Miles learns a valuable lesson about Angela

Many years ago when El Coyote was but a pup, wise old Ma Coyote used to say, “If your friend gossips about everybody to you, you can be certain that eventually she’ll gossip to everybody about you”. (She also had some choice advice about roadrunners and gravity, but we won’t get into that now.)

Ma Coyote’s sage words came to mind the other day, when McKenzies Devils posted an excerpt from a live-streamed video by Miles Johnston. (Unfortunately, the MKD video has been taken down, so here’s Miles’ original. The relevant part starts at 11:43.)

Long-time readers will recall that Miles interviewed Angela for his “Bases” project back in 2015—who can forget the sight of Angela, sprawled across Miles’ sofa, dressed in her black polka-dot party dress and pearls, hair freshly coiffed, fag clutched in one hand, happily regaling interviewer Cathi Morgan with tales of being “one of the survivors of a child hunt, when released to run for her life as very young child, so the Reptilians at a Wiltshire base could have the joy of the ‘hunt'”.

Because that’s perfectly plausible.

Angela Power-Disney 2018-04-28

This was the interview in which Angela accused her father of having murdered her sister, among many other far-fetched lies. And fact-checking be damned, Miles was perfectly happy to publish this video at the time. The possibility that Angela’s confabulations might cause pain to innocent people appears not to have crossed his mind.

And so there is an element of poetic justice in Miles’ latest video, in which he states,

I’m under a huge amount of attack, a number of others are under attack. The level of sophistication of this attack is very…very, very…pretty nasty. My other computer cannot upload to anything, which is interesting.

Err..all sorts of little nasty little things are happening, very nasty little details, it’s clearly, uh…I’ve been getting set up on things, Angela Power-Disney maintains the libel and defamation and slander that she’s put up on the internet, other people are reading it, and are getting pretty pissed off about it.

Rightly so. But it’s all lies. And I’ll stand by that.

She came here to this house, to give evidence, uh, to the child abuse inquiry in Wiltshire HQ, police HQ, the head of whom departed about six months ago. She also gave a lot of information to them, about five or six hours, and the police came here, I gave information to them after that.

And again she came here to give evidence to the police about what she was claiming, her father murdering her sister. And it turns out of course, I have taken Angela’s material off, but I’m going to actually put it back up again, because this whole subject, if you are a UFO investigator or into this subject, you need to understand the threat that you’re dealing with.

So I’m standing here taking the heat so you can study the whole aspect of who the individuals are, what they’re doing, what they’re saying, about me, and there’s now several other people, several other people involved in this, I’m not going to mention their names. So that from the point of view of a research programme, and having information about that, I’m documenting it. In this case I’m involved, so I have to docu-….it’s all out there. I’m not going to repeat the names I said to the Facebook private group.

In the three years since Angela appeared on the Hoaxtead scene, announcing herself as “working with [Charlotte Alton Ward’s] Hamster Research blog”, we’ve watched in awe as she’s managed to alienate nearly everyone she’s run into: Belinda, Sabine, Abe and Ella, Charlotte, Mel Ve, Stephanie Oostveen, Jockney Rebel, Sandy Goodridge-Bergen, Sonya Van Gelder, Kristie Sue Costa, Alan Alanson, Rupert Quaintance, Tracey Morris, Nina Valentine (though they seem to have kissed and made up)…not to mention much of her family and most of her neighbours in Oldcastle.

Last year Angela and Nina were all set to embark on a project with Miles, something about super-soldiers, MK Ultra, yadda yadda yadda…and then the whole thing came crashing down. Next thing we knew, Angela was busily telling anyone who’d listen that Miles was known for his wandering hands. (Not that she’s one to talk, if Rupert is to be believed.)

It seems that Miles was quite content to lap up Angela’s disgusting lies about her family…but now he’s having to cope with the inevitable outcome of consorting with a known liar with a vicious gossip habit, and he seems quite unhappy about it.

Guess it must really suck when the shoe is on the other foot, right Miles?

Eyes right!

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As you were. Miles Johnston 2018-04-28

87 thoughts on “Miles learns a valuable lesson about Angela

  1. Thanks for sharing this, EC 🙂

    I didn’t know Angie and Nina had made up.

