Ellochka the Cannibal and the Gold Digger Academy

Some time ago, one of our readers noticed that Ella Gareeva Draper was a member of a Russian knock-off of Facebook called OK.RU. Similar to Facebook, each member has a profile page…

…and people can form or join groups of interest to them, such as this one: Yes, Ella is a member. In fact, we’re not certain, but it looks as though she might even be the admin.

We don’t speak Russian, but our friend Google Translate did a bang-up job of telling us what this says:Erm….okay, we admit we didn’t feel particularly enlightened, until one of our particularly well-read team members pointed out that “Ellochka the Cannibal” was a character in the 1928 Russian novel by Ilf and Petrov, titled “12 Chairs”. (Oh, and “Ellochka” happens to be an affectionate nickname for “Ella”.)

Here’s an excerpt from the novel which describes Ellochka the Cannibal:

[A]ccording to researchers’ calculations, William Shakespeare ’s lexicon comprises twelve thousand words. The lexicon of a Negro from the cannibalistic tribe Mumbo-Jumbo comprises three hundred words. Ellochka Shchukina got by easily and freely with thirty.

Here are the words, phrases, and interjections she judiciously chose out of the entire great, powerful, word-rich Russian language:

  1. So rude.
  2. Ho-ho! (This expresses, depending on the circumstances: irony, amazement, rapture, hatred, joy, disdain, and satisfaction .)
  3. Outstanding.
  4. Dismal. (Said about everything. For example: “dismal Petya came over,” “dismal weather,” “a dismal occasion,” “a dismal tomcat,” and so forth.)
  5. Appalling.
  6. Horror. (Horrible. For example, on running into a dear friend: “a horrible meeting.”)
  7. Little fellow. (Said about all men of her acquaintance, regardless of age or social standing.)
  8. Don’t teach me how to live.
  9. Like . . . a baby. (“It was like taking candy from a baby,” said about a card game. “I smacked him like a baby’s bottom,” said, evidently, during a conversation with the responsible lessee.)
  10. Be-e-e-yootiful!
  11. Fat and handsome. (Used to characterize animate and inanimate objects.)
  12. Let’s take a horse-cab. (Said to her husband.)
  13. Let’s take a taxi-waxi. (To male acquaintances.)
  14. Your back is all white. (A joke.)
  15. Just think.
  16. Ulya. (An affectionate ending for names. For example: Mishulya, Zinulya.)
  17. Oho! (Irony, amazement, rapture, hatred, joy, disdain, and satisfaction.)

The extremely insignificant number of remaining words served as communicative links between Ellochka and salesclerks .

Upon examination of the photographs of Ellochka (one frontal view, one side view) hanging over the bed of her husband , the engineer Ernest Pavlovich Shchukin, it was not difficult to discern a pleasantly high, round forehead, large moist eyes, the dearest little nose in all of Moscow province, and a chin with a little beauty spot drawn on with mascara. Ellochka’s height flattered men. She was short, and even the shabbiest fellows looked like tall, powerful men next to her. As for distinguishing characteristics, she hadn’t any. Ellochka didn’t need them. She was pretty.

The two hundred rubles her husband received each month from the Elektrochandelier factory was an insult to Ellochka. There was no way it could aid her in the grand battle Ellochka had been fighting for four years now, ever since she’d assumed the social standing of a housewife, Shchukin’s wife. All the forces at her command were dedicated to the battle. It swallowed up all their resources. Ernest Pavlovich brought extra 270+ in Moscow work home with him, denied the household a maid, acquired a primus stove, took out the trash, and even cooked up the meatballs. But it was a fruitless effort. Every year the dangerous enemy did more damage to their household finances.

Four years ago, Ellochka had noticed that she had a rival across the ocean. Misfortune arrived at her doorstep on that joyous evening when Ellochka was trying on a very nice crepe de chine blouse. In this raiment she almost looked like a goddess.

