More thoughts on battling irrational beliefs

We have often pointed to the comments section on our blog as a source of intelligent insight and excellent ideas, and the responses to yesterday’s post about attempting to control the spread of toxic conspiracy theories was no exception. 

MC Spanner pointed out that SRA claimants bear an uncanny similarity to those who fake illness or personal tragedy online to gain attention or financial reward: 

Child abuse is bad enough. Why do these clowns have to try and make is worse by adding SATANIC to it? Anyone who claims to gave been “satanically sexually abused” is the absolute worst kind of attention whore there is…..and they deserve just as much venom spitting as a child molester…..if not more so.
Imagine countless vloggers and bloggers claiming they had had cancer but they were making that up! …..
Or maybe claiming they had a family member knifed to death….just to jump on the latest knifecrime hashtag…..
it really is beyond revolting…..and i wish nothing but pure misery on such pigs who spout this nonsense.
When you have been sexually abused as a child…..the last thing you want to do is exagerate it for attention….let alone vlog about it.

It’s an excellent analogy, though we would note that some SRA claimants do genuinely believe their own stories. This is almost invariably the result of incompetent, poorly trained, or agenda-driven therapists, who use discredited techniques such as hypnosis or EMDR to create what amount to false memories in their unfortunate clients. Sad to say, the psychotherapy field is littered with these practitioners, who create incalculable damage to their clients, as well as contributing to ongoing belief in SRA. 

Containing the spread of a social disease

Justin Sanity pointed out that while it’s not really possible to stop people from promoting belief in irrational things, some practical steps can be taken to contain and dampen belief in SRA in areas like Scotland, where promoters seem to have gained a foothold:

Practical steps I’d recommend, unfortunately best suited for sympathetic mass media (journalists) and since Scotland seems to be targeted it would be helpful if they were Scots.

1) Talk more about the anti-Christian origin of the mythical sacrificial, baby-eating, orgiastic “cult” – as revealed by Justin Martyr.
2) Emphasize Scotland’s proud tradition of rationalism, national heroes like David Hume. Not necessary to go into detail about his philosophy – suffice to discuss the numerous contributions that Scots made to the triumph of reason over superstition.
3) Research and talk about the tragic murders of innocent Scots during the “witch-hunting” era – there were many Scots victims, and..
4) Remind people about the on-going tragedy of child abuse & murder under the guise of “exorcism”.

All excellent points, and yes, we agree that involving Scottish mass media in coming to grips with the recent SRA outbreak in that part of the UK is critical. 

We would add, too, that adopting a “disease control” approach might be more practical than attempting to “stop” belief in conspiracy theories in general, and SRA in particular. 

If the spread of conspiracy and SRA myths can be seen as a type of disease, spread via social contact with others who are susceptible, then perhaps we shouldn’t be looking at stopping the disease, but rather containing it—that is, controlling its ability to spread. 

We know that mocking and deriding those who believe irrational things doesn’t work; it just makes people dig in their heels more deeply. And sad as it may be, there will always be some people who will gravitate toward the irrational and strange, abandoning rational thought in favour of imagination, intuition, and belief. 

So Justin’s suggestions—focusing on Scotland’s proud legacy of rational thought and its undeniable contributions to education, for example—could be a sound way to help keep SRA/conspiracy belief from spreading any further than it already has.

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  1. I refer again to one sensible British journalist when questioning this entire “Satanic Ritual Abuse” sensationalism which invariably comes from dodgy “psychologists” and “recovered memories” : ” I’ve yet to meet a Holocaust survivor who went through and witnessed the most unspeakable savagery and who suppressed the memory or was able to forget”.
    The same probably applies to those who witnessed atrocities by ISIL and similar.

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  2. Well, doh. The ones who did suppress their memories of Birkenau or Treblinka, of course they never talked about it to the journalist!

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  3. “If the spread of conspiracy and SRA myths can be seen as a type of disease, spread via social contact with others who are susceptible, then perhaps we shouldn’t be looking at stopping the disease, but rather containing it—that is, controlling its ability to spread”.

