Parents of ‘snatched’ baby promote toxic cure-all

The interconnections amongst troofers, scammers, and grifters of the conspiranoid ilk never fail to amaze and astound. Just for example, the other day while browsing on Twitter we came across this tweet:

R. James Bilton had recently raised the issue of ex-cop Jon Wedger’s affiliation with (another ex-cop) Anthony Carlin, who in addition to attempting to arrest judges is a fan of Miracle Mineral Solution (MMS). As Wedger declined to respond to Bilton’s questions, Bilton began poking the hornet’s nest that is the “Genesis II Church”, aka the Cult of MMS.

Just for context, MMS is an industrial bleach product which has been making the rounds for a number of years, posing as a medication for pretty much anything that ails ya. Here’s what RationalWiki has to say about it:

Miracle Mineral Supplement, often referred to as Miracle Mineral Solution or MMS, is bleach the name given by its promoter, former Scientologist[1] and sometime Colonel Sanders lookalike Jim Humble, to an aqueous solution of 28% sodium chlorite (NaClO2), a toxic industrial chemical[2][3][4][5][6] known to cause fatal renal failure,[7] in distilled water, prepared in a citric acid solution resulting in the formation of chlorine dioxide, a potent oxidising agent used in water treatment and in bleaching.[8] The name was first coined by author, Jim Humble, in his 2006 self-published book, The Miracle Mineral Solution of the 21st Century.

MMS is promoted as a cure for HIVmalaria, viral hepatitis, the H1N1 flu virus, common colds, acne, cancer and much more (though apparently not gullibility). All evidence in support of this comes from Jim Humble’s book and from anecdotes promoted by the ironically named Humble who claims to be a billion-year-old God from the Andromeda galaxy.[9][10] MMS is often described as a water purifier (especially on eBay where sales of quack remedies are notionally banned) so as to circumvent regulations prohibiting the sale of unregulated medicines.[11] In January 2010, The Sydney Morning Herald reported that one vendor admitted that they do not repeat any of Jim Humble’s claims in writing in order to circumvent regulations against using it as a medicine.[12]

It is so self-evidently bullshit that even expresses skepticism, preferring “proven” radionics devices.[13]

In short, MMS is nasty shit which should not be promoted as a medicine on anybody, let alone a vulnerable child.

This is why we were interested to note Bilton’s mention of Leonardo Edwards, whose baby, Santiago, was allegedly “kidnapped” from him and his wife by Southwark Council.

Funnily enough, the name “Baby Santiago” rang a bell, albeit a distant one. Hadn’t Sabine McNeill been mentioned in connection with a family whose child of the same name she alleged had been “snatched” from them by the evil authorities?

Indeed she had!

According to, in an article from 7 April 2016 titled “Portuguese mother becomes latest victim of UK’s alleged practice of ‘institutional adoptions'”, the baby was “snatched by Social Services” when he was five days old:

A young Portuguese mother has become the latest victim of what many UK foreign nationals claim is an insidious network of judges, lawyers and social workers that effectively kidnap as many as 4500 children every year – the majority of them from people who do not speak good English or understand the system.

Iolanda Menino and her husband Leonardo Edwards are fighting to be reunited with their baby Santiago, “snatched by Social Services” five days after he was born.

They have started a Gofundme page to help with legal and logistical expenses, which has already raised 1,365 pounds in just over three weeks.

But it is only now that the case is getting exposure in the press – two months after Santiago was forcibly removed from the couple’s Southampton home.

In the same article, we hear from Sabine McNeill:

The parents…vow they are “dedicated to getting our baby back”.

Posting details and videos on Youtube, they have said: “We are going to get our baby back, prosecute the people involved and teach other parents how to do it”.

This could not come as better news to campaigners who have been sounding alarm bells over the UK’s so-called practice of forced adoptions for years.

“This is why we went to Brussels!” Veteran campaigner Sabine McNeill told the Resident today.

We first ‘met’ Sabine in 2014 when she led a group of parents to Brussels with stories of how they had ‘lost’ their children to British social services.

Since that time, other stories have appeared in the press of Portuguese parents losing children to the British system, but they rarely get much exposure – and exposure, Sabine McNeill stressed this morning, is the only thing that will ever change what has been happening.

