Attention-seekers stir the pot in Alfie Evans case

As the tragic case of Alfie Evans drags on, Tracey Morris and her sidekick Linda Byrne O’Riordan have inserted themselves into the “Alfie’s Army” group of protesters outside Liverpool’s Alder Hey Children’s Hospital, and various other Hoaxtead pushers have jumped into the fray to stir things up even further.

Alfie’s parents, Tom Evans and Kate James, launched another emergency appeal yesterday, in hopes of taking their son to a hospital in Rome, where he would be offered palliative care. The Italian government had apparently offered Alfie Italian citizenship in order to facilitate his transfer to Rome, and a “military grade” air ambulance was on stand-by during the court hearing. As the legal argument got under way at the Royal Courts of Justice, two people believed to be from a German air ambulance crew were escorted from the hospital.

Following arguments, the three-judge appeals tribunal ruled against the parents on all grounds, backing Tuesday’s High Court decision. Yesterday’s claim by the parents included the threat that medical staff involved in Alfie’s treatment could face criminal charges in Italy if he dies.

According to The Guardian,

The high court ruled on Tuesday that Alfie may be allowed home from Alder Hey, where his life support has been withdrawn following a long legal fight, but barred the parents from taking their son to the hospital in Vatican City. Mr Justice Hayden said that although Alfie had been a “fighter” since his life support had removed, his undiagnosed degenerative condition had “almost entirely wiped out” his brain matter and he stood no chance of recovery.

It is worth noting that physicians from Italy had previously agreed with Alfie’s UK doctors that the child stands absolutely no hope of recovery; if he had been transported to Italy, it would have been to receive palliative care, not some miracle cure.

Tuesday’s High Court decision also stated that Alfie could be allowed to go home with his parents for palliative care, but this option seems to have been ignored. It seems clear that the courts are attempting to find a middle ground which will allow Alfie to die with dignity, while respecting the wishes of his parents; however, things have reached such a fever pitch that it’s unlikely a reasonable accommodation will be made.

While the case itself is emotionally gripping, we believe that the current tensions around the fate of little Alfie have been exacerbated a hundred-fold by people like Tracey, Linda, Wesley Hall, and their ilk.

Tracey and Linda got their three seconds of fame (yes, it was originally to have been 15 minutes, but they got the discounted version), appearing very briefly on BBC:

Tracey Byrne O'Riordan and Tracey Morris 2018-04-25Sadly, Tracey’s name was not shown, but at least she was wearing an appropriately tragic t-shirt.

For her part, Tracey not only posted a record-breaking 11 live-streamed videos on Facebook yesterday (which we are not going to publish here because they’re basically just Tracey screaming at the top of her very capacious lungs), but managed to post a number of inflammatory comments as well. Here’s a small selection:

Tracey Morris 2018-04-25 1Tracey Morris 2018-04-25 2Tracey Morris 2018-04-25 3

…and so on and so forth, ad infinitum.

Wesley Hall leapt in with an attempt to smear Mr Justice Hayden, who handed down the High Court judgment in February, and heard the parents’ appeal on Tuesday: Wesley’s claim that Judge Hayden “ridiculed Alfie Evans legal advisors” is a reference to the judge’s expressed disapproval of some of Tom Evans’ lawyer’s tactics, which could have earned him a citation for contempt of court.

Wesley Hall 2018-04-25

And yes, Wesley, Rochdale Borough Council had a legal representative in the 2005 case, which was not, as you claim, the “uncovering of Satanic ritual abuse”.

It’s customary for both sides in a legal dispute to have legal representation, which we’re sure Wesley knows from bitter experience.

And the case in question was not, as Wesley seems to think, the Rochdale SRA fiasco, but rather involved an application by the BBC for an order permitting them to disclose the identity of two social workers involved in the original Rochdale ‘satanic abuse’ investigations. It took us all of five seconds to Google this, just in case Wesley ever decides to ever bother, you know, fact-checking anything.

Oh, but he’s not only claiming that Mr Anthony Haydon QC, as he then was, had had the unmitigated gall to represent Rochdale MBC…he’s also slamming him for writing a legal handbook about the issue of children and same-sex families. Homophobic much, Weaselly?

