Yaohirou audio reveals Abe’s abuse tactics

Well, we’ve made it: today we’re going to look at the seventh and final instalment in the first full transcription of the Jean-Clement Yaohirou audio recording, made on 4 September 2014. The recording itself is nearly three hours long, but to our (and probably your) immense relief, the last ~40 minutes contain no conversation.

A quick review of the audio so far:

  1. Part 1 sets the stage: Abraham Christie subjects the children to a series of rapid-fire questions, correcting them when their answers do not please him; and he appears to believe that Jean-Clement, a Special Constable with the London Metropolitan Police, will be able to go and arrest those he accuses.
  2. Part 2 further illustrates Abraham’s bullying of both the children and Jean-Clement, who he threatens will be the “very uncomfortable” subject of a book if he fails to co-operate with them.
  3. In Part 3, Ella finally puts in an appearance, having gone home to shower and put on makeup while Abe and the children went to Jean-Clement’s house. Abe and Ella show J-C the drawings of the various imaginary tattoos and birthmarks, Abe takes delight in J-C’s discomfiture, and the “secret room”, accessible via a very familiar-sounding wardrobe, is described.
  4. In Part 4, Abraham reveals something truly extraordinary: he states very firmly that the tattoos are worthless as evidence, and are unimportant. And we know why he said that.
  5. Part 5 offers a very telling portrait of Ella, who explains her history with social services and the family court, painting a picture of herself as a neglectful parent, spiteful towards the father of the two children.
  6.  In Part 6, Abraham reveals that he really does expect Jean-Clement to conduct the investigation solo, and both Abe and Ella insist that J-C should investigate RD first. Meanwhile, J-C advises Abe to remove the videos of the children from his phone—which sounds to us very much like advising him to tamper with police evidence.

And now for the stunning conclusion.

Abe, Ella, and the children are making ready to leave, and the adults are planning Jean-Clement’s follow-up visit for the following day:

J-C: Yeah, I’ll come over after work, maybe.
Abraham: Yeah, come in your uniform, makes you look good. Scares all the neighbours.
J-C: No, don’t want to do that.
Abraham: [laugh/wheezes]
J-C: I went to the house of [inaud.], she said, ‘I don’t like you coming in your uniform!’
Abraham: I like when you come in your uniform.
J-C: Because sometime I work around there, so let’s come for tea.
Abraham: Yeah, come for tea.
J-C: I come, it’s not that bad.
Abraham: No, we don’t mind, we don’t mind. Everybody good?
Both children: Yes.

Is it perhaps telling that Abraham wants Jean-Clement to visit them wearing his police uniform? It does seem to tie in with a theme of the hoax: intimidate and harass anybody who has ever annoyed them, including the troublesome upstairs neighbour.

This next bit is quite troubling:

Child P: Yes, and [who’s that in the picture?]
Abraham: That’s Jean-Clement’s daughter! That’s my niece, ____. Yeah. She likes to touch as well.
J-C: No, no, no, no, no, she doesn’t. She doesn’t, Aby! She doesn’t, Aby! Do you see it?
Abraham: She came to my house in Marrakech and she touched a boy…
J-C: Noooo.

Abraham: [challenging] Oh, I’m a liar?
J-C: Well, how come you never say that?
Abraham: Well, what am I going to say?
J-C: You could …[inaud.]
[cross-talk and other noises]
J-C: Okay, you’re absurd…
Abraham: Jean-Clement: us men knew that better. And maybe I was thinking…
J-C: If it was just exploratory, that’s…
Abraham: It was not exploratory, she used to do it, she used to touch, she used to kill, she used to touch, she used to kill. She used to. I believe that she’s growing out of it slowly, she’s growing out of it, but…
J-C: Okay…
Abraham: But children who are abused, this is what they do, Jean-Clement. This is what they learn. They are being taught to kill. They don’t want to kill babies.

This part of the conversation can be taken several ways, we think.

Abraham seems to take a sadistic delight in taunting Jean-Clement. We saw this in the segment where Abe and the children were describing the tattoos on people’s privates, and Abe seemed to find it hilarious that Jean-Clement was embarrassed by the discussion. What better way to torment a father than by claiming that his daughter “touched a boy” while she was visiting Abraham in Marrakech?