“We have been fighting for years”, she added. “The whole thing is almost too awful to comprehend. There are so many cases. So many foreigners stripped of their children for the most spurious reasons in contradiction to a Council of Europe report that calls these practices ABUSIVE”.

Sabine’s impassioned appeal to the European Parliament’s Peti committee (see: looked like it would force some changes in 2014, but still today foreign parents are in the same position.


There is no evidence that Sabine was directly involved in helping Iolanda Menino and Leonardo Edwards, but we were interested to note that she seemed to be acting as a rent-a-gob on the case.

A week later, reported that a rally would be held outside the British Embassy in Lisbon:

With national media waking up to the startling numbers of Portuguese children forcibly taken from immigrant parents by British social services, the parents of ‘snatched baby’ Santiago Menino Edwards have called for a peaceful demonstration tomorrow outside the British Embassy in Lisbon.

Iolanda Menino and her partner Leonardo Edwards are flying out to Portugal to take part in the vigil – which will move on to the capital’s parliamentary building after making its presence known outside the embassy at midday.

“The British courts are threatening me with prison for publicising how the authorities kidnapped my baby”, 31-year-old Iolanda explained this afternoon.

“My own parents have written to the British authorities, to say they are prepared to look after Santiago in Portugal, but they have been ignored”.

The young cardiology technician is thus appealing to “all Portuguese mothers” to support her and show Britain that court injunctions forbidding heartbroken parents from speak out “will not work”.

“I would rather go to jail than stay silent”, she affirmed. “The lies that have been told about our story are endless. We are exhausted, but we will not sit back and let the system take our baby”.

However, a few days later, was singing a slightly different song:

In an extraordinary development on last week’s cover story centring on the number of Portuguese children taken into care by British social services, a source has come forwards to highlight the case against 31-year-old Portuguese mother Iolanda Menino – claiming the cardiology technician has been “brainwashed” by her partner, Leonardo Edwards.

Fiona O’Leary, co-founder of the not-for-profit organisation Autistic Rights Together, told us she had been working on exposing Leonardo Edwards “for the last two years”.

“British social services were absolutely right to remove the couple’s child,” she told us from her base in Ireland.

“I am amazed that newspapers in Portugal have skirted round the MMS connection,” she added – referring to the so-called Miracle Mineral Solution that Edwards has been caught on camera selling to purge all manner of ailments and conditions, including autism, Alzheimer’s and cancer.

“It is highly toxic and has already killed people. We have been working for years to stop the work of the Genesis II church, of which Leonardo is a so-called bishop,” she told us.

“MMS is not fit for human consumption, and yet they keep selling it and telling vulnerable people to give it to their children.”

As for the potential risk Edwards may pose to his newborn baby Santiago – removed by social services over two months ago – O’Leary stressed it is “completely valid”.

“The authorities gave this couple every opportunity to renounce MMS. The concentrations of bleach in this product mean that it stinks,” she explained. “Just having a baby in that environment would be enough to put him at risk.

“Iolanda also was given every opportunity to keep the baby. She was told that if she agreed to leave Leonardo, she could have him home. But the two chose bleach over their child. It’s almost too much to believe.”

Indeed, in 2015 Leonardo Edwards had been caught in a BBC sting, selling MMS as a cure for nearly all illnesses and conditions, including cancer, HIV, malaria, autism and Alzheimer’s:

A former NHS worker is still selling bleach as a “miracle” cure for cancer after being exposed by the BBC.

Leonardo Edwards, of Southampton, was filmed by Inside Out South selling Master Mineral Solution (MMS), made from chlorine dioxide.
He was also investigated by BBC London in June after selling the substance as an autism cure. …

Inside Out South filmed Mr Edwards selling the substance to an actress.
He said: “It can cure malaria in four hours and cure HIV.

“I will never knowingly take a pharmaceutical drug again. I am helping people all over the world with this.”

Presenter Jon Cuthill visited the home of the church in Houston, Texas, USA, and after two days and $412 (£267) was given a certificate to prove he was a “reverend” and was able to sell MMS.

The group was told the solution cured cancer and leukaemia.

