Ella calls for all gay Jews to be executed

…Now there’s a headline you don’t see every day!


From comments on the video Hampstead Cover Up from the RCJ

Ah, if only Tom Cahill, Chris Everard and Patrick Cullinane could see you now, Ella. They’d be so proud of you, you anti-Semitic freak.


Ella’s YT channel:


14 thoughts on “Ella calls for all gay Jews to be executed

  1. This is from someone who’s spent a lot of their life addressing the issue of ‘wrinkles’. Ella isn’t exactly an intellectual athlete is she. And as we all know – racism and low IQ are highly correlated.

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  2. With the anti Semite theme running deep amongst those involved in this case, I have wondered on occasion if the children were describing the slaughter methods used in Kosher meat.

    I have seen the term (poor) babies used for animals by some vegans, Araya on her Facebook for example.

    The methods or ritual used to slaughter animals for Kosher meat, the cutting of the throat and draining of the blood, the pre stunning of some animals, could be what the children were describing.

    A Google shows that DHL are involved in delivery of Kosher and Halal Meat, an example would be the NHS supply chain.

    Cobblers you say, well yes, they were mentioned too.

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    • There is definitely an underlying theme of anti-Semitism (in the true sense ie: anti Jew & anti Arab (Muslims) with all those David Icke elements, the Rothschilds, Royal Family, Freemasons, NWO etc etc. That includes the myth of Jewish baby sacrifice.
      Even more sheer ignorance that defies the reality that the Rothschilds were almost decimated financially by the Nazis and Freemason were on their hit list. And I can for the life of me see any resemblance between Her Majesty & Adolf to justify the claims they are breed from the Rothschilds.

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        • I hadn’t noticed, mate!
          There were a few errors in the Ivan Geffen comment, though, which I’ve weeded out because I think it’s a very insightful and informative comment and very useful for our investigators!


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