Dysgenics: the science of belief in SRA hoaxes

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Apparently, there’s been a great deal of study into allegedly declining human intelligence and this is being linked to the increase in people who believe obvious bunkum like SRA hoaxes and daft conspiracy theories. This explains so much about Hoaxteaders, who, let’s face it, are somewhat deficient on the intellectual front!

Here are some snippets:

Many satanic cult conspiracy theorists, and also advocates for self-professed Ritual Abuse survivors, are Ritual Abuse cult mythology True Believers. True Believers…believe and allege that secret Ritual Abuse cults have been committing horrific crimes against children throughout our society for generations or perhaps for millennia, without being exposed, apprehended or brought to justice. True Believers profess to accept, absolutely and uncritically, the life history and victimization narratives of self-professed Ritual Abuse survivors.

In some cases, these adults claimed that their knowledge of children being abused in satanic cult ‘abuse rituals’ was validated by children telling them about experiencing such abuse, or telling them about witnessing such abuse being perpetrated against other kids. Sometimes, in these cases, real children were eventually manipulated into reciting SRA allegations – which originated one way or another from adults in their lives – as though it was the child’s own story, in some public record such as testimony in a criminal court. In reality, however, most of these children were being exploited as ‘ventriloquists’ dummies’ by adults in their lives – the children spoke the words and recited the fantasies, but the fantasies came from the minds of controlling adults – not from the child’s imagination nor from their real life experiences.

We know, from the accounts of some heroic persons who gave false testimony as a child but retracted that testimony once they were mature enough to run their own lives, that some children were manipulated into knowingly telling falsehoods and making up stories in relation to these small number of child protection investigations in the 1980s…involving sexual assault and torture by groups of people within religious or cult‐like ‘satanic” ceremonies”’ but those children are entirely blameless for any false allegations that came out of their mouths under those circumstances.

Thanks, Justin. Some very pertinent points there.


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  1. That *so* describes what abe has done: ‘In reality, however, most of these children were being exploited as ‘ventriloquists’ dummies’ by adults in their lives – the children spoke the words and recited the fantasies, but the fantasies came from the minds of controlling adults – not from the child’s imagination nor from their real life experiences.’

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  2. The concept of “Dysgenics” is somewhat tongue-in-cheek, here…i.e., stupid people believe stupid things and subsequently do stupid stuff. A very important example, taken from the second link provided:

    JAMES and MARIE LAPPE – foster parents to 4 young children from the same birth family, the Lappe’s ran a therapeutic foster care home in Texas. Following a meeting of concerned parents, where Catherine Gould’s checklist of Satanic Ritual Abuse symptoms was handed out, the Lappe’s returned home full of satanic panic and proceeded to “diagnose” all of the children as SRA victims. They began subjecting the children to physical torments such as running up and down the stairs until they were past exhaustion, then demanding confessions of their parent’s involvement in the satanic cult and subjecting them to horrific abuse. Little Bobby Vernon, aged 7, refused to affirm the Lappe’s fantasies. He would not falsely accuse his parents of hurting him. Determined to force “the truth” out of the boy, the Lapp’s slammed his head on the ground over & over until they broke his skull. He died later in hospital. [I could be wrong about this. I had been led to believe that Bobby Vernon eventually succumbed to the injuries which apparently left him in a permanent vegetative state. I’m unable to verify his passing, however] The Lappe’s were subsequently found dead in their home from overdoses of prescription medicine. [According to some reports, James shot himself while Marie died of an overdose].

    The Free Lance Star article, December 2, 1995, reporting that Bobby Vernon was left permanently vegatative, and the death of the Lappes, with background details:


    Dr Bruce Perry’s version of these events, from his “The Boy Who Was Raised As A Dog” :



  3. Ok well I was one of the boys the lappe’s adopted b4 my cousins the where brought there and I do have a lot more insight than y’all!!! To say that it was all false stories squeezed out of exhausted children is far from true. Yes some may have been exaggerated by the younger children but I know what I lived and have the emotional and physical marks to prove it. And no bobby did not “succumb” to his injuries but is still alive if that is what you want to call it


  4. For Tim Lappe –

    Thank you for your comment!
    Many months have passed since you left it, here. It seems unlikely that you will ever read this response of mine, but having no other means of communicating with you I will at least give this a shot.
    I accept that you have suffered, emotionally and physically, and my wish for you is that you will find ways to make peace with your experiences if you have not already. I accept that you possess insights & understanding about your family, about their childhood experiences (and yours), and about the Lappes – as parents and as persons – that far exceed the fragments of information that I have gathered.

    Most accounts that I have read over the years, do assert a belief that the children placed with the Lappes suffered emotional, physical, and or sexual abuse in their families of origin. Some accounts seem short on documentation for this belief, but I see no reason to cast doubt on it. I’ve never thought that all the abuse allegations in this case were “squeezed out of exhausted children”.

    Of particular concern to me are the allegations about “satanic” rituals and cults, child sacrifice, and murder. People who have studied such allegations in Western societies for many decades, (and I am one of them), have identified patterns in the way that such allegations are generated and transmitted. One of these patterns involves adult persons concocting a story about such things, in their own lives or in their community, and then manipulating children into making statements that appear to “prove” the story. It seems to many of us, that something like this was acted out in this case.
    Do you mind if I ask, do you believe your family members belonged to a satan-worshipping cult, and conducted ritual ceremonies during which children were abused and babies were sacrificed? How old were you when you were adopted by the Lappes? What sources of knowledge would you, or the other children have had about what makes something “satanic”, or what constitutes a “ritual”, or what differentiates “ordinary” infanticide from “satanic” sacrifice?

    And finally – there are many versions of people’s names floating around, a result I believe of multiple pseudonyms being used by various people in their attempts to protect the privacy of child victims. Is “bobby” the vegetative boy’s real name, or is it danny, or perhaps something else?


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