How do REAL McKenzie Friends feel about Hoaxtead?

Before the Hampstead ‘satanic ritual abuse’ hoax erupted early this year, few of us had even heard about McKenzie Friends.

And frankly, if this had been our first exposure to the term, we’d be forgiven for thinking it was a synonym for ‘unsavoury people who skulk about outside the RCJ trawling for cases’, ‘people who claim they’re going to help you in court, but then send confidential files to all their friends for publication‘, or ‘people who use your case to further their own bizarre agendas, and make a bit of money on the side‘.

Of course, this is grossly unfair to bona fide McKenzie Friends, as Pookster78 points out in this comment on YouTube. The comment is addressed to Deborah Mahmoudieh, who of course is one of Belinda’s acolytes and a participant in her McKenzie Friend scam:

Deborah, not only do I disagree with you on many aspects of this case, and your interpretation of law…etc., but I find it disgusting that you claim to represent the concept of McKenzie Friends.

The concept of McKenzie Friends is a noble one. One which you, Belinda and Sabine have made a mockery of. I suggest you read Practice Guidance: McKenzie Friends (Civil and Family courts) on the webpage (can’t link).

Pay special attention to the parts detailing what McKenzie Friends can and cannot do. Also, the parts about confidentiality.

‘Confidentiality 5)  A McKenzie Friend must observe strict confidentiality in relation to any documents they have sight of and any information they hear in relation to the proceedings. Breach of such confidentiality will usually amount to a contempt of court, giving rise to sanctions including a fine and imprisonment.’

And not using a person’s case for your own agenda.

‘iv) the McKenzie Friend is using the case to promote his or her own cause or interests or those of some other person, group or organisation, and not the interests of the personal litigant…’

In fact, you, Belinda and Sabine breach just about every aspect of the guidelines.

If you, Belinda and Sabine want to plaster people’s details online (including the children’s), and use the case for your own agenda, then please stop associating yourselves with the concept of McKenzie Friends.

Couldn’t have said it better ourselves, Pookster.


11 thoughts on “How do REAL McKenzie Friends feel about Hoaxtead?

  1. The involvement of Belinda and her followers is damaging to everything they touch. They are going to make the legal profession very suspicious of McKenzie Friends.

    Their promotion of these hoax cases, even when they have been thoroughly discredited, makes it more difficult for victims of genuine sexual abuse to be taken seriously.

    They have no sense or no morals.

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  2. How anyone can go on about European law and then ignore bits of it to suit themselves is beyond me. How about this bit from The United Nations Convention on the Rights of the Child. ‘Article 16 – No child shall be subjected to arbitrary or unlawful interference with his or her privacy’. That’s a bit important that is and many people involved in this case have IGNORED it. Come on Deborah – make a video about this one!

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