‘Hoaxtead trolls’: Why they see us everywhere

It’s an interesting phenomenon: as the core group of supporters of the Hampstead SRA hoax diminishes, their propensity to claim that anybody who believes differently is a “Hoaxtead troll” increases.

What exactly is a Hoaxtead troll?

The definition seems to differ depending on who makes the claim. In general, it seems that to attain the coveted title of Hoaxtead troll, all that is necessary is to question the word of those who promote the Hampstead hoax.

This has led to some amusing situations, such as the accusation yesterday that a person who has loyally believed in almost every other conspiracy theory that comes down the pike is in fact a Hoaxtead troll.

Poor Kimberley, all she did was question the actions of Abe and Ella. We don’t know whether she believes that children were abused in a Satanic cult, or babies served for lunch at McDonald’s, but she has dared to question the orthodoxy as upheld by Angela, and so she must be banned from the herd.

Kimberley’s mind has been polluted with impure thoughts. She is now a Hoaxtead troll.

Another facet of the ongoing troll hunt is the constant assumption that Hoaxtead trolls are everywhere. For example, during yesterday’s “yellow vets” march, Eddie Isok confronted some random woman and demanded to know whether she was associated with Hoaxtead Research.

We can only imagine what she must’ve thought. “What kind of research? I thought you lot were marching for Brexit or something. Have I got the wrong parade?”

Given those involved, it probably shouldn’t surprise us that the search for the elusive yet omnipresent Hoaxtead troll has descended into a virtual witch-hunt. It has reached ludicrous proportions over the past few months, which we take as an indication that this blog has become the virtual bogeyman of the hoax-pushers.

In a recent Andy Devine video, he accused members of the White Pendragons of pushing Hoaxtead’s agenda, and of “using Hoaxtead Research evidence” against him.

The White Pendragon/Hoaxtead link strikes us as hilariously improbable, but we have to say that we are curious about exactly what evidence Devine believes we have against him. If it’s anything truly juicy, could he please let us know? Thanks awfully.

Another manifestation of Hoaxtead paranoia is this conversation between Andy and Angela, who seem to think that the author of BarthsNotes, an excellent blog in its own right, is run by EC:

It’s a flattering thought, but it’s entirely untrue. Many bloggers oppose the Hampstead SRA hoax, not just us.

Nevertheless, if there’s one word that seems to be on the hoaxers’ lips these days, it’s Hoaxtead. Apparently we’ve become something of an obsession for them, which is probably less a reflection of any power we might actually wield and more about the hoaxers’ own misguided belief that their actions are subject to constant scrutiny by the powers that be.

Another factor: Sabine McNeill’s recent sentencing seems to have them panicked, and now they’re seeing us around every corner.

Paradoxically, we’ve observed a sort of hoaxers’ whistling in the dark: another manifestation of Hoaxtead phobia seems to be desperate attempts to diminish the importance or impact of this blog by claiming, for example, that all of our comments are written by one person, or that all alleged Hoaxtead trolls are actually multiple socks of a single person.

Strangely, we’ve heard both arguments from the same people. They simultaneously claim that we are everywhere and constantly trolling them, and that we are only really one or two people. They don’t seem to recognise any contradiction in this stance.

However, both contentions betray the same fear: that those who oppose the Hampstead hoax are now much larger in number than those who promote it. And in that, the hoaxers are quite correct.

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  1. They think it’s all one person because (a) a lot of the commenters on here are literate and articulate and (b) we don’t fall out (well not often) and (c) some of us have picked up phrases from each other and (d) if you’re a dope you won’t have thought of (a), (b) or (c).

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  2. That Kimberley gets around. She’s already been branded a troll by Devine for daring to question him too:

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  3. Always a sign of desperation when you start citing Tom Cahill as a source…

    Either that or she’s pissed again.

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  4. I particularly love when they take it in turns to accuse each other of being MI5 operatives. They have all been outed as informants or handlers at some point.

    If we should believe them, we’re going to need a bigger venue for next year’s Christmas party!

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    • Dear readers, If you notice your cats eyes turning yellow and running in circles,chasing its tail and making odd noises mainly out of its arse,it means it has found where you stash the vodka. The only known cure is to dry it out in a small box for a couple of years which currently HMP kindly provide for free.*

      *Service also available in Ireland,Greece and Indian caves.

