“Expect Us”

LMAO! We can’t stop laughing! Charlotte and Arkhaldan have reported us…to Anonymous!



The screenshot above is just a mere snippet of one of the longest, most rambling rants Arkhaldan has ever posted. But it’s well worth the read, because you will get some real belly laughs from Arky’s self-projecting finger-wagging and hypocritical accusations, not to mention the fact that he thinks we would ever be remotely perturbed by Anonymous or see them as any kind of threat. In fact, I’m sorry to break this to you, Arky (actually, no I’m not) but last we checked, Anonymous were vehemently opposed to the Hampstead hoax (and they have a particular distrust for Christine Sands, as I recall). D’oh! Apart from which, they’re not an actual body, they’re just a movement. It’s like saying you’ve reported us to “the Truthers”. XD


By the way, this is a direct request to Arkhaldan; in your hissy fit above, you state that we have “threatened you with physical harm”. Could you please post some links to and/or screenshots of me or any member of our team issuing threats of violence? Failing that, an apology for your “error” will suffice.

Moreover, you repeat Charlotte’s claim that we have “professed” to not believing any allegations of paedophilia against powerful or famous figures. Charlotte was unable to provide any links to or screenshots of us ever “professing” to such claims when we asked her, so perhaps you’d be good enough to oblige.

And while you’re at it, why not make it three in a row by providing proof for your claim that we “work for the security services”?

Actually, four is a good number too and I rather think you should prove your allegations about me downloading child porn. I’ve asked Charlotte several times but her silence has been deafening. Oh and remember – a bizarre, random incomprehensible list of IP addresses from a highly dubious source does not count as proof. Oh and pssst: while you’re searching and trying to work it all out, cover your eyes to avoid viewing the child porn content in one of your beloved Charlotte’s posts and two of her videos. She has been reported to the Police for this and for malicious communications (see previous screenshots and links) and we’d hate to have to report you too 😉

We look forward to hearing from you (as I’m sure we will, as I know your credibility means a lot to you and you wouldn’t want to be outsmarted by a “disgusting Brit” like me).

Thanks in advance


PS: I think you meant ‘persecute’, not ‘prosecute’. Oops!


4 thoughts on ““Expect Us”

  1. So….Abracadabra Solo does realise that “Anonymous” doesn’t exactly have a head office, right? I vote we not break it to him. Let him be surprised.

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  2. How do they know who Anonymous are? If they can contact them and know who they are, they’re not very anonymous, are they? Waaaaaah! XD

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