Hoaxteaders say the darndest things

A few of our team members were down the pub the other day, and the conversation turned to conspiraloons we’ve known.

One person described his neighbour, a firm ‘chemtrails’ devotee who is convinced the PTB (powers that be, to you non-conspiranoids out there) are spraying us with hideous chemicals via the contrails of frozen water vapour that jets leave behind. In fact, the neighbour is such a passionate chemtrails fanatic that he will often spend hours in his front garden with his camera, snapping ‘evidence’ as planes from the nearest airport pass by.

Our team member, a sensible chap, asked his neighbour why, if the chemtrails were so toxic, he was standing in the garden exposing himself to deadly poison for hours at a time. The neighbour has been decidedly chilly with him since that conversation.

In the Hoaxtead context, we note that many hoax pushers seem very concerned about the possibility that the PTB are interfering with their computers from afar. In a comment on one of Sabine’s blog posts, truth1 moans about WordPress having deleted one of his pearls of wisdom as he was trying to post:Truth1

Before I go any further, I want to stress how much the internet is being harassed and tampered with by secretive forces who seek to suppress good thought and manipulate the net….I, in particular, have found the net to be a challenge. The fail post before this said something about a secure socket no there or some crap [sic]….

We need to look at ourselves but we can not ignore the trends in the world and what is going on. and it does not seem to be accidental or random. It is thought out, contemplated, planned and executed. And it is evil…..

Some BS is going on its all over the net. Facebook, youtube, search engines, and now wordpress too. [sic]

All of which raises the question: if the Powers that Be are somehow jiggering with this person’s activities on the internet, why does he keep posting?

Would it not make more sense to use less easily manipulated media, such as carrier pigeon or telegraph, to convey his very important messages?

Here’s another gem, this time from our favourite charity scammer, Angela Fag-Ash Disney:

Angie-watchers being watched 2016-06-05.png

Again: if GCHQ were really ‘watching’ Angie, would her telling them, “Don’t even THINK about it” really deter them?

More to the point, if Angie honestly believes that she’s being ‘watched’, why does she continually splash the most personal details of her life all over the internet? She’s got an open Facebook page, she’s a prolific YouTuber, she cannot seem to shut up. How does this jibe with believing that she’s being watched, by GCHQ or anyone else?

Let’s face it. These people claim to believe that a child-raping, baby-murdering, cannibalistic cult is on the loose. In their minds, this cult has infiltrated the highest levels of government; it’s secretly in charge of the police and other security services; it is desperate to remain hidden, and is presumably willing to do anything to stay out of sight—including murder, we expect.

After all, according to the Hoaxtead pushers, the alleged cult doesn’t balk at killing and eating infants. By that logic, killing adults really shouldn’t be much of a stretch.

So does it really make sense for these true believers in the cult to be discussing it openly in public forums online? If they truly believed that the cult were as powerful as they claim, we’d think they’d be petrified to speak about them, even in private. The walls have ears, you know.

Screaming about the alleged cult online seems the very height of foolishness…assuming the Hoaxteaders really believe their own stories.

Unless…unless they don’t, really. Unless they realise, deep down, that their stories of a child-raping baby-murdering cannibal cult is just what we’ve been saying it is: a load of tripe.do-you-actually-believe-your-own-bullshit-i-call-bullshit--21f45

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  1. Paranoia is a terrible thing, and also a powerful tool.

    Sadly a lot of the posts that individuals such as truth1 and Angie make claiming that they are being watched are born through a need to be “important” enough to be watched. The reality is that they are not, the individuals concerned are simply insignificant (but malicious) losers.

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    • I agree.

      If people were being watched, it certainly would not be Angie.

      Alleged Charity Scammers, benefit claimants, etc. do not get watched for the nonsense about Hampstead that they post in Narcissistic videos and fb posts! LMFAO.

      Talk about delusions of grandeur.

      Angie may be important to her daughter and sons’ but certainly not anyone in Establishment.

      She’s more or less a complete failure and she knows it.

      Angela might not admit it to herself, but all this incessant posting of videos with her Witch face in them is proof that she wants to be acknowledged as important.

      Epic fail yet again Angela.

      The same can be said for Sabine, Neelu and Belinda too.

      Angela lives on benefits, as does Sabine, the great Mathematician (yeah! i believe that one, NOT).

      Neelu no doubt is on an array of Mental Health benefits and Belinda will be getting some kind of State Pension.

      All of them are losers.

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      • I agree–I can think of a reason that at least one of that lot might come to the attention of the authorities, as she has been involved in a number of shady dealings dating back to Iran Aid, but by and large, the last thing the ‘PTB’ are interested in is small-time scam artists with delusions of grandeur.


    • Oh JW, that was a hurtful thing to say about Angie, if ever she reads your comment, it will make her cry. These Satan Hunters would rather believe all their misfortunes are the result of a super secret team of agents sent by the Lizard Queen rather than acknowledge they are retarded.

