A note from the management

This whole “let’s do a transcript of the Jean-Clement Yaohirou audio” idea is turning out to be The Project that Would Not Die.

Not that we’re complaining, because we think it’s important to have this material documented, but sheesh. EC spent most of yesterday checking the transcript one last time against the recording, and then formatting and fiddling with it so that it would be readable (in the sense that War and Peace is readable—that’s a seriously long transcript).

The good news is that the full transcript now has its own page in the menu at the top of the blog. The bad news is that the menu itself seems to have decided to go walkabout. Things, shall we say, are not where they ought to be.

So while we scramble about and try to shove things back where they belong, we thought we would leave you with a link to the brand new page, which (theoretically at least)(all other things being equal) will eventually appear as a sub-page of the “What about the videos?” FAQ page.

If you see anything egregiously wrong with the new page (other than the fact that it’s not where it’s meant to be…yet), please let us know!

As you know, we want to make this blog an easily accessible source of information for anybody who wants information about the Hampstead SRA hoax, so reader participation is always welcome.

Here’s the link: feel free to have at it.

And now, we’re heading back into the bowels of the blog, to fiddle around with parent pages and levels and suchlike things. Wish us luck.

Edited to add: Looks like the menu is back up and running, and all is once again well. Tomorrow we’ll resume regular programming. 

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52 thoughts on “A note from the management

  1. Was wondering whats happened to John Paterson?
    He went on a huge posting spree on Facebook on the 13th/14th
    then posted this

    and then…..
    Most unlike him to be quiet for that long
    Did I miss something?

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    • No, he had a bit of a break after he got beaten up but he’s back and has been pretty active lately. Did you miss his antics at the Matt Taylor sentencing a few days ago?

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      • Yes, John – the only way EC could possibly have been able to report on a court case that had been published online by the BBC, the press and…er…you, is if she’d been there in person.

        Another piece of investigative brilliance from Inspector Clueless 🙄

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          • One of my spies tells me Brian Setchfield who unfortunately is LIKE a clone of Jimmy Savile was never a board member of Crimestoppers but did work in the Sussex local office for a while before he was let go.
            I’ve asked them for his history.

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          • Ohmigod Jake Blake! That’s a hilariously funny video….stop the lights! The material you guys have gathered is so demanding of a surreal sit-com, a salutary personal experience story, a proper documentary, a book by Sheva, an academic review by Surreal Hustle, a fictionalised account by Ghost of Sam….I don’t know what else but this story belongs to all of you as much as the unfortunate original victims

            It seems to me that at some point a condensed version will be necessary and there would be room for various ways of telling the story, it is a really important story, it is also timely and yet timeless because history has the habit of repeating itself and it seems depressingly provident to remind each up and coming new generation that critical thinking is key.

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        • Does poor old John really think Matt Taylor would be worth the tube fare to see him in a case which was bound to have the inevitable ending it did?.
          And even if someone did turn up his comments just show what hypocrites they are screeching about “secret courts” etc.

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      • Close hoaxtead down ? Three and a half years (five if you’re an idiot) plus it’s been going, many times longer than the blog that inspired it was kicked offline. Do these Muppets not understand that legitimate sites, no matter how sarcastic and satirical they can be, will stay up as long as they obey the law and common decency. About the worst things hoaxtead does are unflattering lookalikes and call people knobhead. In an ideal world the awful puns would be outlawed though. Mincing snowflake maggot.

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    • No it’s back and yours truly features along with others with what are claimed are “death threats”. Hopeless Girl, the “free energy” scammer claims she has found a lawyer who can get Hoaxstead removed while also claiming the site is run by GCHQ. But is, like WordPress, based in the USA which means he would get little headway as there is that pesky “free speech” thingie which you and others brag about as you post real threats and harassment to numerous innocent people as well as promoting the videos of 2 small children who you creepily promote their own abuse by a career criminal and their mother who keep insisting to the world that participate in the murder of 100s of babies and cannibalize their flesh which may well have awful future consequences for them as they grow older.

      I suggest you go back and read your brilliant lawyers website again where he says “Unfortunately, not all bad blogs are defamatory.”
      Also ask him about defamation where you have falsely accused Hoaxtead poster of sending you death threats but every example you give is false.
      # Another shining example of the sheer hideousness & hypocrisy of these people: the naming and attempted shaming of small children and their families is a mere trifle but upset them and they cry “not fair”.


    • More like “Let the gloating begin”, seeing as we’ve been predicting this for some time. We even got the right month 😂

      Three questions for Angie:

      1. How long before you run out of funds and have to come home to face justice?
      (Sam, do you think you could ask that nice Ms. Fortescue-Smythe to organise a sweepstake on this?) 🤔

      2. Who’s gonna fix your knee now? Does your EHIC entitle you to major surgery in Spain? 🤔


      3. On a scale of one to ten, how guilty do you think fleeing abroad when you’re being investigated by the police makes you look? 🤔

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      • Well, it’s remotely possible that she’s just headed out for a bit of a pre-Xmas jaunt. On the other hand, who rents out their house before going away on a brief holiday?

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        • Generally you wouldn’t rent unless you were away for a good six months or so. Could be someone else’s house in a few months, those civil courts can be pretty nasty things. Criminal first then go for the damages. With what was done and said about rd and his kids it’ll be a mere trifle to pocket the price of a house minus legal fees.

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      • Did someone say “family name Dupree”?

        Dr Dupree is writing busily
        At last he’s made the centre spread.

        Live long, Wilko Johnson!


      • She’s definitely up shit’s creek….let’s not forget she also targeted current Irish national hero Maurice McCabe and his family. Plus, her local Sinn Fein TD Peadar Tóibín has today been suspended for 6 months, so he can’t support her eschatology point of view (tee hee), Sinn Fein aren’t allowing him to take the party into ill-repute with his fascistic ant-women beliefs

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    • Does Angie know that almost 10 million Brits holiday in Spain each year?. You would think she was staying at Hôtel du Cap-Eden-Roc, Cap d’Antibes rather than a package deal at rock bottom prices. Not even in peak season so it must be quite cheap.
      She’s such a pleb. An embarrassment for the other members of the Spencer family (wonder if she’s ever been invited to Althrop?).

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    • “I cannot be sure of what the future holds”. I can. You will eventually get bored to tears as you try and fruitlessly milk this fantasy for all it’s worth and move on to another lunacy.
      No, the “cult” doesn’t run Hoaxstead as there is no cult.

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