False Start Foundation: Same shit, different day

Last April we began tracking a new organisation which was claiming to represent the interests of survivors of child sexual abuse. The “Fresh Start Foundation”—yet another “foundation” with a name which could easily be confused with a number of others, rather like the “Knight Foundation”—had a very interesting list of founding officers, many of whom were already known to us: Christine Margaret Gow, Neil James McKechnie, Andrew Christopher Peacher, Penny Pullen, David Scott (UK Column’s “Albion Rover”), and Alexander Smith. Mr McKechnie is a friend of Belinda McKenzie, and Christine Gow has done her fair share of posting illegal posts about RD’s children.We note that Andy Peacher and Alexander Smith were dropped from the board of directors last month, and replaced by three new directors (Janine Danielle Rennie seems to have been listed twice in error).

And what would any dodgy non-charity “foundation” be without the blessing of Belinda McKenzie?

At the Fresh Start Foundation’s inaugural conference last year, invited speakers included Robert Green and Wilfred Wong, with video contributions from Brian Gerrish, David Icke, and Kevin Annett. Hail, hail, the gang’s all here!

The Fresh Start Foundation had its own crowdfunding page (of course!), though that seems to have gone tits up after only three donations (including one from Penny Pullen).

Recent misbehaviour

To be honest, having noted the existence of the thing, we hadn’t really paid it a great deal of attention until last month, when we noticed that one of the directors, David Scott, had directed a particularly ugly UK Column video at a grassroots child sexual abuse survivors’ organisation, ShatterBoysUK. After noting that Daniel Wolstencroft of ShatterBoysUK sits on the Victims and Survivors Consultative Panel (VSCP) in the IICSA inquiry, Mr Scott focussed on the fact that Mr Wolstencroft’s name had somehow been misspelled in the organisation’s Companies House page. Quel horreur!

Brian Gerrish: How can Daniel have a different name on Companies House and different name when he is representing CSA survivors at the Independent Inquiry?

David Scott: Well this is the question, we have asked this question, we haven’t had an answer. We’ve had answers but no justification. It was claimed to be a spelling mistake, and then it was claimed to be a spelling mistake by a lawyer, then it was claimed to be a spelling mistake by the lawyer’s typist, but there’s nothing been provided to substantiate this.

Mr Scott extrapolates from the fact that someone somewhere along the line misspelled Mr Wolstencroft’s name to…well, it’s not completely clear. He makes some rather vague allegations about ShatterBoysUK being dodgy in some unspecified way, and states that there was once a fraud case involving someone with the same name, and hey, who knows, it might have been the same Daniel Wolstencroft, but who knows? (It’s not.) The issue is left hanging, the smear complete.

This was the shot across the bow. As Outlaw Jimmy put it on his blog at the time,

These claims have now spilled over onto social media, and from what I have been observing myself, and from what a number of sources are also telling me, it now appears that a closely-linked group on social media have now picked up on this, and ganged up on Mr Wolstencroft, surrounding him like starving jackals, demanding that he explains to them personally how the spelling error occurred on the Companies House Website, and if he is in fact the person that UK Column have referred to as having been involved in a fraudulent insurance claim.

Mr Wolstencroft has I believe, ‘blocked’ those accounts now, and UK Column as I understand it are now backtracking on the claims they made in their video.

A group of Twitter users, fronted by David Scott and his wife Lesley Scott, who goes by the name “Cat Scot” (aka WildCat or CalamiTcat) online, have led the charge, in a blatant attack on Mr Wolstencroft, ShatterBoysUK, and anyone who tries to support them.

When regular HR commentator Sheva Burton attempted to stand up for Mr Wolstencroft, she too was targetted:

The question is, why would the “Fresh Start Foundation”, which bills itself as a voluntary organisation devoted to “CSA support, recovery, seeking truth & justice”, see fit to attack genuine advocates for survivors of child sexual abuse. The answer may be partially uncovered in their mission statement, found on their web page:

The Fresh Start Foundation (FSF) is an Independent Peoples Inquiry into all forms of Child Sexual Abuse in Scotland. Having witnessed the failures of existing authorities to protect the children of this nation, and having seen the loss of confidence in the official enquiry, we have concluded that ordinary Scots must stand up to this challenge. The resignations from the official enquiry, and the governmental interference cited as reasons for those resignations, were the last straw. We, the people, will investigate what has happened and what is happening. Our governments, and those institutions charged with delivering justice, have failed. We will no longer endure that failure. We have decided to act.