What to make of Abraham’s bizarre claim, “she used to touch, she used to kill, she used to touch, she used to kill”? If Abe is saying that his niece—whose age we do not know—used to “touch” sexually, that’s one thing, but “kill”? Kill whom?

And where in the world does Abraham get the notion that his niece was abused? Is he accusing his sister and brother-in-law of abusing their daughter?

Meanwhile, Jean-Clement’s reaction to Abe’s claims seems strange, too.

Imagine the scenario: your brother-in-law has been to visit, and on his way to the door he just casually happens to mention that your daughter was sexually abused, and that she had “touched a boy” during a visit to your house in Marrakech. Oh, but it’s okay because it’s what she was trained to do.

Say what?

Do you just moan ineffectually and try to make excuses? Or do you push the idiot out the door with the toe of your boot, and tell him not to hurry back?

Or do you change the subject and start talking about…babies?

J-C: That’s 400 babies!
Abraham: No, more than 400.
Child Q: No, more, more. In whole life of Papa…
Child P: He did it…
Child Q: He do it ten thousands!
Abraham: No, not 10,000.
Child Q: It seems like a lot, it seems a lot, it seems a lot.
J-C: One baby a night?
Child Q: No, no…
Child P: No, but we eat baby every day. We save baby.
Abraham: Did you hear that? ‘We eat baby every day’.
Child P: Cause they want us to eat some baby every day. That’s why we keep on bringing back food that Mum gives us. We have salad Mum gives us, food, and we just bring it…
Abraham: Yes, we make them salad, we make them salad…

J-C: Is that like a packed lunch?
Abraham: Yes. But they have baby for packed lunch so they don’t eat our lunch. And the school is all involved.
J-C: Hang on, if there’s packed lunch, why do you eat the baby?
Abraham: Why do you eat the baby after Dad’s…
Child Q: They feed us school dinner with food in it.
Abraham: At lunch time they do sex to them. They feed them school dinners in the staff room, her boyfriend comes to the staff room, does sex with them…
Child Q: Yeah, B___, B___, B___…[an unfamiliar name, not previously mentioned]
Abraham: …does sex to them in the staff room, while the teachers are watching. When he does sex to you, what happens then?
J-C: Hold up a minute…
Child Q: …then go to Tesco shop, in Hampstead.
Abraham: He works in…he works in, no, in Highgate. He works in Tesco’s in Highgate, and he brings the sweets, they bribe the children with sweets and chocolate, and he’s one of the main…
J-C: Suppliers.
Abraham: Suppliers. Thank you very much. Can we go, Jean-Clement?

Okay, this is just plain weird.

After a brief argument over the actual number of babies which might have been murdered by the imaginary cult, the subject turns to “Babies: cannibalism of”.

Child P clarifies that at the school they “eat baby every day”, but this quickly devolves into Abraham complaining that the children bring home the salads which he and Ella prepare for them as school boxed lunches. How very inconsiderate of them.

Jean-Clement, who clearly has not grasped the point of the eating babies thing, asks why, if they already have a perfectly good lunch, they would want to eat babies?

And then, after throwing in the obligatory “they do sex to the children” comment, Abraham goes off on a rant about how RD brings the children sweets and chocolate, and is one of the main…suppliers?

What the fuck is wrong with these people?

Sweets and chocolate might not be the ideal food for growing children, but they’re not Class A drugs, and no one cares about the stupid salads Abe and Ella so carefully prepared for the children’s lunches.

The question is, why are they eating babies? No one ever gets around to explaining this; it’s just a given that this cult does very bad things, including but not limited to child rape, wasting perfectly good salads, eating babies, supplying children with nutritionally questionable foods, and murder.

Oh, and they all have weird genital tattoos, but pay no attention to that, unless your name happens to be Bill Maloney.

Listening to this segment of the audio, one hears no sense of shock or horror that babies are being killed and eaten, but Abe sounds distinctly put out about the uneaten salads and the sweeties and chocolate the children consume.