He also tries to smear Alder Hey Hospital, bringing up the 2001 retained organs scandal, in which Alder Hey and other hospitals within the NHS were retaining patients’ organs without family consent. Wesley Hall 2018-04-25 2

Hospital staff affected

As you might expect, all of this attention has made life very difficult for those who work at the hospital, attempting to deliver the best possible care to their patients. According to a BBC story,

Over the past fortnight, hospital chair Sir David Henshaw said, staff had endured a “barrage” of abuse. …

In an open letter, Sir David and chief executive Louise Shepherd said staff had been “deeply affected” by Alfie’s “desperate” story.

“We share the heartbreak that occurs when a child cannot be cured and when a child dies,” they wrote.

“All of us feel deeply for Alfie and his whole family and we continue to do everything we can to support them as best we can, just as we have for the last 17 months”.

But, they said, staff had recently been the subject of “unprecedented personal abuse that has been hard to bear”.

The hospital has seen several protests in recent weeks, and police have investigated claims patients and staff were intimidated.

Sir David and Ms Shepherd said the previous fortnight had been “a very difficult time.”

“As an organisation, we have endured attacks upon our motivation, our professionalism and our ethics,” they said.

Charges may be brought for abuse of judges

Meanwhile, The Telegraph reports that judges who are subject to verbal abuse in the courts and online might have to bring prosecutions against their abusers.

Lord Burnett of Maldon said the possibility of prosecuting online trolls was “should be looked at” but warned that it was often too difficult to find the identity of the person involved. 

His comments come in the wake of abuse online of judges involved in the Alfie Evans case, in particular Mr Justice Hayden, the High Court judge who ruled in February that the terminally ill child’s life support could be withdrawn. 

A petition calling for the judge to step down and describing him as a “disgrace to our legal system” had received more than 14,000 signatures by Wednesday afternoon. 

Lord Burnett told the Lords Constitution Committee that abuse “hurled at judges in the courtroom” was often shrugged off but in persistent cases “the contempt jurisdiction should be explored more fully”. …

He said the abuse was “capable of undermining the rule of law because it erodes confidence in an institution which doesn’t deserve to have its confidence eroded”. 

Police watching social media trolls

Some relief could be on the way for those who’ve been attacked by online trolls using the Alfie Evans case as a springboard, however: Merseyside Police issued a statement yesterday, pointing out that some trolls had already been pointed out, and that they would be keeping an eye on social media discussions regarding the case. Obviously people are allowed their opinions, but threats of violence, or egging people on to “storm that hospital” (just as an example, naming no names) should not be tolerated.

Merseyside Police 2018-04-25

Edited to add:

This synopsis of Alfie Evans’ medical history, current condition, and the “treatment” options offered by the hospital in Italy is basic required reading for anyone wishing to understand what’s happening. We’re reprinting it from Dr Dominic Pimenta’s Twitter feed.

Dr Dominic Pimenta Twitter 2018-04-26 1Dr Dominic Pimenta Twitter 2018-04-26 2Dr Dominic Pimenta Twitter 2018-04-26 3Dr Dominic Pimenta Twitter 2018-04-26 4Dr Dominic Pimenta Twitter 2018-04-26 5Dr Dominic Pimenta Twitter 2018-04-26 6Dr Dominic Pimenta Twitter 2018-04-26 7Dr Dominic Pimenta Twitter 2018-04-26 8Dr Dominic Pimenta Twitter 2018-04-26 9Dr Dominic Pimenta Twitter 2018-04-26 10

128 thoughts on “Attention-seekers stir the pot in Alfie Evans case

    • I can grasp the concept of Tracey saying that if she hadn’t been there. But…er…she was. So why didn’t you storm the building, Tracey? Too busy flirting with that nice BBC cameraman, perhaps?

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  1. That news about the possible tightening of laws to address verbal abuse in the courtroom will come as a shock for Neelu and Edward. Rather like a pair of junkies being told the opium crops have failed this year.