      Truth1 writes huge essays just as a comment, so it must have been very distressing for him to have lost a massive world changing blog post thanks to our dedicated team of Satanic gremlins in WordPress. Those gremlins are shifty I tell you, they made me sob once when they caused the loss of my blog posts in the past.

      Incidently, someone followed me on Twitter recently with a business selling crystals, and are promoting the setting up of a worldwide crystal grid to get rid of those toxic EMF waves.

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      • The WordPress gremlins are indeed a shifty lot, as we’ve complained here more than once. But as you say, it’s a lot more fun for these people to pretend that they’re the targets of mysterious cabals than to admit they’ve made messes of their lives.

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  2. Nice observations, EC 🙂

    Yes, moaning about alleged spying by extremely powerful murderous forces whilst discussing secrets in public does seem rather odd, to put it mildly. It’s akin to turning up to a drug deal and patting down the buyer whilst simultaneously calling the police and saying, “I’m at the disused warehouse on Peel Drive, patting this guy down so I can sell him a large quantity of drugs – I hope you bastards didn’t sneak any wires under his jacket.”

    All this has brought back one of my favourite moments from the Hoaxtead saga, when Angela was ranting in her, ahem, “high profile interview” with Rupert that “they” had been cutting off her Skype conversations whenever she said anything “they” didn’t like, followed by her panicked announcement that this conversation had itself now been cut (despite the fact that they were still talking and it was still recording – duh!)…in turn followed by her daughter calling her and Angie admitting that it was her trying to get through that had terminated this interview (which hadn’t been terminated anyway).

    And lest we forget Kane “Coffee Cures Chlamydia” Slater’s frequent claims that “they” are blocking his access to every website in the World except…er…Facebook. Which makes his frequent posts about stuff he’s read on this very blog somewhat contradictory, to say the least XD

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    • To be honest, “they” don’t have time to monitor Angie or Truth’s activities, as “they” are way too busy blasting Angie’s mate Nina with microwaves.

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      • LOL! – I asked Q… to look at this and give us a technical assessment. – He is, of course, a highly experienced and qualified TV cameraman and former lecturer in TV production; the ideal person to ask about this sort of thing….. I Quote….

        “She’s obviously a complete and utter Dimbo Fuckwit. Her camera doesn’t work properly because it’s made of Lego; it’s basically a kid’s toy. What would you expect of it? No doubt the software she’s using to ‘edit’ her masterpiece is something downloaded off the back of a Cornflakes box. And her audio sync issues will be down to some combination of this and the fact the cheap computer she bought off QVC is running all sorts of Dimbo ‘apps’ which constantly feed her behaviour back to “Fuckwitbook” and “Dimbostuff.com” so they can sell her more Chav tat”

        …..Sooo there you have it! Technical stuff eh?

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      • Without a doubt, her brain has been microwaved.

        It’s her Mum I feel sorry for but fortunately the Cult wipe her memory completely so she can’t recall these terrible events that happen on escalators in shopping centers.

        Will you even feel safe in a Westfield again?

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      • Thanks for the larfs, Merlin! This video pretty much sums it all up. To her question ‘What do I do?’, I’d suggest consulting a psych professional with patience surpassing that of most humans/specializing in schizophrenia POSTHASTE! Not holding my breath, though…


    • LOL, yes, that was brilliant–she suddenly realised that her daughter’s call was the problem. But did she go back and change the record on the original video? Not on your bleedin’ life! Too much great dramaz there!


  3. So the PTB censor the original comment but miss the next comment saying that it was censored….

    The PTB appear to be really cr@p at this Interweb stuff, or could it be that conspiracy nuts don’t know how to use their computers? Nah, it’s obviously GCHQ init.

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  4. Only time before the the psychotic collective eventually rumble that all insects are in “reality” evil satanic micro probes that crawl into ears to enter the brain and relay valuable data back to 666 HQ command
    Oh well nothing to be concerned at there then 🙂

    Kin Ejits.

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  5. I don’t think they do believe their own BS. I think that they (the conspiraloons) come across legitimate campaigners, scientists and journalists offering opinions backed by hard research, who are taken seriously, and they think “I want some of that power too”. They just don’t understand the hard work other people put in before opening their mouths. APD plays at being a “journalist” without understanding the real work that job title requires. They talk about “research” which usually means searching for a name on Google. They get very cross when people don’t take them seriously (Flat Earthers are very prone to this), mainly because they believe they have some sort of democratic right to as much attention as everyone else.

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  6. The Spider & The Fly : the only people monitoring APD are some Upright Citizens of her village in case some innocent gentleman with a fat wallet comes into her orbit.

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  7. I hate these conspiraturds who say on the internet “At last, the world seems to be waking up!”… No, the world is NOT ‘waking up’ as they annoyingly say. It’s filling up with more half asleep, dope smoking, paranoid idiots.

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    • ‘Waking up’ means you agree with them and their weird view of the world. It’s been said on here before – couldn’t critically think their way out of a paper bag.

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      • They don’t realise the irony that they are using a medium which people with their world views could neither invent nor maintain.

