Conspiracy theories spring up in wake of Epstein suicide

On Saturday morning at 6:30 local time, disgraced American financier Jeffrey Epstein was found dead in his jail cell in New York, where he was being held without bail. Last month he pleaded not guilty to sex trafficking and conspiracy charges. He faced up to 45 years in prison if found guilty.

Epstein’s death came a day after a number of court documents were unsealed, providing further information about his alleged crimes.

Despite the fact that shortly after he was jailed in July, Epstein had been found in his cell with injuries to his neck, and had subsequently been placed on suicide watch by prison authorities, it was revealed late Saturday that he was not on suicide watch at the time of his death. The FBI and U.S. Department of Justice have launched investigations to determine why he was taken off suicide watch.

Manufacturing the news

The announcement of Epstein’s death hit the news at about 9:15 a.m. local time (2:15 p.m. in the UK), and almost immediately, conspiracy theories began to build online, particularly on Twitter. In particular, the hashtags #EpsteinSuicide and #ClintonBodyCount began trending within 30 minutes.

By the end of the day, #ClintonBodyCount had become viral, and had been retweeted by Donald Trump.

While this might have seemed like an organic event, a symptom of intense public interest in Epstein’s untimely death, the fact that these two hashtags rapidly dominated discussion around Epstein’s death was by no means accidental.

Those hashtags were pumped out by accounts which have been flagged as “trollbots”—highly automated accounts which are controlled by humans, but which exhibit repetitive, persistent tweeting behaviour more like that of an AI, or bot.

Bot? Trollbot? What’s the difference?

While bots use Twitter’s API (Application Programming Interface) to churn out retweets of a core group of tweets, they are automated and unable to interact in a realistically human way with other Twitter users.

Trollbot accounts solve this problem, as they are run by humans…humans who spend hour upon hour tweeting, retweeting, and liking certain keywords and hashtags, with the aim of getting them to “trend” on Twitter. Trollbots operate from “troll farms”, often located in countries like Russia.

Both bots and trollbots played a key role in initiating and amplifying the Pizzagate hoax, according to a November 2017 article published in Rolling Stone.

In the article, Jeff Nimmo, a fellow at the National Council’s Digital Forensic research lab, used a shepherding analogy to explain how certain accounts work with trollbots and bots to push their messages:

“A message that someone or some organization wants to ‘trend’ is typically sent out by ‘shepherd’ accounts,” he says, which often have large followings and are controlled by humans. The shepherds’ messages are amplified by ‘sheepdog’ [trollbot] accounts, which are also run by humans but can be default-set “to boost the signal and harass critics.” At times, the shepherds personally steer conversations, but they also deploy automation, using a kind of Twitter cruise control to retweet particular keywords and hashtags. Together, Nimmo says, the shepherds and sheepdogs guide a herd of bots, which “mindlessly repost content in the digital equivalent of sheep rushing in the same direction and bleating loudly.”

This is exactly what happened on Saturday.

Using an app called BotSentinel, we were able to watch in real time as trollbot accounts retweeted the #EpsteinSuicide and #ClintonBodyCount hashtags. The app’s developer, Christopher Bouzy, sounded the alarm:

Within two hours of the announcement of Epstein’s death, the hashtags had begun to trend on Twitter; 24 hours later, they had topped the charts. Here we see the top hashtags tweeted by trollbots, one day apart:

The #ClintonBodyCount hashtag references a long-standing conspiracy theory which claims that the Clintons are behind the murders of a number of people. This theory was a driving force behind conspiracy theories concerning the 2016 death of Democratic National Committee staffer Seth Rich, and it’s also played a role in the QAnon mythology, which alleges in part that Trump is about to arrest/has arrested Hillary Clinton.

Just to be clear, Jeffrey Epstein was known for courting a wide circle of famous and influential people, including Donald Trump, Bill Clinton, and Prince Andrew. Given the high-profile nature of his case, and the people with whom Epstein has been involved over the years, it’s hardly surprising that rumours might begin to surface about who stood to lose—or gain—from his death.

Nor does it come as a shock that a competing hashtag, #TrumpBodyCount, emerged and began to trend within a few hours of the #ClintonBodyCount one, as supporters and detractors of the Clintons and Donald Trump battled for the attention of the conspiracy-minded.

Curiously, some trollbots began retweeting both hashtags at once:

This is not unusual: analysts who examined the role of Russian bots and trollbots in the last U.S. election pointed out that they would often appear to embrace both sides of an argument. The goal, it seemed, was not necessarily to win an argument, but rather to create division, cement polarisation, and sow confusion.

Enter the Tweeter-in-Chief

By Saturday evening, the battle had reached epic proportions.

Terrence K. Williams, described by NBC News as a conservative commentator and comedian, was one Twitter user who embraced the #ClintonBodyCount side.

In a tweet that included a video in which he alleged that Bill and Hillary Clinton were responsible for Epstein’s death, Williams wrote, “Died of a SUICIDE on 24/7 SUICIDE WATCH? Yeah right! How does that happen #JefferyEpstein had information on Bill Clinton & now he’s dead. I see #TrumpBodyCount trending but we know who did this!”

Williams, who has more than 500,000 followers, was already a key amplifier of the “Bill and Hillary done it” message.

However, his tweet attained national prominence when Donald Trump retweeted it late Saturday. In doing so, Trump was pouring petrol on an already massive dumpster fire, feeding the conspiracy theories which were already spinning out of control.

Within minutes, trollbots had seized upon the Tweeter-in-Chief’s retweet, and were amplifying it even further. At the same time, they were tweeting attacks on Bill Clinton.

Bouzy used a data visualisation programme to illustrate the scope of the trollbots’ activity:

Yesterday, Republican Florida Senator Marco Rubio posted a tweet in which he blamed “Putin bots and trolls” for pushing hashtags on both sides:

@RT_com (formerly Russia Today) begged to differ, of course. And certainly, while Russian bots and trollbots were implicated in the 2016 U.S. election, and have been cited by Canada’s federal cybersecurity centre as a potential threat to the upcoming federal election this year, not all bots and trollbots come from Russia. Countries such as China, Turkey, Israel, Vietnam, India, and the Ukraine have also been implicated.

At this point, the “bodycount” hashtags continue to spread on Twitter, in part due to the early activities of bots and trollbots, but now largely under their own steam, as real Twitter users pick them up and pass them along.

Having hit critical mass early, then been tweeted by Williams and retweeted by Trump, the #ClintonBodyCount tag will doubtless continue to inspire more and more conspiracy theories in the days and weeks to come.

222 thoughts on “Conspiracy theories spring up in wake of Epstein suicide

  1. Fascinating and informative article with more information and facts than any of the established media have provided.

    It’s ironic that President Trump re-tweets out the ridiculous Clinton accusation tweet when Epstein was being held in a Federal holding jail that basically comes under the watch of Trump’s pick of Attorney General William Barr.
    Can you imagine the complications of organising a “hit” in a jail that is built to securely hold the worst accused including at present the Mexican drug lord El Chapo.