“Ho-ho,” she exclaimed, reducing the staggeringly complex feelings that had seized her down to this cannibalistic cry. In simplified form, these feelings could be expressed in a phrase such as: “Men will become agitated when they see me like this. They will begin trembling. They will follow me to the ends of the earth, stuttering from love. But I will be cold. Are they really worthy of me? I am the most beautiful woman alive. Nobody else on the planet has such an elegant blouse.” But she only had thirty words, so Ellochka chose the most expressive one of all: “ho-ho.”

It was in just such a grand hour that Fima Sobak came over to see her. She swept in with January’s frosty breath and a French fashion magazine. Ellochka came to a halt on page one. The glossy photograph depicted the daughter of the American billionaire Vanderbilt in an evening gown. She saw furs and feathers, silk and pearls, an extraordinarily easy cut and a breathtaking hairstyle. That decided everything. “Oho!” Ellochka said to herself. That meant: “It’s either her or me.”

We felt we were starting to get the picture.

Ellochka, it seems, is a Russian archetype of a particular sort of woman—the kind who relies more on her physical attributes than her mental ones, the kind for whom the highest ambition is latching onto a prestigious man who can provide her with the sort of lifestyle to which she would like to become accustomed. The kind of woman who sees other women—especially whose who are better off than she is—as competition who must be obliterated if she is to survive.

The name and description of Ella Gareeva’s OK.RU group was beginning to make more sense: “Actually we are NOT cannibals—we ourselves give a piece of ourselves to everyone with whom LIFE confronts us. And maybe, that’s why They come back to us again….”

In English we might call “Ellochka the Cannibal” another name: “Ella the Man-Eater”. Interestingly, in Russia “Ellochka the Cannibal” is also a synonym for a vulgar, greedy, uneducated woman who just happens to be physically attractive.

Gold-Digger Academy

Oddly, we found the above picture of “Ellochka the Cannibal” on a website called “Hot Russian Brides: Featuring Beautiful and Exotic Women“; like many such sites, it represents a strange but notable aspect of Russia’s transition from Communism to Russian-style capitalism.

As Peter Pomerantsev says in his book “Nothing is True and Everything is Possible“, since the fall of Communism a kind of feverish, surreal version of capitalism has rushed in to fill the political/economic void. In this new world, everything is for sale—including one’s self; everything is negotiable; and a certain class of women—a modern-day version of Ellochka the Cannibal, perhaps—has come to believe that working for a living is unspeakably demeaning.

These New Ellochkas have a simple goal: find a rich man and milk him for all he’s worth, says Pomerantsev:

“Business theory teaches us one important lesson,” says the instructress. “Always thoroughly research the desires of the consumer. Apply this principle when you search for a rich man. On a first date there’s one key rule: never talk about yourself. Listen to him. Find him fascinating. Find out his desires. Study his hobbies; then change yourself accordingly.”

Gold Digger Academy. A pool of serious blonde girls taking careful notes. Finding a sugar daddy is a craft, a profession. The academy has faux-marble halls, long mirrors, and gold-color-painted details. Next door is a spa and beauty salon. You go for your gold-digger lessons, then you go get waxed and tanned. The teacher is a forty-something redhead with a psychology degree, an MBA, and a shrill smile, her voice high and prim, a Miss Jean Brodie in short skirts: “Never wear jewelry on a first date, the man should think you’re poor. Make him want to buy you jewelry. Arrive in a broken-down car: make him want to buy you a smarter one.”

The students take notes in neat writing. They have paid a thousand dollars for each week of the course. There are dozens of such “academies” in Moscow and St. Petersburg, with names such as “Geisha School” or “How to Be a Real Woman.”

“Go to an expensive area of town,” continues the instructress. “Stand with a map and pretend you are lost. A wealthy man might approach to help.”

Ella the Gold-Digger

This brings us back to Ella Gareeva and her “Ellochka the Cannibals” group: Ella claims to have met and married Mr Draper when she was an art student in Moscow, some 20 years ago. We know that following the breakup of her marriage to Mr Draper, Ella walked away with a significant spousal maintenance payment.