The Food Standards Agency in the UK has re-issued a long-standing warning about MMS which said it can cause “severe nausea, vomiting and diarrhoea” and could potentially lead to death.

During the BBC sting, Edwards told the reporter that 27 drops of MMS was the correct dose for a baby.

On the evening that Edwards and Menino’s baby was removed from their care, Edwards posted the following on Facebook:

Funnily enough, though, the MMS connection was not mentioned to the reporter at at the time.

However, in an interview on the Richie Allen Show reported on HealthNutNews, Edwards apparently discussed MMS:

In an interview on The Richie Allen Show Leonardo tried to make sense of what might have led to this nightmarish situation. Full disclosure: Leonardo’s business involves selling the controversial alternative health treatment MMS (miracle mineral supplement) and last year was the subject of an undercover report by the BBC where Leonardo was portrayed as a charlatan, selling ‘bleach to babies’ (I won’t try to defend or condemn the product here, but I recommend doing a little reading on the topic before jumping to conclusions).

Leonardo feels this story had an impact on their baby being taken.

“I do believe it has a big part to play in this. MMS is not illegal in any country. MMS is not lethal, no one’s died from it. People can go and check the environmental protection agency’s own bureaucracies which show it’s safe and also the poison index will show it as safe.”

(Emphasis ours)

The claim that “no one has died from” MMS is untrue. Drinking bleach has a number of harmful effects, up to and including death. When taken as directed, MMS can cause severe nausea, vomiting and diarrhoea, potentially leading to dehydration and reduced blood pressure. Proponents of MMS claim that the acute vomiting and diarrhoea—and the slimy white material which is often ejected from the body—are actually signs that the product is working. There is no evidence to support this claim, and the white slime is actually bits of the victim’s gut lining.

In a 2009 case in Vanuatu, a woman died within hours of drinking MMS:

Death of Silvia Fink Solis

On the morning of 8 August 2009, an expatriate sailor named Silvia Fink Solis swallowed a liquid mixture which was called ‘Magical Mineral Supplement’. At that time, Ms Fink Solis was with her husband Mr Douglas Nash, onboard their yacht which was then moored at Lamen Bay, Epi.

Within 15 minutes of drinking the mixture, Ms Fink Solis became extremely sick. Her condition never improved. In the early evening of 8 August 2009, she fell into a coma and, at about 10.00 pm that night, she was pronounced dead.

The death of Ms Fink Solis was reported to the Coroner. The Coroner authorised an autopsy to be conducted on her body. Members of the Vanuatu Police Force conducted an extensive investigation into the cause of her death and into the circumstances of how she came to be in possession of the Magical Mineral Supplement. A brief of evidence was forwarded to my office for assessment as to whether any person had committed any criminal offence in the supply of the Magical Mineral Supplement to Ms Fink Solis.

After carefully examining all the available evidence, I have concluded that there are no reasonable prospects of securing a conviction against any person in relation to the death of Ms Fink Solis or in the supply of Magical Mineral Supplement to her. I have written to her widower, Mr Nash, to advise him fully of the reasons for my decision.

Magical Mineral Supplement is also known as Malaria Mineral Supplement, Magical Mineral Solution or, more commonly, MMS. Neither MMS nor any of its constituent elements are prohibited drugs under the Vanuatu Dangerous Drugs Act [CAP 12].

Currently, MMS is readily available for purchase online on the internet. There is no legislation in Vanuatu which prohibits the importation of MMS into Vanuatu. Whether MMS should be banned from Vanuatu is a matter for the Parliament of Vanuatu to decide.

On the evidence available in relation to this investigation, it is quite clear that Ms Fink Solis very rapidly became extremely ill shortly after drinking MMS. When examining the case, I had regard to information which has been published on the Internet about MMS. While MMS is not prohibited in the United States of America, the US Food and Drug Administration (a branch of the US Department of Health) has issued safety information alerts, warning consumers against consuming MMS. In July, the FDA warned that ‘Consumers who have MMS should stop using it immediately and throw it away’. On 1 October 2010, the FDA updated its warnings against the use of MMS.