    One would have to be a Houdini with the endless locked doors one has to go through under the gaze of numerous cameras and as the both Bill & Hilary are basically powerless these days, the conspiracy they would have to organise would have to include dozens of Federal employees who work for..D.Trump.

    I don’t know how others feel but I think Epstein was being unfairly denied bail on the odd claim that he was too rich. He has never shown himself to be a flight risk and had offered a huge fortune in bail and had not avoided his previous convictions except to fight as any defendant is entitled to.
    I can see a man who probably believed the “system” was determined to get him no matter what and in a case that may have taken 2 or 3 years he faced being incarcerated forever. It only takes a few minutes to kill oneself by hanging.

    This law of “sex trafficking”: of course the fanatics think it’s kidnapping children off the street ( no names: Neelu) but I wonder if someone were in a hotel in New York and booked an “escort” and asked them to come to their hotel and they traveled by taxi, if that could mean they were “trafficking”?


    • ‘Can you imagine the complications of organising a “hit” in a jail that is built to securely hold the worst accused including at present the Mexican drug lord El Chapo.’

      It would not be simple, but it wouldn’t be unprecedented. I am not saying he was murdered, but there’s plenty of fishiness in this whole situation. Many former federal prosecutors and other experts have stated so as well. Odds are it was suicide, but I would not be completely shocked if it turned out not to be.

      ‘but I think Epstein was being unfairly denied bail’

      No he wasn’t. Read the Judge’s 33 page decision on the matter. Epstein missed required check-ins as a registered sex offender, had a passport with his picture but a different name, had a large stash of photos of minors, etc.

      ‘but I wonder if someone were in a hotel in New York and booked an “escort” and asked them to come to their hotel and they traveled by taxi, if that could mean they were “trafficking”?’

      There’s plenty of places you can read up on the legal parameters of the term.


      • All true but..allegedly of course.

        I’m not defending Epstein as the entire matter is utterly distasteful and that also includes many young women who decided to sell their bodies. However I would never blame anyone, male or female for doing so as life is bloody complicated and people do what they need to survive.
        I just watched a local interview with the main accuser who now lives in Australia and she calmly said she recruited young teen ladies for Epstein without a word of criticism from the interviewer.
        She admitted to sex trafficking.

        My premise was that that Epstein may have avoided check-ins etc, and did have passports in other names or even illicit photos, but these are allegations not yet proved. As to the photos- I’m not convinced of this claim remembering the same claim was made about Rolf Harris by police in a fanfare of publicity and then quietly dropped as he was never charged with that offense.
        I can imagine sexual pics of (under NY law) underage teen girls.
        Perhaps like the topless ones Rupert Murdoch ran in The Sun on his infamous Page 3- a couple were only 15 years old while the same tabloid today prints a ludicrous tale without a scintilla of proof that somehow George Clooney is involved (I hope he sues).

        US authorities are as bad as British cops when it comes to Gilding the Lilly.

        I still say the notion he could have been murdered is ridiculous because of the conditions. This wasn’t a state jail with inmates wandering about, it was a Federal facility and the security is legendary.
        My belief is that Epstein must have believed there was absolutely no relief from what was coming and not even the relief of perhaps spending some time at home while a complicated case unfolded and chose a way out.


        • The problem with the muddying of the waters by trollbots/bots and “shepherd” accounts like Terrence K Williams and Donald J Trump is that whatever the truth around Epstein’s death turns out to be, we’ll probably never learn it. And even if official inquiries are made, and announcements given, enough doubt and confusion will have been sown by the processes I’ve described here that it’s unlikely many will believe whatever’s said.

          One might almost think that these fake accounts exist in order to encourage the development of conspiracy theories which obscure the truth. And yes, I know, I am now suggesting a conspiracy to promote the development of conspiracies. How meta of me.


          • “One might almost think that these fake accounts exist in order to encourage the development of conspiracy theories which obscure the truth. And yes, I know, I am now suggesting a conspiracy to promote the development of conspiracies. How meta of me.”

            It’s worthwhile checking out Bot Sentinel, it has a range of monitors for various hashtags, lists and identifies bots (if they can do it, why can’t twitter?????) and shows trends etc
            It’s not 100% accurate and its extensions for Chrome and Firefox don’t work anymore but it does seem to show users with trollish behaviour and trollbots (hopefully they’ll fix the extensions- reminds me a lot of the ‘Trillian wars’ with Skype…)


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            • Yes, they’re clear on their site that the tool is imperfect, but so far it’s the best I’ve seen for identifying human-operated bot-like accounts. There are a few which pick up bots, but I haven’t looked at them in enough detail to recommend any in particular.

              And yes, if this app can detect suspicious accounts, why can’t Twitter?


        • @GoS

          I am pleased to hear that you are not defending Epstein, however I have to disagree with your comment that the matter is “is utterly distasteful and that also includes many young women who decided to sell their bodies.”

          These were poor, vulnerable young women and girls, a significant number were minors. If only a fraction of the reports are true then this is not a matter of young women deciding to sell their bodies, it is a matter of young women and underage girls being recruited to give a billionaire massages in his big, posh house. Then a “bait and switch” occurred, as is standard in so many criminal enterprises, and the women and girls were coerced into increasing levels of sexual activity and sexually assaulted and / or raped. Then they were pimped out to other men, all with the help of various female accomplices, some themselves brainwashed and extremely vulnerable and some, like Ghislaine Maxwell (allegedly) who were old and sufficiently privileged to know better.

          Epstein’s horrible network of abuse and blackmail worked in exactly the way that so many evil cults, including NXIVM and certain disgusting “tantric” cults operate. Take vulnerable people, commit atrocities and violations upon them so that they lose their sense of self-worth and self-respect and then use them for sex and / or blackmail / recruitment.

          This is not “distasteful” it is an atrocity and an outrage.

          If you examine the issues relating to grooming gangs in the north of England the dynamics are very similar but without the involvement of billionaires and people of influence. The girls involved were vulnerable and were abused gradually over a period of time until many were brainwashed into believing that their abusers were their friends and many recruited their friends to the abuse, just as happened with Epstein.

          Vulnerable children adults who recruit others are not necessarily sex traffickers, although some adults might be. The issue is extremely complexed and nuanced and there are many aggravating and vindicating factors.


          • If what you say turns out to be true then your sentiments are spot on.
            I wouldn’t have a clue what went on with Epstein.

            I’m not however buying claims made as true..or false.
            I’m not simply accepting the parroted media campaigns which may be spot on or the usual runaway sensational “reporting” where they never lose.
            ie: the media inflames lurid claims like a chorus line and it spreads worldwide (for profit of course) and they never lose because they can then have a field day unpicking the lies..the Carl Beech debacle is a perfect example as the media goes in to attack those who perpetuated it while ignoring their own part in the sensational lies.