J-C: Eh, missus, she…
Abraham: Yeah, she’ll be in there for a week. Like her five minutes of coming, you know one of those ones?…Jean-Clement, thank you very much. I’m glad we could come to you. Hey, what’d I tell you about Jean-Clement? Is he not beautiful? Give him a hug and tell him how much you love him. Come on, Jean-Clement. Jean-Clement, ‘cos he’s the man. Eh? Show him some love.
J-C: Thank you…[kissing sounds]
Abraham: Show him some big love, because I told you he was going to be the one to love you, didn’t I say he was going to be beautiful?
Children: Yes.
Abraham: Isn’t he lovely?
Children: Yes.
Abraham: Isn’t he just lovely, isn’t he?
Children: Yes.
[everyone talks at once]
Child Q: I thought he’ll be the same.
Abraham: I know you’d like him, I know you’d like him.
Child Q: I thought he will be strict.
Abraham: No. He’s not. When he’s strict, but watch him. You don’t think ‘ah, just because he’s being nice, take it in’, no. When he’s strict, coo, he makes me scared! When he’s…
Child Q: Do you know why I do this? Every time like this, because, um, they hurt me, so that’s why I do this…
Abraham: No one’s going to hurt you.
Child Q: I would have done this, every time.
Abraham: No, that’s it, no one’s going to hurt you…
Child Q: I always do like this, I’m sticking out my bum, because I keep on bending and then he tells me…
Abraham: Can we go, can we go, can we go now?
Child Q: I’m used to it…

In this segment, Abe switches once again from sadistically tormenting Jean-Clement to showering him with praise. This sort of rapid fluctuation between insults, belittling, and aggression, and exaggerated praise and sweetness is characteristic of the way Abraham controls those around him, and can be seen in interactions with both the children and Jean-Clement.

The sudden, unpredictable switching is important, as it throws Abe’s victims off balance. They never know when he’s going to revert back to physical or emotional aggression, and so they fear him.

Toward the end of this segment, Child Q attempts to earn a bit of positive feedback from Abe (who seems to be feeling benevolent at that moment) by “disclosing” a bit of what he thinks Abe wants to hear. However, Abe cuts him off mid-sentence—he’s not really interested in what the children have to say, except inasmuch as they back up his loony allegations.

Abraham: Jean-Clement, Jean-Clement, Jean-Clement, merci, milles mercis…
J-C: Et à toi.
Abraham: Bonne soirée, eh? Thank you so much.
J-C: So I’ll come and see you tomorrow night.
Abraham: What time you coming?
J-C: I’m coming…I have a meeting at six, so after that.
Abraham: Okay. We’ll see you then.
Ella: Thank you very much.
Abraham: Thanks very much.
J-C: Merci.
Child P: Mum, you got my slippers.
Child Q: No, she got…
[cross-talk, inaudible]
Abraham: Ella has everything, Ella has everything.
J-C: Thank you.
Ella: I will prepare the videos, and I’ll do the…
Child Q: And can we bring juice there?
J-C: And not keep them on the phone, okay?
Abraham: Okay, we’re going to take them off, and if we haven’t taken them off by tomorrow, we’ll take them off when you’re there.
Child Q: I will bring juice too.
Abraham: No, we’re going to bed now.
J-C: Good night guys…
Abraham: Will you say good-night to Jean-Clement?
Both children: Good night! Good night, Jean-Clement.
J-C: Good night!
Abraham: Yes you did, you did it all right…
J-C: Sleep well, Aby!…Bye-bye…yeah, okay!

[door slams, and J-C sighs heavily]

This piece would be unremarkable, except that Jean-Clement reiterates his caution to Abe and Ella that they should destroy police evidence.

Once the Abe, Ella, and the children have left, Jean-Clement heaves a large sigh—of relief? concern?— and the remainder of the audio recording consists of the sounds of him tidying up the house, opening his computer, and finally calling the police about what has just transpired.