While every case is assessed on its own merits, I advise that any person who misuses MMS in Vanuatu in the future would be likely to face prosecution for potentially serious criminal offences. No person should ever give MMS to another person to drink without advising them of what it is they are drinking and of the serious risks to health that may arise if they decide to drink the mixture.

So, “Baby Santiago’s” parents believe in and use MMS, a product with toxic and potentially fatal consequences when used as directed. Leonardo Edwards believes that infants can take MMS, and has convinced his wife that this is correct. However, according to Edwards and Menino, their child was “snatched” from them for completely spurious reasons.

Sabine McNeill was quoted in at least one news article related to this case, and in fact we discovered that both she and Belinda McKenzie are Facebook friends with Edwards and Menino:

(Yes, we have discovered that while one of Sabine’s Facebook accounts has disappeared, the other seems to be going strong in her absence.)

It should come as no surprise that Edwards and Menino are linked with Sabine, Belinda, and others of their ilk. They fit the profile perfectly: young, photogenic people whose child has been removed from their care for reasons which are either glossed over or excused. They advocate the use of an “alternative health product” and so can claim that they are being unjustly persecuted—just the sort of story Sabine and Belinda can spin into one of their “campaigns”.

Although Sabine has been out of commission for the past several months, and nobody knows what the outcome of her sentencing hearing will be on Wednesday, we wonder how much and what sort of support Edwards and Menino have received from Belinda and friends?

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  1. Isn’t amazing how the same small circle always seem to be involved with these dodgy products, how they continue to get away with it I will never know

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  2. Sigh – one born every minute, I guess 😦

    How do medical scammers sleep at night, knowing that the products they’re pushing can kill, or have killed, people? And even if they haven’t, leading desperate people to believe they’re being offered a miracle cure – and to eschew genuine medical care as a result – is in itself potentially fatal.

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  3. MMS and other medical fallacies being pushed by some of our ‘favourite’ Hampstead hoaxers (don’t try these at home, kids):

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  4. She swooped it for Sabine who has been spirited out of the county and a clone will take her place on Wednesday.
    Well that’s my theory.

    In other news I did a heap of white sheet washing last night with huge doses of Bleach but resisted ducking my head in the tub as I recall from once having “highlights” (I was very young at the time) bleach stings like buggery. God only knows what it does to your insides but I know it’s bloody brilliant on the sheets.

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  5. I think I’ve discovered Palin’s crime from the comments section:

    “Anonymous 30 December 2018 at 02:02
    Palin,like Sarah Palin is a crypto jew…infact the only non jew in Monty Python was John Cleese….who subsequently was taken to the cleaners by his American Jewish wife….she absolutely cleaned him out….no doubt the American judge was a Jew.”

    # Wait till they discover John Cleese is a virulent anti-Donald Trump tweeter.

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  6. Marc/Nattalie’s been posting that Drifloud screenshot all over the place. This is from Angie’s timeline:

    And the beauty of it is that’s from a Hoaxtead post, complete with EC’s annotations. See – even the fruitloops know where to come for the real scoops 😀

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  7. Inside Out South filmed Mr Edwards selling the substance to an actress.
    He said: “It can cure malaria in four hours and cure HIV.

    Worst “As-the-bishop-said-to-the-actress” joke EVAH.

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  8. “They snatched our baby” sounds better than “we fled the UK on the first opportunity, abandoned our baby, and haven’t gone back to claim him”.

    They have started a Gofundme page to help with legal and logistical expenses, which has already raised 1,365 pounds in just over three weeks.
    The Gofundme page does not mention legal expenses, and there is no suggestion of involving lawyers. It is “to pay our living expenses”.

    After three years with no activity, one could suspect that they find their son more profitable in his absence.

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  9. I’ve just been reliably informed that ‘J’ stands for joint. So she smokes weed with five kids in her care? 🤔

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  10. Just don’t tell Kane Slater – he’s banned the letter ‘J’, remember, and replaced them all with ‘i’.

    Which is kind of ironic, considering he’s such a big fan of joints – sorry, ioints – himself.

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  11. Reading Aangirfan, while drinking and smoking dope. Now I see why her research skillzzzz are so damn crazy and lead to things like videos about red shoe conspiracies.

