Could pro-vegan videos inspire part of kids’ stories?

Last month we looked at the very real cults in which Ella Gareeva Draper, mother of RD’s children, has been involved. We discussed her participation in the Russian “gold-digger academies”, as well as her devotion to Ching Hai, a Vietnamese woman who calls herself “Supreme Master” and runs a number of successful and lucrative businesses, including a chain of vegan restaurants called “Loving Hut”.

Supreme Master also runs an online video channel promoting veganism, Vegvids offers a number of videos for children, with catchy titles like “Why Eggs Are GROSS!”, “Do Fish Have Feelings?”, and “Five Reasons We Don’t Eat Meat!”

Vegvids doesn’t just run children’s videos, however. A video called “Meet Your Meat: The Barbarity of Halal Slaughter“, illustrates in gory detail exactly how animals are slaughtered in accordance with Islamic law.

The animal must be alive and healthy; a Muslim must perform the slaughter in the appropriate ritual manner; and the animal’s throat must be cut by a sharp knife, severing the carotid artery, jugular vein and windpipe in one swipe. The animal is hung upside down from a hook, as all blood must be drained from the carcass.

Perhaps you can see where we’re going with this.

This process is identical to the one which RD’s children described in the videos made en route from Morocco:

P: He tells us to hold the hand with a knife, and then he holds his hand on our hand. So then he cuts the baby’s head off. And he tips it upside down, and then we drain the blood.

While the children claimed during their retraction videos with the police that the film “Mask of Zorro” had inspired them to tell the story of the babies’ heads being cut off, those who believe in the Hampstead SRA hoax have pointed out that the film contains no scenes of people being suspended and drained of their blood.

However, given their mother’s devotion to Ching Hai—Ella’s walls were plastered with posters depicting Supreme Master, and the children talked about being vegan and meditating for three hours per day, as prescribed by the cult—it seems quite likely that the children would have been exposed to the Vegvids video collection.

Certainly the images of animal slaughter we watched are unforgettable, even for adults. We can only imagine the effect this sort of video might have on a child. The image of an animal suspended upside down, head nearly severed and blood draining into a bowl, would definitely make an impression.

Obviously we don’t know for certain that RD’s children were exposed to this video when they were in Ella’s care. However, it’s very likely that their mother’s adherence to a cult which focuses on encouraging veganism via horror scenes would have meant that the children were all too familiar with images of animal slaughter.

It’s a minor point, perhaps, but one which could help explain what really happened.


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  1. They also claimed the school nurse gave the babies injections. The wacky stories Ella and Abe drilled into the kids while drugging and beating them are a bizarre concoction for sure. They’ve been cobbled together from multiple sources into an incoherent mess that makes no sense.

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    • We have social worker reports of the children going hungry, Abe is noted as accusing the school of poisoning the children, when the boy is in foster care he’s noted as wolfing down food as quick as he can. Food is central to the issues that lead to social services being involved pre-hoax.

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    • I think the children may well have seen the images of halal animal slaughter….and then may have experienced this ‘live’ whilst in Morocco. Abe is the kind of person who in his ‘operation RD’ mentality would have used the opportunity to further frighten the children who then would have had this material to draw upon during ‘brain storming’ (interrogation) sessions they were subjected to…I think Abe, with his pre-existing special interest in these themes would have steered the children by acceptance/non acceptance of their offerings who quickly realised what kind of thing would keep Abe satisfied. Thus the ‘story’ would have been built upon step by step according to what bits of their suggestions offered to this frightening violent man kept him happy. They were thus able to survive/relieve the pressure in what must have been a bizarre and surreal experience for them. The fact Ella stood by, endorsed and contributed to this process cannot be understated. Her involvement with the fb Gloria group is just the icing on the cake of evidence of the real culprit in this sorry story. I suspect Abe was playing out his own pathology whilst trying to prove himself to Ella when still in the early stages of their relationship. She would have been encouraging Abe in his collection of imaginary dirt on RD. Gloria fb group may have a lot to answer for in all of this.