In the judgment following the fact-finding hearing in March 2015, Mrs Justice Pauffley wrote:

  1. It is a curious fact that prior to the launch of these proceedings, no police officer had listened to the audio recording made by Jean Clement Yaohirou or watched the film clips of the children. DI Cannon made inquiries at my request to discover that DC Rogers, the member of his team who received the film clips and the audio recording from Mr Yaohirou, had sent them to a property store in Chingford. The focus would appear to have been upon arranging almost immediate ABE interviews.
  2. I say no more at this stage than that the police and social services inquiry could have taken an entirely different course if attention had been given to those recordings. At the very least, the questions asked of P and Q at interview would have been directed towards other areas of interest.

This is one area in which we must reluctantly agree with those who promote the Hampstead SRA hoax. One of their many complaints is that the Yaohirou audio was sent to a police storage facility in Chingford, and was not unearthed until the beginning of the Pauffley inquiry.

The hoaxers cite this as part of the cover-up, whereas we would see it more as a failure to examine very damning evidence against Abe and Ella. Had the police listened closely to the contents of this audio recording, we feel quite certain that the hoax would have been nipped in the bud before it began, so obvious is the coaching, the bullying, and the complete lack of appropriate emotional reaction to the material under discussion.

As for the police’s failure to view the videos which Abe and Ella made en route from Morocco to London…well, we now know why those were never shared with police. Again, had the police seen them right away, the case would have been over before it began.

human fist

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56 thoughts on “Yaohirou audio reveals Abe’s abuse tactics

    • Thanks, Shillelagh—yes, wasn’t it odd? I’m surprised that Abe posted it, as it so clearly reveals how he bullied and prompted the children. Not to mention his admission that the tattoos were completely worthless as evidence…and Ella’s admission that she had very good reason to want RD out of her and the children’s lives.

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      • What I think is that any professional, whether the social worker, police person or judge would have seen through abrella’s ploy….already P & Q’s teachers understood something was amiss and they attempted to do their best by the children which was greeted by aggression by the interloper Abe when they told him P & Q were exhibiting certain behaviour where they appeared to be famished…i.e searching the school’s bins for left-overs because they were that hungry..

        I can’t get over that…to me that’s an enormous sin to leave any child, wherever, hungry and worse still to deprive a child of nourishment because you are inclined to call yourself a vegan. As far as I’m aware of a vegetarian and vegan diet is that it is healthy, it serves a body well so it is no excuse for your children to feel starving…having your child worried about where their next meal comes from when you, the mother, lives in the Western World is outrageous!

        My heart breaks for P & Q, my memory of being a good parent revolves completely around satisfactorily nurturing my children and upon making my little ones feel safe in this world by deliberately giving them lots of love….I would hug my children, hold my infants to my breast…I would glory in their achievements, delightfully clapping at each milestone they reached….wow when your tiny one starts to crawl then takes their first unsteady step – wow!

        And then there’s more amazing delights to witness…my favourite is the beautiful innocence in which my children approached the world….the curiosity and wonderment….amazingly my children behaved according to my ethos, which makes me laugh, somehow my insistence that they practise being kind and my instructing them on environmental awareness had an impact.

        Fvck that dreadful cvnt Ella and fvck all of the rest of the anomalies who aren’t even a tiny bit human. Fuck ’em from a height!

        I’m very annoyed.

        It should be the clearest, most obvious thing, that children are more important than us. I can’t understand why anyone would choose to exploit vulnerable individuals.

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      • I didnt think he did E.C., wasn’t that particular tape J.P.’s and surfaced later at the trial?
        There were the other tapes recorded at the airport- how/ when did they end up public? Gerrish?, and then the other other ABE tapes which Ella gave to Sabrine…
        Poor bloody kids have had more tapes released than Abba…

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  1. I had forgotten about Abe saying the niece was doing stuff too. Why hasn’t Abe been knocked out by anybody? it seems he’s been terrorising people’s children since at least the early 90’s. He is a serious danger to children.

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  2. That’s a very handy summary at the start of the post and a well written conclusion. Would these be worth adding to either the FAQs or ‘New to Hoaxtead’ sections?