This investigation will not be limited only to abuse within an institutional context but will look at every form of abuse that has occurred and is occurring. Thus we are determined to address abuse within institutions, Satanist Ritual Abuse, trafficking and abuse for commercial gain in the sex industry, abuse by informal networks, multi-generational abusive families and any other form of sexual abuse reported by victims and survivors.

In acting we seek the truth. We investigate to discover the truth. The truth, it has been well said, will set you free.

In other words, they have aspirations to unseat the current Independent Inquiry and replace it with their own, and anyone who gets in their way will be targetted. Mr Wolstencroft had the utter temerity to get himself appointed to the VSCP…how very dare he!

In the broader sense, this kind of attack represents the aims of a small, fanatical group of believers in the myth of “Satanic ritual abuse”, whose goal is to undermine and destroy other narratives and replace them with their own. It’s ugly and brutal, and yet it also may serve to shine a light on the behaviour of the Hoaxtead mobsters and their friends.

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  1. I believe there are rules in the use of ‘sensitive’ words in company (Ltd) names, for example ‘foundation’ could be used to infer charitable status.

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  2. If they’d bothered to check records they’d know that there were seven Daniel Wolstencrofts born in the 1970’s in England. If you look at the 60’s and the 80’s there are no doubt quite a few more. Perhaps they need to determine which one was involved in the insurance incident before they start smearing people.

    So can I ask, is UK Column going to start questioning Belinda McKenzie about the accounts for her organisations and perhaps if they want to go a few years back they could ask Maggie Tuttle about her ‘Children Screaming To Be Heard’ which didn’t bother to file any accounts at all with the Charity Commission? Come on Brian, let’s be fair. You can’t point the finger at one person and not examine the others as well just because they’re your friends. Can you?

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  3. All these foundations, all with the same loose group of rotating directors, they all seem to operate for a while then disappear, then come back with mostly the same people, maybe one fresh face or two.
    What I’d like to know is if they are making money, where is it going to? (I am thinking of APD and her african charity type situation is possible perhaps?) and now they are looking to legitimize themselves and in the process get access to a lot more money. Mix that in with a few disturbed individuals and who knows what you would be getting (I am thinking a few in it for the access to government grant moneys, donations both individual and corporate etc, with a few individuals with issues, any attempt to investigate or clarify things will be instantly decried by using those individuals as shields ie “How dare you suggest X would do such a thing, havent they suffered enough, what kind of monster are you to subject them to any further abuse”
    I am not positive this is happening, but having seen the behaviour of some of the people involved, I am concerned about some of these people having any involvement at all

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    • If I had to guess, I’d say that in this instance the goal is to undermine the perceived legitimacy of the IICSA and draw attention to their own loony version, which they’re calling a “People’s Inquiry”. By which, of course, they mean a “Conspiranoid SRA-Believer’s Inquiry”, but that takes too long to write out.

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  4. “…with a name which could easily be confused with a number others, rather like the ‘Knight Foundation’…”

    Yep. And the ‘Association of McKenzie Friends’ springs to mind too. A deliberate and underhand attempt to mislead and to suck unsuspecting people into their web, imo.

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  5. I thought I’d seen that name Danielle La Verite before, she has a brief page on quatloos..
    Danielle la Verite THE HIPPY TERRORIST http://www.quatloos.com/Q-Forum/viewtopic.php?t=10762

    apparently uses Danielle George as well- far from being popular, it seems that she is rapidly becoming invisible!
    Her website http://www.daniellelaverite.com/ is gone, her twitter is closed to anyone not in the group, her instagram is set to private, her facebook seems the only one actually open, and its last post is April last year…. and nothing on Google shows her being very active past then…

    Strangely back in 2015 she had this to say
    “The darling of the Alternative Media Danielle La Verite, has slammed the authenticity of the videos showing G and A discussing serious child abuse, satanic ritual and cannibalism. (names redacted by me)

    Uploaded in her “Top tossers of the week – Valentine’s Day 2015,” youtube video, Danielle launches a tirade of abuse against the validity of the viral videos, urging her viewers to “Chill your boots a little bit.””

    she continues “Look the simple fact is right, you need to be logical about this shit. Right, either way whatever the situation with these children in these videos are, this is child-abuse pure and simple. Whether these children are telling the truth and they weren’t coached or whether they were coached, it is child-abuse, either way the authorities, someone somewhere needs to step in and deal with this.””

    from http://guerrillademocracy.blogspot.com.au/2015/02/daneille-la-verite-im-not-impressed.html
    Rather at odds with what our little trollish friend has to say yesterday

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    • She’s also a mother and her activities indicate she may not be the healthiest thing for children. They love their dramas and libels but suddenly when it all gets real they run away.