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  2. I’m fast losing respect for the parents due to the ratbags they are associating with. The attacks upon hospital staff are atrocious. We even have Angela Power-Disney inferring that some billion pound deal is behind it. As if nurses don’t have a hard enough time working and surviving on minimal wages as it is.

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    • I guarantee the majority of those protesters are on social security as they don’t seem to have to go to work.It’s one of the real downsides of unemployment- nurses, doctors, hospital staff like cleaners etc subsidize a bunch of lunatics to abuse and harass them.

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      • Yesterday Tracey was calling on people to dump their kids somewhere and “come on down” to either Alder hey or the protest in Belfast. And going by the responses a lot of parents were obliging!

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  3. The father seems to be heading down the rabbit hole at a great rate of knots
    The father now has taken on a different legal team to his wife, she continues to work with the law
    Tom on the other hand has taken after another Tom, and dug deep into the FOTL, posting this
    “Thomas Evans
    Admin · 8 hrs

    Given the failings in the judicial and statutory systems, I have now turned to the Common Law Court to protect my family.

    I have recorded my birth and Alfie’s birth with the Common Law Court and have obtained our Birth Certificates. These certificates confirm our standing under common law and protect our inherent birth rights.

    In addition to recording our births with the Common Law Court, I have also obtained the ownership of our legal fictions through the Common Law Court and have the certificates to prove it.

    The judicial system in this country has no authority over someone standing under common law jurisdiction, which means that when they issued an order to switch off Alfie’s machine, they were dealing with the legal fiction and not the living child.

    As I have now obtained ownership of the legal fiction for Alfie, I can confirm that the fiction is not attached to him. This means that the court orders are not applicable to him and that they have no authority to prevent me from removing him.

    If you wish to stand with us, please show your support by recording your own birth with the Common Law Court, there is no charge for doing so and it can be done by visiting the website

    If a statutory court were to interfere, fail to recognise, or abide by a Common Law Court process, this would be a denial of Common Law Rights and a Common Law crime against the people.

    OH Oh…
    He has broken with his wifes legal team (also formerly his) to take the FOTL path, but interestingly also has taken a different legal team on, being Paul Diamond

    Until now he’s not been on the radar (basically Christian fundamentalistic orientation from my quick perusal of his history) but if he is onboard with Tom’s adopting FOTL arguments, I suspect he and his organization will soon be under some close scrutiny

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      • Yes, it’s very sad. Grasping at straws is one thing, but this gets into sheer delusional territory. I think we may be witnessing something like the breakdown Neelu experienced at the sad death of her niece: literally driven mad with grief.


    • I should qualify my previous words: the poor mother is going through the very awful thing of losing a child which is an “unnatural” state of affairs. Parents should not outlive their children and if you know any mother who has lost or is losing the child you will understand the extraordinary bond that exists between mother and child.
      The father seems to be the driver of this campaign which can only end in tears for all concerned. Respect to the doctors & nurses at Alder Hey hospital and all those workers who keep the place going.

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      I hereby declare myself a freeman on the blog.
      I am no longer answerable to your laws, EC.
      So take that, Daddio

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      • One thing I love about Oz is the endless sunshine (especially in Winter) but it’s a harsh atmosphere that does not always show up people in a complimentary light.
        I miss the softness of the Britain’s gray skies which is usually far softer on the face. Lynda Byrne & Tracey have broken that rule.

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      • Jeez, she’s obviously been watching too many Neelu videos, does she realise the legal implications of defaming professional healthcare staff??
        She is accusing staff of murder and illegal experimentation, not a light thing to accuse a professional healthcare worker of….

        Hope she has the evidence to back these statements up, or the people working at the hospital would be quite within their rights to sue her…

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        • There’s no point in suing someone who has no money. I think she’ll eventually end up with another Restraining Order. The way she’s going she’ll be able to paper the walls with them.

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      • No Tracey “the world” didn’t come out screaming and is not represented by a bunch of Liverpool fanatics. In fact if you read the comment’s section of most tabloids the vast majority are urging Alfie’s parents to let nature take it’s course and for the poor boy to slip away as he will soon.
        And your comments on nursing staff are de3spicable you vile creature.