    One idea might be simply to add a hyperlink to this article to this line from the ‘About Me’ page:

    “Subsequently, at the instigation of Abraham Christie and Ella Draper, the children repeated their false stories to Jean-Clement Yaohirou, Mr Christie’s brother in law, in a late night discussion. It lasted for about three hours; Mr Christie and Ms Draper did most of the talking.”

    By the way, nice use of the word ‘discomfiture’!

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    • I agree. All 7 of the excellently written posts of the ‘JCY Recording’ should be easily found and available on one of the top tabs. I’d go as far as saying they deserve a tab of their own!
      I’ve always felt it was a damning piece of evidence.

      You have excelled yourself EC. Fantastic work!

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  3. “Yeah, come in your uniform, makes you look good. Scares all the neighbours.”

    Jeezus. Just when you thought Abraham couldn’t get any more sinister.

    By the way, Abe, I think the neighbours were scared enough of you already. No need for theatrics.

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      • I haven’t listened to that in such a long time. For anyone here who hasn’t yet heard it, give it a listen!

        Also, is that not the one Angie once made a video of herself listening to? Rolling her eyes and tutting throughout? 😆

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      • Wow. I hadn’t heard that before. Loved the presenter staying so calm and as for that person soon to appear in court, one wants to reach through the screen and slap her face. She’s fucking mad. And dangerous. And arrogant. Throw away the key.

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        • Hearing Neelu’s voice in that video outside the church shows what a frigging nut case she is as well. Now she’s moved onto a new crisis of her own making, eviction and seems to have lost interest in Hampstead likewise many of the hoaxers.
          It shows that it’s all about them and sod all to do with children. They use children to promote the vileness inside their heads. As soon as they have milked all they can out of one drama it’s onto the next. They don’t even mention bloody pizzas any more.

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          • It’s even more disturbing when you see the context of Neelu’s shouting. That’s her, Justyna Rzeska, Mark ‘Seylon’ Haining and Leigh Ravenscroft pursuing an innocent lady down the street, yelling abuse, slander and death threats at her while a bemused PC Fraser looks on helplessly (go to 9:32):


            And in the background you can hear Christine Sands screaming at her, the vicar and assorted parishioners and their terrified children as they come out of the church.

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          • Pizzas are sooo last season, Sam. It’s doughnuts now. Assuming that one hasn’t fizzled out too. Anyone seen the Autumn conspiracy collection yet?

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          • Eviction is not that much of a hardship as from her court filings (i.e. “No Fixed Abode c/o”) she is staying at her sister’s. The real crisis of her own making is the court case with the DWP. Unless she was granted her adjournment at the breaking fixtures hearing on September 28th (which I’ve not seen her post the result of other than complain that she thought it was a no jurisdiction hearing), that must be coming up in a few weeks’ time.

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          • “Last I heard, they were onto ice cream.”

            Gosh, how common. Let me know when they get on to lobster thermidor and I’ll sign up.

            In the meantime keep up the good work, chaps. Tally ho!

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        • Sam, check these out too if you haven’t heard them before. They went out on Radio 4 a month or so after the Melanie Abbott one:

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      • Bloody Hell! or Cripes! as my mother would have said…I didn’t know of this investigation, I actually thought you guys were almost alone in attempting to tell the the the truth….I figured others laughed it off as too ridiculous and may have missed the point …that recording/video explains the ins and outs so well, you’d think “well, that’s the end of that then”

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    • I doubt the neighbours would have been scared by a police uniform, the knowledge of Abe’s criminal past was already pretty widespread even then I believe, so if anything they would probably think the long arm of the law was there to nick HIM lol
      Which only goes to show how little thinking Abe and Ella actually did about this whole thing…
      No Abe, the neighbours wouldn’t have been ‘scared’ to see a policeman turn up, they most likely would have been mightily relieved!

      After all they knew they had done nothing wrong, and the school had already notified social services about the kids, as had a neighbour at least once….

      But ‘they’ would be scared of a police uniform???