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  12. Fiona O’Leary takes no prisoners & gets a lot of flak from those scammer groups, one being Mark Glennon, head of Genesis ll Church who promote MMS.

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  13. I can only guess that the bubblegum goes with the J, by way of vaping, since Bulmers does not come in bubblegum flavour in this or any other universe. Try to imagine how that would taste in a snakebite. It does not bear thinking about.

    Evidently Buckfast-flavoured vaping mix is no longer available. How Cat must have mourned.

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  14. “After three years with no activity, one could suspect that they find their son more profitable in his absence.”

    That sounds familiar….

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  15. Great video!

    Isn’t Ray Savage one of the fruitloops promoting MMS?

    Also great article EC!

    This is a subject close to my heart for all kinds of reasons including the fact that someone I know is being exploited by quacks at the moment. I hate criminals who exploit the most vulnerable people in society.

    Speaking of which, I discovered a little rabbit hole today that resonates with this issue.

    I discovered it via an old page in Chris Spivey’s bog here

    The post is about “Nick” real name Carl Beech, an interesting character familiar to regular readers of this blog and anyone following the satanic panic generally.

    Anyhoo, Spivey states

    “Now, you will notice that there is very little information given over about Beech. I mean, apart from his age, there is nothing about where he lives or what he does for a living. Indeed, you would be entailed to conclude that he is nothing more than a weird Geordie fantasist, jumping on the political paedo bandwagon.

    But he isn’t.

    You see, on the 27th November 2018 a PDF (found HERE) concerning the persecution of a whistle blower named Dr Corascendea Cathar reappeared on the interweb.

    Good timing some of the more cynical of you might might rightly say since the PDF was allegedly first published in 2011. Nevertheless, it begins thus:

    The following document describes how Dr Corascendea Cathar, a linguist, lost her job and became persecuted for pointing out the apparent misappropriation of a large sum of public money intended for language services to vulnerable people.

    Dr Cathar alerted to the abuse of those vulnerable people by social workers assisted by members of the police and she demanded the investigation of the deaths resultant from withdrawal of essential services in the NHS to individuals registered as vitally dependent on those services by the very organisation that withdrew them in full knowledge of the consequences.

    The BBC made about Dr Cathar a malicious fabrication in 2012 broadcast in January 2013, indicating her as a murderer of a person who died under chemotherapy 4 years after Dr Cathar last saw that person, in order to discredit her as a witness and to subject her to hate and possibly to violence.

    The film unduly showed Dr Cathar’s home with all entrances and windows, possibly inviting an angry mob to attack her in her home and to kill her as a “murderer”.

    In autumn of 2017, an individual connected to the Crown, Claudia Joseph, personal biographer to the Duchess of Cambridge, the future Queen, was renewing and disseminating the BBC lies via the Hello! magazine and in Mail Online, even though the story was in the meantime exposed as false and
    the BBC protégée, Chris Geiger, was identified as an impostor cashing in on the suffering of real cancer patients.

    Geiger was thrown out of all serious venues by 2015, but made it back to the BBC in 2017 as an attempted “baker”. Despite the support, the attempt has not made it beyond round 2.
    Also by 2017, those responsible for the social work abuse were already investigated and the majority lost their jobs, but justice for Dr Cathar was nowhere seen and no-one prevented, or defended her against the continued malice and lies now spearheaded by an individual connected to the Crown.

    The social work and police scandal was reported on in the local and national press in summer of 2017. The head of Gloucestershire County Council, Peter Bungard, was questioned and named.

    It looks like Justice for what was done to Dr Cathar is left to God alone. Dr Cathar e-mail of 5th June 2014 to Laurence Robertson, MP:

    “I have turned to you for help (30th May 2014) and you betrayed me in a way that I consider to be most abominable. You produced a long list of lies and distortions about me the full contents of which I was unable to as much as read, while abusing information I provided about my case and you made sure that I did not get compensation from the Health Ombudsman that may, otherwise, have been under consideration.

    I believe your relevant actions should be exposed and you, and possible other MPs like you, should be sacked by the people.””

    The BBC news story Spivey mentions is here
    and the story reads very differently to the spin put on it by Spivey

    Also the “imposter” Chris Geiger he talks about was simply a former cancer patient working undercover with the BBC and secretly filming the quack “healer” and her dangerous activities.