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  2. Reincarnation, dark entities and free money 🙄

    Oh and did you know that 9/11 was carried out to destroy the millions of tonnes of gold that was hidden in the World Trade Centre? 🙄🙄🙄

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    • Le Cunt @ 40:10 – “It’s very interesting that one of the people put in charge of organising the 7/7 hoax was a woman, a lesbian woman, called Cressida Dick, which is a rude name. It’s like a sex name. And because she was so successful at fooling the whole country – you know, 65 million people – into believing that it was a real event that [sic] they promoted her to the commissioner of the Metropolitan Police…”

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      • I think the highest estimates of all the gold in every bank vault in the world only come to a couple of million tonnes.

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        • That’s right – I’ve seen Goldfinger. That’s deep research as far as I’m concerned.

          By the way, I wonder what happened to all that gold after the towers collapsed? Le Cunt forgot to explain.


          • About 1.5% of the entire volume of the towers would have been taken up by a million tonnes of gold. Several millions would have severely reduced the rentable floor space.

            There was I believe a collection of interesting amethyst nodules and other semi precious stones in the entrance lobby to the “Windows on The World” restaurant. I always fancied going there – I also wanted to go on Concorde – this century is not meeting my expectations!

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        • “Only 161,000 tonnes of gold has ever been mined in the whole of human history…and actually it wouldn’t fill two Olympic-sized swimming pools.”



      “I promised that X would arrive, and X didn’t arrive, but it’s not that I lied, it’s that someone else STOLE THE X”.

      For me, it’s this kind of bollox that undermines the “nuttier than a tree-full of squirrels” explanation for this baglady’s behaviour. This is the material of Long Cons. Fortunately the baglady is too stupid to be a competent fraudster.

      Of course she may be deluded as well as being a lying gobshite, but the fact that she’s a manipulative shitweasel is the primary reason for her antics.

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      • I believe that’s the date she presented her Swissindo Debt Burden Liberation Certificate to the Coop.

        In any case, I think I should correct her testimonial for the c*ckwomble:


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      • The BitNation numpties are issuing Bitnation Passports for $149 (payable in XPAT cryptocurrency tokens) in an attempt to piggyback on existing conventions for easing the lives of refugees. They’re about as useful as my old Ooky Spooky Fanclub membership card, but I think they’re intended to signal one’s fealty to the Bitnation Cause (i.e. dissolving world of state governments) rather than as practical travel documents).

        I think they’re Libertarian dingbats, though, rather than scammers.


    • Penny Pullen, Belinda McKenzies partner in many scams, the hijack of the 2010 anti child abuse rally and now still aiding Neelu in her madness and scams ……………..she seems such a sweet old lady, eh ? She gets mentioned early in the video. I’ve reported it. Disgusted that YouTube allow such scammers to continue.

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    • “If there is no evidence for my allegations, it must have been suppressed, and the suppression proves that the allegations are correct, because no-one would bother with a cover-up otherwise.”

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      • Just imagine what she has on her computer that she HASN’T told the world about! Lots of Google searches for “Rupert Quaintance nude” I expect.

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  3. This is an excellent and very interesting post.

    I have for some time now been concerned with how racist, Islamophobic and antisemitic narratives surround the slaughter of animals for food.

    I can remember watching a very interesting documentary called Slaughterhouse The Task of Blood some years ago, it can be seen here (obviously contains distressing scenes)

    The documentary includes footage of halal, kosher and ordinary slaughter of animals in the UK.

    The most horrific cruelty towards animals in the documentary is demonstrated by an English man who seems to enjoy killing and enjoy hurting animals. He was fired immediately after the documentary was broadcast

    I spoke to an acquaintance who had worked at an abattoir and he said that although non-halal and non-kosher slaughter did not involve stunning the animal first the stunning often does not work and can distress the animal.