      Too much wacky weed had turned Abe’s brains to mush even as far back as then it seems LOL

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    • sighs
      Why wordpress does that sometimes I’ll never know, other times the posts just disappear into thin air
      delete some if you want

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  4. It’s weird that the Hamphoaxers cite this audio of evidence that supports Abrella’s claims, when if anything it shows that they planned the whole thing and coached the kids. In my view it’s further evidence of the hoaxers’ lazy research skills (and their blatant cherry-picking). We’ve seen time and time again how they post, share and even analyse crap they clearly haven’t read/watched/listened to (Angela, I’m looking at you).

    And even more weirdly, the person we have to thank for exposing this recording (much to Abe & Ella’s dismay) is…Charlotte Ward! (And whether she ever actually listened to the bloody thing is anybody’s guess):

    For newcomers, Charlotte Ward – aka Jacqui Farmer – was one of the key promoters of the hoax in its first year (and a prolific harasser of the accused), mostly via her appalling Hampstead Research blog.

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    • Yes! Abe was furious with her when she released it, stating he had wanted to edit it and release it when he and Ella were ready to.

      We can all see why he wanted to edit it, although which bits he would have have released is anybody’s guess, it would probably only be a 5 minute video if Abe and Ella had their way..lol

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      • And yet, the version I listened to didn’t seem to have any inconsistencies or obvious edits. It’s about two hours and 54 minutes long, and the tail end has been left on, during which J-C tidies up, opens his computer, and calls the police. You can hear him spelling out RD’s name, and saying he will wait for their arrival.

        The version I used was this one: https://youtu.be/HnVA4qEnyXI

        It can be found on a YouTube channel called “Hampstead Cover Up”, which I had assumed was the one owned by Abe and Ella, but I now wonder whether it’s the channel owned by Kane Slater, who did a very cherry-picked version of a transcript, running to about 4 pages of text. (By contrast, my version runs 34 pages.)

        If Kane actually shared the video, it’s yet another case of Abe and Ella’s deluded followers stabbing their leaders in the back. So…thanks, Kane, old buddy old pal!

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    • I made a comment (points up there somewhere’s) about that there are literally so many different tapes that had been released, after a while it gets hard to remember who released which ones….

      Scum the lot of them- NONE of those tapes should be in the public view anyway and the absolute ‘glee’ that some of them seem to have about them is truly sickening, and more than a little suspicious in itself (we are talking here of two VERY young children, discussing things they shouldn’t even know about at that age, and the various hoaxers seem to love publishing them again and again…)
      Add in the various hoaxers that have very close links to various known pedophiles- something smells fishy…. and it ain’t me dinner….

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      • That is the part I find so appalling. The way the videos keep appearing on Youtube and even more appalling is that it takes members of the public (like here) to keep persisting in the frustrating battle to get them removed.

        And unlike you I don’t think it just smells fishy ( I had smoked salmon tonight !) I think only a creepy pervert would want to hear kids of that age speaking about sex let alone publish videos of them.

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  5. “Do you just moan ineffectually and try to make excuses? Or do you push the idiot out the door with the toe of your boot, and tell him not to hurry back?

    Or do you change the subject and start talking about…babies?”

    I think you have to put yourself in JC’s shoes here. We are looking at this later and with all the facts. JC obviously knows Abe violent and unstable nature, Abe is in charge of two vulnerable children, I think JC is trying to placate Abe and change the subject back to what is going on with the children.

    “This piece would be unremarkable, except that Jean-Clement reiterates his caution to Abe and Ella that they should destroy police evidence.”

    I think JC is trying to get the evidence off Abe’s phone and into his possession before it disappears.

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    • I agree with you that J-C seemed to be afraid of Abe, and was humouring him. As a family member, he was no doubt aware of what his volatile, violent brother-in-law could get up to, and as you say, with the children there he probably didn’t want to set him off.

      As for the advice to get the evidence off his phone, though, it would have been an easy matter to copy the videos to a memory stick or other device without removing it from the phone. That was, to my mind, singularly poor advice, and I can’t think what J-C was thinking, telling Abe to destroy the evidence in that way.

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  6. “As for the police’s failure to view the videos which Abe and Ella made en route from Morocco to London…well, we now know why those were never shared with police. Again, had the police seen them right away, the case would have been over before it began.”