            # it’s already happening with a ludicrous tale that someone told someone else that a world famous movie star was given a blow job in the toilet by a close Epstein associate but gutter Sun “newspaper” couldn’t even get that relationship right.
            The inflammatory reports go on and on such as :
            “Epstein listed 301 Brits in pervert’s ‘little black book’ found by FBI”. May well be true but completely innocuous and meaningless but the implications are obvious.

            All these people have family. I’m reminded of the nasty Fiona Barnett whose amplified garbage has already led to the bullying and disruption in the life of a relative of one of her victims. We have no idea of how the lives of those who are being named in the Epstein matter will be affected although bthe plight of those named in the Hoaxtead affair could be an indication.

            Of course prostitution is a complex matter which is why I never condone or condemn those involved.
            It often involves vulnerable people but vulnerable people don’t get Sainthood status imposed upon them because of their vulnerability.
            I’d say most of the Hampstead promoters are extremely vulnerable but they are also viscous and nasty people who are capable of destroying the lives of others merely because they choose to believe something.

            I won’t mention the notion of compensation (there I did) which in the USA involves not £22K as in the Beech matter but $5M each in the notorious Sandusky case where one claimant filmed himself laughing and rolling around on a hotel bed covered in 100s of $100 bills. Perhaps it was because of the stress of it all.
            People kill for a lot less. Doesn’t mean though every thing claimed about Epstein is a lie.
            But doesn’t mean it’s true either.


          • One perfect example of how the media is running away with this sensation, from the Mail:

            “Some say it is simply a music room where Epstein — who was reputed to be a brilliant pianist — could tinkle the ivories. Others say it is a gym but that seems unlikely, given that the mansion house surely has such a facility.

            Because the structure looks like a temple, you don’t have to be the biggest conspiracy theorist on the planet to suppose it is a place where Epstein carried out his sexual abuse in an almost ritualistic fashion.

            As one Chicago-based builder told the website Business Insider, those locking bars seem positively sinister.

            ‘What makes it peculiar is that if you wanted to keep people out, the bar would be placed inside the building,’ said James Both. ‘But the locking bar appears to be placed on the outside . . . as if it were intended to lock people in.’

            Complete speculation and nonsense but deliberately inflaming the entire scandal including:
            “one Chicago- based builder” who makes the bizarre claim that bars on the inside of a room are “intended to lock people in” (what?..bars on the inside or outside of a window don’t keep people in or out ?..think about it) but it caught my eye as..I have folding bars on the inside of my patio doors. Put there before I bought the place. Did the previous owner lock his guests in?

            ## over and out for me on the Epstein Affair. I think I’ll wait for the inevitable TV series.

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  2. You may mock twitbots and the robotic, repetitive, relay-station nature of their non-interactions, but you have to admit that all of Team Devine / Praterson have adopted them as role-models.

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    • Blasting out posts at a superhuman rate? Check.

      Attempting to influence public discourse by repeating false information over and over?

      ‘Debate’ consists of shouting the same thing over and over?

      I think you might be onto something, SC!

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      • A fascinating post to read, thanks EC. I had never heard of the BotSentinel before, quite interesting to have a look at.

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    • I’ve met so many people who know and have worked for Rupert Murdoch. Never heard a word about anything untoward in a sexual sense. In fact most say Jerry Hall is probably the most exciting thing that has ever happened in his life!.
      However I reckon Rupert will do his best to turn the spotlight off D.Trump.
      He’s reported as saying “Donald Trump is a moron”. It sounds like Murdoch. It’s the way he talks. And that’s how he likes them. Intelligent politicians are a pain in the arse for Rupert.

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    • “I felt I had to report them all to interpol , the FBI and UK terror police.”

      Fair play, Chris👍🥇🙂

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      • That Yank was positively shaking with excitement every time he mentioned “hang them”..may have even been having orgasms.
        But alas he was brought to a standstill after telling Neelu she should find her detractors and lynch them only to be informed by the Princess (and former Queen of India) that her abusers were aliens from the Planet Zog.
        I get confused with Neelu (stop laughing) minute the Mother Ship is escorting her to the Courts of Justice next minute they send bailiffs to evict her.
        Intergalactic relations are very complicated.

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      • Just recording without permission is illegal in most places, and livestreaming without telling someone and then discussing what they were is just plain stupid- old matey is probably pissing his pants now waiting for a knock on the door- which considering the number of death threats etc, I suspect won’t be long in coming- the yanks (land of the free HA) tend to get a lot of ‘official attention’ these days when people sprout off like he does- not surprising in the country with a mass shooting a day- most of which are white conservative males…

        And he’s going on about ‘editing out’ the bad parts before releasing it- um hello, what part of live streaming don’t you get??? too late it’s out there (in fact it’s still up- the original that is)- whats scary (and sad) is that its got 47 thumbs up….

        Obviously andy and neelu never bothered to read ‘how to win friends and influence people’…

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        • The FBI do visit these people if a report is made to them especially after the recent atrocities. They don’t have a choice. They also compile a list of names of those who make death threats for obvious reasons of good policing.
          This bloke needs to be in that system. He may be a fantasy merchant, he may not be.

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    • It’s come to something when Neelu Berry is the voice of sanity, but she seems a bit uncomfortable at the worst of it. She keeps trying to wrench things away from violence – she suggests banishing or and reprogramming evil people’s brains – American Psycho responds by saying it would be better to put brains in the food processor.
      20:55 is the back pedal point.
      And a blast from the past – the first thing Neelu Berry ever sent me, though I don’t cherish it – James Casbolt, mind controlled super soldier.

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    • Wow, what a gathering of fruitloops you have captured there EP. I must admit their conversation is not what I normally hear when my wife has her friends over for their weekly cross-stitch party.

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  3. It never ceases to amaze me how many bellends can congregate under one Hampstead video in less that an hour:


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    • It must really rankle with these highly unaccomplished unfortunates that the children are thriving with a parent who actually puts their needs and security first. What wouldnt they give to hear one of them has so much as stubbed a toe,or been strung by a wasp so they can spin some satanic,blood drinking sexualized fantasy out of it? Not only do none of these darn fake grifting “campaigners” care one iota about the welfare of abused children but they actively undermine them by their resource spongeing and self serving malificent gossip mongery.
      As the self appointed expat shit-flinger-in-chief would say “blah,blah,karma,blah,facts blah,blah, natural justice,blah,blah pay ther piper,blah blah cliché fest ad tedium”.

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      • Hoss Cartright ?. Christ you must be nearly as old as me and that’s saying something.. I got an invite to the launch party for The Ark.


    • Yes, it’s a great little tool. Especially useful if you use the Chrome extension + Tweetdeck. Apparently Twitter keeps making changes to its API which keeps mucking about with the extension’s ability to identify trollbots directly there, but Tweetdeck solves this.