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        • Agree FS.To date have yet to discern anything beginning to resemble even the kernel of a cohesive statement of aim/intention from which a reasoned adult debate could conceivably be entered into.

          A tragi comedy in its own lunchtime.Simply outpourings from the empty into the void

          Cannabilism is the only possible denouement.


    • There is a large group who have discovered the world via the Internet. They think ‘research’ is typing something into a Google search box. I doubt they went to libraries before the net. And when they land on some Troofer website that confirms their suspicions they think they have discovered a new truth.

      One thing that annoys me about the David Icke fans is that he is one of the world’s worst plagiarists. There isn’t a theory he writes about that wasn’t around for at least 100 years. I can’t find the link now but there was a wonderful video made by a real activist who confronts Icke in the carpark and asks him why he is taking credit for some claim that was expounded by a nutty religious group in the 1930s. Icke doesn’t realise he is being filmed. You see the real Icke when composure is not needed & he thinks he is being questioned by just one person- nasty and vicious and threatening.

      The other annoyance (for today) is the arrogance of this mob who call everyone ‘sheeple’ and claim as above- “the world seems to be waking up!”. Yeh they know the thoughts of billions on this planet who are basically trying to survive and make it through another day.

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      • Did you ever see Charlotte Alton Ward’s pre-Hoaxtead videos, in which she tries to assert that it’s possible to deduce the number of people ‘waking up’ to conspiranoid views by using Google Analytics to see how many times the keyword ‘Illuminati’ is googled in various countries? It’s hilariously awful, and shows the level of ‘research’ these people are capable of.


  8. Thankfully all the conspiritards give themselves away to us and others very quickly with their choice of words to use. If you happen to read somebody talking about shills,sheeple,MI5,Mossad, false flag events etc then use those words as an indicator of the type of person you will be dealing with or rather walking away from.

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  9. Angie on Jake:

    If she was sober when she wrote that, then I’m a 4-foot tall one-legged Peruvian kazoo-player called Purpledickular.

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  10. I think it was Truth1 that commented a few times saying that coincidences do not exist anymore, and therefore everything is purposeful and the result of conspiracy. Some of these people do come over as truly mad, but I find it difficult to accept that they truly believe the claims they make.

    Lol, yes, watching Angie would not be the most difficult job in the world.

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  11. The nasty little piggy-eyed skank is now “doing a Charlotte” and going after the Beatles, trying desperately to make a link between them and Savile, going so far as to state that they used to attend paedophile parties with him. The ignorant bint just jumps on these celebrity-bashing bandwagons without being remotely bothered about checking their facts or about how such flagrant allegations could affect individuals’ reputations.

    I’m getting tired of saying this but the Beatles famously had little to do with Savile, simply because they found him weird and unsociable. In fact, in the early days he famously used to slag them off and was far from being an admirer of theirs. And despite the odd photo shoot because they happened to appear at the same event as each other (such as the one the skank has posted on her timeline) or perform/host the same show, they rarely interacted. Paul in particular found him repugnant.

    Oh well, let’s just add the Fab 4 to the list of innocent celebrities (Stephen Fry, Johnny Depp and David Bowie, to name but three) whom Angela has been happy to besmirch and accuse of murder and paedophilia whilst simultaneously whinging about “smear campaigns” against herself. The bloke who tightrope-walked between the Twin towers had nothing on Angie’s epic balancing act. I wish her surviving victims would sue the arse of her.

    Oh but wait – her source is the, ahem, highly reliable, credible, totally unbiased, totally objective BDTN (Breaking Down The News)! I take it all back! LOL 😀

    Incidentally, the Beatles had a very strict “no underage girls” policy. And there are plenty of young girls who worked with them who are on record as stating what a great bunch of gentlemen they were, describing them as polite and respectful, even protective towards them. Lulu and Helen Shapiro are among the best known of these, both of whom were under 16 when they toured/performed with them.

    As mentioned above, that useless hasbeen Charlotte “Jacqui Farmer” Ward used to have a thing about the Beatles too, claiming that they were manufactured by the Tavistock Institute and rehashing the tired old (totally discredited) conspiracy theory that Paul McCartney was secretly bumped off in 1965 and replaced by a clone (yawn). Scarlet Scoop has previously touched on this crap:


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    • Christ, I first remember hearing about ‘dead Paul’s clone’ from a delusional classmate in boarding school – and that was in the 80s. Eyerolls and muffled giggles circulated around the dinner table, yet he persisted passionately (convincing absolutely no one in the end.)The ludicrous hoax had apparently already existed for many years by that point (Paul’s bare feet on the ‘Abbey Road’ cover/playing certain songs backwards were irrefutable ‘proof’, after all). Who’d have thought that a very special subset of gullible idiots would *still* take it seriously over a quarter of a century later?
      The woman is an unmitigated disaster, and clearly quite desperate at this point – as well she should be.
      By the way, EC, this message was composed on my new computer, which continues to frustrate and befuddle me. Please let me know if there’s any problem with it going through. Thanks !

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