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Scroll to 4:44:

 “And I want to say to all of the trolls and all of the people trying to say that Hampstead was a hoax is [sic] that we know who you are as well because you are also being investigated.”

Hahahaha! Bring it on, Everard, you useless drunken old twat!

PS: ‘trolls’ are defined as people who question whether serious allegations are true, are they? It’s an interesting theory. Good luck with that one, Everard 😉

More on Chris “Glug glug…I…hic…hate Jews…hic…glug glug” Everard:


Chris Everard, the face that sunk a thousand vodkas

15 thoughts on “BRING IT ON, EVERARD!

  1. I’ve been watching some videos about Piss Everhard recently, looks like he is he one that needs investigating.

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  2. Thank you so much for making this post. Everard needs to be arrested and quickly. Did you also notice in the youtube link where Everard is saying he has his own servers where people can upload videos and they won’t be taken down? No doubt the videos will be on his subscription pay websites so Everard can also make money from hiding behind his so-called “investigations” into these subjects. That’s a typical Everard tactic: make a post to hide his own criminal activities, scream persecution by trolls when his own criminal activities are exposed and then he makes subscription dollars from it as well.

    I hope the police are preparing his jail cell as we speak.

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          • I just posted the comment on the video link, but I think that I’ve been blocked on that channel HAHA (typical everard getting Baker to block me HAHA). If someone else could copy and paste it there that would be great. You have my permission to use my comment above.
            Everard has “enemies lists” that he keeps of people and he sends them out to all of his little followers and he tells them to block the people on the list on Facebook, YouTube, etc. He’s been making these enemies lists for years, too. Same old Everard behavior.

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  3. Please fell free to post any of my youtube videos exposing Christopher Everard. I’ve been exposing him for going on three years now and I’ve had to endure all the slander and threats that go along with that. I hope that one day Everard and all of his accomplices (and there are several) end up in prison. Here is a video that I made back in May 2014 that contains screen grabs from his facebook pages from January or February 2014. Stay safe out there and I wish you the best.


    • Sorry Deb, I’ve deleted my previous link to your video. I don’t think the girls in that picture are underage. You mention Charlotte Gainsbourg and don’t refer to child porn. I think you were actually just protesting against porn and erotic movies in general, which isn’t what this blog’s about.

      And if the girls in that pic were underage, I wouldn’t post the images on here, as it would be both unethical and illegal.

      By the way, with respect, I also have reservations about the fact that you’re so friendly with the notorious neo-Nazi Tom Cahill.

      Thanks for the support, though, and good luck bringing Everard down 🙂


      • I’m not friends with Tom Cahill. He was posting on some of my youtube videos. I don’t know him at all and in fact I banned him from my Youtube channel a while ago because I thought he was muddying the waters mentioning things unrelated to what I’m trying to do which is to expose Everard.


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