        • Yes, though I finally had to abandon Firefox after several years of using it, as it was glitching like mad. Several uninstalls and reinstalls later…I finally went over to the dark side and installed Chrome.


  4. Meanwhile down on the redneck farm Ryan Dawson is hoping he doesn’t get another strike and has announced he’s soon on his way to Ireland and London. Let’s hope laughing boy behaves himself.

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  5. From 7:34 in Devine’s latest Prateson interview (which I’ve reported):

    Praterson: Sorry, ignorance is no longer an excuse. And for all you Hoaxtead fucking arseholes who are still posting, I’m telling you now  – trust me when I tell you you are all marked for dispose [sic] and two of you still haven’t returned for work, for almost three weeks. And I also happen to know that Karen Irving and that filthy pedophile [Hampstead dad] are in fear of their lives and they’re in hiding. I don’t know who’s protecting them, but the people who are protecting them. they’d better back off, I’m telling you. Don’t get in the way!

    Devine: Would that be Steve Martin, by any chance? That’s another Freemason….

    Praterson: Steve Martin’s the Freemason that interviewed those [inaudible?] children and persuaded them to change his [sic] testimony. He protects [Hampstead dad]. I also saw that arsehole lie under oath in Harrow Crown Court. And so did the two cops with me. They were all reading from the same script.  They were all saying, ‘Oh well, it’s Hoaxtead children. It’s obviously a hoax. We know that! They all said it. They all said exactly the same thing. Well, we know it’s not a fucking hoax. Right? We know those cops all lied under oath. We know Ella Draper passed a lie detector test. We know that those children described tattoos in private places, right, that they could never have known about, and none of those fucking teachers were interviewed or asked for their tattoos to be shown. Those children also had damage up their bums which was consistent with… coz they said they were sticking dildoes up their arses. You don’t know what those children said, Andy. And our fucking government and politicians that are covering up for it [inaudible?] six decades – SIXTY YEARS they covered up the fucking Jimmy Savile paedophile ring. And those paedophile rings are still being run by the same corrupt officers.

    Then at 11:09:

    Praterson: And I’m after these bastards for what they done to me and all these innocent people and I don’t have to repeat what they’ve also got coming from the South London underworld. I’ve said it before – I don’t have to keep saying it – CHIP CHOP!

    Devine: Chip chop indeed. [Knocks repeatedly on desk] ‘Don’t answer it!’ Absolutely, brother.

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    • Devine has also posted a ‘solo’ video and at 29:22 he names and slanders the Hampstead dad, claiming he’s taken over from Jimmy Savile as the chief procurer of children for the Royal Family (no, seriously). And the creepy bastard even plays footage of the Hampstead children. (Sorry, I can’t link this one either, for obvious reasons.)

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  6. Seems that thanks to T. Neidermeier, Tom Dunce has had a video taken down 🙂

    Dunny whines about it at 1:09 here:

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  7. Speaking of conspiracy theories, a colleague sent me this link:

    ‘Well, there we are,’ the judge replied, ‘I know a lot of people feel very strongly and sincerely about GcMAF.
    ‘There are problems and Mr Noakes has problems,’ continued the judge, adding that he had seen psychiatric evidence that the defendant is mentally unwell.
    ‘The reason he is depressed is because he has these extradition proceedings. As I understand it, the French authorities are seeking to extradite Mr Noakes.’
    The court heard that Noakes had sold vials of the blood product to customers in France and that investigators in that country were seeking to prosecute him.
    The judge explained that further issues had also arisen because Noakes had refused to deal with his legal representatives.
    The defendant said: ‘I have not been engaging with my solicitors.’
    Judge Loraine-Smith replied: ‘I know and I wish you would, you have very real problems. You need experienced lawyers to deal with the legal system as it is rather than the legal system as others wish is was.’
    He explained that he had received a document from Noakes that attempted to throw the case out of court.
    The judge said the document contained references to ‘Deuteronomy, The Book of Malachi and The Stone of Scone – it has nothing to do with this case.
    ‘I am not going to say what I think about it, it would be impolite if I did. This, and I have carefully read it, does not help you – it is of no relevance at all.’
    ‘I think your case has been hijacked,’ added the judge.
    ‘It has nothing to do with an English court of law.’

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    • I am impressed that 50 Truther cockwombles and conspiracists rallied to the important cause of “David Noakes retaining several £million and his collections of planes, classic cars and silver bullion”.

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    • About 1/3 of them will be Common-Law-Court bumblefucks, convinced that this time their magical incantations and Ontological proofs will finally force the English legal system to dissolve in a puff of logic. Another third are raggle-taggle Truthers rallying to the cause simply because there is a real-world evidence-based perspective for them to oppose. The other third will have restraining orders preventing them from abusing their children any more, and their sympathy for Noakes springs from the fact that he, like them, is about to be deprived of his property.

      They have all been herded together by Ian R. Crane, who has a genuine stake in Noakes’ legal tribulations, because if the Law can dispossess Noakes of all his assets obtained by fraud then no scammer is safe.

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    • I knew it, the fake stone of Scone. Another trip down memory lane to my first encounter with Neelu when she was bringing a private prosecution against HM the Queen for treason, cleverly sidestepping the teeny problems of the Queen being incapable of treason and immune from prosecution, by the theory that the Stone of Scone was fake (it was a Crumpet or Bun or something) and therefore she wasn’t validly crowned, as the genuine Stone is the essential element, not the Act of Settlement, law of inheritance, coronation ceremony etc.

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        • One of the burglars subsequently said he mocked up a fake one and the real one is still in Scotland. If true (I don’t believe it) it would seem to be an ideal solution for both nations.
          The Stone of Scone gives an extra dimension to those dreary sconn or scohn debates.

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          • Wait, so there are now two real Stones of Destiny in Scotland? The one housed in Edinburgh Castle and another at an undisclosed location?
            The Scots say that the Sassenachs can borrow the Edinbro one if they need it for the next royal coronation, but they will have to ask really nicely.

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    • At 18:53 Devine gives a shout-out to Daddy Dragon and invites him to come and talk about the “Hampstead children case” 🤮

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    • I swear I’m not making this up – at 1:33:12 they claim that Barack Obama is gay and that Michelle’s a bloke in drag 🤪

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      • That’s quite a common belief amongst conspiracy theorists. Michelle Obama has a ring finger longer than her index finger (allegedly) and this proves it apparently. I remember Danielle LaVerite (the woman who claims to have an IQ just short of Einstein’s) saying more or less the same thing. I asked her for the scientific evidence for this repeatedly over several weeks and I’m still waiting for an answer. That was about four years ago.

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        • Yeah, don’t hold your breath on that, Shillelagh. I’m still waiting for her proof that Cliff Richard’s vineyards do so well because he fertilises the soil with dead babies.