    The fact is that slaughtering animals is horrible. It is something we have to accept if we eat meat. The idea that halal or kosher slaughter is especially cruel is, I think, misguided. It seems to me that if the slaughtering work is low paid work then there is a risk of cruelty as a result of rushing the job. Also some sadists and psychopaths may choose to work in an abattoir for obvious reasons, such people may belong to any religion or ethnic group. If stunning is done properly it may reduce the stress of conscious slaughter but then a genuinely devout slaughter-man or woman, whether following halal or kosher practices, will treat the animal with dignity and consideration. I think it is a swings and roundabouts issue and only vegans can claim the moral high ground.

    I watched some videos of camels being slaughtered on youtube. Of most interest to me were the comments which were full of racism, hated and Islamophobia. Reading the comments one would imagine that the posters had never eaten meat themselves. Certainly while they might also comment on PETA videos of other animals being slaughtered the comments did not make any mention of the race or religion of the slaughterers.

    It also seems to me, having had some first hand experience of new age conspiraloons, David Icke followers etc. who are vegan they seem to have a prurient interest in watching these kinds of videos. I think of it as cruelty porn and it resonates with the interest that SRA promoters have in sharing the illegal and abusive videos of the Hampstead children. I once had to sit with an Icke fan who completely believes that aliens walk among us, the weather is controlled by machines, SRA, the whole lot while she repeatedly played a video of a man sadistically hurting a cow. I felt very disturbed by the whole thing but couldn’t help but notice her mood of excitement and her making frequent comments about how she wanted to torture the man who was torturing the cow. It is very similar to the SRA hoaxers salivating and sharing fantasies about how they want to torture and castrate people they accuse of being paedophiles.

    While I think it is important, especially if you eat meat, to watch such videos and to understand the nature of animal slaughter, I feel there is something not quite right about people who spend a lot of their spare time watching this stuff.

    Sorry just a rant but I hope it is relevant in some modest way

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    • The fact is that slaughtering animals is horrible. It is something we have to accept if we eat meat. The idea that halal or kosher slaughter is especially cruel is, I think, misguided.

      I am unable to find an Intertubes copy of Lafcadio Hearn’s 1875 essay “Haceldama”, on Jewish slaugherhouses. He paints a picture of the Shochet as an icon of humanity and mercy, in comparison to the murderous mayhem of the mainstream animal-disassembly factories.

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        • Thanks!

          Not many people know that more than 70 per cent of the New Zealand beef and lamb sold in Britain comes from Cybele slaughterhouses without the fact being declared on the label.

          To meet the high standards required before meat can gain Cybele certification, all the slaughtermen must be members of the Cult of the Phrygian Great Mother, Magna Mater. The bull or lamb must be magnificent with flowers and gold, and is slain by a cut across the throat, above a grating. The priest of the Great Mother stands in a trench below the grating, clad in a silk toga worn cinctu Gabino, with golden crown and fillets on his head, and receives the animal’s blood on his face, and even on his tongue and palate.

          The New Zealand meat industry has taken this step to ensure its lamb can be sold in Phrygian and Roman markets round the world.

          The trade body Beef & Lamb New Zealand said the form of Cybele slaughter approved for use in New Zealand involves stunning the animals beforehand, with an electric shock through the brain.

          About 10% of New Zealand meat exports are slaughtered to meet a different standard, to ensure that they will be acceptable to the equally-lucrative Mithras market. To gain Mithras certification, the animals must be killed by sword-thrust to the neck or shoulder administered by an embodiment of the legionary god Mithras, while a dog and a serpent leap up towards the wound and a scorpion attacks the animal’s scrotum. If nothing else, this provides work for otherwise-unemployable ex-All Blacks.


          • I must say, it doesn’t bother me. Halal butchers can be good places to get offal. Useless for aged beef though. They are only just starting to sell free range poultry.


  4. I did think that the various weird allegations about McDonald’s and the school canteen could be the result of the children repeating things Ella had said to put them off the food in those places.