    They would also have had evidence of Abe and Ella’s abuse of the children taking place in this Country.

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  7. Well done EC in transposing all of that it and as they say, the Devil is in the Detail.
    I guess J-C was put in a very difficult position so it’s to his credit he went asap to the cops.
    As for a mother who glibly allows her own children to be accused of Cannibalism, there are no words. Did she not think in all her defenses of this dastardly hoax and the psychopathic Abraham Christie with ridiculous “lie detector” videos etc that she was putting on record that she believes her own children participated in the murder and eating of babies?.

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    • I think the best answer to that is that she just did not care who she hurt, including her children. Her goal was to “win” at all costs, even though from her own description it’s pretty clear she did not enjoy being a mother.

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  8. Re: MP letter and Drifloud
    Reply back, they are skirting round the subject of regulation of social media, however, they are now fully aware of the problems of non-regulated social media.

    They have written to the National Crime Agency about Drifloud.

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  9. Great work with this transcript …… yet again! As I’m quite new to this forum I’ll probably ask questions already answered so, forgive me.
    Has Abe ever been sectioned or had mental health treatment ? I’d be stunned if he hadn’t.
    Does anyone know why the Ella’s eldest child came to live with the father?
    Were there any known concerns about the children’s welfare in early childhood, aside from scavenging from bins?
    It seems to me that Ella didn’t want these children. She had to have known they would be taken from her after all of this came out. I can’t believe she’s that stupid. Did she want the same arrangement she had with her eldest child? Receiving payments from the father whilst not having the children?
    Did mad Abe come along at a time when she was looking for a way out without being seen to be blamed for being a bad mother?
    Also, the Paediatrician who stated there was evidence of sexual abuse, perhaps didn’t know of the enema’s given to the children by Ella which, is a bizarre thing to do and could constitute abuse in itself. The test for anal abuse has always been controversial.
    Oh yes, I need to look up Sabine McNeills credentials ……….

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    • Hi Linda, and don’t worry about too many questions. It’s a very complicated case with a lot of moving parts, 🙂

      I don’t know anything about Abraham’s mental health history, though by his own account he spent much of his youth in borstals, and he has an extensive criminal history including fraud, theft, assault, etc.

      I don’t know why the eldest child went to live with his dad.

      The children were reported to social services at least once prior to the “bin scavenging” complaint. At least one neighbour reported that she had seen them outside the house, crying and cold. Ella would later claim that this neighbour was “in the cult” as revenge for her having reported them. In the audio, Ella refers to having been sent to the Tavistock Institute for counselling to help her with her poor parenting skills, but says she didn’t find them helpful.

      As you say, Ella does not seem to have enjoyed being a mother, but she was determined to keep the children away from her ex-partner, who had applied to prevent her from moving out of the UK and was attempting to have their custody arrangement changed. This is a classic case of using one’s children as weapons of revenge, which is despicable enough without all the additional nonsense about cults and eating babies.

      The medical reports on the children were problematic, as the judge in the case stated. On her first examination, the doctor found nothing unusual. It was only when she did the second exam, a week later—a very strange choice, given her original findings—that she found that one of the children exhibited “RAD”, a long-discredited sign. If the stories of the children being anally raped by dozens of people per day had been true, one would expect that the signs would have been obvious on first examination, and that they would be present in both children.

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      • Thanks for that. I suspected there had been other issues related to her parenting skills. These types of situations don’t just happen out of the blue. I also suspect that she was using Abe. He’s as mad as a box of frogs but, she seems much more calculating, allowing him free reign to run with this fantasy and actively encouraging it, despite the consequences to her children. He was helping her get rid of her ex whilst covering up his own abuse of the children. I’ll bet his family have a disturbing story to tell.

        Why the police didn’t watch the videos straight off is a mystery.
        And why Abe uses such a childish term ‘doing sex’ is odd; makes you wonder where that comes from.

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        • Yes, it’s an odd turn of phrase, isn’t it? I’ve wondered about that too.

          And you’re right about his family. We’ve heard some disturbing stuff.


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