Abe & Ella’s new video: Not even the formerly faithful believe them

It’s been fascinating to track the reception of Abraham Christie and Ella Draper’s latest ill-advised video offering: of course a few die-hard Hoaxtead mobsters and sycophants have been commenting and sharing as though they just witnessed the second coming of Christ, but by and large the reaction has been lacklustre.

Even Code2222, whose nose formerly occupied a permanent spot just slightly to the south of Abe’s bony arse, has been less than enthusiastic: Cody takes issue with a few crucial points that Abe and Ella seem to have forgotten:

  1. Remember back in the day, Abe insisted that they were trying to raise money for a “public court case” which he claimed would vindicate the two of them, and confirm once and for all that an entire community was raping children, murdering and eating babies, and generally making a nuisance of itself? Exactly how he and Ella planned to initiate such a case without actually returning to the UK remained a bit of a mystery, as we recall. But apparently poor Cody took Abe at his word, and now wants to know why the “public court case” has dropped off the agenda.
  2. Cody notes that despite the recent brouhaha about the Audi advert that aired during the Superbowl football game in the USA, Ella says nothing about her certainty that the girl who starred in the spot was actually her daughter. In fact, at one point Ella states that she isn’t certain whether her children are still alive—despite claiming that her daughter had starred in an advert that got maximum public exposure a few weeks back.
  3. Cody also points out that Abe and Ella were so distraught about the loss of the children that they failed to make any sort of public statement on the anniversary of their being taken into police protective custody in September.
  4. He states (incorrectly), “You talk about there [sic] brother but you wont [sic] talk about your first husband the father of that Child [sic]. He done the same things according to Abraham and yourself Ella”. In fact, Ella says not a word about her eldest child in the video, despite having named him in the past as having been sexually abused by the imaginary “cult”. Cody is right, though, that Ella never mentions her first husband, although according to her so-called “witness statement” he and his new wife were “part of it”. Funny that she reserves her real rage for RD, when in fact if her story is to be believed, both her exes were members of the same cult.

We found it interesting that even Code2222 was able to see through Abe and Ella’s lies and inconsistencies.

So did regular HR commenter YdchyncachuTracey, who for inexplicable reasons has been blocked by Abe from his YouTube channel. We’ve adapted her incisive observations, which we feel are right on the money, and required reading for anyone who feels inclined to believe a word that comes out of Ella or Abe’s lying mouths.

  1. Abe admits that he accepted a caution for cuffing his teen-aged son about the head and ears in 2014. YdchyncachuTracey asks, “Your teen son, 18 or 19 was he, still a child not adult? Anyway, you seem to forget he’s forever stuck as your child no matter how old he gets. How often do you speak to him?” Our understanding is that most of Abe’s family is just as happy not to speak to him.
  2. In the Jean-Clement audio recording, Abraham states that his niece is a victim/member of the “cult”. Tracey asks, “Have you tried to rescue your niece from the cult? Or forgot that you said she was in it?” In fact, since their visit to Jean-Clement’s house the night of Ella and Abe’s return to London, Abe has never said another word about his niece being in the cult. Strange behaviour for one who claims to care about the alleged cult’s “victims”.
  3. During the new video, Ella said not a single word about her oldest son, despite her earlier claims that he, his father, and his step-mother were all “cult members”. Ella was also happy enough to continue to accept support money from her first husband. Funny, that.
  4. Tracey asks why, despite the “medical reports with the children describing your abuse of them, and there being injuries”, Ella wanted that abuse overlooked and the children returned to her.
  5. Ella overlooks the other children having been interviewed, and continues to claim that this didn’t happen.
  6. She also conveniently forgets that her children received counselling after the court case, and during that counselling they still refused to back up the story about the cult, or to back down from their statements that Abe had abused them whilst they were in Morocco.
  7. Then there’s the contentious issue of Abe’s phone: since he fled the UK with Ella, he has continued to harp on his claim that the children “stole” his phone, and that child sex abuse images had been “planted” on it for the police to find. A strange thing to be worried about, surely, unless he was aware that such images might be found.
  8. Tracey points out that Abe and Ella’s escape over the rooftops when confronted with the police did not exactly lend credibility to their case; neither did Ella’s refusal to address the court even via video link or Skype from Spain. The fact that she ran off, abandoning her children to their fate, hasn’t helped her public image, either.
  9. Speaking of the day the police showed up and Ella and Abe scarpered, there are clear photographs of the police outside the house that day, and not a single one was carrying a “medical kit” with which to tranquilise or subdue Ella, as Abe has claimed.
  10. Abe and Ella have always left out the fact that one of the accused parents went straight to the police upon learning that he’d been named in the Jean-Clement video; Abe’s response was to complain about him being a grass.
  11. Tracey mentions the lack of any medical evidence that the children were forced to take drugs or alcohol…except of course the traces of cannabis that were discovered while testing the children’s hair.
  12. And what about…the absence of secret rooms in the church? The unlockable fridge that didn’t contain baby parts? The cupboard for vestments with very shallow drawers that didn’t contain baby skulls? The lack of any other witnesses despite the case being in the local and national media?
  13. Tracey also notes Abe’s “amusing belief that everyone who criticises (him) is the children’s father”—and we’d like to add his strange habit of informing anyone who he suspects of being RD that “you may call me NEMESIS”, as though this is meant to sound scary or something.