    The “healer” Corascendea Cathar, real name Dagmar Ebster-Grosz, claimed to have stopped her quackery related ways but her services offering her special healing called Dhaxem are to be found via google so it appears she is still at it.

    An archive of one of her sites is here
    another is here

    In true hoaxer style Spivey claims that she was falsely accused by the BBC and that this was to punish her for being a whistleblower exposing corruption and evil social workers abusing people. Or something.

    It seems that the hoaxers have an endless appetite for quackery

    Also, speaking of the dangers of bleach, many of the cults I study promote another extremely dangerous form of bleach called “black salve” as a cure for skin cancer
    wiki here (warning – horrible photos of damage done by said quack product)
    recent news story with marginally less horrible photos here

    So, basically, if you possess an unquenchable desire to burn your nose off, black salve is your quack remedy of choice.

    Some cults, alongside their promotion of raw diets, also promote raw milk products, especially for young children, who they claim develop enhanced immune systems from drinking the product. They claim that raw milk is safe as it is “natural”.

    However raw milk products are potentially dangerous, especially for children.

    I feel extremely concerned about the safety and welfare of children raised by parents who cherish beliefs in quackery and bizarre conspiracy theories. The parents probably mean well but children can be in very real danger of harm when they are not given proper attention by child protective services.

    If you examine the history of spiritual cults where things have ended catastrophically, e.g. Waco, Move, the Rajneeshees / Osho (although the latter continues to expand even after various catastrophes) , and many more there is a pattern of the police and child protective services not acting promptly and robustly in response to concerns expressed by neighbours re child abuse and neglect and violent / antisocial behaviour of adults. If only the cops and social services had acted sooner re allegations of child abuse and neglect at Waco and in Philadelphia re Move things would not have escalated in the horrific way that they did.

    What would have happened re the Hampstead hoax if more robust action had been taken regarding serious concerns for P&Q’s welfare, their evident hunger and neglect, we cannot know but it would have surely been far better nipped in the bud and the children protected before Abe and Ella got busy with torturing the children and causing misery to an innocent community of Hampstead residents.

    We can only hope that lessons will be learned. The abuse and neglect of minors and vulnerable adults must always be investigated robustly and the protection of children must be a priority, not only because it is important in its own right, but because very often it is part of a cluster of indicators that signify the development of dangerous and extremist groups.

    Just as people need to understand that child molesters don’t all look like dirty old men in mackintoshes, or satanists, they need to learn that sometimes parents can harm and even kill their children through their bizarre cultic / conspiraloon beliefs. Such parents may appear to be well educated, gentle, “love and light” type people, but they can still cause immense harm to their children albeit unwillingly.

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  16. Plus according to a Google search wot I jus dun – hic, burp – that red bottle she’s holding in her hand is crushed red berries and lime flavour, not bubblegum

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  17. Still, he’s taking it well 😆

    By the way, for the record this was my doing. Bastard’s given all the credit to the Dragons!

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  18. What the hell does this have to do with Hoaxtead, Eddie?


    Don’t give up your day job to become a private detective, whatever you do, Eddie. Besides. McDonald’s needs burger-flippers.

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  19. “Isn’t Ray Savage one of the fruitloops promoting MMS?”

    Oh it wouldn’t surprise me! Especially given his past with the scammer Naima ‘Hope Girl’ Feagin and his dodgy antics around the Hampstead hoax.

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  20. You’re welcome Tinribs
    Looks like quite an interesting little rabbit hole
    Just in case anyone wants to explore a little further
    (scroll down for English translation)

    It would appear that there was an alarming situation in the NHS Trust in which the quack “Dr Cathar” was working as a linguist and voluntary hospital worker for seriously ill peopled vulnerable women and girls from the Slovak and Czech communities in the NHS in Gloucester. From the text it appears that this quack might have been breaching patient confidentiality and patient boundaries and that nurses and other staff had to make efforts to ensure that “Dr Cathar” did not sneak into their wards using false names.

    I do not have time right now to examine the above link thoroughly but I sense there may be some interesting tangential material there.