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      • Darling, the only bars I shall be behind is Mollies in Playa Blanca.

        Untouchable, unless you are Rupert, then I will touch you all over.

        Angina Powder Dizzy

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  5. I’ve watched a few Flo Destroyer and Mackenzie’s Devils videos to get a little more background to this case and AD has about the charisma of a kipper (I know that’s not original!) so I’m surprised he has any followers. He likes the words “due diligence” doesn’t he? On the most recent video mirrored (sort of) by Mackenzie’s Devils AD said something about (someone who shall not be named) having taken Mrs PD’s computers – I’m pretty sure it was the Irish Gardia.

    I don’t know a lot about polygraphs apart from having watched American police procedural series. I do remember that the Green River killer was found to have passed one….

    Tinribs, I did spend some time (a while ago) watching conspiracy videos (though I can’t say any swayed me into believing them). My interest is in a “Well where did that idea originate?” sort of way. There do seem to be some people who believe in “clones” on the conspiracy circuit so I was interested to read about the Fregoli Delusion. Perhaps it’s not as rare a condition as people thought.

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    • I don’t understand this fascination with ‘lie detectors’ ie polygraphs
      Here in Australia, their use is not only ‘not discouraged’ but indeed their results are totally inadmissible- for courts, employers- and pretty much anything but ‘magic shows’….

      (snip long explanation of use)
      “The outcome is that there have be numerous reported examples of innocent people failing polygraphs and vice versa.

      Judgment and human error can also be factors, and there have been instances where polygraph examiners have come to different conclusions from the very same polygraph readings.

      Are they admissible as evidence in court?

      The results from lie detectors cannot be used in NSW courts.

      Section 6(1) of the Lie Detectors Act 1983 (NSW) states that the output from a lie detector, and any opinion based on that output, is inadmissible in court.

      It is also an offence for a person to use a lie detector to establish whether or not a person is guilty of any crime that is punishable by a fine or imprisonment.

      Lie detectors are also banned in a range of other situations.”

      So not only would Elle’s lie detector test be useless, but the operator commits an offence by administrating it if done here!

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  6. Hello my victims.

    I prefer a leprechaun to a troll, so I can beat it to death with my metal t-square, steal its pot of gold to pay for my smokes. I must do another orphan fund raising scam, I need to pay for my holiday in Lanzarote.

    Let me be clear, if you question me, you are a Mormon and a troll. And I know Karen Irving is boss of the Skegness Mormon Jewish Freemason Satanic Talmud illuminati, I read that on Facebook as well.

    With hateful kisses.

    Angina Powder Dizzy

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  7. Oh, cool beans. If we’re all EC, then that means I don’t have to code up that eMMC dumper that I need for a project, and also don’t have to practice my bass chops. Neato…

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      • But of course Snopes will be part of “them” – or in on the conspiracy or whatever excuse the conspiraloons* are using today. * One of my new favourite words.

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      • One point about the “fetus cells in Pepsi” fabrication is that it was originally made up by “Children of God for Life”, i.e. some little clique of fetus-licking Liars-for-Jesus. Belief in it somehow became a purity test for conspiratards.

        Professional conspiracist grifters are always targeting right-wing christianites (they have disposable income, they’re gullible, it’s a perfect combination) so it makes sense to parrot their shibboleths.

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    • I think he’s still trying to work out how Lego works, tbh. Don’t worry, Dunny – it’ll soon click into place

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      • I’ve seen it. I was there for the first showing at our local Vue on Friday. 😉

        The “theme” of Lego 2: The Second Part is [SPOILER ALERT!!!] be nice to your siblings. I’m not surprised that Dunny has a problem with that. He seems to have a problem with healthy relationships with most of humanity.

        He really needs to avoid Alita: Battle Angel. He’ll really lose his shit if he watches that. [SPOILER ALERT!!!] The girl wins!

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          • The mother in Lego 2 also had a good lessen for all parents. [SPOILER ALERT!!!] Tread carefully. 🤣


        • I would pay good moneys many shiny milk-bottle tops for a stop-action-animated version of the Brick Testament,


  8. I’m old enough to be a child of the ZX81 generation, well… a C64 anyway… and I’ve been on the internet since before there was an internet and you dialled into BBSs at a few Kb/s. That makes me old enough to to have learnt the noble art of trolling when it meant to cause chaos in an online commenting by saying something that would cause a massive bunfight whilst being able to credible ask “what did I do?”.