As an aside, we find it interesting that Abe seems so determined to impress upon RD that he, Abe, will be his undoing…rather than targetting, say, any of the alleged cult members. It’s very clear who was meant to be the primary victim of the Hampstead SRA hoax, and what was meant to happen: Ella was meant to walk away with both children (but not her eldest), and RD was meant to suffer a devastating loss. Everything else about the hoax has been collateral damage, as far as Abe and Ella are concerned.

Don’t believe us? Just watch Ella in the latest video. She sheds not a single tear for her children…but she is incandescent with rage whenever she mentions RD. We rest our case.

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  1. Rather interesting comments from Cody. I’d suspected he’d grown dubious over the twisted pair a while back. He’ll never admit the whole Hampstead case is a hoax though, as I don’t think he does to this day.

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      • Then theres the other idiots who believe the lurid stories of satanic cults and baby munching were put in the childrens heads by members of a pedophile ring to make it unbelievable and cover up the sexual abuse of the children.

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          • Speaking of crazy psy-op Ella looks like she is suffering from Stockholm Syndrome and it’s not uncommon for those who do to be fed (willingly in her case) copious amounts of mind altering substances like smoking grass every day.
            I still say it- I know of no mother who would not fight tooth and nail for their children and if that meant returning to the UK and risking arrest (she would only get a non-custodial sentence for her machinations) they would do it.
            Could it be the 3rd child get no mention from either Ella or the convicted criminal Abraham Christie be because that father still makes payment to Ella even though she has no children to look after? I think so as in the long run even this form of blackmail is probably preferable to the havoc Abrella can wreak.
            It’s all about the money with Abe.

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        • The putting ideas, seems to be from quacks, shockingly many sanctioned by their state, accredited, complaints fall on deaf ears. Some of us do suspect that paedos/colluders are in the mix, justifiably


          • I don’t think she is suffering from Stockholm Syndrome, she may eventually say just that and claim she’s a victim of his ways but I think she’s just as nasty as Abe.

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      • Belinda McKenzie is very much like the woman that ran the Children of God Cult in Australia in which Julian Assange was brought up in.
        Completely ignored by the world’s media is that Assange has never one critcised the Cult even though police raided it and removed children who the woman had falsely registered as her own birth children.
        She and her husband were eventually arrested by the FBI while hiding out in a new cult HQ in the US ( another reason Assange hates entities like FBI/CIA ?) and extradited but only eventually received small fines and carried on regardless until eventually police raided the cult in NSW and removed many children.
        It’s taken me this long to convince a reputed journalist to delve into Assange’s Cult upbringing which must have affected him and which he seems very protective of.