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        • There’s a cranky little corner of science devoted to the proposition that the ratio of 2nd-finger to 4th-finger length is linked to sexual orientation. Something to do with intrauterine exposure to testosterone. The loudest exponent of the theory is one Marc Breedlove.

          My favourite paper in this corner is (I am not making this up) ‘Differences in Finger Length Ratios Between Self-Identified “Butch” and “Femme” Lesbians’, which was TOTALLY NOT an excuse for Dr Breedlove and his co-authors to download a huge library of lesbian porn videos and watch them while measuring the finger lengths of the stars (when they were visible).

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          • Some say that Breedlove’s best papers were the ones he co-wrote with (I am not making this up) Putz.


          • there seems to be some certain areas in academia (especially in gender related topics) where you can get away with hilarious stuff, as long as you can present it with a straight face. Look at those hoaxers. They rewrote a chapter of Hitlers “Mein Kampf” as a feminist manifesto and earned a lot of positive attention with it.

            I once also read an absurd sounding study that proves that mortality in heart related conditions does decrease during national heart related medical conventions because there are less surgeons in the house to mess with their patients. Thought that was a hoax too, but it turned out to be real.


      • Oh yes, there is quite a cottage industry on Youtube (as correctly mentioned by other posters) Penguin claiming that all or or the majority of famous people are secretly transgender and worship Baphomet. If you can face it, type “transvestigation” into YouTube – don’t necessarily click on any of the videos because you’d be giving them views but you will see that that it is quite a sizeable community in the weird part of YouTube who give this notion the time of day. If you do so you might want to sign out of YouTube and type the word (is “transvestigation” a word?) anonymously. A site called Blind Gossip did an April Fools’ joke implying that Brad Pitt was transgender and had been brought up thus since childhood about 7 years ago but they did reveal that it was all a prank but maybe some people took it on board as being true.* There was also a film called “The Danish Girl” in 2016 (not that I’ve seen it but I’ve heard the story) about a Danish man who must have suffered from what we’d call gender dysmorphia these days and had some early (i.e. pre-World War II) “sex change” procedures. He died on the operating table but the subject matter may have brought the idea of a “transgender agenda” (no, I don’t personally think there is one) to the attention of conspiraloons. “Jungle Surfer” (who Jonah the Scientist mentions on his anti-flat earth site) is one of the people who promotes this idea. They don’t say it just about Michelle Obama, some folk make allegations about the British royal family, Beyonce and numerous others. Some of the conspiracy theorists confuse androgen insensitivity syndrome (where an XY foetus is insensitive to androgens and develops outwardly as female though the foetus doesn’t have a womb or ovaries) and freemartinism (where a female calf is a twin to a bull calf and develops to be sterile).

        * I know this may not be a popular view on this site but I’ve liked SOME of Ed Opperman’s podcasts (and no, he doesn’t promulgate “transvestigation”). He interviewed one person (can’t remember offhand) and asked the man if he believed the theory about Barbara Bush having been Alastair Crowley’s biological daughter. The guest said he was one who liked to look for realistic explanations for things rather than speculative ones and that the allegation about BB being AC’s daughter had first appeared on April 1st one year.

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        • I think there was a legitimate scientific study on the 2D;4D digits but of course it has been taken over by odd bods who want to “prove” their strange notions. I’ve come to the idea that trying to reason with conspiracy theorists is a lost cause. When I tried to make fair points (well, I construed them as being fair) I was either accused of being a “shill” or a “troll” (they do love those words) or told to educate myself and get “woke”. Or perhaps they intimated I was a transgender person myself. No, I am and always have been female but would it have been their concern in any case? There is a somewhat prurient aspect in the ‘transvestigation’ community in speculating what might be in other peoples’ pants (in common with the “What about the tattoos?” crowd in the Hampstead hoax).

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      • It was a joke by comedienne Joan Rivers who told even worse ( and funnier) ones about herself.
        What really weird (and humorless) lives they have whereby they absorb so much nonsense from the internet and incorporate it into their conspiracy filled beliefs.
        Neelu claims the Obama children were kidnapped from someone despite them both clearly looking like their parents.
        There are 2 things I can’t work out with this mob- how they all sort of connect with each other and on what basis they cherry-pick the madness they claim is real.

        I think this matter will be worth following as it develops into a scandal as it involves online abuse and a copper who appears to be helping a cult.
        “SA police officer led ‘dangerous cult’s’ attempts to have critic criminally charged”
        Key points:
        Sgt Eric Walsh sought advice from police colleagues on ways to silence online criticism of Universal Medicine The officer advised “cult” devotees to file police reports against the blogger alleging “illness, anxiety, trauma”
        Healthcare advocate Esther Rockett says Sgt Walsh’s actions were “inappropriate” and had no legal basis


        • And no surprise, the cult leader was (and I quote)
          “The jury found Mr Benhayon was a “charlatan” who made “bogus healing claims”, was “sexually manipulative of his cult followers”, and had an “indecent interest in girls as young as 10”.

          “But last year she proved to a NSW Supreme Court jury that UM was a “socially harmful, dangerous [and] exploitative cult” that “preys on cancer patients”.”

          Yet another cancer curing fraud…

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      • I know. By the end I actually felt sorry for poor old Toothless. He had struggles with mental health, and seemed to want to get better…unlike certain underdeveloped failed criminal child abusers I could name.

        Incidentally, I think I’ve mentioned this before, but the art in question wasn’t by anyone I know, it just happened to be shown at the same gallery as pieces by my sister’s friend. Even Aangirfan eventually conceded that this was correct, and changed it on their blog. As usual, Abe goes off half-cocked. 🙄

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  8. Another falling out
    Alfwit Kaoutal has had a falling out with his partner Alan Alanson, former bestest buddies, now he’s a “Fkn Dog!!!”
    His time in mental health doesn’t seem to have slowed him down much, although he hasn’t mentioned Hoaxtead recently, he’s still big into satanic child abuse and although he didn’t post it, still ‘liked’ a Wedger video (admittedly an old one from a year ago)


      • Thanks for posting your video EP. Andy really could not handle being put on the spot and struggles to come up with proper answers or a decent argument. As soon as he started to feel the heat he resorted to moaning that Rick wasn’t showing his face. Unfortunately, the sheep that follow Andy and Wanoa won’t see through the bullshit that he spouts.

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        • Yes, it was interesting to see how Andy handled an in-person argument, with deflection, changes of subject, and ultimately just shutting it down when the going got too tough.

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          • Indeed EC. As Devine is always stating how much of an open book he is and that if anybody has any questions he is more than happy to answer them. Taking that into account I would have thought that he would have been better prepared to battle any challenges that were put in front of him. As soon as difficult questions are put his way he just declares that person a troll and blocks them. Surely if he believes all this Kings Bench garbage is true then it should stand up to any scrutiny thrown its way.