    Also, regarding the above “news” site that the link is in; I would advise extreme caution. I have seen similar “news” sites with almost identical graphics and layouts that were run by criminal networks. Often they ran stories about share prices and businesses that were part of Ponzi schemes and other scams. Don’t have time to check it out 100% right now but please be very careful.

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  21. I have … opinions about that, having talked to a fair number of autistic folks whose parents tried equally dreadful stuff to “cure” them. Because leaving kids vulnerable to deadly diseases or inflicting permanent damage to the digestive system and internal organs are obviously better than having a healthy, happy child with autism.

    Everyone hates a child abuser, unless the child is “defective”, the abuser is their own parent and they’re doing it out of “love”. Then they get all kinds of sympathy and understanding.

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  22. Interesting post SH. I see that you mentioned Black Salve, another dangerous ‘treatment’ that quacks like to promote. This guy has done an interesting video all about Black Salve. He debunks a few of these dangerous treatments and i’ll post a few more of his videos here.

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  23. Great video there by The Tusk Force. The Red Cross trials using MMS that Debs rants on about are explained in this debunking video of the trials

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  24. 2:50 – “It is not caused by a bacteria or virus”

    Proof, as if it were needed, that Jim Humble is not a medical man.

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  25. I don’t wish to attach this comment to a post because it isn’t aimed at anyone in particular but can we avoid promoting the idea that there are evil people leading weak individuals astray on a multiplicity of topics.

    Yes, there are grifters and charlatans out there and people who Justice Pauffley would categorise as “evil” but where’s the personal responsibility and agency?

    To take it away from the emotive subjects that are usually used as examples, let’s say we are talking about the relatively harmless flat earthers. There are plenty of idiots out there peddling a dumb theory. They are not evil, but the people who fall for it are not helpless dupes. They have have a choice. A dumb choice but it still their own choice. They are the only ones responsible for their choice, not some evil wizard who tricked them.

    I understand the need here to concentrate on the extremists as they are the ones causing the most damage, but it is letting a lot of dumb ****s off the hook to make it seem that it is not individuals who are wholly responsible for their own actions.

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  26. Thank you Tinribs, that is nice of you to say that. I am also glad to be back here amongst all you good people.

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  27. LOL, check out this comment from one of Devine’s mates on his post about taking his wife out for her birthday 🤭

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  28. Also, regarding the above “news” site that the link is in; I would advise extreme caution. I have seen similar “news” sites with almost identical graphics and layouts that were run by criminal networks.

    You mean “”? It seems to be an outlet for the World Association of Slovaks Abroad. Which is recognised by the gubblement of Slovakia, which does not mean that it is above-board.


  29. Of course in British courts the judges will often do deals with fruitcakes in America. ‘Take down your website’ they say ‘and we will free the poor wretch found Guilty by a jury’. After this they fly home on their unicorns.

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  30. Is ‘ioints’ Welsh for ‘joints’. I’m so old I still think ‘joints’ is a reference to the construction of furniture.

    I don’t like ‘K’s’ and have replaced them with ‘In’.

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  31. I like Myles Power, havn’t had time to watch that video, but had watched this one yesterday, very worryingly @ 18mins recommendations for parents to treat children with colonic solutions (enemas)…. more alarm bells and another similarity to Abe Christie and Ellas abuse of the two children, whilst in Morocco, cept they used hemp.

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  32. Posted by CANNABIS CURES CANCERS! on Sunday, January 6, 2019

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  33. Desperation latest

    It seems that that Cat Scot’s growing more and more desperate in her quest to… er… do whatever it is she’s trying to do. And as you can tell by her inexplicable excitement over whatever it is she’s excited about, and her susceptibility to known scammers Chris Spivey and Thea56, her intake of drugs and booze isn’t helping:

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  34. Oh Christ, is that that weird bloke from Blackpool again? I thought we’d seen the back of him.

    I wonder if Cat’s aware of that he calls her beloved Hollie Greig and other children with Down’s syndrome “mongs”. Or that he can’t stand the sight of her idol Chris Spivey. Not that she’s gonna put down the cider and do any research any time soon 🙄

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  35. Conversation with friend:
    Me: I can’t figure out why they didn’t notice Palin was born in Sheffield. Surely that has some significance?
    Friend: FFS don’t give them ideas! (doing silly walk to the door.)