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        • In addition : those who believe in the Hampstead satanic cult and the ludicrous @pizzagate hoax perpetuated by Assange have never questioned aspects of the Cult he was brought up in : like where did they get the 12 children from they falsely registered as their own and whose hair they died blonde and made wear identical clothing. Children were regularly beaten and fed copious amounts of mind altering drugs like LSD and there was sexual abuse from “uncles”- in fact the full gamut of cult behaviour that the Hoaxtead mob are so favoured of promoting. And were there far more children as the cult, still; operating, is rumoured to be worth around $50M.

          So for any investigative journalist like APD claims to be (oh stop laughing in the front row- this is serious) there is a ready made fascinating story to unfold and yet, they promote one of Assange’s falsehoods like pizzagate and meld it into Hampstead hoax.
          Useful Idiots or what?

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          • The cult was actually called The Family (not Children of God). Not sure how I made that mistake. Perhaps a big boy did it and ran away,

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          • Is The Family that weird new-age cult also known at the Great White Brotherhood? I’ve read about them before. I can see why you got mixed up with the Children of God Cult as the CofG morphed into Family International. These cults always sell themselves as a family to make it seem like you “belong.”

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  2. Great write up EC as always, and some excellent points I was not aware of from Tracey.
    When Abe and Ella told so many lies it made it that bit harder for them to keep track of all their elaborate tales. One of the Hoaxers points has always been why would they invent a Satanic Cult if they just wanted Ella to keep custody of the children? There must have been easier ways of doing that? Well they have a point, but the whole thing was to discredit RD’s claim to see or get custody of the children and implement everyone who stood in there way and who had reported their neglect and bad behaviour, ie. The school, social services, police, fellow parents and the community of Hampstead as a whole.

    If Abraham wasn’t such a stupid little criminal prick obsessed with false stories of mind control and satanic ritual abuse a smarter person would have kept it simple and said there was a pedophile ring. But not Abe, he wanted the glory of lurid tales to grab attention, headlines, a book, a movie, and a market for his and Ella’s Hemp based mind control cure.

    The silver lining is his infatuation lead to such an impossible and logisctically implausable story that only the really stupid, mad, drug heads or conspiracy loons would ever believe any of it. Anyone who has had even the slightest knowledge or experience of CSA knew within a couple of minutes of viewing even a single of one of his and Ella’s videos filming the children, that real victims of abuse to not act that way, and the sheer scale of abuse claimed could not possibly have happened to those two children without serious physical and mental health problems and someone finding out about it.
    It’s not worth thinking about, but even an adult man would have been hospitalised if he had suffered only a fraction of the abuse Abe claims went on day in and day out.

    It’s sad that there are still weird creepy people on the internet that want to believe so bad those two poor children were abused sexually, and even continue to post images of them despite a UK Court Order and the right for anonymity that children involved in abuse cases have.

    Which brings me to the last of the big 4 still promoting the Hoax.

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  3. Ladies and gentlemen…Radley Productions, in conjunction with AiringYourDirtyLaundryInPublic Publications, is proud to bring you this week’s episode of Troofhoaxer Fight Night…

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    • Kris and Sonya have some bloody nerve banging on at APD and AK about EVIDENCE of them being Agents (yeah, right…Keystone Cops more like.) They wouldn’t recognize evidence if it slapped them both on the arse.

      I’d like to see one bit of evidence concerning the Hampstead case. That would be a nice start. They say they are fighting to get Ella’s children back to her, well they are wasting their time. On which planet do they think Ella’s children would be legally handed back to her?

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      • Thanks. Not really much talent involved, just cut out ella, stuck abes head on Gellars body then put them on a background added a filter and text. It’s amazing how a filter can make even the ugliest things in life look beautiful, lol. Done, Abe the world of good, he still looks an evil little twat though. I labelled it Free the Hampstead 2 2017 campaign poster and posted it on their latest video, so hopefully abe gets a shock when he clicks on it, lmao.

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          • I use an old Ipad 2 with giant cracks all over the screen where the dog bit it about 2 and a half years ago and it just spread, lol. Just an app like a basic photoshop called Juxtaposer, where you can use an eraser-like tool to remove the bits you don’t want then change the transparency and go round the edges to smooth them, change the settings to get the colours right then can save that as a stamp image. Do the same with another image. Find an interesting background on google images then add the stamped images on top and blend them in and rearrange. Sometimes use a beauty app called re-look to clone parts or change skin tone, blur etc and to remove the lettering on the flashdance one, then use photolab pro – masterpiece filters to make it look pretty and add suitable text. Probably been using them for about a year but not very often. Cost less that a fiver for all 3 seperate apps in total.