Even after Ella and RD had their two children together, Ella continued to receive her spousal maintenance, since she had not actually remarried; however, it seems to have been cut off some time within the past year and a half, leaving Ella and Abraham scrambling for cash. We believe that this is what motivated Ella to tell interviewer Nathan Stolpman that she had made a mistake in saying that Mr Draper, the son they had together, and Mr Draper’s current wife were all participating members of the so-called cult in Hampstead.

You can read more about that here; but the bottom line is that Ella the Gold-Digger is desperate for cash. Rather than resigning herself to getting a job, she tried to undo some of the damage she’d done to her ex-husband and her eldest son…but we fear it’s probably too late. Most people just don’t take kindly to being accused of raping small children and murdering and eating babies. Strange, but true.

Meanwhile, we cannot help but chuckle at the divine irony of it all: Ella the Gold-Digger, deprived of her treasure, is now stuck in the dusty Spanish countryside with a demented, abusive little man with a criminal record as long as your arm and a chronic inability to handle money, despite all his big talk. The hoax they so cleverly planned with Sabine and Belinda has crashed down around their ears; Ella’s children are safely away from her greedy clutches; their various attempts to raise money through crowdfunding have been foiled; and their only remaining supporters are a few hard-core nutcases who just can’t bring themselves to let go.

Quite the come-down for Ellochka the Cannibal.

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  1. Ooh, nice digging, EC (though not of the gold- variety, I hasten to add). So basically, Ella’s devious attempts to screw hapless innocent men out of their hard-earned spondulix finally backfired on her (and by implication her greasy pet dwarf). Nice 🙂

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  2. This one’s going out to a Ms. Draper/Gareeva in Spain/Morocco/Hell. Apologies for the 30-second unskippable ad, though it does seem somehow apt for the current ‘gold-digging’ motif…

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  3. Hi all

    Just popping by to say how proud I am of my daddy. All the other girls are so jealous of me for having such a great role model. He’s taught me so much about love, tolerance and compassion, as these screenshots attest. He’s a credit to his church and the respect he shows towards women is a shining example to real men everywhere. I can’t imagine why Mummy doesn’t want him anywhere near me. I for one look forward to reading his childish hissy fits, sad playground insults and death threats every day. Love you, Daddy x

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  4. Gold digger ehh?. Didn’t Abe try to invest in gold at some stage but it turned to out to be Fool’s Gold? (boom boom).
    I did have one Russian Granny and when I say she was rather complicated that’s putting it mildly. Amazing people but it will probably take another 2 generations before they lose the shackles of a shockingly hard life since (and before) the Revolution. Then they will probably outstrip us in many ways.

    What an distasteful & nasty character this Malcolm Konrad Ogilvy seems to be. Like many I think he believes cancer is some sort of self-induced illness and only strikes those he chooses are not fit to be living. Just the viciousness of his own mind should demonstrate that we are all very complicated brilliant fine tuned organisms and it only takes a tiny flaw for a devastating illness to strike.

    The vile creep has obviously never visited a children’s cancer ward. Wonder what crime he thinks a ten year old with incurable Leukemia has committed?

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    • Fascinating link, GOS. I think it really gives a glimpse into the complexities that face child welfare workers. Makes one think about the “child-snatchers” narrative pushed by Sabine and Belinda.


  5. We used to call “.ru”, = “.pedo”, the early sites seemed to be primarily that. Decades ago.

    That Telegraph story, about the UK prisoner with a long history of crimes against children “being granted victim status”, is not only appalling but really reveals a fatal flaw in the way UK laws & regulations handle adult victim anonymity.

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    • That’s funny, Justin. I’m sure I remember Ella stating that as a naïve Russian woman she had no idea about English things like paedophilia…they just don’t have that sort of thing back home, she said. Oddly, her troofer friends all seemed to believe her.

