Another anti-Semitic post on the Hampstead Research blog

This one originated from the croaky-voiced anti-Semite Chris Everard (I know – that could have been a description of Tom Cahill, with whom he has much in common). Apparently, almost all paedophiles, Satanists, evil internet companies and serial killers are Jewish:


He’s a charmer, isn’t he. Doesn’t it warm the cockles to see Charlotte Ward sucking up to and supporting someone like him. By the way, as regular readers of the Ham & High will know, anti-Semitic violence is on the increase in Hampstead. So isn’t it sweet to see the likes of Charlotte and Everard deliberately stirring up anti-Jewish hate in the Hampstead community.


Tom Cahill – Sorry, I mean Chris Everard

9 thoughts on “Another anti-Semitic post on the Hampstead Research blog

  1. What a shocker! Whoever would have imagined that sweet, innocent Charlotte Ward, a “woman of peace” by her own description, would endorse and publicise a pernicious myth that’s been used to vilify Jews (with a capital J, just saying) for centuries?

    Not me, that’s for sure!

    Oh, wait. Yes I would.

    Because as we all know, that woman will stoop to pretty much anything as long as it validates her loony beliefs.

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  3. New anti-Semitism from Jacqui/Charlotte:

    “He obviously doesn’t care about all that Jewish stuff – he’s more concerned about the picture below! This suggests that he is a normal healthy teenager who will soon grow out of these disgusting cult practices just like Tricky Badman’s children. ”

    (Written of a teenager who she has not named but whose Facebook page she has put a direct link to and whose photograph she has put up on her new site.)



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