School nurse never ‘injected children in the neck’

Somebody mentioned recently that we would be picking the bones of the Jean-Clement Yaohirou audio transcript for some time to come. Prophetic words, as it happens.

As the transcript makes clear, most aspects of Abe and Ella’s hoax just don’t work.

For example, the tale that when the children are beaten and they scream, the school nurse is on stand-by to “inject them”.

Here’s what Abraham and the children said about that:

Abraham: Tell him what if you scream, what happens?
Child P: If we scream, so loud, or if we even make a noise, he gets Miss _____ to inject me…
Abraham: Who’s Miss _____?
Child P: The nurse. Of our school.
J-C: Do you know her?
Abraham and Ella: Yeah.
Abraham: She tries to be superficially to be nice to Mum. (To children): And what do she do to you?
J-C: Miss…_____…
Child P: Inject us. Which puts us to sleep.
Abraham: She injects you?
Ella: (spells out name)
Abraham: Just a moment. So she injects you?
Child P: Yes. On the neck.
Abraham: And she…and what happens when she injects you on the neck?
Child Q: We feel…when he injects us…
Abraham: You feel drowsy.
Child Q: We feel like, we feel like, just like we’re gonna have, we have no energies like…like we want to…
Abraham: To go to sleep.
Child P: To go to sleep, we can’t stand any more, so, yeah, like that.
Abraham: Okay.
Ella: And that’s when they do sex to you.
Child P: Mmmhmm. And after when you woke they just, and after when they’re finished to do sex with me and Child Q, leave us in a room, in the dark and go to the other classes.
J-C: So how do you know that they do sex to you if you’re drowsy?
Abraham: Shh-shh!
Child P: No, because you can see Miss _____, I saw Miss _____ inject him. And I fell down, because I was standing up…
J-C: But how do you know that they’re doing sex to you if you’re drowsy and you’re sleepy?
Child P: I saw, I saw, I saw! They injected him! I saw they injected him.
J-C: Okay…
Child Q: And they fell down…
Child P: He didn’t fall down, he…
J-C: Yeah, yeah, yeah, I know, I know.
Abraham: And then what do they do…
Child P: And they were doing sex to him while he was…injected.
Child Q: Because Child P was watching.
J-C: So you’re standing there watching him…
Child P: Yes.
J-C: …but you’re not injected.
Child P: Yeah…um…
Ella: They would only do…they would only…do it to children who scream too much.
J-C: Okay, the rest is just…
Ella: They will do whatever they want to do with them, if they don’t listen they would hit them, if hitting doesn’t help, inject them. And, um, I mean, while…

If true, this would be a truly horrifying scenario. Children being beaten (with a spoon, Abraham’s personal weapon of choice), while a superficially benevolent but really nasty nurse looks on, waiting to inject anybody who screams.

For some reason, we envision the nurse like this:

Terrifying, if true.

Fortunately, the Hoaxtead mob can breathe a collective sigh of relief, as on closer examination, this is yet another of Abe and Ella’s fairy stories.

Why doesn’t it work?

Abe and Ella have taught the children to claim that when they are “injected in the neck”, something like this happens:


What’s wrong with this scenario?


First, while we don’t know what drug Nurse Ratched up there is meant to be using, from the description given we will assume that it was meant to be an hypnotic agent such as propofol.

But successfully injecting any drug into the neck is a seriously difficult task. There are a few possible scenarios:

  1. Nurse Ratched sneaks up and injects the child from behind: problematic. She’ll most likely inject the drug into a muscle. Even horse tranquilisers injected in humans intramuscularly take some time to work—like, 10–12 minutes—and meanwhile, you’ve got a wriggling, screaming child on your hands. Kind of defeats the alleged purpose.
  2. Nurse Ratched sneaks up from behind, but misses the neck muscles and injects the drug straight into one of the large blood vessels—the carotid artery or the jugular vein. The drug will work more quickly—about a minute to full unconsciousness—though still not instantaneously. And then there’s the inconvenient problem of, well, death.