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      • Not only are there pedophiles and rapists in Russia some of them actually do turn out to be cannibals. This murderer was the subject of numerous Russian TV documentaries shows so who is she kidding?
        Anatoly Yemelianovich Slivko was a Soviet serial killer who molested young boys at his youth club .
        The Russian Island of Cannibals

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      • Uhhh.ok, Ella:

        Observer – Sunday October 1, 2000
        Britain is a key link in the biggest ever international investigation into the production and supply of paedophile ‘snuff’ movies – in which children are murdered on film – an Observer investigation can reveal.
        The key suspect in the inquiry, a Russian who was arrested last week in Moscow for distribution of thousands of sadistic child porn videos and pictures, was traced following the seizure of his products from British paedophiles.
        Dmitri Vladimirovich Kuznetsov, a 30-year-old former car mechanic in Moscow, was identified after British Customs and police traced the origin of violent child porn videos found in the UK back to Russia.
        Last week Italian police seized 3,000 of Kuznetsov’s videos on their way to clients in Italy, sparking an international hunt for paedophiles who have bought his products. The Italian investigators say the material includes footage of children dying during abuse. Prosecutors in Naples are considering charging those who have bought the videos with complicity in murder. They say some may have specifically requested films of killings.
        British authorities yesterday confirmed that scores of Kuznetsov’s videos, produced in his small flat in Moscow’s rundown Vykhino district, have been found in the UK. They are concerned that ‘snuff’ movies in which children are killed may have also been imported.
        Around a dozen British men have already been arrested and charged with offences alleged to be connected to the Russian tapes. A second Russian child porn ring, which allegedly had a British distributor, was broken up earlier this year. The investigation into the importing of violent Russian child porn which led to the identification and subsequent imprisonment of Kuznetsov started about 15 months ago after Customs seized material coming into the country. Since then there have been dozens of other finds.
        ‘We have seen some very, very nasty stuff involving sadistic abuse of very young children, but actual deaths on film takes it a whole step further. That is very worrying,’ said one senior customs officer this weekend.
        British paedophiles were paying between £50 and £100 for Kuznetsov’s tapes, the officer said. Further fees were paid for access to a website that features pictures of extremely violent abuse.
        Though two men arrested with Kuznetsov have also been imprisoned by Moscow authorities, only one of the three remains behind bars. Dmitri Ivanov was sentenced to 11 years for actually participating in the abuse that was being filmed. The others were released under an amnesty aimed at clearing Russia’s overcrowded prisons.
        When officers from the Moscow Criminal Investigation Department raided Kuznetsov’s flat they found two boys in a makeshift studio. They seized a huge quantity of films and other pornographic material as well as lists of clients in Italy, Germany, America and Britain.
        Last week Italian detectives moved in, following months of inquiries, and arrested eight people. The police searched more than 600 homes and say they now have evidence against about 500 people. Among the suspects were businessmen, public employees and a university student. Several of them were married, with children of their own. Hundreds of people are also under investigation in Germany.
        The Russian videos, which had been ordered over the internet, were intercepted when they came into Italy by post, repackaged and then delivered by undercover police officers. They cost between £300 and £4,000, depending on what type of film was ordered.
        Police in Russia and the UK believe that Kuznetsov and his associates have been in business for more than two years in which time they are believed to have recruited around 100 boys – aged between nine and 15 – to be filmed.
        ‘Most of the children were rounded up from railway stations. A lot of them came from the suburbs, or surrounding regions and were from deprived, problem families,’ said Kiril Mazurin, a police spokesman.
        ‘Usually when children like this arrive in the capital, they’ve got no idea where to go and hang around in the station. It’s very easy to entice this kind of teenager – with a promise of a warm bed or a trip to the cinema.’
        Many were lured away from orphanages. ‘Children are not locked in,’ said Mazurin. ‘Anyone can come along and promise them a meal at McDonalds. It doesn’t take any more than that.”
        Some children were paid a commission to find other boys willing to be filmed, according to reports in the Russian press, for a fee of between 100 and 300 roubles (£2.50 – £7).
        Kuznetsov had given up his job in 1998 to devote himself to the lucrative pornography industry. A self-taught computer expert, he was in the process of upgrading his equipment to allow him to e-mail videos directly to clients when police raided him”.