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      • The serious dangerous of the vaccines

        Oh joy, now the antivax lowlives have scented publicity and are clambering aboard the bandwagon. What fun!

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    • And the irony of that one is that the info’ posted by Samantha actually explains that Alfie can’t be cured and strongly criticises the protesters for their behaviour at the hospital. Hey, why bother reading stuff before commenting on it, eh?

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      • “pick up the kids from school”??? which kids Tracey? surely not your own, I thought they was removed from your care?


      • Everytime Tracey Morris purports to expose something, someone is always shaking in their boots, this is a classic example of her using words to attack the credibility of the courts & the hospital & to get more attention from her deluded followers, who probably believed the two twats, (excuse my language), were going to arrive at Alder Hey & ‘rescue’ that poor little boy from the hospital & spirit him away on the plane to Italy. 

        So people gave them money to go & stay in a hotel to flatter themselves for self-aggrandizement.  Did those people really really believe that Tracey Morris, who is the worst kind of conspiracy theorist with no experience in anything except making unfounded allegations against various establishments & Morticia, a ‘paralegal’, who ‘knows everything’ according to herself, could actually go to Liverpool & achieve that when the mob couldn’t make any difference? 

        They deserve to lose what ever money they gave to them. 

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  4. Interesting thread on Tracey Morris’ Facebook page by Samantha Lavelle. She reports the doctor’s findings on Alfie and appears to be subtly trying to report the truth. One of Tracey’s friends attacks her but Morris tells her to keep it up. She seems ignorant that the thread is demolishing her own case. It’s an example of the disconnect this mob has. I don’t believe they really care about Tracey. They love the drama. They love a rumble.

    The father seems quite ignorant and seems to be praying for Alfie to recover. How?. My mother had to make a decision after consulting the family, to turn off my brother’s life support at the age of 51. My mother was great believer in miracles but still faced reality- that to keep him artificially alive was cruel and of no use. This lot seems to be driven by religion but if they truly believed that surely they would think Alfie deserves to move on.

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  5. Sadly many of those tabloids have branded judges “Enemies of the People” and throw their hands up in mock horror when some of those people take it as literally as they intended it to be.

    The judge in this case has read the medical evidence. He has seen and heard more than any commenter has been privy too. His judgements have been sympathetic and comprehensive. I see no reason to second guess him.

    I have personally been in a similar situation but at the other end of a life. The ability to think rationally is not always available. The medical profession can be wrong. The right thing to do is not always clear. I cut the father a HUGE amount of slack here.

    The leeches who have attached themselves to this, deserve none.

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  6. The medical history of Alfie & evidence in the original judgement make it abundantly clear that no recovery to anything even remotely resembling a normal life is possible for him. Sadly, in this case, there is no life to be saved. That Alfie is continuing to breathe unaided is a bonus for the parents, one they should be using to spend time with him, not endlessly trying to find a remedy that simply is not available or, worse, even if they succeed, will not give a better outcome for their child.

    I see that Merseyside Police are monitoring social media and it is to hoped that they will prosecute those issuing threats of harm to the hard-working and caring staff at Alder Hey.

    I had (& still have) some sympathy for the parents. I would not wish the illness of their child on anyone, let alone at their age. They, in desperation, have taken advice which is not helping and can clearly (objectively) be seen as self-serving for those giving it. Those concerned should be thoroughly ashamed, but they aren’t and probably won’t be,.

    What about all the other parents with children in the hospital? The protestors & the lawyers acting for the parents don’t seem to give a damn about them.

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  7. There is a page on FB that refute the allegations called, ‘Dignity4life’, who actually believe in a dignified passing for the little boy. A lady from America wrote on it one day saying something like, ‘I am so happy to have found this group, I was very worried that nobody in the UK could spell or understand things’, not a direct quote btw. I can’t remember it word for word, but it is terribly sad that people would even think that about the U.K.