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      • It may be the only thing that Danielle said that i agree with. I certainly did not agree with her statement that Cliff Richard used the crushed bones of children to fertilise his vineyards.

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        • I never knew if she was joking but if she was it was a sick joke. I’m still waiting for her to tell us which two doctors have confirmed that you can tell someone’s gender by the length of their ring fingers. (Yes, she said this.) There were a few of us asking her about that and answer came there none. At some point she mentioned two people who had University degrees but not a doctor in sight. Two options. 1. She doesn’t know the difference. 2. She lied. You choose.

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          • There are sex differences, but it is not in any way a male/female test.


            From the article “There’s more difference between a Pole and a Finn, than a man and a woman.”

            It is interesting though.

            But, a massive oversimplification by Danielle, or she doesn’t understand the topic, or lies. It might have been in a pop-psychology type article she read.

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          • @Tracey A few of us had a look at the physiology/psychology behind the ring finger theory. It’s interesting but what Danielle was trying to prove was that Michelle Obama is a man, and you could tell by the length of her fingers. Total rubbish of course.

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  6. I don’t understand why this mob start these “charities” as they never really do make money.
    But their activities are always about attacking innocent people and accusing them of vile crimes.
    If I had my way I’d lock up the bastards- every last one of them- and then figure out the legalities later. Some people are so lucky I’m not the Sheriff.

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  7. I wish these people would stop. Making up fictions, pursuing innocent people, and screwing up cases due to lack of ability, does no favours to real victims of child abuse.

    Many of the participants are supporting child abusers, they are involved in child abuse. Posting the names, images, medical reports, videos of child abuse victims without their consent all over the internet is child abuse.

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    • Most of what Wesley says is taught on A level Psychology courses. You have to put what Freud said into perspective of course. You can’t expect a man of his time to think like a modern man. He was a ground-breaker in terms of his writing on the unconscious and unconscious motivations. He got other stuff wrong. Bound to, as he was in uncharted territory.

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      • Does Weaselly think that psychiatrists still use Freudian psychoanalytic theory as writ?

        As for using “any of Freud’s theories”, does that include ideas of the unconscious, which underpin the entire concept of SRA (in an erroneous way, but still, it’s essential to the primary argument of the “recovered memory” people).

        Sorry, Weasel. Can’t have it both ways.

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        • That’s a very good point.

          It’s interesting also that on his Facebook page he’s posted stuff about internet privacy. Do I need to point out the irony in that?

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  8. I can officially confirm that today’s post has really upset that creepy mysogynist bloke who used to abuse his own daughter and whose name escapes me for now because he’s such a non-entity. Thanks, EC – good to know you’ve touched a nerve 🙂

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    • Does anyone get what he means by ‘greeting’ in this context or is trying to understand Peadogilvy somewhat over-ambitious?

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      • “What have the Hampstead children got to do with Fresh Start?”

        Maybe he should take a look at his own blog. What have HR comments got to do with Hollie Greig? That’s all he spends his time posting now.

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    • I’d like to answer his question.

      Fresh Start has nothing to do with the Hampstead kids but everything to do with BULLSHIT SRA conspiracy theories. That do ya?

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    • Let not his name escape you : it is MALCOLM OLGIVY and he is a child abuser (banned from being near his own child) and woman hater who can be found in a Youtube video attempting to intimidate two ladies in Scotland who simply laugh at the bully / coward who slinks away while his adored false accuser pal Belinda McKenzie hovers on the other side of the street terrified that she will be accused of something.

      ## It is a known fact and has been proven time and time again that the promoters of the Hampstead Hoax (like child abuser MALCOLM OLGIVY) regularly co-habit with, support or are themselves convicted pedophiles who always claim “someone else did it..probably MI5 because I am so important”..a cover they always use to cover their own criminal activities and excuse as to why they are so friendly with these perverts.

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  9. Blimey, Neelu actually has a sensible friend (probably now blocked for “trolling):

    Anyone know who or what that second paragraph is about, btw?

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  10. Im ever so glad this has been published. I have seen from a far this attack and most of will have seen this on the cards for a long time.

    In recently weeks, even the white pendragon’s, yes, those loonies at the fabian society last week, who scared Sadiq Khan ( i say scared! He seems mildly amused, after all it was stoooopendous) with gallows awaiting him outside (you cant make this stuff up) see through Gerrish!

    This attack on Danny is transparent and ill-informed.

    I suspect the FSF think they will come in for a windfall in tax payers money soon, considering who they recently added to their directors. Someone who already seemed to have cost the Scottish tax payer £200000 pound a year for her “charity” and has attacked the Scottish inquiry.

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