            Not much talent involved just patience and using the undo button a lot. once you have a head or body cut out as you want you can save that and reuse it as a stamp.
            If you have eyes and fingers and the inclination anyone can do similar or better work.

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  5. That wonderful poster of Abe’s Spoon Based Mind Control, was reminding me about some of the most idiotic CIA mind control theories.
    I believe I’ve mentioned the Dr Corydon Hammond’s “Greenbaum Lecture” before. It truly takes the cake for ignorance, stupidity and bald-faced lying. What came to mind today, was Hammond’s baseless paranoia about the Kabbalistic Tree of Life.
    The Tree of Life is…primarily a diagram. Here’s a nice clean version (BEWARE, ONE GLANCE AT IT AND YOU’LL BE IMMEDIATELY POSSESSED BY 12 CADRES OF DEVILS! not. hahaha!!)

    Imagine living in fear of that – a diagram, a picture or painting. Moronic!
    The basis of Hammond’s ignorant paranoia about the Tree of Life takes some telling. Here’s an excerpt from the Greenbaum Lecture which sets the stage (hold your nose! the stink of bullshit pervades this passage)

    “At the end of World War II, before it even ended, Allen Dulles and people from our Intelligence Community were already in Switzerland making contact to get out Nazi scientists. [true] As World War II ends, they not only get out rocket scientists, but they also get out some Nazi doctors who have been doing mind-control research in the camps. [a fantasy! they never existed] They brought them to the United States. Along with them was a young boy, a teenager, who had been raised in a Hasidic Jewish tradition and a background of Cabalistic mysticism, that probably appealed to people in the Cult, [totally imaginary character] because at least by the turn of the century Aleister Crowley had been introducing Cabalism into Satanic stuff, if not earlier. [lol! too stupid to bother] I suspect it may have formed some bond between them. But he saved his skin by collaborating and being an assistant to them in the death-camp experiments. [of course, the archetypal faithless Jew, betraying his people to save his own skin. did you even know you were a bigot when you wrote this, Hammond?] They brought him with them. They started doing mind-control research for Military Intelligence in military hospitals in the United States. The people that came, the Nazi doctors, were Satanists. [ridiculous, preposterous, false] Subsequently, the boy changed his name, Americanized it some, obtained an M.D. degree, became a physician and continued this work that appears to be at the center of Cult Programming today”

    “Cabalistic mysticism is mixed all into this. If you’re going to work with this you need to pick up a couple of books on the Cabala. One is by a man named Dion Fortune [i’m sure ms. fortune would be surprised to learn she had a penis and was secretly a man] called “Qabala” with a “q,” Dion Fortune. Another one is by Ann Williams-Heller and it’s called “The Kabbalah.” I knew nothing about the Cabala. [you still don’t. nor anything else related to this topic] It was interesting. A patient had sat in my waiting area, got there considerably early and drew a detailed multicolored Cabalistic Tree over two years ago. It took me two months to figure out what it was. Finally, showing it to somebody else who said, “You know? That looks an awful lot like the Cabala Tree.” And that rang a bell with something esoteric in an old book and I dug it out”.

    Aieee!!! The “Cabalistic” Tree of LIfe, which might have something to do with kabbalistic-satanic stuff or satanic-kabbalistic stuff, is after us. Run!

    Hammond goes on: “She [a patient] described the overall system—if I can remember it now—as being like this. The circle represented harm to the body, a system of alters whose primary purpose was to hurt her, including symptoms like Munchausen’s self-mutilation, and other kinds of things. Each of the triangles represented still another different system. She said, “With the exception of me,” this one part, “you dealt with the whole circle with the work that we did before but you didn’t touch the rest of the stuff.” Okay. In the middle of all this was still another system consisting of the Cabalistic Tree, which some of you are aware looks approximately like this with lines in between and so on and so forth”.