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  8. Tracey was up in Belfast magistrates this morning for harassment and should really be up in court again in Liverpool for claiming doctors are giving babies lethal injections, she’s also threatening to name the nurses and doctors in the Alfie case against the anonymity order granted in court. She spent two days making a pest of herself outside Alder Hey and strangely the family, who according to her rang her on Sunday night for help, didn’t speak to her once, why oh why are people still being fooled by this foul woman. She claims to save other people’s children but her time would be better served looking after her own young sons, given the awful job she did with her older children who by her own admission spent most of their lives in the care of the state you’d think she’d want to do a better job this time but no she’s more interested in living a fantasy life online and sticking her nose in where it is not wanted or needed.

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  9. That won’t be an exclusive Tracey you stupid person. Sadly the father already showed the names of the medics involved by waving court papers about on a live.

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  10. The names of the medics could be seen very clearly on the papers. It may have been in Monday after one appeal but not too sure. He also of course, released other information which the judge had expressly said could not be released to the public.


    • The dad seems to have lost the plot entirely, his wife has remained working with the hospital and the original legal team, the dad has gone the freeman on the land route, and a xtian fundy legal group who apparently want to go back to the good old days of the middle eastern crusades….

      I wouldn’t be surprised if he ends up in jail, he’s already doing the FOTL ‘you’re not the boss of me’ shtick and ignoring court orders.

      Sad to see what grief can do to a person

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    • Tom Evans wants to build bridges and have a good relationship with Alder Hey Hospital now.


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  11. Tracey apparently can’t bear the fact that Mr. Evans isn’t ‘towing the party line’. He MUST have been gotten to!

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      • Sam, I couldn’t agree with you more. I just wish Facebook would. I’ve reported all of Tracey’s vile threats over the last 5 days and not one has been deemed to breach their community rules.


    • Not sure what prompted Mr. Evans’ U-turn but it’s a very positive development, imo. I’m hoping he just “snapped out of it”, as the saying goes, though I suspect there’s so much going on behind the scenes that we don’t know about. Surely there must be some rational, loving, level-headed friends/relatives who’ve been trying to talk sense into him over the last week or so.

      Either way, hopefully his statement will help to quell the madding crowd.

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    • Phew! I was starting to think he’d forgotten the bit about burning us in a wheelie bin. Nice save, Malk!

      At least I think it was. Perhaps if an English speaker could translate his hissy fit for us, we might be able to check.

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      • Thank fuck he disproved the claim that his posts are incomprehensible by posting “POOR SPINY THE NIGHT WATCHMAN THE DAWN BOREUS ,RICKYS ARSELICKERS SO EASY TAE TRIGGERLIKE BURNING A NONCE IN A WHEELIE BIN”.
        Take that, Jake 😂


  12. I can assure you Tracey’s increasingly unstable behaviour is not making her many friends in N Ireland, people are horrified at how she’s exploiting this tragedy.
    Those who still follow her, a dwindling group of Facebook Mums and misfits must be daft. Here is her MO, find a cause to latch onto claim you have people contacting you ‘hundreds are coming forward’ no one ever sees these people, she’s claims to have an army of support, the last time she was in court there were five people with her, one was a convicted stalker. Her best legal team in the world is just a legal aid solicitor who looks like he drew the short straw. She has no legal team no army no supporters. She’s a scumbag who is banned from seeing her own grandchildren for life. She’ll move on from this like she did all the others, remember the ranting outside the children’s hospital and what she was going to do there? Not one thing has changed she did absolutely nothing apart from filming herself.

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    • Exactly!! Organised a protest that hundreds were going to be at – I reckon there was 20 at the most. She’s totally deluded but very dangerous. I feel sorry for the vulnerable people who are sucked in by her rants and funding her lifestyle through their donations to her PayPal. I wonder is she declaring all her extra income to the Dhss lol

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  13. Both Tracey and her sidekick have been reported to Alfie Evans family members for using the child’s plight to crowdfund their recent holiday to Liverpool, and falsly claiming to know and have spoken to Tom Evans, I have been reliably informed they have both also been reported to Merseyside police, for falsely claiming to have a connection to the family in order to falsely obtain money and making illegal and fabricated claims about medical staff- she’ll never learn but maybe the vulnerable people she is preying on will finally see sense


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