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    • Here’s a thought matty, if you actually ‘were unable to continue this’ (illegal behaviour) then both the ‘harassment’ (no pointing out your unhealthy interest in a case that has been investigated, and found to be the actions of a vindictive mother and her rather creepy boyfriend isn’t harassment) and the ‘threat of a dawn raid’ would disappear…

      Plus of course mattys own harassment of other people doesn’t seem to count for some reason…
      as always..

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    • Dear me, that shouting will give him nodules on his voice box like Adele.

      “Leave these trolls on tinderhooks”. Is that like waiting for a reply on a dating app?

      He fears a dawn raid from the police every day. Isn’t that what the Home Secretary wants?

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  9. If I’m honest when I heard of JE’s death the thought did cross my mind that there would be some people who wouldn’t exactly be heart-broken about the occurrence. That said, I don’t think he was murdered. These sorts of stories do seem to spring up in these types of circumstances. If anyone visiting this forum is in the same age bracket as myself they may remember the “Profumo” scandal of 1963 where the osteopath, Stephen Ward, killed himself before going to jail and there was speculation in some quarters that he’d been murdered. Then there are the people who think Princess Diana’s fatal accident wasn’t accidental.

    Danny and EP – I can’t usually abide to listen to the Wanoa Weird fan club droning on but I sometimes (apologies if I’ve said this before) mute the sound and have a look at the comments – which depresses me regarding the amount of delusion therein. I haven’t joined or posted on Quatloos but I do sometimes go over there to get a measure of the FotL wackadoodlery that is in force. I recognise some of the names from here! Somebody had quoted a statement one person had made (on some deluded person’s stream about how awful it was that L Thyer had been deported.) to the effect that if someone didn’t want to be extradited to France it might be an idea not to sell bogus treatments in that country and then leg it over here (though it was expressed more eloquently). I would have thought a person didn’t have to be a genius to know that consuming bleach was not a sensible thing to do, especially if somebody had something like cancer which would already have affected one’s health.


    • Just so we keep this on the straight and narrow, GcMAF and MMS are two different things although they both pretend to be a cure for cancer. MMS is chlorine dioxide, an industrial beach. The USA FDA has just reissued a warning telling people not to ingest bleach, although judging by the blackness on some of the usual suspects insides, I’m not going to try to dissuade them.

      GcMAF is a protein and is of research interest. One day there may be found a clinical use for it. However, so far no legitimate research has found it capable of doing anything other than lining the pockets of charlatans.

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      • Since we are all reading Quatloos threads on the sly:

        You’re probably right, my memory I suspect is playing tricks. I was pretty sure that I saw an old paper when I first looked at [Lynda Thyer’s] background from around 2010, related to autism research not cancer. Her GcMAF papers all seem to be around 2014. Of course that paper might have been just as bogus.
        And I take back any previous comments I may have made suggesting she was once a respected researcher. Found documents from 2008 (and yes they are linked to autism research) but it is clear she was also a charlatan then!

        Lynda Thyer’s only qualification to become Noakes’ “biomedical researcher” was that she’s the sister of Trevor Banks and Lesley Hutchings (née Banks), who also worked for Noakes in various skeezy scammy roles before they went freelance with their own GcMAF frauds. Hutchings is still in France, bereft of her passport, waiting her turn in the French courts; I lost track if where Banks grifted off to, though he’s evidently not in the UK now (as one of the excuses that Thyer gave for why she should be excused gym class French prison is that she’s the only sibling available to look after the aged matriarch of the clan).

        Anyways, Thyer’s scintillating scientific career consists of the paper-shaped paid advertisements for Noakes-Brand GcMAF that she took out in a series of ‘predatory journals’ (which is to say, websites pretending to be scientific journals, which will put ANYTHING on-line in exchange for a “publishing charge”). There’s a whole ecosystem of them, parasitical on the usual academic-publishing world, catering for would-be academics who want their name on a paper or who want to legitimise a fraud.

        So the “American Journal of Immunology”, hosting “Clinical experience of cancer immunotherapy integrated with Oleic Acid complexed with de-glycosylated vitamin D binding protein”, in fact operates out of Dubai. “Anticancer Research” comes to us from the Delinassios family in Greece.

        Thyer’s entry into autism grifting was “Initial Observations of elevated Alpha-n-Acetylgalactosaminidase Activity Associated with Autism and Observed Reductions from GC Protein—Macrophage Activating Factor Injections”, coauthored with the now-defunct charlatan Jeff Bradstreet and published in “Autism Insights” from “Libertas Academica”, which is also defunct. The journal had been founded and funded by Andrew Wakefield to pimp out his own scams… so when he got bored and stopped paying the bills, the journal and all its contents disappeared from the servers (and nothing of value was lost).

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      • “GcMAF is a protein and is of research interest. One day there may be found a clinical use for it.”

        Efranat wanted to test GcMAF as treatment for “Respiratory Papillomatosis (RRP)”:

        Efranat being a couple of Israeli researchers who initially believed all the cancer-cure bullshit. By the time they realised that everyone in the field was a lying fraudster, they had already borrowed so much money to set up the company that they had to keep going and look for a possible application… though they changed the name of their putative drug from “GcMAF” to “EF-022” in the hope of concealing the stench of scam.

        The company’s website and LinkedIn accounts are gone now, so I guess they went tits-up recently.

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    • Yes, absolutely. I took a couple of weeks off (though I did cheat a few times and peek back here) and am currently planning the next video for some time in the next couple of days.

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    • Snickers
      So Neelu wants to set up a dummy court of dummies…
      Lee is the lead dummy…
      How come Andy isn’t a dummy too Neelu???

      (thats’s one to remember, shes admitting it even)

      3 and 15 spring to mind….

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    • These people really don’t get the idea of juries. Jurors are supposed to be random people with no knowledge or opinion of the case. Getting 12 of your fellow conspiritards to say guilty somehow seems a little bit like cheating. I dunno, maybe its just me.

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    • Princess Dumpster-Fire wants 12 people willing to listen to 12 minutes of her verbal efflatus in the hope of receiving 2 minutes each to agree with her. I can see what her ego gets out of it but what is the attraction for the other numpties?

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      • On her Facebook page she got 5 to be in her Jury but says 2 listened for a while but then walked out saying nothing LOL.
        No guesses as to the other 3 are but their first names are Lee, Andy and some other nutbag.

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    • The creep has got the gall to say “as the old saying goes ..first they came for..”.
      I loathe this man and how he appropriates important messages and cheapens them as in this one from the German pastor Martin Niemöller who paid for it with his life. Especially when he’s in conversation with the antisemitic John Paterson. They wouldn’t see the irony in a million years.
      He’s a petty plagiarist and has an exaggerated sense of self importance.

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      • Yep – he uses that one all the time and it always makes me wince too, knowing about his connections with neo-Nazis, not to mention his own antisemitic views.

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    • Wait until she finds out Andy Devine is on the GCHQ payroll! You’d have thought a great investigative reporter like her would have worked that out by now!