    Christine Hart is another one she’s fallen out with big-time and has been slagging off to anyone who’ll listen.

    She’s been bickering with both Eugene and Weasel over the last few days too and they may soon become worthy additions to your list. I gather Yannis isn’t in her good books either.

    Love the Roadrunner gag, btw 🙂

    cc: Malcolm Ogilfail
    Cue another ‘Spiny licking Ricky’s arse again’ post (if he can fit it in among all his ‘Cat Scot hits it out of the park’, ‘John Banks is awesome’ and ‘Robert Green is God’ posts, that is).

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        • The bear was kidnapped by aliens and was taken to train as a super-soldier. He was morphed into a teddy disguise so he can sit on shelves and spy. The fur on his body are antennae that communicate with Lord Ashtar’s ship, which is in the cloud ‘park-for-free zone’ over Neelu’s house.
          Whatever happens in Miles’ house is beamed up to our invisible over-lords. They even know Angie’s dress size.

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      • To add a bit of Ozzie tv adds classics, I searched long and hard on google, but to no avail

        There is a snuggles teddy bear add for the fabric softener on tv at the moment, where the bear is washed in the softener in the washing machine, the male owner takes him out of the washer and he is SOO snuggly, he takes him to the bedroom,and coughs teddy doesnt want it…. poor teddy
        Aftermath is he is washed again to um ‘get rid of the evidence’ so to speak
        comes out of the washing machine SOOO soft and snuggly…
        “You are so soft and snuggly”
        and off to the bedroom we go again…
        poor teddybear

        There is no escape….

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  2. It’s all good fun isn’t it until it happens to you. They are more than happy to defame the innocent residents of Hampstead without a thought of the consequences but by golly, when it’s them under attack they scream blue murder.
    Miles thinks one of the most boring email viruses is directed personally at him: that annoying virus that pops up on a regular basis that sends emails in your name and visa versa from friends to you has been around for at least 10 years.

    I’m having second thoughts now about visiting aliens. The Eartthlings they are choosing to associate with are all stark raving mad. But is that part of a sinister plot?. I’ve already complained about the kiddie hunts in the forests- why did they let Power-Disney and Fiona Barnett escape?. Was that the plan all along?
    I sent a complaint to their representative on Earth Princess Neelu of Zog but answer came there none.

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    • They just love quoting these ancient Bills etc which were enacted by bills in Parliament yet they don’t seem to think Parliament has that power anymore. Otherwise children aged 9-13 years could still be working in factories for 9 hours or the age of consent could be 12, changed to 13 in 1873 (all legal as enacted by Parliamentary decrees) which perhaps they might like.
      It’s an example of the melding of FoTL madness in varying forms into Troofer nonsense where they cherry pick the laws they wish to obey like paying Council Tax.
      Of course in John Banks case it’s just complete bonker’s rubbish. I’m still awaiting my text from him to signal that The Revolution has begun. Leader of The Resistance Princess Neelu is silent on this as well. No text and no details about how I can access my £1Billion due after the UK was abolished..but how can there be “treason” if GB no longer exists?.
      (Nursie says I should increase the medication if I’m going down this rabbit hole).

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  3. This is just idle Sunday morning pondering but two things strike me when I look at the thumbnail of Miles’ video.

    Firstly, why would someone who’s constantly banging on about being targeted by aliens, trolls, MI5, GCHQ and lizard people publicly announce precisely where he’s going to be at a given time on a given date?

    Secondly, there’s a pub in the town hall? Devizes sounds like my kinda town!

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  4. OK, we’ve had Angie today, we’ve had Neelu. But aren’t witches supposed to come in threes?

    And as if by magic…

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      • She just can’t stand the fact her new neighbors are “not like us”. I’m sure all the rest will them in on the neighborhood ratbag creep who is to be avoided. Remember they warned that hapless businessman not to meet her in the hotel and he fled.

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    • Power-Disney quotes a newspaper that under it’s previous owner surged so far to the right it resembles Der Stürmer with a culture of vile racism built under it’s vile pornographer owner Richard Desmond. And she claims to be against such things.


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