People who inject drugs like heroin will tell you that neck injections are incredibly risky, and can be really good way to overdose and die. If you accidentally hit the carotid artery, the drug goes straight to the brain quite rapidly, and next thing you know, you’re a statistic. This is why the vast majority of heroin addicts avoid injecting in the neck, and see it as the site of very last resort, after all their other veins have collapsed.

Neck injections can also cause non-fatal but serious issues, such as jugular vein thrombosis, deep neck infections, aneurysm, haematomas, airway obstruction, and vocal cord paralysis.

However, let’s say that Nurse Ratched is determined to get that pesky child to stop screaming ASAP (for obvious reasons, as this entire scenario is meant to be taking place first thing in the morning at a busy primary school, with other students, delivery people, office staff and so forth out in the hall).

A child screaming, “Stop hitting me with that spoon, you vile beast!” would attract a bit of attention, one would imagine.

Nurse Ratched, being a diligent nurse who prides herself on getting the job done no matter what, decides, “To hell with the whole ‘this could kill them’ thing, I want the fastest results possible. Blood vessel it is”.

Accurately hitting the carotid or jugular can be surprisingly difficult.

Doctors who need to aim for the internal jugular in order to install central lines for long-term medication need to use ultrasound to locate it. Locating the carotid artery, while easier, still takes a high degree of skill and poking around, plus aspirating a bit of blood into the syringe just to make sure you’re really there.

What happens if she misses? According to

Although the neck has the same risks of other locations, such as abscesses and collapsed veins, an abscess in the neck puts serious pressure on nerves and can block your air passage. Nerve damage to the neck can also result in vocal cord paralysis. In addition, if you hit an artery in your neck, the injecting chemicals will shoot directly into the brain, potentially causing a range of neurological problems or a stroke. (i.e., death)

So now we’ve got the school nurse (not a doctor), let’s say a portable ultrasound machine for locating those tricky blood vessels and making sure she doesn’t accidentally injure or kill the child (a dead giveaway, one would think), and she’s going to need a bed where the child can lie down and hold still while she goes a-searching for the right place to inject.

Oh, and meanwhile, said child is presumably still kicking and hollering, or why bother with all this palaver in the first place?

Bottom line to all this is that if Nurse Ratched, through some combination of guesswork and sheer dumb luck, managed to hit a blood vessel, and if the injection didn’t immediately kill the poor child, then this scenario might be possible.

However, a quick review of Occam’s Razor reminds us that when there are two explanations for an occurrence, the one which requires the least speculation is usually preferable. The more assumptions you have to make about how the occurrence might work, the less likely it is to be correct.

Which is more likely:

  1. School Nurse Ratched in the staff lounge with a needle, horse tranquiliser, portable ultrasound, gurney, and the degree of skill usually attributed to a skilled anaesthetist? or
  2. Abe and Ella watched one too many episodes of Dexter?

You be the judge.

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41 thoughts on “School nurse never ‘injected children in the neck’

  1. Injections also feature in the baby killing. The babies are dispatched prior to decapitation and butchery, skin for shoes, skulls to be worn and the meat taken to the hidden kitchens for preparation. So if the nurse kills the babies with lethal injections, that hopefully won’t taint the flavour of the meat, how can papa kill the babies ? I’ll tell you for a fact doctors occasionally give morphine to infants too weak to survive. No school nurse could ever get a morphine prescription. Just doesn’t happen. Post Dr Shipman opiates / opioids in injection form are locked up tighter than a Scotsman on Burns night.

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  2. Point of order: that’s HOT spoons.
    Of course we’ve seen endless movies where people are suddenly injected in the neck where poetic license can abandon reality but in real life (as we all know from experience) the endless tapping off the forearm or wrist etc trying to find a usable vein would kill the story line dead.

    More evidence the kids, in fear of further abuse from Abe latched onto things they had seen on TV programs (Zorro?) and more evidence that Abe is a nutcase who thought this whole fraud would be a slam dunk when he thought J-C would be fronting up to RD (in uniform) and announcing he was under investigation.