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  5. Paedo-hunter turns out to be dodgy, Malcolm? No way! If only someone had tried telling you that a hundred times 🙄


  6. Melanie Shaw was today found guilty of three charges of arson whilst in prison. She was deemed unfit to stand trial and the jury was told to return a not guilty verdict on the fourth charge. She has been held for medical reports before sentencing on 13th November,

    This will no doubt lead to a flood of vultures preying on a clearly vulnerable individual.

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  7. Yep, Facebook posts range from “cover up, corrupted judge, useless defence, a march is needed”, etc. None of the keyboard warriors can be bothered to see that letting an unstable arsonist back on the streets is a danger.

    Saying that, I sincerely hope she gets the help she so obviously needs & I have no doubt that she will. 🙏

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    • If there really was a “Powers That Be” conspiracy, they’d have let someone who (via their barrister) told the court that they were trying to kill themselves to kill themselves. It is in fact proof that there is no conspiracy that they have prevented her from doing so and look to be doing everything to get her the help she needs.

      Same cannot be said of the ghouls trying to drive her deeper into a mental abyss.

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  8. It does Seem a real coincidence about the Vegan videos. but What ever the case it’s a great bit of research EC well done.👍


  9. I went down an interesting little rabbit hole today and just want to share something

    I was watching this video of Maggie Tuttle on the youtube channel of Igor Proskurov an *cough* interesting person whom I have posted about previously.

    As is often the case, my attention was drawn away from the words spoken in the video and onto the background, featuring a map that has been the backdrop to at least one other video (I think more) featuring Belinda McKenzie.

    This got me wondering whether the videos were filmed at the Highgate hub or at a location provided by Mr Proskurov, as he appears to be an associate of both Belinda and Tuttle.

    Just something to reflect upon for further consideration I think.

    The second thing I noticed was this comment under the video

    “Dean Marciny
    4 years ago (edited)
    According to Maggie ( and many others ), The UK is now called “The Pedophile Center” with approximately 20% of the population being paedophiles…
    Its no wonder the government are trying to trivialize and marginalize this, not to mention the government themselves being rife with paedophiles and covering for Pedophiles.
    Very Interesting information on That very well known “Bernardo’s Charity” and a Canadian Company that recently bought an adoption agency in the UK for £130,000,000.00..
    Very interesting knowledge on Social Workers too..not surprising though when its such a lucrative business

    Lastly Maggie could not be more right – The people are paying for these maggots to rape, murder, traffic and sexually abuse underage children, like they have been doing for decades and continue to do now..”

    This kind of comment, claiming that a high percentage of people in the UK are paedophiles, especially when posted under a video hosted on a pro-Kremlin youtube channel interested me and inspired me to take a look at Dean Marcini’s youtube channel, which is here (videos page)

    Unsurprisingly he likes a lot of videos by RT, David Icke and Alfred Labremont Webre, but something else caught me eye, he likes several video by a man going by the name of Ralph Smart (Infinite Waters – Diving Deep) whose many unimpressive videos include this one on Decalcifying the pineal gland.

    Why is it that so many new age conspiratards obsess about the pineal gland?

    Anyhoo, a little bit of googling turned up a very interesting blog post about Ralph Smart (real name apparently James Aubee, according to a poster in the blog).

    There is so much to unpack here and I don’t have time, but I wanted to post this here in case anyone else wants to run with this / explore this rabbit hole further.

    The reason I posted it in this piece about veganism is that posters on the above linked site claim that Ralph Smart’s dietary advice (raw vegan) is leaving many people with serious health problems. Concerned loved ones of Smart’s followers report their loved ones being brainwashed by Smart. Some claim that he is using hypnotism / NLP in his videos. He has almost 1.5 million subscribers, yet people who know him in real life claim that he lives with his mother in London. He has spent time in psychiatric hospitals and has no proper qualifications in psychology.


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