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  10. So I had confused the bogus cures, Owl -oops!. Off topic I received a spam email today telling me I needed to renew my TV licence. That’s not due for a few months so I knew it was a not particularly sophisticated con. Makes a change from being told that my broadband would be discontinued or that there was suspicious activity on my bank account I suppose – or from inviting me to partake in wild and wacky investment schemes.

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      • I’m not sure what can be done about these crackpots but they are quite evil in their madness. I’ve come across plenty of unhinged people in my life but none that cause so much trouble as this mob.
        Actually it’s rare for a group of mentally ill people to actually form a group but that’s what’s happened here.

        As a person in remission it doesn’t bother me as I’m so amazed I made it this far in life after many travails that it’s plain sailing from here-on at my advanced age no matter what happens.
        But I know plenty of people where it’s not: a young mother whose breast cancer has returned: a father who died at a very young age from cancer who was almost saint-like up until his death in the way he helped 100s of people in business and in general life.

        There isn’t a single case of anyone being helped by these quack “cures” and it’s the opposite. Even Noakes had to admit many had severe side effects from his dodgy and unsanitary rubbish.
        That goose Neelu even lost a sister from cancer yet she still promotes this garbage. I’ve seen how desperate some people can get looking for a cure. I bet these scumbags have never been to a children’s hospital and the cancer wards there.

        I’m still amazed how they just accept internet rubbish when they could not have a single clue if something is real or not.
        And that Andy Devine’s arrogance is so annoying as he pontificates as though he’s the font of all knowledge when he’s an ignorant lowlife scum and petty crook.
        # there- got that out of my system.

        Now they and Neelu & The Loons falsely claim doctors are being bumped off as in the latest they are promoting- Dr. Jeff Bradstreet , an associate of Noakes who committed suicide after being raided by the FBI and probably knowing he faced years in jail. Another with a string of victims. What is that The Mob cannot see that these quacks also make heaps of money from something created in their kitchen as opposed to real laboratories?.

        It brings up the question where so many websites promote this utter garbage after heaps of phony “scientific” and “medical journals” on the net have published these false claims and pretend to “peer review” their papers.
        What will happen in the future- will we get a generation who cannot tell truth from fantasy?

        Snopes- who APD hates because they pull apart her lunacies:
        Have Sixty Holistic Doctors Died Suspicious Deaths In the Past Year?
        This claim, inelegantly formulated on an alternative health website, is remarkable for both its incoherence and its lack of substantiating evidence.

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    • David Johnson to the receptionist @ 9:57 – “It’s not like you have a couple of cranks on the phone with you.”

      No Dave, she has three 🤦‍♂️

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    • And to round it all off, they finish by saying their computers and connections are being “messed with remotely”.

      EC, please pass on my thanks to the signal-jamming department. Bang-up job as always 🎯

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      • “And to round it all off, they finish by saying their computers and connections are being “messed with remotely”. That’ll happen when you’ve got a space ship over your house.

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        • This troubles me. Princess Neelu is being constantly tracked by the Mother Ship from Galaxy MACS0647-JD (it’s a real place!)and I’m not entirely sure their motives are friendly.
          I believe they have scrambled her mind with some sort of virus that spreads via many methods including harmless looking scaffolding, Greek tavernas etc as it quite clear that all her contacts are barking mad.

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        • People often underestimate the versatility of the Thought-Influencing Machines. We can also put bad thoughts into your computer.

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    • What a fuckwit Devine is. Has he ever had any experience in real life? A fantasy merchant who rings people and rabbits on about his delusions.
      I love the way he hits a brick wall each time.
      Have any of these bozos ever thought of hiring a lawyer to chase these things up?

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    • “Theres been 100s of doctors been killed”.
      No Andy you Dickhead.

      Even the woman that started this claim off only says 60 and even then if you read Snopes unpicking of her claims she actually admits herself that many had nothing to do with quack cancer cures and if you read the article you will see all she did was track down a lot of doctors who had died via accidents or even murder (with convictions of the offenders) and conclude it was because of this fake “cure” without a scintilla of evidence.
      These nutters actually imply that the number of deaths is a clue but in fact as Snopes have shown via official death figures: “that between 6,500 and 8,200 doctors can be expected to die each year in the United States alone” which sounds about right in a country where over 7000 people die every day from numerous causes like old age, accident, disease.

      What a moron.

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    • That Whale-Oil blogpost is probably why NZ media aren’t mentioning the Wanoa saga despite its newsworthy nature… his claim to be King of England, his abortive attempt to enter the country and lead a triumphal procession through London, his whole crapulous entourage of courtiers, his diagnosis as “Bug-Fuck Crazy”, the non-stop harassment of NZ psychiatric staff by that crapulous entourage…

      Whale-Oil is a vehicle for a right-wing ratbag and political thug (he did a lot of opponent-smearing dirty work for NZ’s rightwing party that they didn’t want to be seen doing directly). From his perspective, the attempt by Wanoa and two like-minded thugs to seize an office block because he wanted it for his HQ was a perfect example of “All Maori land claims are fraudulent property grabs!”

      So now, any non-ratbag journalist reporting on Wanoa’s tribulations risks being seen as a Whale-Oil supporter, or being used to promote the same racial agenda. Journalists don’t want to walk into that minefield.

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      • A quick look- I note that website is closing down but there new one looks like just more of the same and they are quoting Lord Monckton which I reckon says it all. Climate deniers and right-wing ratbaggery probably has a place in NZ as well for a small proportion of the people.

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      • Oh, I didn’t read any other entries on that blog, SC, but I appreciate what you say. I was looking online if I could find anything about Kingy’s past exploits that hadn’t been mentioned before.

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  11. Andy is looking more and more like the tired, desperate and lonely deluded fool that we all know him to be. “We are not going to say what we are going to do anymore “….that’s because he knows whatever they say they are going to do will result in three fifths of five eighths of bugger all as usual and he doesn’t want to publicize any more failures to deliver. I’ve got an idea for him ( we know he reads what we say on here ) Why not get a soap box, get some handouts printed and go down to the Marina and start spouting his bollocks to the hoards of holiday makers? It would surely be a way of getting him the attention that he craves. The same goes for the Pavement Taster, why not set up in Speakers Corner with all the other ( mostly ) fruitloops you loud mouthed wanker? I think we all know why. Andy would be swimming in about two minutes and even the hardened fruitloops would be telling the Pavement Taster he should shut up as he is giving them a bad name. No, much easier to be remote behind a keyboard or streaming camera to slander and libel innocent people rather than be in the open and face the consequences.

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    • Not sure why he is convinced I’m Jewish, but I am fairly certain that women who are Jewish don’t like being referred to as “Jewess”. Plus, when have I ever bragged about taking down his videos? Stupid man.