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    • Yes, I’m trying to imagine what Abe and Ella thought would happen. They go to J-C and convince him of the validity of their story, he dons his uniform and goes round by himself to RD’s house (assuming they can settle on an address for same), where he demands to search the place. Assuming RD complies, what happens next?

      J-C finds nothing suspicious in the house, and goes back home? RD calls the police station and demands to know why they sent a lone special officer to see him, and they say, “We didn’t”, after which J-C is called up on the carpet immediately sacked? How was that supposed to work?

      None of it makes any sense, really, unless one thinks like a demented psychopath: “We hoik the kids around the countryside and induce a gaggle of gullible/money-hungry troofers to take up our cause online, while we nip back to Morocco with the kids, and release the ‘confession’ videos one at a time to an audience drooling for salacious details of child torture and rape. Meanwhile, RD’s reputation and self-confidence are in tatters, and we live off donations and YouTube revenues. The end.”

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  3. I’m surprised the school nurse didn’t use a Vulcan neck pinch on them, works just as well in real life as trying to inject someone in the neck does without any of those pesky side effects

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  4. People who inject drugs like heroin will tell you that neck injections are incredibly risky, and can be really good way to overdose and die.

    “Or so I hear from a friend”.

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  5. Fabulous post that!

    So kids who’d been drugged by an injection in the neck and were raped by a variety of people, then went home at 3pm fully alert and recovered and mum, once again, noticed nothing. I have to say, she must be the most unobservant mum in the world.

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    • Well she could argue that she was too high to notice; but in that case she would not be in a fit state to look after children anyway. The fact is that, unless paedophiles somehow have access to technologies that can bend the rules of physics and medical science, nothing untoward was happening at the primary school in Hampstead.

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    • Yes, we didn’t even get into the issue of how long it takes for a child to recover from an injected hypnotic drug. Anybody who has been given that kind of sedative for a medical procedure knows that the grogginess can last at least 10-12 hours.

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  6. Dear EC and Co.
    After listening again to the JCY recording, these few lines stood out for me as something that I have not noticed being addressed before.
    “Abraham: I see, yeah. What about in Glastonbury where you pulled her by the hair? And you slapped her?
    Child Q: Yeah…
    Abraham: And Sebastian and I witnessed it.
    Child Q: Yeah…
    Abraham: And we were pretty shocked.”

    Who is Sebastian? Have I missed that person’s involvement? Is this Glastonbury trip where they met Gerrish’s Irish bagpiping comrade whose name I have forgotten?
    or is this connected to Araya Soma (is that her name?) of “gotta wake up ze peepil” fame who lived in or near Glastonbury. Anyone have any idea?
    What the feck where they thinking anyway, dragging the kids around all over the place to hawk this story.

    PS big thanks for the transcription – you made it very easy to search to find the appropiate bit.
    PPS That Araya video song of “wake up the people” is a complete classic. Any chance of a repost?

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    • Yes, the reference to Sebastian jumped out at me, too. I don’t know for certain who that is or what they were doing there, but the visit obviously took place before the trip to Morocco. We know from the judgment that Abe was talking to J-C about the elements of the hoax prior to the Morocco trip:

      30. In August 2014, at a time when he was holiday in France, Jean-Clement Yaohirou received ‘phone calls and messages from Mr Christie in which he said he had information regarding the abuse of children. In evidence, Mr Yaohirou said that Abraham “had not been coming forward with specific information” but was “trying to give (him) justification.” Abraham Christie had said that a church, a school in Hampstead and a police station in Haringey were involved. Mr Yaohirou had asked whether Mr Christie “had evidence”. He said, “Yes;” and “that was it for July.”

      Were they travelling around the countryside with the children at that point, trying to drum up support? It seems quite likely, but we have no actual evidence of it.


    • At the risk of appearing to be glib, do not walk towards the light. DO NOT WALK TOWARDS THE LIGHT!

      Of course, we know that Neelu was trying to stop her sister from taking conventional treatment and was recommending quack therapy. I genuinely pray her sister is okay and is taking proper medical advice, but if she is listening to the super qualified pharmacist I don’t hold out much hope for her.

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