    Ah ha! They build a psychic Tree of Life “inside” their victims, as some kind of control ‘system’, apparently. Well, that just proves the Kabbalistic Tree of Life is, and always was, some kind of satanic brainwashing/ mind control plot – doesn’t it?

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    • Thanks for that, always interesting reading that kind of stuff. I remember going through all the Mind control stuff I could find on the CIA site and saving it all, but then reading very little of it as it’s so scrappy and redacted. One of the parts I can remember was when agents were meeting up with different individuals who claimed to have various types of mind control and hypnosis techniques, always charletans.

      One of these was a con man who claimed he could hypnotise people to become memory banks and hold information for him without having any knowledge of it themselves until he asked them to relay it back to him. The guy also had lots of other wild claims involving being able to get any woman he liked to sleep with him just by a glance or code word. None of it was ever backed up or proved. I will see if I can find it, lol.

      Is there actually any decent books that cover factual documents released on CIA Mind control projects, I have one in ebook format called Acid, LSD something but never read it, looked liked junk.

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      • @BM (heehee) – the problem will be, that there weren’t really any “CIA mind control” projects. Several MKUltra projects might have had applications to; wiping out memories, causing uncontrollable babble and subsequent disclosure of personal “secrets”, inducing other forms of short-term pseudo-zombie states, or “burying” information in someone’s mind that they are not consciously aware of possessing and therefore can’t disclose it even under torture.. Things like that.

        Dr Colin Ross, an SRA and MPD true believer-promoter and secret Scientologist (did I just say that, publicly?) published: “The CIA Doctors” about a decade ago. It has reproductions of (heavily redacted) genuine documents from the Bluebird-Artichoke-MKUltra period and a table of the sub-projects. It contains subtle deceptions however, so I’d recommend reading my review of it first:

        “The Search for the Manchurian Candidate” by John Marks is a classic, the first book length review of what had been disclosed at that point (1979), still very illuminating. Primarily factual, not a speculative work like 99% of internet material & self-published books.

        “A Terrible Mistake” by HP Albarelli is very comprehensive story of the early days of the MKUltra projects and the cabal that ran them. Mostly factual and accurate, as far as I know, except for some speculative crapola about Crowley which I suspect was inserted by the publisher.

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  6. Ella comes over stranger than ever in the new video and looks completely baked. And still no emotional plea for the children. Not even an attempt to fake one.
    I wonder if they are doing this because they are desperate for money or just because convicted fraudster Abraham couldn’t let the chance of a scam go past him.

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  7. I was thinking (very rare event) that if this Hampstead cult had any truth to it the Russian media and government would be on it in a flash. It would be an international incident. Can you imagine what Putin would do? he would probably nuke downing street! but we hear nothing from Putin and the Russians coz they know bullshit. I would imagine the Russians did look into it.

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  8. How dispiriting this all is, churning over the same old shit, what do they hope to gain by this? And of course a whole new gullible audience becomes enraged and has their armchair activist sensors tickled, or their pervy voyeurism, and they start throwing death threats around and accusing all and sundry of appalling acts. I really hoped that we’d seen the end of them. Seems like your job is far from over El C. Gah. So effing pissed off with them. And what are youtube playing at?? Just..ugh. So angry.

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  9. I’m not trying to make light of the Dunblane massacre in any way but it took place on 13th March 1996. @#jusayin

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    • It’s maddening how these scumbags use every tragedy as an opportunity to tag Pizzahate in.
      Moon landing hashtag Pizzahate, Dinosaurss hashtag PG, VE Day hashtag PG.

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  10. Their desperate fundraising attempts aren’t to get funds to got to the U.S. for the pizzabollox event on the 25th perhaps? HWCBN is going and he is getting his flight paid for, to the tune of $754.37. I kid you not.

    If any U.S. embassy was warned, then Abraham would certainly not be admissible, criminal history and drug offences, Ella possibly not admissible. I also wonder whether Morocco cares about Abraham’s criminal record?

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  11. I’m so disappointed both the fundraising sites see fit to let 2 people wanted by the Police, raise funds and yes…both pages still exist.

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