        The snuff allegations turned out to be false. We think that this guy and his mobster associate controlled the original private servers that “.ru” ran on.

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          • @coyote – that’s just one of the Russian operations. There were several in Ukraine as well, terrible exploitation of very young boys.
            A lot of this was facilitated by “the fall of communism”, when manipulation by “the West” caused Mikhail Gorbachev’s orderly transition to a market economy to collapse into Boris Yeltsin’s social anarchy. Pedophile pervert mobsters were enabled to run amok, exploiting children whose families were left with nothing and couldn’t afford to feed them even.

            A punk rock journalist published an interview, circa 2001 (?) with one of the Blue Orchid russian pedo-porn survivors. “Vasia” appeared in many RBV and KDV (boy porn) videos. Very popular with the B-Chat site crowd apparently. Then the mobsters sold him to a German pedophile, they literally owned these kids, and that man kicked him out when he got tooold to turn the German pedo on anymore. He was still a teen, but a heroin addict by that point, and this punk journalist ran into him prostituting himself on the streets of Moscow.
            I’ve tried to trace him, to make contact, but it’s hopeless. It would be good to have a representative for “the Russian boys” in my little child-porn “model” survivor’s network, although language might be a problem too.

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          • I know some Russian speakers, but I would hesitate to offer their services as translators as I think they might be a bit distressed by the nature of the material.

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          • “that’s just one of the Russian operations. There were several in Ukraine as well, terrible exploitation of very young boys.”

            Interestingly, the city that Ella comes from, Rostov-on-Don, is quite close to the Russia/Ukraine border, I believe. Apparently it’s a haven for Ukrainian organised criminals, and has its own problems with paedophile gangs: https://en.crimerussia.com/gromkie-dela/influential-family-of-pedophile-gang-leader-bought-prison-underboss-protection/

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          • @john – {hugs} & thank you!
            There have been days when I profoundly wished I could erase everything from my consciousness, including personal memories. I felt compelled to travel this path, as a somewhat naive young man, expecting to learn everything I personally “needed’ to know in a relatively short time. But that wasn’t the case, and long before I realized that my personal quest could never be fulfilled, I discovered that what I already knew could be helpful to others. The more that I can know, the more helpful I can be, I decided – and that’s what “gets me through the night” I guess.

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        • Justin, you mention that the snuff allegations turned out to be false. In general I’ve heard that “snuff movies” are an urban myth (barring things like ISIS murder videos); is that still the case?


          • @coyote – as far as I know, with respect to minors as the “snuffee”, yes.
            That madman from Montreal, birth name Eric someone or other, made a genuine snuff with his adult boyfriend and posted it to a file sharing site – so there is at least one, involving adults.

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            • Yes, he was the one who mailed body parts to the Prime Minister’s office, and then bolted for Europe. You’re right, that would definitely qualify. It was utterly horrifying; I remember reading about the victim’s father, who was understandably devastated.


          • I thought that for it to be classed as a “snuff” movie, it had to be distributed for financial gain? Therefore, I think some which have been classed as “snuff” are not.


      • Yes Ella did say something along those lines EC, playing the innocent yet she’s with a career criminal such as Christie all these years? Unless he is holding her prisoner then birds of a feather springs to mind.

        My thoughts had been that she wanted a British passport and was a mail order bride, but hey I wasn’t too far off.

        I don’t find her attractive in the slightest, though never seen her in person, so could be wrong.

        Abraham Christie, 60 and his blonde Russian beauty of 44. He could be her Dad, sort of…

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        • My understanding from a couple of confidential sources is that Mr Draper was not the only person Ella used for money, then discarded. I think her motives are pretty clear.

          And you know, if she has so little trouble selling herself to the highest bidder, why not her children too? Everything is a commodity to her.