    This habit of newcomers to the electronic interwebs, by which I mean after 1995, of accusing anybody who disagrees with them of being a ‘troll’ is nothing less than a foul slur on the good name of the troll.

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    • ZX81,C64???
      Kids these days….
      I started with a ZX80, and a VIC20….
      64K of RAM??
      PURE LUXURY!!!!
      We had to make do with 3 1/2K- and we liked it!!!!

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  9. “This could turn out to be one of my more weird e-Mails” 🙄 💤💤💤

    “Noel & Katie
    From: Rev Dr Anthony G. Pike (cosmicrf@hotmail.com)
    To: hampsteadgroup (cosmicrf@hotmail.com)
    Date: Sun, 10 Feb 2019 21:02:30 +0530

    Xtraordinary Men Int’l

    ‘Give yourself a break – try Jesus’ St Anthony

    This could turn out to be one of my more weird E-Mails, but have no fear God is here or at least he was about 2000 yrs ago and then literally vanished into thin air, but our more astute listeners will understand that he was actually airlifted off the planet in an anti-gravity beam onto his father’s spacecraft hovering above his head. Hey, hold on, St Anthony, what are you trying to do, spoil the fun? Nope, just telling you like it is as good ole G-O-D isn’t as ethereal as you all thought. In fact, he’s goddam PHYSICAL and always has been as have all the angels and other human deities et al. Anyway, back to sanity and, guess what, we’ve now added good ole Radio 1 DJ and Lloyds Bank whistleblower, Noel Edmonds, 70, in Monaco along with the most outspoken woman on the planet, Katie Hopkins, 43, in Exeter to the crew of the good ship Lollipop sailing the high seas and going where no man has gone before. Now, both Noel and Katie have been rather difficult to track down lately mainly because they’ve flogged or are flogging all their stately home properties to get some cash to fight all the criminal injustices perpetrated by the govt, banks and big business. In fact, I’m still not 100% sure where either of them are, but a recent pic of Katie seems to show her in a council flat presumably in Exeter although Widecombe-in-the-Moor and Copplestone nr Exeter are also possibilities. Meanwhile, Noel has been reported to be living in an apartment in Monaco and apparently also has a pad in Falmouth. Anyway, I guess, like St Anthony in his cave in the Indian wilderness, they’re beginning to learn how the other half live. Yer, I remember the time when I had 3 luxury cars in the driveway in Harrow, but that’s all gone now as I don’t even have a bicycle!! Anyway, I used to run the Freedom of Information Campaign in London from 1991-96 before going into exile in India where I then founded Cosmic Research Foundation in Dec 2001 which has now been running for over 17 yrs with listeners being bombarded with the most mind-boggling info the world has ever seen which was originally sent out by post, but eventually by E-Mail and also via my cosmicrf.wordpress.com site with over 800 posts which was eventually taken down by WordPress as I’d transgressed their sacred commandments ie. I’d told the TRUTH, so I then switched to cosmicrf.wix.com/crfdn which now has over 2600 posts – pretty neat, huh. Anyway, I expect everyone remembers Noel Edmonds from his Radio 1 DJ days back in 1969, but Katie’s background is a little bit more weird as she had demonic problems which made her arms shoot off in all directions which then had to be stuck back on, but the docs eventually solved the problem by removing part of her brain which luckily turned out to be the part which was controlled by Satan resulting in her now having the remainder of her brain being 100% controlled by God which does admittedly get her into trouble as she doesn’t fear anyone and says whatever she likes, but I don’t think anyone would want dear ole Katie any other way, huh. Anyway, to finish up here’s Vinnie Paz 2010 End of Days music vid ft David Icke and Block McCloud at http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=2frJ3e0hxPE which will literally blow your mind to kingdom come, but you’ll sure have one helluva ride along the way!!
    Yours in the battle for planet earth,
    Rev Dr Anthony G. Pike (UK)
    Cosmic Research Foundation

    Markapur, A.P. 523316, India
    E-Mail cosmicrf@hotmail.com
    Tel 91-8596-224312/9959-684635″

    https://www.facebook. com/andy.devine.965/posts/257407875196055


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