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  36. Going back to Leonardo Edwards: the wee shitweasel apparently worked for a while at “Pearl Lodge”, an illegal bleach-clinic and body-farm in Bulgaria. Pearl Lodge was run by Amanda and Doug Jewell, two other members of the Genesis II fake church, until the unreasonable number of deaths came to the attention of the Bulgarian authorities and they fled the country

    Amanda had already become notorious in the UK-expat community in Bulgaria for the sheer variety of her scams (fake lawyer, fake realtor, fake orphanage). Once back in the UK, she hosted a Genesis II Bleaching Seminar in Farnham that created headlines when the police busted the proceedings,

    That led to further migrations. After killing people for money in Mexico for a while she is currently killing people for money at a clinic resort beach-side bait-shop in Belize.

    Much more could be said about Amanda Mary Jewell, and Fiona O’Leary and Emma Delmayne are experts on her escapades, but we are straying slightly from the HR Mission Statement.

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  37. The inquest has heard that Max Spiers was unwell with pneumonia and cause of death was this and intoxication by drugs 😦

    He [Max Spiers] was described as a journalist “dealing with the topics of conspiracy theories and paranormal phenomena,” the inquest heard.

    Duval agreed shortly after they met to let him stay at her house, rather than take his return plane ticket back to the UK. After picking him up from his hotel, she took him to a doctor’s surgery and bought him medication worth more than 1,500 Polish złoty (about £315).

    The inquest was told he often suffered illness while staying with her and “sometimes he felt weak and sometimes he had problems with focus and attention”.

    He also complained “satanic groups” were after him in the lead-up to his death, Duval’s statement said.

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  38. Apparently he auditioned for the part of one of the Three Witches in Macbeth and got the part. I’ll leave it to your imagination who will play the other two.


  39. @ Smut Clyde
    Thanks for that interesting link.

    I am not 100% sure what is going on with that website and I don’t feel inclined to investigate it too deeply, there are some things there that raise red flags for me, but sometimes something quacks like a duck but isn’t a duck.

    I agree that sometimes these organisations and societies linked to nations can be *cough* interesting 😉

    Had to find this in the archive – definitely worth a read


  40. Sage

    One thing that most people struggle to understand is how charming, believable and manipulative certain narcissistic individuals can be. This can mean that victims of crime face a very difficult time getting justice and also are often told they are stupid or deserved whatever came their way.

    Thing is, we are all vulnerable at different times in our lives. Nobody on Earth is invulnerable to malicious influence at a time when they are weak and we are all weak at some point.

    Do you remember the notorious fake “shaman of Hampstead” Juliet D’Souza? The evil, manipulative sociopath who scammed vulnerable people of NW London and beyond while syphoning away their money and squirrelling it away in Suriname where she was the mistress of a local bent law enforcement official?

    D’Souza manipulated an osteopath, Keith Bender, into believing that she was a real shaman and Bender referred his clients to her. Bender meant well but had his life, and that of many of his clients, destroyed by a ruthless and vicious scammer.

    D’Souza is a sociopath. I believe that the word “evil” can be applied to her quite legitimately. I also believe that she was involved in much more serious crimes than those she was convicted for.

    Bender was very naive and gullible and payed a great price for his naivety.

    D’Souza’s clients lost everything (one even aborted her much longed for baby on D’Souza’s advice) and many people thought they were stupid and deserved to be scammed. I cannot express how much I disagree with this attitude. The more you educate yourself about hypnotism, trance induction, Stockholm syndrome and cults the more you understand how easy it is for a psychopath to destroy people’s lives with scams and grifts.

    If a scammy cult leader can convince a former RAF intelligence officer (presumably someone who has received professional training in how to resist interrogation and emotional manipulation) then what chance do the rest of us have?

    When we have mental health professionals working in the NHS providing dubious, cult-related quack therapies to people with mental illnesses then these kinds of abuses are inevitable.


  41. Not necessarily disagreeing but there’s a lot to unpack, so I’ll wait until this topic gets its own post from EC after certain matters have been attended to!


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