    You are as wise as always 🙂

    I haven’t abandoned verbally “cutting someone a new one” as a means of disease control, however 🙂
    Just today, a lying fraud on Twitter fled the conversation he was infecting (and blocked me natch) after I confronted him.
    Him claiming that less than 1% of his brain cells were operational. Okay, that’s not what he said – haha! – but something just as outrageous. Point being that he ran away when confronted.

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  4. I forgot to mention, that I think current campaigns to raise awareness about false allegation victimization in the UK are FANTASTIC and a very important component of inoculating the public against the disease of SRA belief (even when the false allegations have no SRA-esque component).

    I applaud those who are engaged in these efforts.

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  5. I helped on a book about 30 years ago with a couple who did “suppress” their memories- note, not forgot, just suppressed ie: never spoke about it.
    But when they did to a journalist as they thought they should put it ll down on paper for future generations it became so traumatic they actually split up as the memories were so bad and they decided they didn’t want to live with each other any more as it provoked too many bad memories.

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  6. I think you misinterpret what the journo meant ( I think it was David Rose from the Mail)- he didn’t go around interviewing people about the Holocaust, he was talking in general and I’m pretty sure I’ve never encountered anyone who has been through traumatic incidents that’s been able to “forget” the memory to the point a psychologist needed to invoke that memory.
    And I’ve met an awful lot of people.
    But I can imagine a child might not suppress a memory, rather simply forget as it’s doubtful anyone can recall every incident from their life good or bad until they each a certain age where their brain becomes more developed.
    There are 2 incidents from my life where I cannot remember any of it but my parents were able to describe them much later but in the middle of those 2 incidents I can remember a nail going right through my foot.

    The notion that someone like Fiona Barnett can recall incidents of murders etc from a very early age (claiming she forgot President Nixon abused her on Airforce One) but was able to recover it all after she left the Cult of whatever the hell she was in is patent nonsense because it’s not how people or children react.


  7. I somehow missed this. The case number indicates that it’s her benefit fraud trial.
    Court 20 T20180394 NEELU BERRY
    For Pre – Trial Review 16/11/2018 12:55

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  8. Also this one:

    Court 13 T20170731 SABINE MCNEILL
    For Mention – Case Started 02/11/2018 11:15

    “For Mention” is an administrative hearing, to check progress of discovery etc. There is no hearing of the case.

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  9. Found it! Case number matches.

    Court 11 – sitting at 10:30 AM
    For Trial T20170731 ******* ****** *********** *****
    Order made under s46, Youth Justice and Criminal Evidence Act 1999

    I think we should make it known that the MI5 budget approved expenses (except for alcohol unless it’s wine with a meal) and one or more of us of us will be attending. We won’t of course*, but if the Matt Taylor case is anything to go by it will set the paranoid fools off against anyone they don’t recognise and hopefully get themselves arrested.🤣

    * Or will we? 😉

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  10. Yes, Sabine’s trial will be subject to the same restrictions as Rupert’s was, as they don’t want any children named. Makes sense, but I can just imagine the hoaxers (Belinda, I’m looking at you) claiming that it’s a “secret trial”.

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  11. I have noted over a period of time that SRA fictions have been gaining ground in Scotland. I am unsure why this is, but it seems that a dedicated campaign will have to be launched to crush that movement before it starts hurting innocent children and their families. This will probably be my next major effort to promote to the Grey Faction of Satanic Temple to have a dedicated team for this purpose at my end.

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  12. The Jelly babies are on the House during the Sabine McNeill trial.

    However, Sabine is innocent until the court decides otherwise, and so she deserves to have a fair and open trial. Let the retards amongst the Satan Hunters attempt to prejudice justice for the innocent, I prefer to let nature take its course, where truth, justice and reason will decide the outcome over ignorant subjectivity.

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  14. I saw that GCHQ puzzle book in Sainsbury’s in Hampton the other day and came close to buying it 😆

    I did buy myself a Countdown desktop calendar, though. A different word puzzle for every day 🙂

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