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  6. Just had a quick skim through the novel “Twelve Chairs”. Ellochka ends up swapping a valuable antique chair for a cheap tea strainer because it looked glittery in the sun. Sounds very much like our Ella’s life choices.

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  7. @fairly sane – that’s kind of you. I’m sure you’re right about the subject matter though 🙂 discussion of SRA hoax would be intolerable for many people, discussion of the real thing even harder.
    I’m very cautious about the circumstances under which I make contact with “one of us”. Generally, I won’t unless they are publicly expressing a “desire for justice” – for themselves and/or others. And then, the initial offer of contact has to be from me to them directly, no intermediary. I introduce myself, a short summary of my own experience, let them know that I know about theirs -discreetly- and I’d be happy to hear back. If they don’t reply, that’s fine.
    Our group emails are strictly private, also. Only people who have had “the experience” can be on it, so a translator wouldn’t be welcome there.

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      • This seems to be an acceptable form of generating an income these days, so I am told by the younger generation. Students use these sites to pay for college fees & accommodation I hear. Yeah perhaps Ella is looking for a way out, although how anyone could run & leave their children in another country is beyond my comprehension.

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        • I’m not sure it’s acceptable for most people, but it seems some think it’s okay.

          I have no idea how Ella could have left her children as she did. If she’d stayed and fought for them, assuming she’d retracted the hoax, ditched Abe, and come back to reality, I expect the courts would have let her have them back.

          As it is, she’s unlikely to see them again, until they reach the age of majority; and even then, they will be able to choose whether they wish to allow her back into their lives. If she were my mother, I know what I’d choose.

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          • No it wouldn’t be acceptable in my eyes, but those sites seem to be trying to normalise it & they even have meetings in different venues to ‘talk’ about how it is done & safety issues, etc. Ridiculous of course because how can anyone guarantee their safety when meeting a stranger online.

            I agree about Ella, if she had stayed, she most likely would have contact even with her children, I don’t think she would have full custody ever again though & don’t think she should if she is so easily led.


      • Ella’s totally deluded!
        The next thing on the International Homosexual Agenda after “acceptance of homosexuality”, is the right to wear see-through butt pants – anywhere, anytime. After that, its mandatory see-through butt pants wearing for everyone within certain height & weight parameters. Then mandatory poodle ownership, the right to inflict loud disco music on your neighbors, and so on. Cannibalism doesn’t make the cut at all!

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  8. I adore this article/report/treatise/(insert correct term). What a fascinating insight into the possible machinations of an obviously very lacking of any intellect at all, cynical and manipulative ne’er do well…real life vulgarian. It hadn’t occurred to me that Ella Gareeva could be a schemer to this extent..I had actually thought she was Christie’s victim and prior to him, she’d been unlucky in love hence her apparent bitterness towards her children’s fathers.


    I’m dying to know how Christie has reacted to the news that his lady love has an OK.RU profile and is admin of a page there where apparently the followers are solely interested in snaring men of means. I hope he feels downhearted and dismayed at the revelation that he is no more than a dupe.

    But even Ella the man-eater is in denial of her own nefarious intent, as you reported:

    The name and description of Ella Gareeva’s OK.RU group was beginning to make more sense: “Actually we are NOT cannibals—we ourselves give a piece of ourselves to everyone with whom LIFE confronts us. And maybe, that’s why They come back to us again….”

    She is the martyr to her own cause…the subject takes a nibble she returns the favour by extracting a large chunk but only after she offered herself on a plate having created in her victim a false sense of security…the assuredness she’d be his forever.. how very empowering for womanhood is that!

    Babs can’t see how Ella could be considered attractive and I think the same way, I can see that she might fit certain criteria regarding being a trophy for the hard of emotion feeling male out there but I recall another person saying that Ella looked a bit wonky and appeared as if she’d suffered a stroke and I agree Ella’s breathlessness and lopsidedness and lack of focus seems to hint quite strongly that she is either quite ill or completely deranged…god help her!


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