spreading these evil rumours then the public will insist something is done about it. She likes PEOPLE POWER doesn’t she. We’ll give it to her.

      There are loads of issues that could be taken up by these nutcases where they could do some good. Why the fuck they want to bother some poor woman who’s son was murdered is beyond me.

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      • Well said, Freda. Thanks for reporting Danielle. She’s slandered so many innocent people over the last year and cannot be allowed to carry on getting away with it.


  2. That picture of Spivey above – that’s clearly Illuminati sign language. If you look closely you can clearly see he has a mind control device coming out of the top of his head.

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  3. From the Daily Mail (sorry for referencing this particular newspaper which isn’t fit to wrap chips in, but it had a good quote:

    “Afterward Jenny Hopkins, chief crown prosecutor for CPS East of England, said Spivey’s behaviour could not be justified under freedom of speech legislation.

    She said: ‘Mr Spivey posted a number of comments on social media about the murder of Fusilier Rigby which were very upsetting to his family and friends.

    ‘People can and do post all kinds of comments on social media and are not prosecuted for them, but in this case we were satisfied that the posts crossed the line into criminal behaviour targeted at the Rigby family.

    ‘The prosecution’s case was that the combination of the postings, containing a mixture of grossly offensive remarks about the Rigby family, upsetting assertions surrounding the murder, and the publication of details of two of the family’s homes, could not be justified under freedom of speech.

    ‘Everyone should be able to go about their daily lives free from harassment caused by someone deliberately making grossly offensive messages about them on social media.

    ‘We take allegations of this kind very seriously, especially where there is evidence of a course of conduct which causes fear or distress to someone, and which in this case made the victims feel unsafe in their own homes.’

    Spivey completely under-estimated the degree to which the police and public in Manchester supported the Rigby family. If Spivey had acted like a proper journalist and gone to the Langley estate to make enquiries (as was suggested somewhere here) he would have left in an ambulance.

    I haven’t followed the trial but I know Danielle is wrong about victims always having to appear in Court. In a case like this the evidence was online and I think it probably wasn’t necessary for the family to give evidence. In any case doesn’t she realise that putting Mrs McClure on the stand would actually have increased the jury’s sympathy? As usual Danielle gets 10 out of 10 in the thick twerp competition. 🙂


  4. Spivey is a gross man, who, like many of his ilk just spend all day in their fantasy worlds,

    He is disgusting and anyone that supports him IS DISGUSTING TOO

    He is a disgrace to the human race

    I hope we never have to set eyes on his grossly ugly mug and attitude ever again. He makes me want to vomit. People such as him and his ilk have done untold damage to what could have been a really useful TRUTH MOVEMENT. We need a truth movement, but NOT WITH PEOPLE LIKE HIM…BELINDA…SABINE…GERRISH….CRANE…POULTON…..GREEN ……in.


    • Yes indeed. I think most of them are mentally ill or personality disordered and wouldn’t know the TRUTH if they fell over it.

      Which reminds me….I was looking at some toad entrails last night and there was a clear indication that none of those who’ve absconded abroad are going to get away with it. I backed this up with a bit of dowsing and checked an astrology chart and I’m afraid it’s true. Someone should warn Danielle that they don’t let you wear wigs in prison!


      • Ah yes, the well-trusted toad entrails.. I never start my day without checking them out. 😉


  5. Personally i am pleased that the Daily Mail covered this story as it will piss off Spivey as he is always slagging them off and refers to them as the The Daily Chimp so good to see them get their own back. Spiveys accusations that Lee Rigby didn’t exist and the whole thing was a hoax is an insult to every family that has members in the armed forces.
    Personally i hope he goes down for a long time, the twat


  6. Charlotte has well and truly shown her true colours now and I hope her followers see that.
    Supporting a man who harassed a grieving family and saying he was “stitched up” absolutely disgusts me.
    Spivey wrote a very offensive article on the Glasgow bin lorry accident too. Leaving comments like “Where are the dead bodies?, there are none, this was a false flag.” I was furious.
    That idiot thinks everything is a false flag and he is a paranoid fuck, I know a family affected by that crash and they lost 3 members of their family just days before Christmas last year.
    The likes of Spivey don’t give a damn about anyone except themselves and he proved that with his parting comment.


  7. Have you looked at the petition she’s asking people to sign? lol.

    “We, the undersigned, petition the government to stop this harassment, allowing the journalist Chris Spivey to express his opinions, which is his entitlement under Common Law.”

    Journalist? pfft. Common Law? double pfft.


  8. Danielle once again showing her epic ignorance of the law. Victims are under no obligation to attend court and there’s a whole host of alternative provision that can be made. Mind you , we are talking here about a woman who’s on record as stating that Cilla Black runs a paedophile ring, that all schoolchildren have to wear signs around their necks when they go to the toilet and that Michael Caine was in ‘Jaws’. She has even admitted that she never checks her facts and just goes on “instinct and gut feeling” (bit like Jacqui, I guess.) Frankly, if the mad bitch keeps this up, I’m leaving her AND her fucking wigs. By the way, you guys know she killed her own cat, right?


    • She is half right, Michael Caine was in “Jaws 4”, a crap sequel made twelve years after the original.


      • That’s not half-right. That’s wrong, however you look at it. The sequel point was raised with her and she was crystal clear and adamant that Michael Caine was in the original Jaws and showed a picture of, er, Robert Shaw being attacked by said shark to prove it!!! XD


  9. HAHAHHAA….. poor Martin !!!! he must live in a cave somewhere out there….

    The finest people of the 21st Century OMG that has to be the mis quote of the Century

    Spive was a div


  10. Judging by the 6 people who turned up to support him in court he doesn’t have as many fans as he would like you to nelieve. Did you see the folks who turned up at court for him, all wearing their Spivey t-shirts they bought off him and none of these guys looked like they had a modicum of intelligence

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