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      • (1) Praterson blames The Jews for everything that is wrong with his life, on the grounds that he is a worthless powerless friendless uneducated waste of skin with maggoty Sicilian cheese where his brain used to be.

        (2) Praterson blames you for everything that is wrong with his life, on the grounds that [see (1)].

        Therefore you = The Jews.

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  12. 2:16 – “Some people call me stupid. I’d like to say I have got a genius HQ.”
    And it goes downhill from there.

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    • Over emphasis of one’s own (alleged) good qualities can be tiresome sometimes, so MT’s self-aggrandisement isn’t (to me at least) appealing.

      From the King James version of the Bible “Boast not thyself of to morrow;
      for thou knowest not what a day may bring forth.

      Let another man praise thee, and not thine own mouth;
      a stranger, and not thine own lips.”

      Then there is the old adage “Self praise is no recommendation”.*

      *Though if a person is at a situation like a job interview he or she does have to “sell” himself/herself to enhance chances of getting the job.

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    • Credit where due: I have never heard the term “paedotoffs” before. Amazing the kind of nutbags who are allowed out in public though, isn’t it?


      • “Credit where due: I have never heard the term ‘paedotoffs’ before.”

        Surprise surprise. Typical nonce ponce 😆

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    • “Pizzagate deniers” is a bad thing? Even after Gun-Wielding Cockwomble stormed Comet Pizza to show the world the truth about its basement, and found that the truth is “there is no basement”?

      I bet you never knew that you were “faux working class”. I missed the part where you all put on flat caps, dropped your aitches, and went on about greyhound racing.

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      • Yes – they claim that on the back of the form is the date it was printed ( a legal necessity) which I think was 2018 and they seem to have confused this as the date it was filled in which is clearly visible and therefore is not legal.
        Just weird. But then they claim all current law is A Fiction so it becomes rather confusing as what accept and what they don’t is a movable feast.
        Neelu’s printed the email Lynda got from the cops. They were being so polite and offering to drive her to the airport.

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    • Actually I always thought the TV License thing was such a mistake and the government should have paid for the BBC out of general revenue just as the ABC & SBS TV stations are in Australia.
      As constantly explained to us here: it costs all Australians about 12 cents a day in tax for both stations and what you get in return is fantastic value.

      Even for the license cost the BBC produces fantastic content despite our complaints about it.
      The alternative is to hand over all broadcasting to a Rupert Murdoch whose cable network in Australia is expensive and provides endless content you don’t want and whose profit motive causes real problems for viewers.

      Example: my father on visits to Oz was transfixed by SBS (Special Broadcasting Service) – a government network set up originally to cater for millions of immigrants from everywhere and which screened terrific movies & programs from all over Europe and Asia. Murdoch seeing the popularity snapped up the rights to “World Movies” which gathered all these films from everywhere and after depriving SBS of the content for about 10 years- now SBS has regained the rights because Murdoch’s cable viewers weren’t interested unless programs had football in them.

      Kaley / Grapefruit doesn’t realise what she would miss if the BBC were gone.


      • Thanks for your good wishes, Penguin. I always mute the audio if I click on one of the videos you cite (not your parody ones of course). I’m sure I’ve said before I tend to look at the comments to on the hoax promoter videos and there are still some deluded folks out there. Mr D has over 1,000 subscribers but I have to tell myself that compared to the population of the world that’s not a massive amount.

        I’m not against people using the internet provided they do it responsibly (which the hoax promoters don’t). Aren’t bona-fide journalists advised to have three independent sources of information before they publish a story? I’m not a journalist and I don’t know if anybody with knowledge of the laws/best practice relating to journalism (Owl?) ever look on this forum and could enlighten me. However I wouldn’t want anybody to say anything which might result in him or her being doxed.

        Ghost, I’ve thought for a while that a limited amount of advertising on BBC might not be a bad thing. I wouldn’t want it to get to the stage where it is on some of the commercial channels where the length of a chunk of advertising can be almost as long as a chunk of programme. I think Radio Telefis Eireann uses that method – I’m not sure exactly how their funding is broken down but I know they run some advertisements (or they were 20 years ago). At one time I used to listen to some of that channel’s radio programmes (not watch TV programmes) – that was how I learned the ID of the son of an MP who had done something naughty in the 1990s, I heard his name on RTE radio.

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      • Thank you, though I should say that although I always report this w*anker’s videos, I know I’m not alone and I think this victory was down to teamwork 🙂

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  13. Is anyone else thinking like me that Andy has realised that after his recent wake up call, King John aint coming back as bellicose and blustery as he was before so he and his cohorts have latched on to the Lynda Theyer bollocks so they will still have an excuse to harass poor telephone receptionists all around the world and berate them because they can’t understand a bloody word they are on about?
    Another thing, Neelus ” trials ” are a treat to look forward to. They will certainly be “Trials By Ordeal ” for those who have the strength to watch them. I predict pure comedy gold!

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  14. I’m not saying the hoaxers are getting desperate but this one’s been putting up Praterson’s antisemitic neo-Nazi videos and those of that wobbly-bottomed American scammer lady whose name escapes me and trying to pass them off as their own:

    OK OK, so I guess I am saying the hoaxers are getting desperate.

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    • They’ve even stolen Praterson’s tired old death threat repertoire. Desperation confirmed 💤

      (Or it could of course be Praterson himself.)


  15. I don’t know if it registered but I made a comment earlier thanking EP for his commiserations about my being visited by the common cold bugs. The comment could be in moderation or WordPress might have been playing up. I mentioned other things but can’t remember offhand. If they are important I’ll remember later.

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  16. There are actually two sets of two possibilities in this case and it is not conspiracy theorising to list them.

    Firstly that the dead body is Jeffrey Epstein who either committed suicide or was murdered. Secondly a double for Epstein who either committed suicide or was murdered. A double committing suicide seems extremely far fetched.

    The point here is that no cogent evidence involving DNA typing, dental records, fingerprints or retinal scans has been presented to prove conclusively that the cadaver pronounced dead is genetically Jeffrey Epstein. This is very easy to do and can shut down conspiracy theories like that. Not doing so implies The Establishment is happy for conspiracy theories to run and run.

    In any professional enquiry, that would be the sum total of week one. Establishing that the dead body is- or is not who the authorities claim it to be.

    The only other key aspect is showing that the crime scene could support suicide by hanging.

    Thst requires a means to attach the noose to the ceiling and the capability of creating a noose capable of withstanding the hanging weight of 160-200lb.

    It would be extremely inconvenient if there were no CCTV footage from within the cell also.

    Crime scenes which have been tampered with should lead to criminal prosecutions anyway.

    Conspiracy theories flourish when the authorities tamper with evidence.

    If the evidence is clear and unequivocal, it should all be in the public domain.


  17. It is certainly crazy but I have to wonder where marco rubio was getting his notion of russia pushing these tweets. People here in the states can easily do that here. Strange when others are pushing the maga thing can believe in conspiracy things themselves.


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